Monday, June 18th


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Born February 28 in Boston Massachusetts. A graduate of Amherst College. He is an actor who we've seen in films such as best I can film a mighty wind the breakup of wild card in the pitch perfect movies. And now you can see him as the host of the new game show America says please welcome. John-Michael Higgins. John-Michael welcome show. Huge fan and am I really truly believed that some of the greatest movies I've and I love complete. Well I'm so hard it. You do you know that didn't go if they weren't as. You got your host a game show which by the way I imagine it I sort of thinking about the man that's almost another Christopher Guest like movie there's almost another movie. Well they're all things that what you're saying it was awful that they gave you call it like me in and. It turns out. And but somebody's lemons. He's somebody trying to recognize. It as comfortable as I don't know frequently and I checked about responses and. Yeah that I'd let them a decent and providers. You know exited contestant as something. Into the group that was the idea. With the open in the situation where they're likely it is. In debt and a incident that. Point by point it out for them and then there's laughter that I think that the IP. Well we all I mean we loved game shows you know this has got that family feud feel so but it's America says you have to match America. And and it will be the most popular answers I'm assuming that's how goes I've not seen. Walt reported that they national level doesn't change if you remember well and he's certainly as of Thursday. Quality completely. And those syllables like questioned and they don't have time in him that you can take it out. Want only because of pressure we get from seven lives in they'll. Most popular and he threw it away any of the questions about you know leading comic edge to it like. The first thing in the morning and that's what I was capital. Yeah. It was the first floor. And you know. What we're trying to do not say something dirty and of course they and sang it anyway if they asked at the time is running out and the data on blogs so. And sort of rock that would make any more. Yeah. That itself for the game and very it's a lot of their mortar rounds of that is on the order. You know alert the payment is. They that you that are constantly being did you it is it as. Awful like that time. Yeah that's true a couple of friends and I and I can chat with them find out they are and substance. I'm both blew the funny part is at you differently because they want to sit on their little thing they. I just look at the camera raised eyebrow. It. Got to find a way that. I'd get an idea that you're. Right it. At the same problem I have where have. I've a movie I feel like it was in my head at all times no matter what I'm doing I was it would be the most answered or offensive or funny it doesn't matter but it's always so extreme in my head. It's always it's in constant motion. Whatever situation and talking do you. Being the bathroom yet. And how hard is if you have that same problem how hard is the fight back the stuff that you like and that'll never make it aired my god Wendell. The question. Probably won't find out bull why so much you make if you say you've got to push. Well against the and and that's where the goal is like its inside the envelope looked forward is straining. And you've got to go on a few. And you you're. Not funny. And that's what that's like people they proved that. CD. You were five under on the things before I. One. I wish I wish I had that country would agree that the guidance we are. Lines like you need Clinton to the everyday passage. Only then meanwhile they applaud them that's the joke delivered. That there was some thought that making. We get that line. Saying that weren't funny to get. It was too extreme when let well enough once you know it. Reader. Yeah you and as a former you know that right you can see over the right popped. And you've got a lot a lot of the a lot of problems. Yeah so I really enjoy this John I mean like this you to meet you you're you're comedic actor like that's how I've always known so when I. Jacob you're doing against the work that's that's interesting that that a lot of people about drew Carey's done it when you're good at it and you're good at people in your right you're gonna improper it is it makes it. Easier to watch you know we don't watch. To see if somebody knows the question we watched it to be entertained we don't care if anybody really wins or loses we don't have any sweat that. But what you do levers of power color as you you wanna mattered to. It ain't about it about the reason the drama work for a watching people. Up there on the contestant everything that he got me into that but we're probably what you want. It's all the same dot. All of you know that that person even a quandary if the person with the problem is he's got thirty seconds that you can't you be forty to do. Those that's the perfect. Is that it has agreed to drop off. There at all all the same material that is. There are cases it's funny. Man this. Good to have you on the show titled everybody watches and I'd spent all morning would you name and you got other interviews but everybody check it out America says we tonight's fourth what Kansas City time. On Jia said John lately. It may come back any time at all anytime on any. All I'm happy with them that I've sort of got you already myself. I appreciate. Yeah.