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Wednesday, January 10th


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On the hotline right now our good friend John Witherspoon who unfortunately we're gonna miss on Friday but he is in town all weekend at the M drop. Born January 27 in Detroit Michigan. And he started his career as a male model before entering the world of stand up comedy and acting with the rules such films next. He would shuffle but I'm gonna get you suck up. House party. The little Nicky it's so clean. And the Friday movies it's you've seen him on such series as the wins Brothers. Jesus from. As well as adding his voice to be animated series boon docks in this weekend you can see who live onstage at the end. Please welcome longtime friend of the show John Witherspoon. Mister Witherspoon yeah. You. Well someone whom I hate to reach me if you look around the budget big blue and white women where. At. And whom he that would damage you my friend it's and you commit the improbably either Friday Saturday Sunday. But get a jump on the way to go beat. Oh wonderful wonderful friend he needs 85 your shall we we hook up in Vegas every. Yet yet he's to which one would you by the way my friend you are just pick and stroke. Don't let it abdomen is. Not been able who's who ordered year. Thirty more. The game. Go to and I you know you know the this element is what we that hit all the that quote. Right well that's it that's exactly right when you grow up the way you do it you and you worked his party should it mean when you've. When it started jumping the comedy you think about like what year was. It. When it got to got to be about that he. Well deadly force sudden let me read their report. Mean you're talking about growing up in the sixties and into it and how heavy was to be a black person then there was a handful of black comedians. You know I mean you'll get rid foxy you know you you think about every picture. But you mean that's a hard nut to crack at 74. Oh you went there with a becomes what is that he is probably wouldn't economies to order what everybody's well. Their careers Letterman did and we all. That we all. I was there. Yeah yeah and though it's it's I tell you who have come to really love to be told he tells great stories I didn't know is this is Jimmie walker. Oh yeah. Yeah do you heat. Oh yeah you think about the US first met him he was an angry guy he really was hard to get close to. And back in the nineties does he just had a real down period and he was mad and it over the years he's really come a full 180 engine. I read his book I had no idea he'd really like yourself and he was really a part of that establishment. The only way you move that you don't move. Right to force. David yeah. They've heard him do it right they'll give you what I'd Davis out of mr. Crazy is that crazy what are they learn to be wanted right. In Britain so. Yeah I would tailored to Jimmy's dad and is he was an AJ he's videos I know that. Note well don't you and if there. Well only they only got to see these. How does that and that would that was I just went I just wanna love you. You. Don't want to. Touch the video. Well you know I was on the war. That we had just finished. It looked in the wings what was what he had he had been pride in this Friday for right at second and there. He. So what will be a big deal. That's a good call me and it was about it seems well into the. See you are you you're of those guys John I think if you're trying to show the great Joseph Witherspoon. Is what is EU those guys like you and we all thought were first mentioned as for whatever reason. You you have this ability people. They just agents are drawn to elect you wanna be Friendster and you could actually being in a CEO of narcissistic a holes in this business and Hollywood you or you're not like oh you just a genuine good and it seems that people always. They just gravitate toward. And we've done. Oh. That's great does that not repeating that and what a terrible thing to have to what you say oh let me go back to us that again. I love that guy. He but he really but before he gets back on public. But he is that guy who would you feel drawn into a father figure way. If you watch a movie and money and but you think about what he really did go through and got three what he really did bite his ass off. Materials amounted to known as the bum me out making a civil rights movement remind the team. Tom let alone back there. We had the Vietnam War being. In the morning president civil rights movement the same time. He Tomasson and protests and you forget about it and he hit he would speak so did not. And it takes something about the heat will do this to me. When the National Guard Taylor asked them who. Absolutely not bench and made that. Well. Immediately. Immediately didn't do. At all you don't give a about Vietnam. So. Juror we let your phone drop and yeah. Yeah yeah I was in the middle. Of kissing your ass in a beautiful fashion talk about argued would love you. Gravitate toward. This this this great kind of I'm a father figure. Personality that people are just drawn to. All of you know I'm always enjoyed people will be. There have been a dead you don't let they'll really they'll be bidding war with all of the world like that or BP the greens. Absolutely it Rhoden who is it. Absolutely. That's the key is and you think about what you've got to do you let all the great movies is that the sold out comedy show via prompt this week at Friday Saturday Sunday. Everything you've got one on you know by the way how we do without a doubt on board. What I did down on or show you where you put together. It it didn't go well they. Two funny you know you open flooding would put a he'd do it travels. Traveled. Haven't traveled jet Travel Channel. The pilot. And big ticket item everybody thought it would be. It is on the and a great. We don't want Q what about the city more. Well above the it would lead to. So is it is it's a little bit and maybe it is because. You have the rights do. No I don't have the right which. Yeah right well this indeed we changed the name of what we do the same thing forget. About it it would. That. It's how how good is your son of the comedian as well. Yeah I think it is that got married 28 commendable. And he's the lead in retrospect I think we going to afford it we'll let feature. How great is that what I mean how wonderful those that have signed in to make it let him. Pay what we needed. The parent you're. Some tells me his biggest stars who are your hands on dad in the sense that like. You know the kid we all did you did at sixteen turn into a jerk off like your father and you you know and you challenge your dad something tells me that. At that time he didn't work out for him. Two to all of they're they. You know. The actor would it didn't but he won't it. No we don't know. They did didn't mean that they did. At what he goes at what he's owned. YouTube now. You've written a lot of models to to date he would we'll that this. Is the look of that it did it. You if usually showed with us who goes by the ways in this week if it's Sunday. And it just that that that working class mentality comes from your friendly message would you do differently. He was a preacher that you were. It's a dog is that the dad the strong hands and he does that wrote that the might of the lord behind him that's. Do you think it is both the you know he would grade. Them. Eloquent you know they did it wouldn't let you gotta. So what he dealt with it would do the lived there. It was you love when he started to really become a star when the movie started. No. But you'd expect Indy to look what I first thought yet what are. We left a lot of dual core but Detroit. Yeah you wouldn't let me. And graduate student. That's always I think it's always a sad deal was Bosnia for people you know we all seek the approval of our fathers so. The better we do the further we go that the more you Richard your dad always see that I just think it's a it's a bother sending you know. Right. Ride while it might it didn't you didn't you keep your big. As they let it. It. Let me just say did. You think let you get to bring yourself to feature for you in the in the break I mean that's it's one great thing. He'd better be. A little bit. The exit. My little mate really did use to beat us with a belt so my baby mama which like arugula leaves a salesman Goldberg we get three Brothers. And she would put a blue leather belt around her night out. And then go about her day. And you just knew it she strapped up like that she's she's guns look at that. Jim automotive unbeaten with a future. That you give the same lately if they could touch that was the warning that maybe if they cracked it it was coming off and it was getting used. To. It. Like my dad I'm not kidding you. My dad told me if I ran it would be twice as bad like there was that point elect a view you don't run you don't one time. I held my hand up to keep getting popped. It looked like batteries and to what I'm I'm look oh quite a member of that I don't remember third grade that. We'll mumbled it but will it admiral. Who about a trip to Rome how adorable. Breakaway behind the and they yeah. What did David you reported it a habit with these. Colts. It's great war. I really hate them can be disputed this week would you able yeah it is probably. More. Good good look Friday Saturday and Sunday the improper your kids to be the greatest comedy club in the city. I'm intrigued as he jumped Witherspoon the shows will sell out get a line if you think it's big sheet and now and in the I'll see you very very soon it's always good to have you on the show pilot and an awful policy with that with the new year. But red carpet they called salute. Me.