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Tuesday, November 14th


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Other highlight right now are different John Witherspoon is stopped by you know from Friday and boomerang in black Jesus. He's getting a show called data on board on Travel Channel Mikey I loved I loved ones but one of the funniest guys averaged really truly great gap so the Z and so on right here Sanjay DNJ these kind of becoming YouTube star and so he and his son. There won't do this travel so they've done a pilot they went to Hayward Wisconsin and what the lumberjack he's championships and they wanna make more episodes. Born January 27 in Detroit Michigan. And he started his career as a new model before entering the world of stand up comedy and acting with the roles in such films next. He would shuffle but I'm gonna get you suck up. House party. Little Nicky it's so clean. And the Friday movies it's you've seen him on such series as the wins Brothers we end like Jesus from. As well as adding his voice to the animated series. Boon docks and now you can see him explore in America alongside the song CD on the new Travel Channel show from dad on board. Please welcome longtime friend of the show John Witherspoon. As. You do in this house seats and a minute we leave that night. That was so hard to move it back to loan should be glad he's been a popular try to murky. Right we read all of it. And they do vehicle description now. That. They've the ultimate. Revealed again. That you're. People. I've loved Charlie Murphy was it was it took a long time to become president is you know and I'm sure you knew him back today when he first started out he is a bit runny. He was a little hard to guess though. Did L one point. But when those guys came it was him I was like Charlie. If you could have to leave the go outside the studio get comfortable. But it didn't didn't. He was. He was great that it could. You know what was he was it was in such a big shadow. And eighteen went to a zone and found his own voice to write it into create. And I just I was I was really heartbroken when he passed yet presented that we sit. And we've reviewed it and it just. But before you before this last couple years back when he cameo was always so happy. To be friends that because he's not an easy guy if he doesn't just accept everybody you kind of asked yet to get to know. Yeah yeah as Charlie. You I love this idea for the show by the way you would use and traveling panel board. And yeah its commitment among loved that. Might have been with you know the we even get a little bit that you that is so good at it in the with them to travel so. And so. Older woman get we do it was. Do things would get certain and they really don't be so you have caught with in either of its only. Incredible things just the United States but all over the world if this gets picked up and get to go I mean it will be never ending a league of ten seasons he's. Yeah. You that I that they the that people love the picture. You know. And it is all. I know the problem ultimately. Ready when did these here's I mean they have that that what they call the testicle festival out Colorado committee literally eat all kinds of animals ball. It just Richard Lamm says that the festival I Hannibal. Well then they looked at me because the city so that lead people to see if elected in doing. They'll be available. Calling into trouble kept saying it won't be able bowl. To be aboard if you get this picked up that you go. If you have moved into the Kentucky Derby infield. Oh. Today all are the most redneck. There's nothing classy thing and like the good thing called the running of the poor bodies and John I'm getting. So don't give them the real figure sixty port bodies. And the second so it's take off a debt and trying to run across the roofs and people are throwing an open your kids it's an. You see that footage isn't. It. There's so much great funny stuff there's so much weird stuff I mean hell did you come up to Sturgis with the its biggest motorcycle rally in the world. Yet that note dated April to contribute wanna go well it's yeah. Yet they still don't look at the end of the day it did do it wouldn't you can get picked up for emotional. If you do it. You know. We go every your broadcast at the biggest biker bar in the world it's the the full solution so if you if it happens and remember that's an NB. TU everything that we get there in the best week ever. 00 you. Would let him drop you get back here and you stay in them. One at the end and it. Did get a little bit big movie when he. They wouldn't let me this is getting love you we. Would do for Christmas. Well you know why others either slow. Ultimately then it won't commit been beaten. And a bit of good. At. Sounds runway. A year ago the New York. And I am a week of Thanksgiving week the board and then I'm out I take off of that and that Christmas I'm leading travel for a couple weeks. What we. Do it you don't win. That. Is. We used our effort to deal with the people. People don't. Oh. And he is as opposed certain things always remember it friendly bonds which gives you. Just want to do that now. About what they do. And he knows them like in an ambulance was in this last month but you got into it. And he collects one yes I mean it's it's really it's a money in their beautiful watches. Did it. A little. It. This is the kind of offset the do you use and makes you look. It's it's an old Russian vacuum tube these tees there's space program meaning. And re manufactured these -- get them back up to speed and so it's good to see that that old that. Spaced out it's the tube is not in an eight a seven and they just light up each other and they show and it's all literally inside and wire. Which missed and now and which are getting for Christmas. The it is it is it. A look at what you. I know you'll love this exhibit guys. These clocks he's mixing tickled Nixie tubes and I XIE and that you'll need gloves and a couple of at home I think they're just cool as can be. Watches. Look Eric. And over again. Again that five. Again they're rushing your old I've got an exile the Russ Mitchell built. Heritage fat boy in the maturing like. And at a level you know and six more sick. And it. I rode. It's I wrote all laid down to a two couples and Lucas and back this year so we left Sturgis road and Mexico in the back to gains it. 10 yeah it was great that's pretty cool it was really fun man that really really fun. An equal and it was. I hope everybody checks when you travel tales though. You know that come and hopefully that won't make the whole season and that the Teamsters. City that. LC in January. Yet you don't and it ended well. We get picked up all of typical and it. I won't I won't take care of everything few ugly tree and it happened to stay in there. Biggio the owner of this of them that the place is a dear dear friends families I mean we covered all. Oh. Great Thanksgiving. Statement. You.