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Tuesday, January 16th


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Out a tea we weakens it because they decide Q and on the hotline. And and it says that Jordan yeah. We spoke with her before we had Iran for Dallas they did then reboot of Dallas TV show and she stopped by an uptight and you guys I didn't know susteren do some research honor. You talk about intimidating girl besides being beautiful Hollywood celebrity a movie star great actress took her. But who's are good her grandfather. Was the president of Yale he was ambassador to the UK. She's graduated with a BA in English from Yale. I mean feat you. I accomplished that speaks fluent Portuguese. But yet now she's it's amazing really. Born April 26 and Panama City Panama and raised in London England and Brazil. He got her start in her teens on such daytime dramas as All My Children. And as the world turns before making the move to the big screen and fast and the furious movies. You've seen her in such films as Texas chainsaw massacre. And the faculty NBC as you can see every week on the Fox News lethal weapon please welcome. Brewster. How are you. I'm Carrie yeah he gave me notes that you've got recently and you've got a nineteen month old. I DeLia even the even on my apple earlier but he does get you didn't even have to say that is. He gets. Access to too crazy just don't have kids but I'm godfather to my my best friends triplets and that that while ago they didn't have any kids they would to triplets it was like watching someone wither. It was like you couldn't make it man you've lived through yet and really and now they're three and a half it's a hoot like everything's funny. Call. It's particularly hard and I hit. I mean he's the decrease is little happy kids like it's a jewel like these little guys. Our knuckle heads and they're in everything it's it's really fun. I say has taken to go home and that's look at voter voter and he didn't give them some red bulls and some pixie sticks out. Yup yup this from an economic hit 66 yesterday. It's like crack you're gonna who's. And that's all my oldest son will eat it like they can and cookie and he's great but who really well rounded it. Hello baking cookies. I had candy bacon for the first time about about a year ago it's amazing. Ray yet and sounds not good I'm telling you like I I would I would I would my I might. This fight hobo percent. It's not it's got it does not mad at you know I doubt. I listen tiger did try and give back to you you you can experiment on him. You he can gradually so lethal weapon that's. That TV series got picked up tonight 7 o'clock on I two guys are doing great was that. It's that there really really fun sort of being on. And this it on the Internet the Internet I get the guy like out in the field and get to learn more about K hill and that's really fun. It is Kay young guys remember the movie's real loud you know you've got we're taught anything you've got that of course the rigs that's right Mark Richt and all the characters that seem different. Obvious actors. But the story was always so good we loved those movies so much because that flawed hero that the pain that the the ability all the all the above. And it does make for such a great story line. You totally and I think how much dependent on the chemistry between these guys may eighth to cap the perfect guy that Merck and and rigs for the show united that it but it was all on claimant payments Childers saying it's day. Sure and Damon wanted what a great talent. Yeah yeah same as the amazing and it's funny if he really. We have to sort of suppressed the funny Don that he does quite well but it's funny that I can do that if you've got to beat the street I. On the the outtakes are outstanding and at the time he can't keep or early. So it's a real. Would you and so when he movies mounted to be doing that TV series is that and all the friends we have who do who actors they. I thought it would be harder on somebody and they said no would kids in a marriage it's actually more fun to do TV as you know we are going you know you're coming home. True that totally cute a ball. You know he did also a mini series or acting that way to conduct those services through lake short term. And sure and depends if kids I mean my hours are amazing on the show that the boy that's super long hours so I think it really depends on and on where you are and show that they can work like. 1214 hour days. That would mean you don't get your kids which. Right and we'll tell me something new. Pressure was on music he would you where I was reading about. Your history in and all the you've done and who your family is and and just incredible people surrounding Newton that your your grandfather was the ambassador to the UK from the states he was. A president yet healed you you would you attend Yale graduated with a BA. Mean that's a lot of pressure very young lady I mean that's a lot of incredible people around you that you you know you kind of live and up to. I luckily I didn't feel it that way back and I disputed is like process. And so lucky that I am able to go to the school in an immediate answer considered not going because she's such. And me. And then black if they that I won. But why you're right I mean now that they've looked back and I and they read my grandfather looked like you know. Now that it is really Smart guy and as someone who was very socially conscious as well and that kind of it mule kick in the butt to get a little more socially conscious as well which is the good thing. Sure it has it's a wonderful thing anyone a formidable. Person who you really are you think about you know everything's gone Hollywood and the way actresses can be treated and the fact you're so beautiful and it's easy to in that world treat a woman has a beautiful person as opposed to a complete person and then you can do you compare would that pedigree and background. And that's just devastating day holes like that like you know you'll just. You know anytime you you know you under promise and over deliver your just a devastating human. Now. Well it's it's going to be fun and and was it and her husband by the way the purge which is one of the most uncomfortable movies I've ever. Sat through and I like. And I liked art stuff I mean I really liked art stuff. He beat you might compliments of the highest order to him over that cause that really got inside you know she's 'cause it seems a little too. Allude to possible these days. At all. It's so true and like even now I mean I love that it'll just a bit like the characters from the occurred on Halloween than Iran hate it it does seem a little too close to reality announced its. Gary. It really his man eat he did such a great job with you and Ellen mutant ninja turtles fame so there you go. Yes totally. Now you might hit I think the one who look at my kids can watch that that we made. You yeah locating right although it did although a few short years all the past inferior stuff will be. Yet for short and he knows he knows on the and he knows. Like the cars these are not blocked in Egypt it is used as the. Darn you for being such an actual parent and a good person and candidate. You'll let me give me the rabbit but congratulations on the TV series nobody fox tonight 7 o'clock Kansas City time lethal weapon and anytime you're always always welcome here. I'll thank you so much had a great day yeah.