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Monday, April 16th


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Born November 27 in Cameroon in West Africa and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He is a former member of the US men's paralympic soccer team. But featuring sculptors who launched a career in stand up comedy that Tony winning season for a last comic standing. You've seen them on mind of man Zia and Ron white's salute to the troops as Willis is the latest comedy special delete. Eighteenth through twentieth you can see him live on stage Evian probably. Please welcome longtime friend of the show Josh blue. What do you do it's well good morning how you've been my friend. I'm great because it here good to hear from you know like drunken Lee was texting you from the moot point but he. What are these and I said well let's annoy your foot rim there's. I swear I'll get back was hop went away from you is the bartender looked exactly like you like long lost brother. I'll yes I do remember that. And drove Garnett. Melissa I. I well he wasn't impressed that idea but it was it's pretty amazing illiterate and the predicament message for the guys in the studio. Land I wouldn't come right up there trying to bow. Yeah it was quite a time it was quite tell by the way all the girls I said to look like Josh blue and as. Opposed in the compared. And that I thought that would impress them by acting new. And my response was I didn't look at schools. Aren't there and put it but where's. Where's the witness. I. I. There are no goes in my repertoire and outlook. You always men you that it's been good it's been a good run at you and you. You've had such a fascinating night life and to me like you know I just as a human being I love. Talking to you because so many people wouldn't have gone this route you know you get a hard challenge at the beginning of your life you don't find hey. Comedy you've beaten her strongest suit but before that to be. You know in the paralympics indeed incredible athlete and just here nonstop mother effort and I mean you go go go. And then well I think it allows for sure. Alone much of leaping out. Didn't it. I think you I think you are if you if you look injured to. You know the challenger you know inhumane and it's not easy and not seeing it because he's pretty good for a crippled guy that's not what I'm saying I'm saying man and that's that big. That's a big accomplishment which by the way the picture tells me it doesn't. Look. Oh my god if you look at the particularly younger bartender working on the chin there and the end of the facial expression and argue your your parents fooled around here. You've got a little brother working whore house. Man that's absolutely blew it up and. You hate. A couple of years there last year. You were assaulted that bathroom we can't bribe you strong or abuse they found a guy. The other side of many ex eagle. These trials or to quote if we. He slowed down in getting cheaper subject all. And a bunch of probably should. He beat you up in a bathroom. Punch you're assaulted Stonewall and he gets the eighty gets you to plead down. But it in the Batman I would actually actively T yet. Let me and wondering if you get a piece of particular beat crippled what was being at least suddenly had a chance but look if you. A you know look at the noise since we female judge she doesn't understand that the rudeness of. They didn't do so well. You've got out you know. I don't want to send me his name in and tell me where he lives and maybe I know somebody that town. I know people are these so there's. Right we'll think about. Who does something as horrible. And you say to rub anybody is in respect human being but to go hey. I think it'll be harder for you to fight back injured easier. Well yet it in there and you know. Yeah thank you are you are correct I believe something will have to believe Carmen border take care. Hopefully with birdies are read my friend. Regular and you'll see that left leg I don't want to work so good. Yet you let's go right even this up and then we're going around to. Yeah you. How you do and I'll make is all kidding aside and you know. Getting your ass and you in a way like that it can. You know affect you how you feel public you already celebrity's so it makes you bit of a target weirdos can come around. So it in and truthfully that it's it's kind of you know it's a weird area so you OK there. I really shouldn't let a little bit. In and let it this far but it's about those sort of thing is it. You know let what I you know obviously. The people. Shot there burgers. There. We'll. Do we have tortured sort of the amount that won't. If you look you know I definitely a little more consciously repeat ego or should. You know wanna Texas go to the stalled and you doctor. Oden to whom she's great and Paul. You're O. No he came in football but there was no. Longer it goes. I should have known that. That book. It. You you can the import of not not too long from now you'd be near the eighteenth to twentieth so we gotta get together. And are there any. Festival leaking well. But there's no Ren fest at that time at least you we got bill and see if OJ's and down. He may be on the road with their new album all I see is war but he loved that they we still talk about that day. Oh so all of that this is written in. Absolutely. Beat the giants blue best. You do give but. You'd you'd be Euro vote. The lead to more foreign let me tell you something high. And and a full camera and fast walking up and down those hills out in the mud and rocks and everything he still ticked at what you've through we are thrown tomahawks. You know are too small. All. Forty. For the actions that ma bell and a local Wal-Mart are actually just let it. UV was good and he was feeling when we can do it. Sanctions. On demand. Anyone that's something that criminals earned never. We're not all paralympics as forward. Troll actual. Those criminals will never suspect when you hold back and look at. You wouldn't believe him lets you got the crutches. And that first one settles a whole crowd. Let it. It doesn't even get it going. Any commitments there. So you are you really out there throwing every day on your property. We do we you're bad you're dot games straight up. Out of there or. Hi at you know what I'm rescued teach we have duke has a lot gentler attitude. I'll bring them. They're gonna limit you get is. Listen you're there please don't belong anywhere you and airports you got busted wondering about the airport in the woods did you. On the you know everybody. At this went for a walk in the woods said he knows restricted. I get the coal if he's in trouble that the airport. And went inside here we're like no like in the woods not my idea. Yeah. I was operational we will not let you or the auditor. Politically she blew out the idea of the blue. They yelled it out and you are a little like when you. This by that we've laid those out there isn't wonderful that it won't. Look like a weaker for sure. Usually. Though a bit of. I. All of in his name and you argued life though you what is he lives in Colorado you have a yield on the steep side right. Yeah yeah so it. You wouldn't come to him how many near here you and your family unit. It's. It will quote let. And a life partner might. And current marriage rates. And it sure won't know Houston has ended he's got this great plays out cholera ailment. And he's. A talented and I will pass you know what I'm actually looks a human being cholera though. In late June early the first begin July. A critical will she or actually. You know this the eagle that well it. All blew up. 107. And yeah. So party. It's seeding I'm telling you you think I'm kidding when I tell you I love to catch nobody because. You live at such a pace. That I did I just think and I got ketchup I gonna try harder. I don't know much about. Know you are able bodied people shortly. I would send US and some pictures that you've built a whole stage. And. Yeah player played a huge fire hoses. Moment do you lowering that the girls out there. All year for the although Brandon you know. It was in the best physical as you think it's many say look I'm just open minded and free and all here this morning. We'll bring a human rights it's. Are shook him enough to meet me they fought it and bunch of training and coaching didn't put them. In the gallery. She's next. This is this is open it and he didn't just being mean. I think it's been just awful. You I know you were doing that what's the nearest town Q what's the closest that with the dollar. Let him okay. I mean how can people can how can people find. Well. It. That should be triple the amount of certain what we're here as part of the may work out and get. We dream. Boardroom and what. And hopefully we'll go from blue well all the policies are. Is food and the ball all over are you the this is the public of balls the area. Yeah yeah well I know you are very long although I. Good actually just Google it and you've got a whole bunch of stuff man. It opens. A little plot involved. In the city. Total and well big. African there. You should she do with the power to get. I was just gonna tell you tell me you're not gonna do chains dollars. Oh yeah and changed. Evolved and how should do. It's funny that this terrible. You are. There. Is a band and make enough to really nervous. Look what you think all people. I. Regular all right there. Think it's true corporate chiefs let's put him under some we'll just jaded kind of jerky movement can really feel bad boy. Quality. Do not know they're home. Put some shoes for. A got a buddy who car's beautiful totem pole here in Kansas City man and I say buddy's big adjustment casually but he's incredible artist. He he takes that treaty does he's great like I think style totem poles so it's it's and it's just really fantastically overdone like he's in he's on FaceBook you Google like. Chainsaw arts totem poles Tiki Tiki that he's people's. I changed I think you aren't yet and it's and he really does an amazing job and you viewed levels when you why wouldn't you who don't go. What kind of negative play the fast elect. Like you know GM managed to combat it recently that being hippie type bands. You hit a bloody detail. The we can't throw group. Let's send Hillary. Didn't know him at all. No haven't. To just. Sort of a rich and your trick only. You're talking about yes into the mountain here. It's somewhat room yeah yeah. So don't give. Me and you should really be selling to judged by the friends. But you just two record budget all. It. It is they. It's. So good eight. That artists mostly rest of the good looks like he did talk about the not offer people Casey Tiki Steve so it's case CTK. It's the. Okay what. You'll love look what you a little bit of time it. I want you. I what you two to put together fast we use actual tickets up there. Well we're gonna look. Oh I do that eventually it got my retirement. I want to give children of normal that you play virtual user. It's amaze me that for you that. Everybody's good kids are good. Don't get big more. That's a little people. You make them go get the ax. Yeah yeah world. Yes the weather like delete daddy's axis did not run there you go yeah yeah. Well the church. The big dude you're exactly the actor Tom puncture. You. Do you really let your little kids know the acts as well. Yeah. 08 years ago. We're we're going five receive that letter all of that organized. You doing this could score pretended take a long dark as threatening each other. Rating oh. Which is great as those big ninja to be outside the kids did they needed to the you know I mean like the first thing we do the BB guns is a big man Brothers put on winter coats. And I stood on the deck and I played snipers shot the nickel we can do it well stand there and get pampered. And thank. That's how irresponsible children your children probably better that we words children. You know world trade you know. Do in Africa. You Eddie George. So being wooed with machetes level well. It'll depend. It's true. You know. And we'll have to view it reputed. Now that you know a good friend of ours Richard mercy coach he was commander seal team to seal team six win red cells that wrote the book rewards incredible warrior. His boy when it was two years old taken out on. He's got 67 acres out in Virginia that would take into the far side of the property and taught him how to follow fence lines if he ever got lost to get home. And it would walk away and leave the kid who the kid we didn't think he was by himself. But he had a big white German shepherd. That would stay with the boy and he would just payback in the dark and just to see that big white dog too he renewed that's exactly what his son. But it that's it damage to you put him up at a tree until the climb down it would always catch him what he would have to fall before he would give me. I'll let school. Oh yeah our topic is oh my kid but but oh well. You're catching skills not knock the science. Hit replete moment of pure it. You'd they're gonna grow up five ads that's for sure I can't wait this. How can that people find delete. The league especially just on Amazon and iTunes and all that and you're in equity out of our. I can do my web site just dot com to order one. Trying to shape of my cell field. Josh who don't. When does that make you Josh we tomahawks. That's a great Eddie wrong oh yeah. I mean it is although it it true. This again now the next that we talk when you have built to forge and you know how to make tomorrow. You know do I know what you will do that until all the talk of the first lie when you can. It's the blue hawk. What about. Her. Degree casket to your voice men. Need to brother I was CU and like a month I'll see. RO BID and make time to come in the studio. Yeah mainly Europe and if you at and you bet that you elect. Now now when the search for the next four weeks has some festival anywhere in the drivable distance we're going. We'll be right booking contributed to this preakness. I don't care if it's a one eyed party we're going. Where we will bring the week but it's. Actually.