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Wednesday, May 16th


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Born November 27 in Cameroon in West Africa and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He is a former member of the US men's paralympic soccer team. But painter and sculptor who launched a career in stand up comedy that don't mean winning season for a last comic standing. You've seen in my mind of emergency and runway salute to the troops. What was his recent comedy special delete. Appeared on The Today Show and Jimmy Fallon. And you can see him live on stage this weekend at the end. Please welcome longtime friend of the show John. Utilities. You enjoy the weekend one weekend and we'll be out on the motorcycle rally near she's showing up. You know after only good news is no good bastard. I don't know do you like true. It's not a web site just look at your tour schedule and find out where you're going to be. We I usually can't road by exclude food table. It is not like and I can just look at it and you're going to be clapper is comedy club Burbank eight through the ninth and June and then side splitter in Tampa Florida course he and brother. 18220 appearances in Missouri. If all we really can't do that town do. When you are back. I hate that I meanwhile unconscious Sunday meadows. I get a deal on Monday. I will we're right back in town is on that and I think you know ridiculous happens we get all at a decent hour. A jump out rented a shout than compensated hang out and his idea and other shows really great. The final appearance the other night fantastic man. Thank you goes through these flow of oil. A root problem until it showed it should feel comfortable there at two under through commutes it goes. So this matchup. Yeah how did until they come about. You know and create actually bit the hooker joke well see page funeral. Little learn from the equation rove be done a gut you know implosion. That's could expect although the ball just doesn't seem. And the only way he's happy about you they're being you know him as Aventis is dead and couldn't make it. Yeah exactly it. He beat yeah. Both they. And do equal opportunity through huge field and show all look murdered reply look cause. He. Isn't great and did so tell me how was found afterwards that how was he a connection. I'm really Covance. If you actually have felt good to who you or emotional blow. Or ball I told them and so I don't let it be four or let before he got to play and all of worship the same truly did were. Getting in future be there through. Or war and he looked over and we moved it. We're slowly over a couple of states whatever you know we because couples it's more of all of war and do behind me goes. And. Funny people reflected. We Aaliyah who would like. Clothes and even looking logo and the prayers and and so all the attention to a Judy good story about an Egyptian people show it's cracking up. Yeah I'm glad he's a sweet guy he looks like you really can catch you never know you know until they get behind in the cameras are off. Compassion portion Levin. Yeah actually ended up coming into my dressing room after the show Q hello whatever send it didn't. Then what they look cool that he isn't good ball. And now this is a hash tag each moment. There you know. Payless had a great or if it's the Tonight Show and subsequent to the Tonight Show. And you've you've got me crazy by the way I went down to that the west bottoms and look and to the tomahawk throwing place to make an appointment to learn to throw tomahawks now. When you go our separate apartment Puget 101000 feature everything you need to go. I cannot wait thanks so much wanted to do Colorado next time that it actually may be ended June. I indefinitely unit did excellency would you got some about doing your knife during the kids by the way you can still throwing refuse to get your children throwing knives and tomahawks. On the other groups where he could well. People. Some people in or guard dog or should you. It. Kids you know Josh. Our company can be done. In the road. Oh shoot it and how we judge them this. How would likely isn't there at some point to a girl's gonna show up with a baby that looks like you. Rule oppose you ought to. They want to let you could have a look at all all golden boy he would be very crude oil will be weird. A little kids I would like their balls that one way or drunk. Oh yeah it's what we definitely wouldn't ignore all of it out and absolutely being so far. I just wondered just how would you are coming off you know last comic standing on the huge huge specials and everything you've done a good foul and stuff. You know listen girls like funny guys ask the bursting your funny and then your star you're good looking guy that. They eat this I don't feel like this your mobile you can get your way. No kids in there were able. To cook at all you know where I. I rapid let's just say that you won't. All well. It's 22 people that it proves that it will rule of funny. Oh. Could I am real for you and I if you get ready. C hi this is that this is the duping them a guy like Josh Boone can do coolest guy in the room looking guy funny guy I can't get Larry nobody in that benefit he walks out with every good looking broad the end of the night. Are you know. Let's listen do you think this tonight show do you look we did he may be more TV stuff for movies. You know men oh definitely I'd do and you don't feel like I tell our rules and also world book boatloads. Welcome. Some of this book yeah he should keep cool experience. You know. It's funny to look forward for a long political. Speech. Yeah to avoid what he had because before that you created peace is great old ball hopefully we'll leave it vulnerable upon tried. Showing Jimmy at the table is. Horrible. And let them sit there and lead grade it was. This mobile number is look at the approach we have all the today chill a little slope. You do that. Well I don't think I just didn't. Have you heard above the president heard the whole week yeah yeah award would do it old school boot really. Or. And it's relocated. Or quote from the book of late 'cause really. You Barton and Ed Martin Short were there all those people fervently hope to have good good. Greece is that night what a great man isn't great just to be moving up that mountain I mean did you know that's. It's it's fantastic maybe you've been doing this a long time and the fact that it still climbing and still getting bigger. That's that's that is absolutely wonderful man I'm proud for him. Really yeah. I'm a. Big brown. This weekend men do not miss the strategies and if there aren't any tickets available you better get him today or tomorrow. Are we doing two shows Friday and Saturday and then one show on Sunday. All of you look at a crippled under the boats. So when did you. It then going to be got a tan Manuel is not a more ketchup on Sunday for sure because I got a lot of stuff I want to ask if you let it weather what he on its and a weird note whenever I know the guys from the bathroom that at that attaches assault did you think I think I. And I didn't do anything further would that we spoke last as he still love years. Well we won't they can all look to do throughout the course for. So few bullets which he talked. To its. What what you know jail he's he's in. Great shape hopefully we're probably. Knows it all just I think Glendale adware. Elite group yeah it was technically it's. Crude it's. Can't imagine that did your legion of fans hasn't been just out of control about that I think he has no idea of how how bad he missed he misstep for that. And I definitely cool from. We sure. Flywheel Booker looked who went on to go to different charity and auto loans. Locate those tumbled over the. So religion music fest will make you more it's more work on that. You know. Man. Who didn't do a lot of people who get so. What are gonna go quite as big if you quote truth repaired. It's a move could go well Kurdish. If you want crazy dirty hit be justice at. There's a mountain party this season and in my world not party's means one of my friends is gonna fall off the side of a mountain. No oil that's Stephanie could have. Certain you have and so does so here goes to control our own party vote. Well it creepy Moe people are approaching the local are people who they are so pure I don't believe. Nice to do it though like the doomed mountain hillbillies. It's who it's who thought torched. There are appreciable hawk. I yeah now visual with the hawk your super kick ass. You know departing. Showed up U the heel down markets always go right past that would hold walker Russa. Which is a big free he's super hillbilly you know throw down mountain person type party when you jam bands bunch of girls would. With his Jimenez hairy legs but every three wood there there's love in there and their gifts they. I'd move through though. Thank god for the whole hippie movement because. The words less is an ugly words can be just me yeah I was getting a ten indeed as we don't even know each other's names. Yeah were crude mixture of dirt. That's what it. Earlier. You know life is included in this secondly that they can clean. You know you'd you'd think oh well it took us which. Well I. Well that's their business that's the name is this special check you for team. Who would. Argue it's been. I made this. Crowned. Although you don't go there and I don't tell anybody political. You kick. Oh its war. I didn't know that that was all all everything's out at all lived always helping Colorado where can people get your blind. And you know who would be killed for it. As a doubtful he would. In Colorado where a war tropical wouldn't or hard truths he took that people. So critical that. We'll refer you put in who you debuted. Could do no listen I'm I'm down I'm down and that it side so it's it's without. Is it down mountain high suckers is that right. The envelope on how is that you don't. And that it can get those all the way through Colorado and then all of the dispensaries or is it just you know it earned. Overall forty different perception that folks who still true test scrutiny show or if it's good. Pretty cool yeah those aren't even legal needed anywhere but home. Well I really felt this since. It's great blue dream. It and so this thing like a mountain Colorado lash I divisive because I want to go to a store. Any streets after the same exactly what they'll do is no chance of my lifetime I'm walking to a retail outlet and why we need. We heard saying I wasn't typical bushy you're in the park. It's and they want to lose weight I was dispensary and I looking left and right there might. A copy is definitely gonna jump on me a second when there's no evidence in my mind. Amber and Mike and I'm driving winds and doing the speed limit within the guilty especially in the whole world it's. 00. You know. I'm so we can actually be urban reform or. Wrote can provide Colombo because extreme privilege. And hopefully we'll put. Regardless of the art that are particularly huge. Well listen this may even pay you what you really are doing something good look I again people get high I have no problem with some. But animals really do helping my mom you don't choose soldiers second round of cancer and I've got to under 7877. Pounds. The only way that I eat was ID gets a weed is aimed at Santa. It was the best thing ever to my dad you know salamanders and and then he he needed the time had onset alzheimer's. And Obama's had a stroke in and cancer so I got them in their living room right and look mom we're gonna get high because you're not eating she's like. She's ball there had to offer him it's like my balls right there's there's always fear that she's well Mikey got these rallies and cheeseburgers and you. So then she tells me I'm not gonna smoke this is him actually I don't know Kunduz and passion for the deaths. Thank you all right dad he's not okay so now I gotta go alzheimer's didn't hide my momma start to get hi I'm looking at him and she's like. I'm going to be addicted to that was like I hope so I wrinkle to it. It was considered to be a lot easier to deal with when your guy uses that there each cheaper. An awful tired or beat or appeal how Coolidge who didn't. Already the all. Undertaker none of the world. Well I'm all for Atlanta because I didn't really get LT what alternates that we absolutely said my mom's like that. She could neat if you can get weaker and weaker and it then became most gonna be too much it was gonna go ahead. But she knew she was he knows what goes over burgers like Lachey was going to be electric chair GA she hers and then ask me if I was gonna finish mine. There are politically that did. Two didn't really didn't vocal but it's been good and is no doubt the leverage Felix search through years. And you know what. Think the good lord above no kids when your business fantastic though is can be. Pair Olympian for God's sake we did what can't we do. There have been full of terrible particularly proud of them will you take the. Yeah it actually isn't that crazy when that was that the snowboard and got pop two years ago fervor have been weaknesses stimulant and this is not the performance enhancing drug. Well all of yeah exactly that I politician give a beautiful people claim their conditions. Sure Shaun White that's who I'm Shaun White. So you kind of look like John White. He booed and it could take you live pictures. You don't there's into this lets you show us the crowd this weekend. I'll probably lose a few photos. I. Don't ever see you throw everything. Hopefully I'll bison for Sunday okay. You can steal my friend does have a safe trip getting in Kansas City guide to forget due on Friday to a Saturday one on Sunday the in brotherhood. And I. Look better and I'm proud we guys jump online event on our FaceBook you can see his appearance on the Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon. Put his website and help in northern Colorado this summer vacation and don't forget to pick up some of the just blew. Dream and you can find it everywhere. I've got to bed medical. I'm you do.