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Thursday, December 21st


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Born August 10 to Manchester-By-The-Sea. Massachusetts from the he is just it would divert mountain climber and adventure who has climbed to the summit of Kilimanjaro. An archaeological excavations in Israel and traveled to over 100 countries. And on December 27 when you can see him on the new season has Travel Channel series expedition the moon. Please welcome Josh Gaines. Josh gave one of the here I'll ask him salutes. This show was so good you have the greatest job may be in the history of television. Well all right I'll take it. I would say that I owe it to be careful what you are short job but I doubt it is great I I certainly wouldn't complain. Yeah well I mean you is that you either love this guy shenanigans you don't it's you know half my friends we've been at the Amazon off the grid. Yeah we're act you could see mosquitoes so big they're biting through them. And yeah oh and I've been there real well we really you will be EU but. And just the blood pool and in for a lot of people they don't of that I find it wildly amusing and super interest. It's true you either. You either let a column that separates Republicans are you know people instead of an outlook your job outlook to tropical world good all these cool places like eat out okay but you gotta like. Sleep on the floor some partners village right fighters and then they got Alia OK forget that you. Now you get maybe get and equipped to host of punishing me and see if he'll do. How Oscar ceremony for you when your body GO. Almost got it and the problem roll into long night sometimes. But I do Vista roof I think is is I'd like to go back that we went. And that took up is quick dose of the Amazon and back over to Cousteau and and much Picchu. But there's so much more than talk about the trail and lines in this city of gold that that alone you know finding the square lakes I think was was it was a big part of. Yeah opera's incredible play economy. It's just that they geography there's so what furcal you know most countries so popular and so it's forty places that. Parker quite easy to explore it and you realize there's a lot of it that he's still. Really inaccessible. Copper bite jumble eclipse is seen that it just sort UB rugged rugged country and that he got part appeasing considers. There's no question there's still. Into the littlest thing can cities out there so it. It's an awful place to explore. Well and yeah people don't even have an edge going to leave I don't sudden you're you know this the Spanish inquisition and that happens coming in and in just. It. That craziness of even more modern history and then in turn down their temples and into a building their churches on top of the Inca stones and they're connection to the aliens and it shaping of their their heads of it it's just it's and it's a really it's there's a lot of threads coming off that. Totally and we look one of the things that we love talked a highlight at least at this in the introduction. There's a lot of stuff about there's still be out there's a lot of exploration still because of the world I think what are. Real goal of the show is to get people to realize we'd like because of you don't follow the pocket with Google apps on it doesn't mean that everything out there's no there is so much out there that. That we that we never discovered you know just conceded that that we're premiering next week. We can repeat episode in Guatemala. Which is of focused on the idea and their combined city in Guatemala this circle Welker tore. Fact. We get a chance to go out to its potential to Guatemala in the northern part of the country near the near that Mexico border actually. And that is the plate that archaeologist or for quite a long time to working out there that look after thirty years. And it will be debated about. 5% of its its market cities it's like the title Los Angeles. And everywhere you look at series. And you know well that they go about steps that cut the that the pyramid. It will lately what with what slipping over there that's a couple. All the front caller that could grow older though we have actually. You know I mean there's just hundreds stuck out there to be found an answer. That the people go to these places and meet archaeologists realize. But only got there they read is huge girder like discovery's they'll still being made there so that that's what look at pending partnership. Oh and without delving going to Fiji looking for familiar air hard trying to figure out with that happening on that that's of course. Because she's from Atchison Kansas just up the road course Kearney Missouri. You're up there to get to match about Jesse James the outlaw. Yeah we killed political with a look at showed that some of the stories are really. Exotic and far longer than other ones are kind of like your own backyard. In the coming in were terrific Butch Cassidy. That'll that'll pick around the state who will to do without. Show on the ruby slippers from what was it about which is really cool story you know there were. For here until the ruby slippers Judy Garland award which is also one of them. 11 pair was stolen from. It should because he's seen a couple out in Grand Rapids Minnesota. And doubt emotional about twelve years ago there worked at least a million dollars a cup war. And there's this great kind of the police forensic hunt going on for whom broken that he's in the stole you know what are the most iconic. Movie artifacts all. Hey yeah before Richard gill forced spend. Somewhere in New Mexico a million dollars that did that it's it's claimed the couple lives do you think it's out there you think can be found is that there's. It's above list he's done that now is turned to something much bigger. Yet the export any to art collector keep bury some cracker out of Iraqis and few people about looking forward. Well I started investigating that story I thought you know what it is it's just yet they beat this guy just says he'd get this it's not out there I met the guy I was with pallets. Keep up thinking this could keep it is loaded he didn't put money into art dealer and how to look at museum. He put the tracker box out there and put a bunch of stuff and that that is public a million bucks I totally totally totally believe that trigger box out there. She is not really in this for the notoriety she wanted. That it venture people that's what we hear Willie walked up kind of idea. And thought to get out there. I I really do I got I think it's in New Mexico or near the Mexico I think it's cheap didn't stray too far from home. What you carry that but it has stopped about so that's the mystery that. Is out there that anybody would think it will look up at the stretcher and they get. Brokerage. And you can do Kansas City I'd love to grab. Beers and that in just a boy needed tears and questions I'd have actually left a bit but it watched the show. Josh gates course as a it's got to show that you should see expedition unknown it debuting Wednesday December 27 8 o'clock on the Travel Channel and anytime you're you're definitely welcome. I'll I'll free beer out that your. This is human frantic here. I.