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Friday, March 2nd


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Josh Hartnett is on the line and you know from tons of good memories Pearl Harbor the faculty. Only needs to move thirty days and nights he's got to be a movie comes on fourteen years today called Lucy. Okay and free of weird movies like this yeah because this is this we took while black himself the blown up yes it's it's it's going to be interest in the. Born July 21 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He moved to New York. High school to study acting moving to Los Angeles senior leader working in commercials and small please before landing a role in Halloween H two O. He's gone onto such films as the faculty. Pearl Harbor. Forty days and forty nights. And many more. And now he's back you select theaters in the new film school Lucy. John for. Hey John. Welcome to show the. Spokesmen silos are lovely introduction part monologue the tradition. Written wonderful man wonderful you find it so it's really fast and it Will Ferrell and and Adam K. Put this together you a Lucy's what is commonly. It is it is I mean it's it's a comedy to drama bit sooner than usual come. And obviously they're not usual cast it's mostly Japanese actors and I'm the only. We've mailman there may an American character on the and did we shop in in Tokyo and in Los Angeles and we are speaking Japanese and English and Bowman got stuck when usual. Well I love the idea that soot and that this is good that. That that will we get lonely bored woman in Tokyo takes English class and falls in love with the instruction you if you lease back the USA but. You're in love with her niece and she follows you. Exactly the classic. The it's but still it. This bill was based on a short film that the director. Surfer shorts summit entertainment outskirts you're not inch super delegates. I wanted to publish or on the murders that go vote like this this film could be phenomenal something we haven't received much. Especially negotiator. And I he I'd get a conversation about Britain obviously understood immediately that you super intelligent. She's going to be able all the country's gone forward and we decided to make a film and I've been. In all forever science human polls not something you're good you're so unusual just in its. It is. In the sensibilities and idle until all the actually it's really great. From the other people's they're all phenomenal just so I'm just really proud to be part of it. I'm just gonna call when it is and I like this movie when it was called big million the first time. Area. Well he just goalies that really hurt you butterfly kiss. She's been to a sort of almost greater to. She's what would you tell me some Josh mutually show the great Josh Hartnett business and that the really young went. Do you know you're just ridiculously. Handsome even like it went as a kid in school. I love and heavy topic come out to achieve this is ridiculous what the question about it. You know I added that it seek a fifth summit had no idea what it's like I'm. I had I knew guys like that school that has been good looking guy. You know attack even I was just like I guess really good looking at a piece is actually enjoyable to look at a mere yeah. Let's say the most loving way possible but. I just wonder what that would be elected because you're you'll probably look like you you were relatively popular. Look at my cool I'm I was doing. Back in computer I wasn't super popular it wasn't like. It is that we a lot of sports guys or wearable power to its. I became popular as I got older and sort of caller I was so quite a short kid in high school. You need me jealous little. It's that's it's isn't the worst it's the worst part of our lives and really whenever somebody tells me the best part of that was the school. I think that's sucks to be Bewkes to me it was just survival to like get. I would feel a little better a little room to work best for my last post yeah it's it's it's a reform. School. Oh yeah absolutely every night. I need Mubarak Minnesota prolonged trial and so I knew all of my. Best friends are sluggish in that country and our school so we've got back a couple of clips I've gone didn't you need for unions or anything but let's get back to school. Yeah you wanna go to those things is that just feels strange it's not gonna be fun like that you can stay in touch the guy who was in touch with a cold good. You live it's it's funny it did this crazy like we go through casino. You've done so many different styles of movies Pearl Harbor you know historical movies you you know he's got. It was a forty days you can master data sets and there's a drug history incredible the faculty frightening that event that black dog I meet people ever published and be most don't even know what that story is for God's. Yeah yeah yeah I mean it. But the great thing about what I'm able to do for a living at that I can stretch it out or I'm allowed to find it and knew where races. Playing characters for a period. You know for resettlement of films come across so differently. It's never feel like every you never feel like you just go to work because. It is every job as soon as another upstart company you're never quite sure they're gonna try. And luckily enough in this film and then. A few of those you mentioned that you were you know they worked out well it. And I think people responsible to them. I'm usually considered to see what audiences audiences are in the states and I think there's so for the audience that's into the watched it really appreciated it. We had a couple standing ovation slope which. It's kind of unusual. A Lucy by the way it's like theaters today. And and I'm sure she'd on the digital platforms soon as well. Absolutely I mean who will be in there will be in theaters around stage for. You know if you reached at a presidential after about but I just want people to get out there too because sports the whole concept of making unusual elves do you know what direct on the middle. Now we know and he'll now just a clerks. Everybody sees it now because it's been run up to death but I remember were the first came out just every ambulance what are Napoleon Dynamite just. Any of that quirky weird on Indies and yeah yeah I love them you love. I worked in a video store I was I would go applicants but that's why triggers built in this press release that reduced ourselves. What I found was loaded jams most prized whether it's it's the most on part of Washington that you might end. You know the marvel movies are pretty good. Yeah yeah that's it. It's Josh. Michael roof and if you guys cross paths during filming. But is this chicken Michael Irwin. Who then I'm Michael Ruth and yeah of course yeah and use it as your friend yeah of course. I love the people out of. He got ET yeah we met him through that and then he should do the xxx movies. And in America calling on the way to Prague he was just an off the cuff COLT to the show. Like sitting on the plane went to take off and was so excited about being an actor and comedian just loving it the creative process of. Yet and yet. It's those seven. And that there will never lose not many people that she's there was a lot of people wanted to ask you went into this case it was absolutely. The truth and social life. Yeah. We live in a positive way. No just. You know he had that same level of creativity and weird stuff that that we're talking about the Lucy natural reminding others that I want to see that you just is that that's the best part of this hopeful. Yeah I baseline they're out there and I know you got a lot going there can be crazy when know wrapped up so. Everybody goes the only she slipped theaters today Josh Hartnett that they can come might show you won't hear.