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Friday, November 17th


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Our next guest started his comedy career in this team's eventually moving to Los Angeles quickly landing digs at such legendary clubs as. Keep in. Build on factories in the comedy store. He's gone on to write for such series as yes beer from the pure on season four of last comic standing. The lender career goals on such series as My Name Is Earl. Raising hope as well as being a frequent contributor to Chelsea Lately and hosting some see empty talk. You can hear him on his weekly podcast and fairly normal in this weekend you can see who lives on stage at the end product please welcome. Friend of the show yeah Josh wolf all the that you. What's up man that you. He. Went as high. You know meth really within the yeah. Really keeps you attribute it looks so good. Each seat is made a math so I just pop one out the question brilliant yet. That is what a way that's not the stupid lists now. Integrated I would do it in that you did as you can just pop one out and then you have another one made a math and you just pop that in. I thought it would be a better idea just random moment in money you could sell to them if you could infuse vitamins and blow. You hope. It's only yeah and then start. Up and I. I have to say that it's the new vitamin C I have to tell you that they may have modeling company just people who do match. I'm telling you up they would get hired a war this is my head of the midwest analyst and admit the math lawn mowing and house paving company. You hear what they him in met yet you labor and cheap labor tweeters baiting you hit. It's so many men on in the morning ball alive and if you just see somebody sprinting into the lawn mower sprinting around the loans that's not a terrible idea if you meet when he does it house overnight and no argument tonight they're gonna yeah stop an aberration and none of this second in the copper left in your house has gonna break in steal the rest of the crew like I was. I'll get and have him at adamantly two pounds ago. I. I know why the painters all sleep in the closet well. They. But the long night and dad did you would you get done forgot everything yes it is that they should also that's why they should have those people in the people amend working on the roads. As we've begun I just need to re pave the entire free weight tomorrow yes it's best at everything done. If they we just. Legalizing them. And all com. You may. And every drill. He loses. Damn. Do you breaking every day EU a way where plunging. Every new. In June. Bad losing. Live Chris go Barack you stuck. Glass and really bad apples and I'm I'm I'm. A T. Armed green. And romance. Atlanta fans. Mean. Very good chance to relax and fire. It really is used by. And every tree and huge. Steer the path where liars okay huge. Clara Barack soared to. Out in can't moan don't yeah. Our men snow man. Every. Okay. Go through. The only day. That's him that's again never use everything you ever tell the story right did meth once by accident. And oh okay so. My body was like but I think that mature that it took its yeah. Well you know he was like do you want to again and he's a guy that I had done Coke went before. So he's just job in the stuff up and I just assume it's coat. So I do blast in my whole face is my own fire old. It felt like well this is messed up I must do that I have to do you decide to even out in yeah yeah that would pay money to. Good luck in circles and and I'm no quitter so I do the second guy and he's I was this Coke. I was like this is terrible crazy my hope. Is umpire you like I couldn't find cloaked its match. And I guess I said how is that in the before I could say how is it gonna be any different how they. And now he's definitely going to get that. So we go out and what a week the app basically planned to an idea how much like a drink on math just. Can drink and by the way for whatever reason that majoring in GN. Like that is when you know I don't know you and you do. Gee and yeah me GA in is teach you if you drink in junior thank you it's likely good Christmas oh yet to me like a year like an old alcoholic if you're drinking and then well whenever. That can't. Let's hope we go around. That I'm sweating. Profusely. Do now but but but I think Lou when I look in the mirror I'm like a lot of news I'm confident and abuse but I feel I see pictures of myself that that night and I have like a thin layer it's at least an airplane grease so we we go to a stroke back. And I check this is how of it looking back on at Heinz today I design new and the bad. I go to get that lap dance and Guerrero my. I always some money from you hedge with like I know I I. She could not give the girl out there who should look like you're you're all sweaty you know. So according to. I go to the so I was like well it's an effective at. So what can cumulative my job was like the good old typewriter and let me Q1 oh yeah. There was like no changes hands on a cumulative he scored without moving and I refuse to those who crying I was sweating so much right. And I times ago and am I tell my body too early wins do I go and do. Among the boomer Merom and yeah right. Commenting and is boomer music Gaudin has. How funny his mouth is going to. Feeling yeah hello I'm a Clinton anywhere in England they're yet. Obviously in the mover of the music and it's. Yeah. She is your finger on my hand this and I give the money. You know in here. I yeah. Hours and you know we're the door led to. So in the she's looking ego issues that go to that second or that they just wanted me out of the club because I. No kidding and he admitted that number a moment to Obama drugs but we've learned and do it. It's just like have you. Ever thought you knew you danced. And in the new catch yourself in the near you like what that's immediately got in my observable I like Elaine from some I felt like why am I doing this all the time. He kicked. Why don't get you got they want me at the back slams that comes while I didn't go outside because in Marco and me at the front. And I welcome back I could the second door at him outside and I am a turnaround in the doors locked so I walked around the front. Of how do I could not for five days in a rut. Oh. Whiplash and back and recognize it so locker opera and the woman who that the front doors to you that the Iowa and and I did that associated boomer room and locked up back you know I know your you know did little and cute and. There aren't there are full there's going to be it's late. Used chewing something that's not in his mouth and he's gonna try to get a front though don't let him and element. And my buddy Dick. Camera on the same side of the building and they how we're going to boomer Ramallah you. Are. The image and its dude it's like it there was a point you it's funny and he. When he stops on when do you stop but that business probably. Anything it was. 3031. Gimme to or because I was. This is a past that now you're just a weird disc jockey doing blow yet half. Most of the stereotype. About I know it's bound to that as I get older I was like Coke is not communal because. Anytime somebody I just I just feel like telling people it just shut up and boomer joins dale like that's all I felt like. The worst conversation jeweler and nobody's listening there's five separate conversation he had only three people that's the grandpa yeah. Go camping out of it we have to look at it. And the other guy second or shopping you know I was at the source here all do awful and I we stayed up all right so here's the worst team ever happen. So we have a surprise birthday party for another friend when it didn't nose surprise birthday party for me I wouldn't look. So B cable and those. Who don't know names all of a sudden every neighbors and now is an. A place of business is normally hope we walk in and thought it was no longer in business and this is a by the witnesses. Well I'm a mid forties socialism examine how many of you there well guys got B fifty people. In a walking and it's a surprise party for me now. Somebody else walks and a good among drug somebody right now we're walking through this and load strippers. All the way through and just repeating meters deal though girls but eject at one point was. Oh on both and right in the middle of my project who at this point. Takes all supposedly wearing tops it has to be shower because he's going to catch fire. I saw him as a best seller. And he's feeling like he's like yeah liberated from a can't be yeah and so I am and I'm like you know well you're party pretty good but it's still early in the absence and and and and Anna did jump the Wrigley but you don't you don't touch the jets right yeah. And so but. He's jobs over the railing wins between them. Pulls out and put it right has no. And how long codeine number. So we this thing goes on and that we have the house is the rental house it's he and I am Geithner and in a couple strippers of these possibly steelers' comeback now this of course goes on all night. And in the morning. It's 8:9 o'clock in the morning it's going on in and all of a sudden. I'm. Next girl. Over there. Over there did chop master and in the door open my house. I had lost my inner dialogue it was my girlfriend of the time who hated drugs and hated strippers my entire article on. I just in Atlanta also asked as people. And she's got to go to coffee now she did not know and was not invited to his party my friends were. Yes judge had no idea what happened always cheated know the parties happening throughout the the stripper next to me still we're in heels and address an. Issue as. AB here. She has chosen as I guess there are so rude I'm rate. And I. Yeah like I'm right there. She with the duke obviously. Provisions of course you'll just particular. That an object quick and she sent him down wherever you newspapers and drugs. Just ripped a huge rail off the plate she had noticed odd seconds before. He. Oh yeah my photo and I. Couldn't it couldn't handle her OK I am also a hunter yeah. Likelihood that your their hands there is tired I didn't go that relationship ended that morning. I ended up I think at 2 o'clock in the afternoon laying in about them but this. It as a. Agrarian. Is the type of stuff which is exactly why he stopped. But by the way you you mentioned that did two sided deal though that that one of the grossest things ever seen in my life. So we threw a bash apart from body and bat in my house. And he wanted to have two here tomorrow so he had to gross motor. And they were IKEA as ready for the Lotta options really Q you know. That sounds fun to upgrade yet so they each had. Lollipops. And at one point. There was a lot of pop in it'll move to fort lollipops for homes just in case you need to do to mess up forget this. Didn't get your eyes yeah. Really Q it's your home that is for alive as. Good jobs. And admit that like concert in the hole it's supposed to be so let's just it's in the other golden. They take all four lollipops up. In the. And he did in. The bachelor don't put all four in his mouth and out of my buddy Jeff same thing I could. What do you mean your wife and now he's on the same date same stripper gets naked it's up is built. He's in his underwear she's writing programs are influence house I was in. What the pony up where Jim overtakes a beer. And they didn't over top I don't shattered yeah. Charitable people you get a baseball you know on the certain you guys comedy yeah. I know there is yeah. When he when he put that line we have regular readers who don't do remain with no would you would you. And I literally I was in this is this is a bad human Willis back into what you catch up think you pick it up. Fortunately we welcome isn't you're welcome thank you Josh Wilson hit a good by the way to go to and once on yeah we gonna need a few months and I think. As a bank cut the first image of and with the red light district and of course we go to a club in their due but man show. So this is it connects. In that. There's a Majid military guys. What she's going so we were used them more respect that you turned unused how would that we didn't we're in the middle. And that the guy gives it straight out of good morning Vietnam with the on the bar with a shiny suits yeah that he doesn't know Jill yeah. Get done he's like nobody in oh look. When he's yelling this is its cash and yet he's usually scream yell and he's not who not only this much. Sure enough flattener back launches this banana ice sheet and you do as you're willing to young guys. Who do do do yeah yeah don't. And. And you put your paycheck on Sunday kid. Not only are you even get any ice cream which that you just the banana. When he engages all legal a so we were next I loved every story this or two that it's here by the way is terrible that we have too many of these stories. Yes yeah it is this. These don't want them comfortable in front of the New York it's like. Because they're not about me I'm Donald out of the people so we're maxed. And work my butt and that's going to find that seemed to want to show on the kind of wanted our engineers analysts now is in charge of there or what but he was a but he did here's a weird stuff happens over the place. Am I am into weird stuff I'm not Indonesia I don't mean Agassi Eleanor. I think I'm the worst person to feel worse for the donkey and man have excellent yeah have you had a choice. What would you vote and I feel better about yeah. So. So. We walked in and tandem they knew she was having issues being touted as having basically being a magician with garbage. That was basically. And so I was like magician yeah. Akira magician I don't know how we haven't coin bet Rick. All yours as a bunch so highly here's what I was thinking right. There's two things to keep them out either. She is going to get it she's gonna pull things that witch oh I saw that he turtles which which I was like I Q how. I'm I'm I'm excited or she's gonna somehow link it done again illusionist. Like you you're gonna conjure something up also. You're either way that among Mort. If it's for kids and is that your car. If you you did you lose this when you're 80. I. I took me. Did you find. That so she'd just give you excerpts happens girls are sisters and parents like. Mean where's the magician you know we won an engine so she starts to walk across people's tables and she walked across to the table she squat over drink. Being in a quarter drops out and Anna Anna. She wants to another table pink accord Johnson she dropped eight quarters in two drinks at a her vagina and how they. Coming off on. Yeah it's time. I had the same awkward response we are in twenty but it. A wanted it was too early history the red latest word on it was a bit under the girl she's never understood this were just like this. It starts were watching and it's a razor razor blades on a thread like you do BP dependent. And you're like. That's not going and I wrote where they owe it to him but we have to give a response yet. I don't know because you're not rude now. Like what I appreciate your job my question is how do you discovered that's your skill. Well again I think passed on from generation what I'm. You don't do that traditional. Plastics or tomorrow. And that you know and how great the pocket. It's it's just like I wonder what might they be too deep based internal editor how big of how big an eighty Terrell. Two inches. And could pop balloon with a bloke. Popped up on that scale where there's like that and you're able to get you could probably. She teach you to be another well she put them to blow god Obama and she could produce pressures. To pop a little needle out. You know little dollar in them probable Lumix five feet away I think among need to see that it's like I I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm not gonna thing when a child that was my bottle but I'm. I am gonna eat some beans and see what happens to be pretty great yeah yeah. Everything it does he argued that mr. issued shall look at it will be easy I mean you're you're you're familiar. Immediately they Kim Jong-Il and I'm like that she spy. The oh there you Wear a tiny cowboy hat to them by the way when you do what I think that the I think that's almost a prerequisite. For that Costa rat don't you think it. I mean I don't I make a hole and I might even though nothing else except but I might have those. What do those who Bandelier you have. To say it's a new had to leave and one. Balloon animals and it's like you could put. But did big game hunting with my butt don't make money you make a balloon of an elephant. Put it on the floor. Or you don't do as a put up put the balloons on people's head I can do Gallagher yeah. The reason missing I mean then by the way that would bring out to a show ranks a 100% absolutely you know what I'm going usually night. I even brought by the way I. And it usually but I I have to tell you IE that. Have you ever seen Steve those closer machines Tivo ounce that was the stabler one. Well he does he has stapled his Grogan does lag which. As far as closers go. I mean I don't know how funny it is but I think a lot sure absolutely you are the same in that way you're at it if so was it to me do you want to see some of staple this carpet like at Dayton now. Will you watch yes and you're. You're cute everything's life and it absolutely won't you look at anything almost wants at least once it's where I don't like. I have a video I have this it's an. It's what maneuvered as the meat optical. And I hit this is that the pro. Did you see that. Yeah. It's the worst thing I've ever seen I it was and no amount of that Cuba I only watch it like eight times. If I had to stop us and public the first time I watched it I was I had to Google when it was of the wheel well I I'm not unlike. Because it didn't look like and it looked like stupid you don't look like your look that made it look like the hats the guys in Devo war yeah. Yeah if you're a bigger point. I was a greater good yeah. But it put the regular gig EW. And the putting in the mountains where is where I really helps out. Yes I was how Indiana went back into the wheel has a sense I tried this and it was too big island. So that you might sound to me I did yeah. Yeah I know I have alienated. And we'll have really figured out what jobs okay. Yes the so it will have to cut and I was like I was you can put them when the here's the thing and is that why I eat. Can't get enough any video of the moments ago. Why half the west and again and I just don't I can't get enough that because. I'm almost at a point where I was like I need to see more war on drugs it takes more to get you yeah. That's yeah they'll tell you that I it is July I have been pro abstraction I have another video I do on the show. You know could have put in addition to offer you the good re you can respond on there and eligibility. I bet your money in okay so but it. This more on this and it's just a weird it's weird thing that happened to my buddies cars on the dish. But but you guys. A video of flaming tire popped a guy's arm off. Bash he's earned some factory as a security camera at Hammond and he got it shows that the pops is so yeah you just look what drove this might look like. It. Cases is color. I think that richness. Now post poll that's always like you agree it's that went through winched. Okay. It. Well okay. Only time. Go weird French or another. I'm a mother of god and how there Linda looks like he's being comforted. Any that it's a giant guy holding another. Smaller guy over shoals of the seat against him in the room. He's had a big lead you know this but he slowly but the dude OK okay and when buddies like if it's yeah. All we're shortly easy work you hail yeah yeah. Now what I love is the lead in where you say this is my buddies carcass in your account and we'll get what's gonna happen and then the look on everyone's face. Everybody if I cut the right moment everybody when the wooded on this at the same time. Yeah I know you're stunned by the gentle reassurance. It's all nobody in that dude I don't Unita has. I caressing your face just like here you know it is funny Kabul the reason it's so crazy to me is that. The guy who it's being done to its overly taxed out he may be get it picnic. I might be that guy got me into court. Your beat that relaxed when demand large ease up to Nestle and bow of the issues that's a lot of dead yeah. I'd do so bad childhood let's just do some math man if I go elbow and measure my elbow in premier anus of law Portugal. Like lawyers at all going quick answer that's best if you never know best if you and I am. You don't want you know he sings this video has brought me so much joy that he. A couple of ones like good looking girl that stands out of sadness anger wearing a heart like that on to anyone that anyone that surprises people that that's why the one that you. It's. The original when we talk about the pro ams and is fun. But it's not as fun because it starts with the do with two hands yet and that's revealed it. One. Yeah just more horrifying than anything else there's no pop this one this happens when his. You mean sent its it sure yeah oh yeah it's time. Look I'm human Francis beat cool that that can sometimes and opened stuff up. And in the end it was at in between ipads and an iPhone which it you iPad as well the. We have a duty to vote yet and forgot I was born like oh I'm sorry to I was gonna show you something normal human. Somebody civilian yeah they're too old lady the other day Jim you know all the conversations and ensure. So the normal and I hit this of a button it was important it was like a picture. Don't happen. Again. Here's the thing is that him my ninth videos. Like. There's a there's a section of the videos that are just not for human contempt Brett you know that are just for people. Do you ever get a video like that video that I such. When you get a video I'm sure the first thing you think is how many people in my phone Kasten. Of course not and those of us know exactly and so I just want to know that video I sent you there were only three people on my phone I. I you are one of them but I don't like. Bet you that you you had to be careful and so over the top I think that's why didn't meet and connect direct because now it's so in theaters. You don't think this guy senator we just right this is on the I literally talked about this yesterday afternoon. This is the weirdest conversation because you you've had a because when you're coming in ahead yeah. I've repress it like Russia. Wanted to. You could go to you would do they rarely do you get a video where you're like I can step and it was like that video that I got that person sent me of that fish. Given a BJ did that Newton where I was like now it's best could I lose it within the ocean at Evian and and where you're like who who. Anybody with a query yeah. I don't with a sense and you are Rodriguez but you know those videos regulate because I don't wanna send it to somebody ambient light. This I don't want them think discharged and this is hot like what's wrong with them well in my some of them in the academic courses yet. I know don't we start that game that is our goal is what are you want ago. People know not to get I'm sure they know with the attitude they know not to get in that game there's no there's no way into just one win. I made an ex girlfriend literate almost open her mouth and just talking she she tried to keep up and it got to such a dark place. Yeah. See what happens don't don't listen you're seeing blood and secure what happens when you who hockey into the ring with summit doesn't care you're good pitcher not a drought. I wonder that's our fear yeah. You know what it is it's it's about your friends right. And I'd say it really bad in early twenties in the in the radio is Craig JQT and like everything's it's normalized. As an ace takes a little more a little more of comedy Jack Black explained that he can win without them we're talking about comedy and what it takes to make you laugh. Wonder comedian. If so what it's like don't. Yet where this much got too high and it's this much to get. It's like think he's you start out like just this group and British car batteries could achieve it seems I. Today to plan a fragile there that you're you're in Burke. I will tell you something that's interesting but that's why that separates when you hear people talk more comics comics and that is the line that small group of people when you find a comics comic who also makes the general population Lafayette. Those are the superstars right when you find coach rocker should telegraph guys worked because for us. What what he was explaining to you and is the unexpected that doesn't mean it has to be dirt as a comedian could use a a mile away yes hurdle that's yet know all the pretense so it doesn't mean it has to be dirty rat. It's something that's unexpected enemy absolute right that that's like comics who don't think like me. I'm really make we will Chris Rock is soberly yeah I feel in my home I never saw Chappelle show you catch a thousand that maybe the best ever Chappelle be you know. I estimate card and so good. We Chappelle I saw him at the coming sort of to go and that's in Los Angeles and it in the way the beautiful thing about for me about living there is that. Not only do I get to go to work stuff out but I get to watch the best. And I and I still sit and watch because I still under pressure which I watched Japan and he's onstage prop refer. Ten minute to a minute just talked. And it just seems like he's just talk no jokes you can feel people start you know restless. And then and about the eleven or twelve minute mark he hits this punchline that. Sowed the entire ten minutes out now that you just that would agree trick make him think you're flat. And just did not get over the fact it just made it seem like he was. Just kind of talk. But then he had this two or three sentences in a row punch line punchline punch line. That tied everything together and I was like listed and I mean by accident and there's no action at the G. Taurus and crowd control thing. Like to put it in the break he would try to keep its authority to take him and that pushed over the rest of the way the edge or Grady call to duty yeah and he kept it needs a I'm not funny and having me and I'm reading this book into the tension was so palatable and that he'd given the release but dude that's why I think. I've never laughed. The hearts of ever laughed as funerals. You know I think for me it's because at a Roland died so that you reaction yeah that too by the excellent like aren't afraid well I am and I am a totally again and have a good time like. If things are to go badly maybe a bit cooler would but right now or can. I agree with you and you'll I don't fear I don't you know was your time major economic move them how would that be your time is my time college Endesa S. Richard time talent and would you walk across I would with a blindfold on it yet let's say if this huge your destiny is a benefit to get hit. He is not there's you know there's luck. There's luck. And there's the it's likely that year either lucky or you're not lucky and and the person who got hit with a flaming tire that's not lucky there. As that your destiny by the way that's just on lucky yeah. But he who is crazy. My became my son came to Cleveland when they. Because I wanted to punch him now my son came to put it over me. And we saw somebody when he saw somebody gets shot. What how bad the clip your plea known of it in this intra it was nice to be OK I know hopefully it. With it actually of that not the promise that polarity so we'll get my my son and I'm lesson is that eighteen in. And in California and years medical marijuana reds right and so. How are told that they want them we'd story news in there. Let us know delivers weeks where Colorado this year how great. Going to smoke nobody's Milwaukee and then it's yeah I was I have to do in my lifetime. I walked in and he Stan and I go day ago payment and if I hang. You what do you do and various I think the same thing you're doing here rent you my weight and I go yeah. And he puts his waterways leading when he is when your hear your mind right back. Baskin Robbins I cannot buy need to skew the coach he could actually yeah I. Those times is he went away they went away a long time ago but but not for us talking about. We're gonna get shot in Cleveland all he just so. After much. Now I know he's not as weak as legal form. You know last month we we just don't smoke media that's that's not something we duty and I by the way wholeheartedly agree to a deal but it's not a father son but in bonding no matter about a month now if it's like say hey you know be fun like speculates it's let's splintering yet. No yeah. Them now I will tell you when he when he's 25 could have a beer with him when he's 25 and using or 28 he's a grown up if that's what he's doing. I have one and number right now it's still too father Saturday then you get older it's more friend. But not the edges dynamo yet right. Now it's still father son in the that's not. But so I know he does so after this. And we had terrible room service and so were there walked in back to the room and he doesn't want that answer and neither he has in his case the place right here. As a great human anyway get some days it is ago Arctic go upstairs now in my room is basically right over the Alley where the case of the places you. And I'm in there for two minutes and I hear pop pop pop pop pop pop sounds like. That's exactly what are. And some like oh no now hi else. So brains racing sons down there and I was in my bed and like this is the longest walk to this window and I can't believe it's ago and it's taking a deep breath and I open the window and see a body in the Alley. It's a black woman so I know for sure that's not myself right this is not a black on Brett so but I look at the history you'd never explained yeah. It's. The. I doubt that explosion that but it and and then my phone and I'm like hello anything it and I'm like dude. So militia and now some shots early in the Alley and you become a sexiest. Like that we think these ideas what. I will not focus I don't know what he was. Yeah I mean him I'm here I'm monolithic entity as a means I go beat Michael but some additional ideas you with the north I come back at you again I think I'm safe. And I was like no Utica serious human for the guess it. Behaves up right chemical. It's hot. And embodied in Jesse go down and and I cannot vocal music imam. I okay and the downstairs and he he's got like. Five bags in the term he's looking across the street Therese Bessie comes up and I say 20 do what to do what we her contention. And looked across the street and there's a woman in his library up there was a woman who retired in the fate. It was a woman who had passed the united for directions. Earlier in the day. It's admirable three super guy and he's liked him and value of a connection you yeah Cuba he was like. If she hadn't talked to us. All eyes that I think I think we'll if you had made the directions quicker she would not. I don't work. Labor mills ran away snow. Is there any other food so we just had 3 in the morning and they don't give an integrated. But these in the time. I kind of looked up and not the best. I. And revitalize securely brings you know he's got up to do that that a new England sports you know that. So you have to hire a guy who's got to do sports media does and I'm a little slow and taught you. Store. And with the school. And cool at all. Brought about for the Harley-Davidson north and outlaw Harley-Davidson red for women new customized Jesse James outnumbered and Harley-Davidson either dealership who. After the weekend Jesse James berg display. At outlaw Harley-Davidson or worth of games and find them also pray suffered serious cuts and he goes towards orbit Peters bikes that give Italy December 15 the hey you. Fourteen years and that the bigger alive while yours because you are warning about sport but there was sparkling personality. He commentary is this thing about worthless arranged marriage. The but the wrong. He's back home tonight against South Dakota State likely without freshman Billy Preston he's been held out of action as the school try to get a clearer picture. Of the finances behind this car you're driving when he was involvement in the car accident on Saturday. Missouri without their star freshman Michael Porter Jeter to make the trip out to Utah because a leg injury and utes crushed the tigers. 7759. Mr. his first loss this season which you are back from their biweekly go to New York plated giants on Sunday. New York has just one win which usually in the AFC west you know that means there's trouble common. Felt. That the. Always good. That means a lot now the. You know I got to. Angela. I don't know my yeah. You don't know that was hit up for you that you know that would team has one win. Lead in the division you know what that means and Candice no we've lived through this movie before ever going. You're supposed to win in north. You'd implement this in. Did you do that. It was evident that. Because you hear it when that bit of doom and gloom and during look rosy that analogy to get. An adult. Don't know there's a sponsor and add that it was not what you don't know who was shot that was not a shot that was just kind of a might. It. Elder brother went to prison but he could not. A although I went back and about sugar he'll gain and a bunch of other really and it's yet early. Also well we get you from Oklahoma case they go to all the state in the very. Plays sandy Erica admiral Mike was stock that were on cocaine all officially free agents they've rejected the teams as seventeen million dollar offer for one year. It was expected there'll expectancy repeal the market will hold for them Houston's avail survey is the American League MVP. Some pros Stanton is the nationally. Most viable player and the Christmas card chip which raise funds Sunday in Miami for drivers for the chance to in the title Martin Truex junior. Kyle Busch Kevin Harvick wrecked him while he all try to bring. Omaha no Diddy and went. One thank you Jesus I'll signature. Tea and rotten human being real it's Google's revenues of regent for him. He's he's a terrible. So every it's super. He's going to fight and that's how much does. How how are you mean to somebody with LA and what you would walk through a glass toward a dog was up for humanitarian of the year. And was humanitarian of the year eventually. For our war Korea for a couple 100000 dollars and she immediately donated too much. We were collecting pictures and tweeting about the people across nation to vote for users by different nominees. It would come outside the glass door. To do and lose sight now. Everybody can tell you how many other drivers actors musicians. Comedians and people other twitters in Europe is everything socially exploded. To the point where the people. Who runs and enemy wanted to know how we did. Because it was such a landslide victory and missed it wouldn't take the pick and he was the one everybody that's so many people were so good in this one hole like. I literally if sounds bad can. It tomorrow. May bring him. Yeah yeah I'm doing all of. You. It's some homeowners who wants them and then take the picture was it at that. And and they've got a finger but again. It's the as a revenge factor that's who was the driving force but the degree did you hold absolutely. I got from the hole here you know what you guys go have a nice weekend and off the New Orleans now what I want you want to. Would he do. But McNamee. Get them to do it was the day we got out epic permit it chiefs game on Sunday and we don't want to do. Your life sentence in the bar I got I got. We're just doing. The basically. Actually but it picked the they had. A look at Tokyo Monday or in my unitholders sort oddly like the the gender or just. Nights this week you would ever be yeah I guess it but your I know he's he's he is. A man of accomplishment. I what is the most you know what else doesn't seem like is his wheel house is spontaneity is when you relate what you do this again he was like no you don't addressed it that bad but he's flinching yet he knows that whatever he says it's not gonna go yeah. Yeah. These guys I won. Rescued animal like him to pitch here yeah and I feel for that like a hundred that he didn't need to and Zeller had everything to break 81 it would indeed I had no idea. Import of war pot you'd go for five minutes. Leave her about it and I'm happy doing what can I am religious. But the this is the world. And kindness to all hand signals to glass. I or that sounds very imprisoning right yeah. We should get those prison phones we can talk that. Terrible yeah some pretty fantastic I would like that's what a pleasant phone through legal here. And they need would you guys Denzel Washington and hit phone on the glass as either does that nobody showed just touch and so it's not so good a life that. I mean if you do that I would I would like to at least know when that happens like you is yeah I'd like to see a video or something we'll talk we talk about TV shows what you got going on yet have a comment about having guys director also replete don't put prices right. I like that you'll love it. 58 degrees to stick hopped off the clock. It's. Yeah I hope will will hunt it's. This would go to mr. XX. And winners not only hope now and in penis it it makes me feel commute that you accumulate community that it is my career and then we see your penis and no US I think I'm an adult. Yes to yeah it does now. If you said that that would be really bad beyoncé is the time. Personally don't ask the question is it time for your penis to come out and don't think it's a groove he's that mr. yours so absurd. I'm like listen. Can't come he can't do it now now let him come over to the rooms after potty in my EM I am. Yeah yeah Jacobs he grows about what to say about it. But happy that I I dated a girl once and this is who always referred to it during sex as her vagina. Now I. It's a little clinical I guess I heard over the JJ but for sure irritates me to a place. You really about it at UU I always think it's so much has that I think that there vagina has been. Rhinestones on a beautiful today that DJ. Yeah that terrible alternately. At their daughter in this just do it did juicy is tattooed on his because I know. Sometimes ethnic resisters. No they don't I never I never knew that was one as a late lap accident the person who said that would like dancing to both the at the same time so we'll we'll go ahead with the old calf cow movement. But you never. After out almost a huge pat you look at Kathy downloadable. Yeah I am afraid swayze. I this and I have one friend who said they did it and I'm like I just who is doing that unless your an eighty's rock star. Who is touring now who's who and who's who is in a mom somehow who didn't occur are going to. Writes may he be had a. But like who's polemic Afghan. I've wanted to do the revenge have now. The girls who wouldn't leave school like it when they're daughters Earl now Hewlett. Missed the cap hit the cool that's if it always been if the calf count happens. I'm assuming it's. Always the mom's side and it's never the doubters may have. Have to be at the end we backed think that. It was bruised bodies really but friends I mean and we are now obviously we're the times during that time it's we just hear it again this year totally get that politically it is yeah. You're the guy was like in a. I don't. I don't think it's a good idea they give you won't mean a light due again under them although. Love the guys step daughter. A step mom daughter poured. Yeah Brady left. Wow. You know using this now so good great super hot she's always like. Walked in and lakers got under way different it's what you doing. I don't know I don't think we're doing it right every show yeah. So beautiful. It's happened. You know my buddy who. Owns a house in the valley doesn't limit. So. My other friend was like hey moms and you're like Duncan. And the dueling in my young Indians. I insisted the move likened. Yeah. So excited to add yeah. This is junk yeah got a very comfortable yeah yeah this is a two mile it's accurate and usually don't get it. It tubular have a sex idiocy as yet and it sounds like what's the big deal and his like litigation. Aunts is how many about the port and I up. That's Kevin's house music into thinking owns. Hasn't what you just rented out you know that's the thing and I say so we send the link and we said that payment. Check out this new pork and he just emailed back what the path. We didn't now so we column are likely in some resentment Lashley he says I just rent it out I just went and how he said we still go with they're like on some weekends unlike. I would knee connected to ended lag did you see with. Was Q quiz yeah okay I'm back and I said. I Atlanta had no idea still we actually searched. House that we got to look to see it's and he everywhere he found two other. Films that are you seeing surged with a hundred of the coverage units he found two other films onto that had been it is I'm like there must be a million. It healthy on the list you know and yes you can get my three to you there's a hundred. With how could you ever live in the housing and not pay. I couldn't I could do everything except the kitchen kitchen immediately take right when I. Well I'm not drop and needing to count this whole. This. Did next to me years ago these were the first embassy and Jesus Winger. And your life. Which I'm coal mean to but. Now I get some emails in the old building just over here. Look at the look at these pictures. And it's some swingers in her radio studio there's a century people. There's our logo. And there's this guy. No who walks them up at night into our studio doesn't cover the logos and where I'd work. There's Morse me in an HIV. And committee and re. And just every and that this. Act funny. You know answers to those that your wife. I'm and so it was in this to go to my boss and go. I am sure it is that you can't fire him matures them but I need to be cool about this he's like what it says it's our logo in the background like. People I mean ever and it's going to be like a group of radio competitor would find that moment that is that you advertisement. I mean just it's cool. And it's not Kevin Spacey but I is. I'm a perjury he's just he has just shown he's faceless strangers genitals like he he. Like he had never eaten before agreed to a he's going to electric chair yet. Thank you it's his last minute album what's the thought process when this goes down. Like at the thought process is I I this this seems like a nice open space. It is at its. Its ass okay. She was an amateur. Should web page and a pension she would travel to different cities and then trying to put together scenarios that would look interesting. In the photographs whose people I think right to you know try to find so. This dummy whose all hooked up and that. It always is don't act let's yeah yeah well. Yet that that does seem like bad thing about yeah I did I can't ask a couple of questions about swingers. I wanna ask what is the one thing. About swingers that we don't know like that we would be surprised and I what what's the one thing where I. Wouldn't I wouldn't applaud that mentally. You know what's the what's the one thing that we you'd say about suing is that none of us through we be surprised about. There's a lot more people. Then. You'd think aren't you know they aren't you know Ali you know people more players but just don't know they don't owe it. The. Through a common in that sentence no matter how I got in an event. No he really you know that a lot of people they don't know you could know you might know that are in there that you don't know if I don't. I'm so sorry I athletic. I'm abnormally aggressive towards him but it's what we've come with like. That was one of those sentences were like hot. I understood every word in the sentence individually yet together I didn't know what the advancement you'd expect the day that we jail time time yeah. Yes this did some guys you don't know which you might know that you haven't known you knew yet. It's just you know you know. People look like to see just spoke for thirty seconds but I'm not one real aren't you about your mouth again yes. She we try again though it's. My fault that I'm like except he's gonna get. You if you've youth yeah yeah. We are surprised the day you showed us a couple that you would just hooked up with that were the most. Attractive people there were like you don't that and I don't but he's got a great looking crazy wife are so blue that. And that how the street ITX twice a day pals want what she's. Forty or more but she's glittery bodies better than twenty Euro then it's nothing but muscle in the end and we boobs and crazy on on disability. So bipolar. That she get to 2000 checkered. When does life. She's really cute little pictures. Yet I don't fall for this and you have I. To my body swaying one. What tomb it when things were good friends but they were hiding me because they knew it was a win and this tool draws in with his wife. But but but but but but. But what do you get out of watching somebody had sex with your life is that sex assembly line. Who were there you though. That is the yen and the hang. Yeah and so which one of you would you say a attitude view is blue cares less that the other person is having sex with summit. 41 years yet I wouldn't care either. He's another futile pulled a victory. Like I just important moment now no I don't think I can do it. It just outraged. That you high five dudes like now. Frat boys like it's. And it's like. You still haven't senate Annan there. Variety. Is that it's a recently and has these these situations are very small. Yet take much of a separation methods then yeah. We're Parker and I think that one yet again if there's a clear Idaho that I don't lose these guys act. It's indeed Eric and she apparently. It is and I'm iris to get. In these games. And Ira in different golfers and Sherry Lin Jen adult to have. Some call him the prince of an anti them they're number one plug us. Don't lose his mission to bring my turn to the men and women of Kansas. Multiplexers and. Naturally. It. And the guy that lives up. The actual manufacturers or just every. And now here. I'm excited. Even when you look into it took and it. Guys iceberg. Welcome to the show paranoia. That yes. I think about isn't it that you brings that to you that we're. Yes that would you know. We don't have anything to be heard from him like that before you know battery operate or. You're gonna play there yeah I welcome the show. They know what's your story. I'll make it work. Made single. Mary. Kiki made. Anything each explode. I really mean. This is definitely there but they're welcome to show. But it. I need the love and single. It by how long. I'd like year. He married. No just what brokered ought to repeat it now who moved. It shall we immediately sleeves and the giants like that. At some laid it more now. Ma you know he clean them yet. Yeah. And yeah. It happened usually he had I hope he circuit size and that's got to happen happen yeah. I the closest to the actual manufacturer suggested retail price now Google will receive the item up big boom you must listen. And it's a big ticket item and there aren't quite strange series from pipe dream not a gentleman experience the most advanced and US leader chart bolster a bear ever made a mega liters the only hands free master later in the world that does all the work you while you watch your favorite belt on your mobile that I know more bobbing stroking his reasoning just push a button and enjoy explosive results like never malveaux at no batteries to revise and no messy our -- to get in the way of the bus as Barbara master raiders fired by a lithium battery and a super strong motor that delivers amazing during an endless pleasure domination by street station fire engines water -- and -- -- LED like general of the Brantley that's what you need when you're at home alone masturbating logic board on your vows to make it look like array. And I'm still allowed at least another clip on indulge yourself Bob does make sure your mom doesn't try to based on you while you're doing. And we get our. Heads a mega. This is something special might you ask mrs. nice and I ask that would attend functions are I could only think in 2 o'clock Obama. What are attend functions. As an openness and they're matters yes yes it's it's rechargeable. If chart on how do you use it now act. And what. And. So we have here to get this lead so you could if you look at video I showed you right out there and yes I. That's based on all this here's the all right at it on. On the wall. He knows. Your arm to use it against the law and that. He had made just like. Sensed what was it I'm not gonna tell you how to go to work with you could also put it under your desk team. On sock from all. And you hit. Now that is jet. It cited. Like a little bit and go. Out you don't. Where is the hopefully. You know what circles. And lights out and goes back imports. All right we have changeup that's working K you can tell you an athlete when you first opened it. McCleon mustard when you first opened it I was like. I'm kind of hand guy it's we it's like my we'd yet there's a lot of ways I just like the old fashioned joint. But when you when you've turned it on how language bigger and when he turned out like yeah I might yeah I got it that's pretty good thing and it. That's not my thing here yeah. Look at that thing yeah I'd like night for Derek have smells good but had not yet you know you know watch as you went there so let's. It did now it's a big ticket item things are. And we're start we knew what would you pay for the mega bit. They were pure but he hasn't used yet yet small fund. Okay. It looks like you could make you smoothie to catch us up. It really looks like maybe you can make a smooth it is something. Not much 3999. A night. I. One point I'm not and I. Finally Derrick what would you pay for them mega later. That being sixty. The actual manufacturers suggested retail price. That Nat and I'd say. You were hundreds of this. You knew they had to get the 69 and oh I see every every huge did you use that money has an effort. You had 39 bucks we even in its engine yeah. Are out here that it used. You know I figured it writes you didn't dare what happened. Yeah it's yeah. Ira. Yeah empire. All I'm telling you good night it's on hundreds of dollars to ya. Men are at it that probably around here. Yes you are yes Q why. Up until he even leaving your boyfriend. Even knew why Apple's and it looks cool. It has this goal as soon. Hi Derek and I am sorry that your gonna be lonely let me chief like him. No idea what would you doors to the 25 anniversary of the jackal without Whelan twisted Christmas December 15 and the true. Okay. Like it or leave it article applicant that Jack packet well for you betcha you back happy birthday. They're also there. I got you covered the gentle she. He should demon and its lead but tingling and good clean and and or. But then when you put the. Yeah. I'll dancing girls want it to be clean shave that thing out give it a good deal. Yeah and nobody wants to look like they get Aretha Franklin a leg lock and DE tailing here. But here to get rid of the bunker. Here yet. Men were awful. I know were awful I don't like to think in the worst oil. Things I can't reach back there yeah I know I try to go best together and I want him to win. A quick Q do you to find a way that you and your buffalo yeah man we all got mayors yeah. I throw my leg up yeah. I don't I don't know what's gonna happen but it just it. It feels and even to do all that and tickets or let him you would clean the front seat your car and forget about the you can upload up up up up. And if you do nobody's gonna ride back there at bats well the words today I kept a talker and a bleaching her bubble. It just just did not think we'd stay out of the we'll thoughtful and I find interest in such a pleaser but that you draw the line but you'd like to break. It's in there you're not looking at your man he's looking at yet is what it it's not like music and Amendola and they all do if you don't do. Of course if you overdo the bleachers and porn passage of the belly button you hit. Your bottle doesn't hit I that's where we have got in biblical cord I doubt that's any. An -- looks at about him as the week I had the Iraq analysts. I had the camera not hammered a when he saw her surgery. No no I haven't had the one where you know that big thing we believe we I think that the Italian entered a contest I think he's. I think I get that with a White Sox nobody but it eight comes out and almost pushed out of the thinking big like Randy with Yan. So. He was lying can mean. I thought it was funny because look at parlor trick or push it into president and my however that that is like really gross. I think those are your insights yeah that's coming out if it doesn't think so which is that what else do you think it is. So pro introductory leg I was in my wife thinks ease the minds that he's like yeah that's that's what it is and here and the hazards that coming out. And I like what you think yeah that's why that's why we have the surgery like that you just thinking as your belly button get a personal look at the party you're familiar feel. He was like how long have been like this and it for awhile he's like those here it's does he get bigger Mike yeah he has let more insights you like the inside back into. I don't think you know exactly how it's. Inside a sickly the fact that a grown man had to be told that was and my wife said that using the Kipling we had come to the doctor we're simple things but. He thought he'd he'd he'd. Although I do is it made people grossed out on the buy got to keep this didn't like it. Yeah if they like I. I have one long eyebrow and you geeky but just for that reason while I when we lay in bed I mean it's my wife and I just where we could match the dude when I mean she hates him John. Senator IPSec huh. She's a human cut it when you're sleeping monkey could be a much superpower would you cut never wake up and frankly whatever that really hit it. The asthma and Sampson that's my yes there Delilah the other hair that she hates that I have one long here that comes out of my right now Astro. That the when I pull on my right I mean it's it's a. Like I did. You don't people. Public it's like a window shades just like I hated when you do. I can't put my belly but jeweler does it feel it. Well you know oddly enough body of these penis in his belly button of the saints Eisner's Shia South Africa but I got girls on the road yeah. I ladies have been holding Jen. Was aware of what Bobby at least beat isn't it legitimate to carry you red. Her okay Jan what's your story tell us about yourself. I'm married and I have. Battery operated boyfriend. And had to set standards don't and can now. Easily the four years almost and next month. We first marriage. Will now. You and you're gonna play they see you're fairly advanced would you perversion. Are. You gonna play east erected Lee and welcome to the show. What's your story. I'm married me or fifteen years. Battery operated you know those that are broken. Brick but. Probably Q would you. Is that right at you how he's still the marriage like you'd like it previewed it. But plugs. So you don't. Yes. We'll be king beaten a lot of us feel a theme. Allen who married let's before we discovered that you were down. Oh gosh we've kind of been doing that. But around pretty much most the time. How was that like I try to get every girl and do some. And then every elect to do with another girl and apparently every girl does it except the girls meet yeah. You get girls win. So that it never put that huge and I our runner girl you yesterday that donated you just repeat the question. And honestly how I. Like little boys to like little boy that. If it's remarkably you get me to tell me alive we completely up and up until cajun I think it's a beautiful thing. Absolutely gently and stay there cheery welcome to the show. Why Donnie I don't know where you aren't you angry which used to. All I am Mary. For eleven years or. Recently are at it collapse. Build a lot of my good. And I have. I'll. It's offensive to small drawers that you've got a would you want to expand teacher. So what about what about girls you've it would you'll be bringing it home for your husband. I have been favorable orbit morally right thing now like I think every girl has been difficult when you're like gay scene but it. Really actually you see this every time I want that would you bring little fear for your husband. Well I don't think it's selfish. You shoot himself herself. Up with. You know that. Well. Okay. Sherry Lin Jen the closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price Douglas will receive the item up for it so ladies I need you to listen. Oregon ladies aren't government today of the vibrating crystal Joseph power from Napster all girls are wearing it right -- done because there's the multifaceted I'd emerged over the strap my brain is an iron and multiply vibrating Jeff delivers a different variables reads for endless pleasure combination but wait there's more don't is your thought insert himself into the banking Mara longer lasting gloves and went into you couldn't win allowing you to use another lady Brodeur on your ballot Oregon declare record regular budget we're -- -- plastic nose exhibit you know. It gives them I credit president really powered firm now I still think we are ladies of the Ryan is right. But first let's dance. Oh wait that's a good image out to seize up by the way surprise surprise to you know the first thing went out of was it if my wife said we've put this on my first thought is. She's had me put because she's like listen I want a penis involvement yours isn't good enough good. Oh yeah yeah. I have no problem with them in my life I've been toys but if she's having an equally inventory over my. That means I'd like to penis involved just not yours that's the first to be completely replaced exactly. So check this. You had an impressive now I would put it on my forehead like a minor. Has done. Yes that's yes I would turn and then I get punched away that my dad's asleep is just jam it and I'm okay. I'm and that's I would absolutely do and dean may just putting in my hand if you just like that deep. And it is all you always hear it. Yes hook or email me or you just heard it go might. Thank you study. Now T and T once. Okay. He well you would he couldn't wait it's a vibrator. So. Oh yeah and I again when it. So many. Listen you know you'll and that really means it means I'm with an issue for quick and keep going because death has kept it but how does that have a better. That's out of the contest in the emergency broadcast system. It. That's your car stuck in the snow. This matters adjustment in new he's long and and then that's I mean. And this could be some that are really good. I suggest you bit quicker this can help TV the other girl or they'll be punishment for. How many years of marriage. I won't 40 my god you just started to build those who is at its best. What would you pay agents in this. 79 dollars. Jedi figures will be dealt with a little experimentation. Or I mean much with this in him. Ali Erica Morrow a golf for people. That's ago or two and a half half half yeah he's irregularly and what he's saying. Monaco. According to many. Your husband appreciate this I think you were completely into it little access action. Do we bridge. Would you be mean they're gentle. There all I felt she'd pull his hair back yeah I mean that would be over for him. Make each of you don't like when it's really bad you put make a bullet and start smeared logistical because mouth. Others like me you you're pretty increase there is. Talk let's look at what's true. You can go talk to somebody didn't review its regular basis for the. I think I need. You know that blocks I think that's up gently and stayed there by the open at cherry thinks there's this incredible. At. Eighty dollars. Eighty dollars widger as the depreciate its. Probably you know he didn't care. No yeah and didn't care who would you deep down inside wouldn't love to do that to him. And. Yes. That's why I will not let go to me I don't know that. Yes you do you know yeah yeah yeah you're looking at I usage of the depth you hit. You find out which one inches or eight I. He's it's I slipped in the last men actually already knows the other well. Do you like the way that's usually when I say it if she takes it the other that it knocked out in his home intruder like you that's when you're like on. Yeah yeah. Everything Jerry Flynn hit all right let's see what the actual manufacturers suggested retail for 59 nodded oh. Oh man gets his pipe at the moment this weekend. Talk. He's he's important because even though does Heatley and 080. Geez you product review. When a windy ever ask for younger you get occasional repeat clinch a filly on the hello went together yes we feel pretty was a node until the blow by blow. Well I. Nightly news day right there remember spit on it Toby them. Jim sorry that you will not be sodomizing your husband would this Adams. I wore down you know what would you like to go to. He jackal Whelan. War and you're good you're enjoy republic to tell me where you're. What do you do for. My that we are all here is slightly. Yeah yeah. Every and I say that the most loving eyes and I would imagine. Perverts deeply. They only used in and talk about the dirty it's filthy stuff that only being dirty years. I've heard it or you aren't as we have a day. The ER doctors nurses they have no because they. Have no line they see the worst things an anecdote sexuality that was like way over to. My best of my buddies are in the ER and you send me X rays of things are yes of that yes I'd see most of the premise. Would Pulitzer Prize I'd like to think it's because such a good hockey but refused like you can it's part of you that. Yeah I guess I don't really. Sharing. And I love you I'm sorry didn't we didn't. It would lender Ratner you know apple or tree she's now she's army and I think I know you religion in the home to I'd you know. Q would you would you bunch but they did. Portland bike if you buy or. Hacks on June Doug we have all the Lucy attack. I'd get dirty little war you get a call that move the Walking Dead yeah. You'll almost any. Baseball bats the once they had at Kauffman a bundle certain that the manager Matt night in his. You tie a belt around his neck and just pull back like he's a pony. Lester couldn't believe. The man room of the belt. Iran has. That is amazed that. I was like almost like let me yes yes I listen share. And artery which you're gonna have to continue playing the game. All right well good luck remembered god gave us fist for reasons. I married him as an apple that yeah. Our quote yeah. Girls and rape yes this week early. You as we all. But there was a decrease in about what news do you check that we call the cops yet. Yes he may get to a safe place cool yet no but that actually funny you yeah. Because they think and it's real hard we probably deserve it. And you know deep down I'm male hearts we like we've laughed at other people's pain yet. So lightly bigger eyes forget. If he had no idea what was happening. That's why have we the other kind of I've never that some time yet because at the end of the day. I don't the off chance that I am with somebody a merry NASA doesn't matter but. But on the off chance that I would have been with someone who is as mentally sick as me and play and who would have done something for the GO. But that's me I'm always say how can I make this. And so it. I know that doesn't end well. You know so I can't have that the way she can't have that stand seems to start the game know it any man I go with three of the Brothers have you get me I'm gonna have to get to back times a hundred yet. And that and that that's gonna and the relationship Lago a 100%. And she tells the cops it's not it. You do that you're on the ice and certain angles on the celebrated television. Doing this for years I don't know what went weird visit if it's an accident or eight or marry my partner. There's hardly had as you put a little blue route remind you that oh my god for margaritas today as sort of got hobeika digital audio to a truck and you won't. Chickens they'd. What is eligible act I've done I've run catch and chemistry that you gotta go and TV industry a debt that were like a lot. Let to let me then that money can't zebra yes here's another this weekend and into tonight to Saturday wants and a I just shot a special when it comes out can I come back on and they tell you don't even wanna make sure may have and also. Other one I think all of that just plug is that I do podcast with Freddie for his junior golf printing yes that's right that's right and it's a good one if you if I don't appear to I guess listeners out there and driving your car meant that the greed it's total freedom freedom really really good and he's a really really really good dude can't. Bonnie. So if you guys where you know. Absolutely bruised in the off correctly put all that up on the FaceBook on everything we've got make sure people know how to fund the podcast that an impromptu debate tomorrow one on Sunday. Mr. Josh wolf acting it out here in Kansas these premier Dominique eleven it's it's. It's not your man and fun. I was quite fast in just how long we've how long we've a couple of hours. He had nearly two hours ago. It's always alloy media dad and it is the reason I never swear on radio. But I've now done it twice both on your show me because they just the I forget that these things are Nasrallah today said. Yeah so I apologize for that noted it's like god you got the ball very quick yeah. And orchards 1250000. Dollar fine to do it and what's and I was I was using a much better now 250. Olmert made. Well they must do right yeah I mean it shows up on a dot gov. Unquote. Yet to bed dot gov does not get the word yeah. The dude always always always get to commend and thank you very much ram do the abroad don't forget to do that to tomorrow once a week. The great casual.