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Monday, December 18th


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Born September 30 in Florida since Missouri. A former winner of the funniest. Female comedian award from the American comedy awards she's a veteran of the late night talk show circuit with numerous appearances on Letterman and Leno and as well starring in her own HBO Comedy Central special needs her latest comedy special. Offering Jesus is out on Netflix. And on Saturday February 10 she brings her boxed wine and people too reliant to the Midland theatre. Please welcome longtime friend of the show Kathleen Madigan. What you just. A more in morning young lay it. So good to your voice you're being kids at least in February as a matter. Yes we are and part of a link in and gambling model line and it changes city right and well. And it occurs to me that that's so close to Valentine's weekend. You know going to be that fortunate to be that Tuesday. And Wednesday which means the dinner dates happened that day net night you are the perfect Valentine's Day. And. What can I tell you I'm better than Lulu it's black. And white two years ago remember it would Saturday. Whatever did a round inspect. I'll walk in and he did sell outside theater and I think about that Lou. 18100 people surely view it Valentine's Day. On the bet. You're actually we were at or love like a bit of a package of equal. Maybe it's a good way to say you know I need you to believe. If you. I wanna break it. I'm a little bit more angry that he thought I want to know a few Oregon now it should chick. How is mr. black and of the guy he's got Christmas coming up Aziz staying in tatters leaving. Mr. black can sign it into how we did what and marketable holiday. AS he's in Spain work and he likes it that Jimmy Stewart but he looked it looked good this recruit everywhere. He don't he gets up in the morning he told me India he writes checks to charities he cares about that his Christmas as he does and I think that's a it's always stayed me how wonderful it is. Yet he did not Hubbell one quality and monitor charities couldn't have seen it check them out and I'm like yeah I can use below stock dump my bad but little lull with Lou. What about your parents are they gonna lead you something incredible. I don't think they talk about the leader can act in that part of that tech bell. But right now it's going up to you can get the web in their honesty cute about that Burton I. I did you figure that there's something coming all fight is going to be about. Glued to the sink mom again who broke when he brought. Perhaps put an. Well lately and I'm not paid chocolate than that tailored. To really get a tape were to adult woman to actually get law which shall we. I don't want to know what. What would get a mile which Colbert I mean that it's got good ability now. And excitement. Out. Of goal and called a public now third day now and think there. We put like a parent I'm out art machine Herbert they're like they're 760. And I had my brother and a bit of a problem with our government when he Republican or Democrat all people are too old or alt a or acted like 85 McConnell expend any night. Basically being governed by Ford bridge club. And nobody seems to care. At. Because you know it difference between my church and 7878 Dick like. People might hurt our Smart everything out but they have really good hours engaged. Like there umpire from tended to. I mean you can ask of any being in preparation but it chewed it literally in a car. So I tell. People all like each. Only in. Matters you know that mean people eat Joseph Biden my line. How. Gullible or attempt new things chopped off an update Easter sponsored by India. There. Don't think that's what melanoma but pretty people cheaper but ought it will hold its publicly that it. You now not at that stage you've seen by a well. I'd add people. It's your op Ed held outside out here that actually walking. I mean wait wait when it how are we joke by. One area ingesting the one edit my sister's story and goes so grandma got taken out. Or act. As well. I. I would argue that my mom particular moment ahead and I get nervous is live with a and in other eye to human mom can she wasn't drinking of water at her kidneys were shutting down. And I got there and a mom who you have to drink one energy as I don't like she's English I go well. It. Doesn't matter if you don't like what you're made of water again inch taller and so. I go that leads me to my next point hike at the hot he's not getting it. And she goes that's when I drink for watered ago well let's you can't have sugar in more. Pitcher of diabetes. And she I swear to god you know all the time. It. At all one. Seed battled diabetes. You know and she tells me and I'd ask if you get rid of it in the house you have to go back and check the nurse. Which brought us the term we'll diabetes that's my mother suffers from Atlanta defense. I can't say that at these ages. All these people being leaders like not going to. I want the public eighty year old she like it really but I'd recheck it meant ticket that someone younger. Pictures they did this. It. Yeah you know yeah brilliant point. Brilliantly. You GA porn like I don't know I don't know it's ego or. You know Pelosi literally should be talked Flickr people there right right know look like parent stock like that like. Tell it Kirk Michael. Clipped Eddie. You're right. All. That and in the coliseum on progression that's going to be on. You are so well so it. She's out of the boxed wine in big foot to a right now great name for it to about. Thank you to my Giuliani's. I don't you can quiet he would leave other people online can that it announced that to rename why. Why. Why how the amount of video or like guys blood I have hanging while literally actually cured bail but I really do you do edit they get all it did put stack. They're really they're bigfoot video company that way. There are other monsters like misery it. I mean it looked. How. Do yeah that's Google mall while Madrid manager monster is the big. And the Momo although it does sound like get a good name for a special kid or. Just it's every insult he would use from some word from B a photo circa 1970s. Somewhere in Brooklyn. Oriented it's. Been awhile back only with the I. Let them kitty. No it isn't that oh yeah when you use Google Momo and looked at home. Theater it's a hero did weaker as it triggers a possible. Yeah. I start streak of light at night and go down that rabbit hole I mean literally can be geek legal. Fees. And the box to line. Kind of a big fan hears about sludge all the while. If you are drinking a lot in somebody here who can mean trouble for that eager box like to admit no racquet we take the church. And at aloha audit from me. He can't let it. So did you know at that age you cat bird in the cabinet spurred the box. I thought it should help themselves. Like out there at this juncture like he's not a bad idea. Have you ever gone to a different liquor store because you went to one liquor store neighborhood a little too much that week. Yes. He had a little line and go to Google. I went to one because it's Ron white my little need for an outcome and Albert he likes that Jeremy walker blue war I didn't know. College center that winds. I guess it was like regular. You know what ever and I walked in and I said they only had to bottle up there might break added to bottles and it shouldn't Rodney and I. That he credited to already eight. Oh. Runner on it went out. All right in the attic and we need to write it certainly haven't quite picture on the wall. You're still expensive I would photograph. Body didn't bottled like hit checked and they don't wait for the locker lady. In the one year that bothered dots bubble Bobble. I hope you enjoyed it. It will bag about a particular Bellini on the wall. Lied but I buddy addiction. At each inning your yet like. I didn't. You want and you're like you're like the fact you delete the three pounds. Oh yeah. Yet at that yet again noted that it is what little life back with the immediate acute and an idiot lady at the bit on top 500 dollars. Hold that title have to bring it down that might help out whole budget doesn't get bad and for pregnant at all about. You know history it is so very seldom you see a comedian actually. Get better and better and better and better all throughout your specials like you know bothering Jesus and then I saw you on Seinfeld's comedian was in its cars getting coffee which I think is. Maybe one of the most brilliant ideas for show I've ever seen and. It's really you really want should try to treat east did you had no money we just needing treatment should they need to be checked out and it's exactly who alluded. There's no water torture treatments. Like are are cheap things. Copied whatever all of that was my shadow of the comedians on quite they're getting Bud Light and it. Look cheer and it had a great big drinker or where did your for a few hours at one point to deter an Irish coffee and I hope you're okay it was that so please pick a location where there's I'll sell alcohol on the back I can't figure drink. Report about that interest. Tell you to have written the screenplay at the idea for the TV she'll basically rafter at you and your cards I mean. Had a party present to somebody. I don't even in a deal worth writing bad stop that committee it might do all of them that are a hallmark movie because. There are so bad. I really think there. Did you lose and I wanted to beyond the dirty Marcello pretty drink alcohol. In. Her. You you understand you you really that you should be on the show starring as yourself with people as your parents and opt. It is no way americorps wouldn't embrace it in such way more people able to repair its Lebanese living I mean obviously if it would be a huge hit. It might Hurt Locker. And CEO that need to check on a mile an apartment. And she need for catch again. His big ad. Shut our heart rate it change any starter bloated out like that kid will walk a little. Like yeah not so good and I don't. Like that by not. At a proxy I don't little. Peek. The diva you do. ILE which they let me. Yet. I know what when you lose your knees when he's no longer make dimples you got too much fluid. This tool that you want daughters should. Shop and beat. The they're that's their leader little bit slow and they're leader. Three girl what we're like. No you need to do to. Get it like spill the level of return any credit like you know we are today and arranged swap when it opened up a beer. I. You've. Encourage you like to stop each he would get I don't know Abiola rigor. Off. It suits its exact opposite where I'm at when my mom and dad my. My dad who's sweetened in east at this he's unfortunately has alzheimer's he's he's a very happy person he still was home until it all works out good where's my mom is just. She's just to all the bother anymore forgiveness is busted so again she's got the live BP's she can just tell we whatever she thinks ID. Old people thing tonight and ignore the moment nurtured Lauren. I'm comfortable at home baker your partners do well out and Michael. What are didn't cheat you out. No way you can reach an injury. All how would you call sheet that. You mentioned a ball or more like you could author Benjamin. Computing. I. You can would you tell your. Little ball amount in your frame it and yeah. Among. Point she'd like you're a deal without insurance company to become a preexisting condition of my better remove it said non existing condition. It's true. That everything operated on and so you're basically just a locking shelf frame armpits don't talk that they may think I'm. A lot eating up each. I. Figured out but of course he doesn't have any problem pointing out that you would he feels is is it imperfection in you again like you want. Which by the way the way you don't have Milwaukee I've known you a long time I've watched your. I'm tired and Bob Harlow over. Yeah it at eight I can feel it would take. A oh. What is it that part. Of being one of patented nobody notices anything. Literally like what I see hyper focus. You are friends of water agencies make pot to about the odd that she stopped the match you care genetic slows it. Nominal detonated near you. Walk. Nine people like out. So we waited for announcement that all the and I know that you might burst equally important out I want there about three years old or. And our car political. Chop chop we got out here. Are. Many try and going on why are we lean like the Von Trapp in the middle and I. You've it's true I got three Brothers and I thought my name is frank called com John whatever your god. Rather at bell I'd rather let matzo gives them more focused. You know and it actually ended teenagers out of light and literally simulate the England like you do whatever like he was a day or marketed rat trap and so could shake Emily. Sheer shirt. It's so weird in an intentional by the way again my implore you. And less time I admit it you've got to write this print and this is the greatest show because it's so true and all these years. You know what are we today and how much they believe it I feel like I know your parents because of all the discussions we've had over the years about them. Like in my head the show is already formed. I hate it all I really do I think somebody should do I know it or attempt to go back to the money. But they would go world people are demographic club meaning you are you gonna do your job people. I can't put golden girls are still make it month. The why did nobody ever like a golden girls and they let that we're never did it all people to walk. All the money. It would all be. A candidate is just not there ain't you wanna do you. And I could see it get to see you the vehicle holding well you know what I'm a huge fan and it's it's going to be a great show at the middle and by the way February 10 get your tickets now to Saturday night it is the weekend before Valentine's Day and nothing says. Well let's see we should continue dating like as a matter of comedy show. And if you what the person that's been in government security. Eaten like what I'm but it is Easter eggs. The right thing if someone tells you AC DC's a terrible and your your gonna kick field level to get their terrible beta we can't be friends. Now he'd probably like the Yankees well while hurting your that. Seat I'm there it is there. These are good things Madigan rules and attempt to help you not waste time your current relationship especially new ones that were intent. Of doing the lord's work. Yet. It's all relative mr. black and tell him and spoke in the long time and I. Love that guy who does seem very gracious. All right guys who didn't hear weighing three it came quite decent it was easy it. How much.