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Tuesday, June 5th


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Yeah jays fans can see drug dog back well you know how he found it but I wish. You're talking about this because I would have got committed to me that that's the whole thing yeah I talk to mom and try to get him out now another decent people you know I don't. I T how are you today. This same time the unity in the dog in the studio Brit that's where I wanted to do. You'll what did you find out about it. So I thought about the guy and there was a story on the Internet about his this when he first started this company. He had gotten more calls from outside of the Kansas City area I can literally had to change the name to KC metro. Because he said he can can do drug detection for Jeddah. A child you were concerned about her business but she didn't want him all the pleased that kind of stuff when he hit the UC he detect drugs and his dog so you think your kids stashing dope and you cost your we'd like this happens in those some people are fearful and again if I was your dogs the last edition I'm sure in the closet trim in my parents house in the first bedroom up behind it well that's in one of the services he does if you buy a new house. You'll have the dog travel house is just to make sure there's something not sure don't want something you don't know abolished in a floor or wall. I just run around where there is there might be drops just if I can't I'm bags we'd. Okay mum on the beaches of Miami and you've. Where groupers blues double literally what I told my buddy George if I was a little to do that sort. As oil reserves and a friend. For its own stores some other time. It would be it would be good to go like. Let's say hypothetically after may be a large event over the weekend and maybe you came across almost I'm glad I was docked. Fast I'm just saying Lou well. I'm glad you're well even if you I mean. Is he said he knows he'll have sweaters or stuff made up that it'll say drug detection dog I think than the nervousness and outlined more command. Bob onetime. We're getting ready to rock fast so it's before doors open right the entire is built of liberty memorial. And we're standing up on the observation platform as unified drone over. And that gets them some footage before anybody in. And we saw these police officers coming down they've got a dog he's coming in pretty hard in minor bombs kill well. We're gonna find out if that's a bomb no longer a drug dog. That's often comes wrecked acts of color please take just bombed out. Here vineyards. I'd like that haven't seen now and I'd also like his I was very pleased by burning way you're good to hear what these owners. Your job. I had in mind. I'm now. As les turner brings technology here Thursday that Johnny ceremony so great that experience. Ray how are you. So this is an interesting business you the first of your kind you have me. Have detection dog forward forward non enforcement reasons. I actually I am here locally annoyed when I came up with the idea thought it was completely original total problem myself come to find out that they're in other. All over the place fill up the bigger cities have. And dog that you would argue for people would be delighted if not more forceful. Now is security part and it makes perfect sense put a new school while we've all seen that means where they'll run drug doctors schools usually we lockers whenever firearm detection which. Obviously makes great sense. But yeah you're doing it for personal resume paying. What's a friend of Mayan. If you must read this golf expert friend friend of mine may have lost some marijuana I think they call it. And do you think a dog can find it and then not tell police I was. Police had dug side. A bottle. I've done and I could probably gonna not frequently but they do bring more people get Dutch are we gonna do it we're gonna do. Well you know let's face pot does not make you the most important doesn't exist and sharpen the memory and sometimes you do things I think when you've been. Partake in anything drinking whatever the joint I'm gonna put this right here and know exactly you might not only is no one ever gonna find it here yeah. I guess. And it'll say political meet and have both local. Bracing it the excellence in Phoenix. You can find the odor of methamphetamine sides. Kirk heroin PPP inequity how she does not extend. Yes and then some of their derivatives marketable themselves so you know credit will train on network cheers you sound before. She always said you can use cocaine would trigger here and I know would I have. Mess he's made perfect sense because it's all chemical horrible stuff anyways I've probably and that's why he's one trainer for his. What you don't first methamphetamine the easiest when the trainer for. No not really we pretty much about everything has its own specific odor. Yeah I just figured actually tomorrow that such an awful chemical process that might be the strongest voter won't. Yeah well who know one thing about Matt deserved what they call the church come on net is extremely narrow footage but it's wrong what part for example. It spread. You know little that's like Sam changed schmo and a mile away. Some you know eventual civil order to pinpoint that it it's a stronger ordered them yet. So what do the last five calls you went on you obviously. I'm not asking pretty NATO what was the last five calls. I'm. Well they did an urgent bedrooms. And a little help look what bedroom. Well I know you never can never know what's gonna happen to be on the somewhat. You know we we typically do the whole house just to be on the safe side I wanted Marty out there why not. So that they didn't Imus I'm assuming a parent called. And so it might as well when my kids stashing drugs and house and then was killed there when you and there was that with Phoenix. Now now that you are that people actually that would force like you gonna get richer rich kids here I'm talking at all no because I don't think it for the right yes. Just bring a drug daughter Ireland so the kid he's. That's not to mention the fact that's not your job. That's not what you do that dog doesn't bite the kid's after he signs the week we'll put out. So so you let you do that and that was it wasn't let's call. You were achieved you know bedrooms for announces. I've done just some random places serve well not a situation that you're talking about earlier but some divorce cases. I've done several of those recently. So what divorce case what is it the dog's -- something so that one person can go hey you know what. Might this this one's appeal less and I have evidence that this was appeal us. Women are mean is that really want to do because you. You and I both know that's mostly because not a Smart to fight a detection dogs require. But do you get a lot of businesses to. Yeah yeah I the other yeah we do we do business and also emerged. Yes it is it's also the same kind of thing of what it's not about going out getting someone fired or did in the troubles you about the end. You know afford a nice show deterrent. OK number we today because I thought my account. Well it's still the story that you guys are bomb dogs and drug dogs and some don't you both of them the ones. For the metro mostly we're either or I think and that we were all saying there and one of the Santa. I think he's going to be a drug dog a bone dog and the dog just kept don't want can that's when that it was mom don't. I mean that they have one that we did that did vote but you have your dog. Alerts on something you know whether it's a wider outer runs. Alright Brett and I see it that air pollutants under the great training session. Somewhere where was I was in Miami and I saw a drug that they want them passed that's going to security the second accuser come back in the country. And almost an alert Osama Michael gods are going to be much of cops and then the person just got to walk away boom and your let's go to training exercise. And that's and that's what they do but I thought for sure holy hell I'm Gary C a full board drug international take right. And video you're using a tennis ball into the W attends Boston is the dog would would pointed out. We had to reward you know a lot of dogs that's what they're such with a look of Ford's big angels. You just like with the looking for a and they get to toward. If you just get if you finish summary McCarty has a company called Casey drug dog dot com now he's not a cop that's not only does he just finds drugs. And I'd be lost some may be aware that some just manifest themselves in your home. And you thought about going out to be festival after that was over like an Olympic memorial after rock fest. There's been great and just walking them through and see now I am a huge thing to see how many times he would hit it a single day if any. Oh ya ya I thought about that actually. Yeah it's it's a great deal of another darkened early Sunday. It just to see you know like oh yeah how good would overload what do you think would happen. Well our continued on whether it's an UWW as well ring. Credit your credit look over what were you I don't know it's it's it's a system and so I apologize man. Assay what do you think would happen if they don't win to a concert area afterwards after big concert. We overload would be able to discern the individual. Probably. Probably overload but I urge you should think that she hit a lottery that's for sure. Until it everywhere. Now how do you how do you make sure that dog doesn't consume the drug when when they when he when the dog points on it. Well you know there's not a good question because when I go until either business should ever employ anywhere and I'd like your quick walk around with drama and leisure crumple leash. Make sure that not a setup and site. And we'll be that we do that all the time for every time we do it and then what question it does not observable. I'd let her go but yeah so I think fear get really really hard. Worker for the yes. How long have you had Phoenix. Petr for a richer older sanctuary. It's it's huge it's a job and it's it she's a working animal but. Man there's a there's a love there and especially you work of them that diet that's just that's a very very close bond message your first dog your first detection dog. And look or smell loss you got lucky with her she's not a she's not crazy. Yeah right yeah because in those those they're definitely would you call high strung. Oh yeah yeah so how did you train this dog did you get acquired the dog. I I didn't her initial training and that I would Cuba school for full formal training will or and I did. Who can turn together in base further her her train was. And let's say you lost some marijuana somewhere. Which would cost me daddy come to my house looked like. Ed children and Orson. It's not bad at all and what are we sure sure which of course were well you wanna make it more than 200 dollars and is right. Well wouldn't. There is certain of its entertainment value of shoes. Yeah don't you can't. Hopefully judges. I'm drains in my head going Jake why did you not have him come by and there's only taking on the second floor had you walked that dog races sales pick. I guarantee you that Phoenix would have been like that one that won that one. All of this one's got a Coke let them but what we normal well it would have been fantastic we still have to do that race. Earlier on what we now. If just a bit managing this is yet not told its soul and no I don't know any ideas and actually I just walk through the entire place I promise you. I'm Rick wouldn't let anybody yeah you and I know. We know. That you really couldn't have heart monitor on everyone and you won't believe what. Do you address made these guys the look on their face anybody anybody usual thing. Makes the face when the drug dog is says drug dog yeah I. Originally taken a couple of behind you mistreat them to midnight tonight I don't know I'm going to jail yeah. That's what we'll. It's always is saying you eight in diet so things if you trash it's it's. Not for koppers always and sometimes you just need professional discreet and you say that pretty soon you've got to do firearms. Where are. And that but in the meantime that's got to be almost these interviews and enjoyable for that animal to. To detect it is that an enjoyable experience for them or is it hard on. Noted noted while on the military uses that began that concealed carry me and the I I feel like you know. Who knows that the percentage of people who are carrying out this is since it's a wide open wild wild west lawn now that you don't need any kind of a license to carry. Yet it's going to be huge dogs can be it's really getting into a lot. Yeah and that's you know that the number and anti gun at all but which were people not needing a license anymore you know pretty much in business. They have a policy against our conferences this could be potential customer as people thank you don't know who have been in the car because although dog you know follow Merrill's. Right right and diet super aged man all right let's see if you can just get that dog to discover as TDs that would. He. If that it wasn't crucial show you later. Until you think about the worth imagine going through the army like you you you out no no no you who do you listen he has sores on as they get out. So pretty happy I've not only there. That's right hey he's act within. That underbrush and going you know sort of barter what can you walk by she used us. He's Korean and spirited away. As a TV detection though I'm. That's increased sixty. I listen to cancel some I raid at some point we're heading in the studio will take a walk through. I'll be very yet let me know be out. Well armed. These kids here. We didn't feel like Greg's ticker incessant billions of but I think the roads here at tech guy. I have I think Bob's kids to receive blanket Jackson who won't mean we do all of them. You well you and did you adjust to you now and another new prescribe awful opiate problem. But didn't act in this mobile trade. I'm actually I'm glad you have large red dog boots on the great fit he's training. Just for that. Yet in a mall this 10. Kamal most of that use paint my my first one Amarillo but the fact that. Consumer mature and beautiful I. It's weird it in the next and so many times holds loyalty that's a few we'll listen I think it is fascinating race and we w.s and touching you use them as if that's okay would you. Oh degree I listened to you when you hold let's just say you wanna know you can stash in the lead if you've lost something in the house in the woods in the car. I was well if there was anything out there you know the bag of something somebody dumped there was a drop off point. I'm. No I mean. Nothing I don't know if it was rubbed off you know outsider. Like I did like clearly a package to you know you know with the only segment and George who of course turned into the authorities right away works for something washed up on the beach in Ruben said. Yeah no no not want to. Phase it was a policy that was about it. And kilos of Coke and cheese fat and what how much summing up the coast of Costa gotten wise this sort of thrown overboard on the front end it just washed away. And licensing washes up and of course the police. In the metal forget. But diet aids it was quite a bit this. That this would be this would be really asking a lot of different scenarios and veterans in my head. Never the school thing when a terrifying day for any kid is nice to smoke we know high school like. If yes and your body's a drug used to go dead run and give yourself away claimed I mean there's no Wayne McCullough. Is there any way you defeated by the way. What are these anyway to cover up the smell enough that adult like could not detect. No audio to misconception people have the you know they think they can vacuum packed something we trainer back intact items in it's it's it's different from the proposals smaller. And we won't be able to smell it with a dog will leave leadership prepared well for pretty funny and they think I believe her to keep others from slowing it implement net. That's what was the other set proved that he's only for humans it's it's not going to be for dogs I would system once and put them in Colorado if you won the dispensaries and by the minute during the back to Kansas. And I wouldn't know I don't know any minute it's an article for. It's so. Ray used curriculum which OJ in the very good to have you and by the way guys. You can get on the website and check out for yourself. It is TC drug dog that come Casey drug dog dot com.