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Wednesday, July 11th


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By the way this is what you can't be oppose it. You know records. You know how many bones the king broke. You know holly Gagne I didn't get us records that mean how many every every every conceivable injury could possibly the greatest. Guys they're alive and is so of course I I got home. I get stuck in Miami Saturday nights this post be home right now so pissed off because I'm trying like hell to get out of the airport get to my card get home. Read DVR the jobs and missed the first jump. But then what's the second the third Pastrana who's a great agreed or double in his own right not you know he'll never be legend like that but. Still what a fantastic show the loans and son is on the hotline right now kill me will stop much. Our next guest is the eldest son of the greatest daredevil full time in the last two American mountain off the lead great evil people who over the course of the school. I'm thrilled the world with the motorcycle jumps from caesar's palace to Wembley Stadium and the Snake River canyon. And this past Sunday. He was in Las Vegas this Travis Pastrana successfully replicated three of his father's most famous jumps including lifting fountains a caesar's palace. Life on the History Channel. For the highest rated cable special of the year. Please welcome Joey can evil. Kelly you look good on TV the other night man. And some dental record but are. But there sure we're about Ayers. I think I'd go after Jesus name and supplemental entry angle never Travis trim Travis Pastrana is incredible. And in his own right he's done some means some really amazing stuff and no doubt. But you know that the loyalties in the way it's usually he'll lynching in did you feel the grudging about it you know. It. Was 3.5 billion people and that's incredible. I don't know group that are not only. Were really good and you guys killed and you know what. So here's my weird connection this. I'm in Curacao got a phone call my old roommate Stephen lead pirate Steve who shot the pyro for the especially others. Oh we're. I thought he did a great job man. Yup that iRows it was all red white and blue it was grew. And adjust what what do we what are your feelings Arnold when you're watching it happen what do you feel about it. I'll look. And you know my guarantees that they promote. Our sincerest form of flattery indication sure there are no. In a different now than it was when my campus performing aired at their. If you look back and watch old videos in my data on its peers so regal and just a soulful call that are and so all the self. It's just it's just. It's different now there's you know that your. We eat it they're there they're air air air air and that was made for TV production and a lot of work to date you know spectacle dislike went back there which is its current. Shares. Look your domain came from rough background you know it is his parents dump in your grandparents raised him in this little town. You know when he was raised all kinds that was trying to pick at his place in his life and he knew he had to get something done to get. You know and in the story here in this instance it's it's of it's the so it's summation of his life that Betemit evil and evil evil people. He couldn't start another place he had a start like that it. Our. We know there's a lot of people that have well sure well operating its sister. So I can't reduce or special. A lot of American nature a lot of dry partners a lot of courage or in the end air and it. I mean you just don't departed just at the right turn at the right place there. With the right personality blocker and make some themselves. Is that when that's what I love I love the story and I wanted to be true and I hope it isn't you know it's the the often repeated caesar's palace he walked by the black Jack table lost his last under but you back somewhat Turkey walked out and we know the rest of it you know like I'd dim when a man. Or court Taylor under way. You know I wanted to because there was so many great stories with with you you know you know more than anyone ever know it'll ever be spoken that. Just great to watch that documentary and the other night. That he's the body and everything. The perfect like example of America at that point in history like he was what we needed we needed a guy who was super honest. Who would look you in the ankle I don't know from a crash I don't know if I'm gonna die. But I'm gonna do it and then he'd go do it in a time when. We weren't we didn't have a degree heroes. You know Vietnam was on Nixon everything that was going down and all of a sudden there's this crazy bastard you can really. No water or crazy western media. Great you like fox I would say it's he certainly captured the nation's imagination. As a superhero. I mean. There's I mean he was a street superhero I just I mean it will all my when your demeanor I was when your kid in suburbia you have the bike you have the toys. You pretend injure him but you're Christian prayer and that's that's an award. I got I am my brother both. And thank him for a broken collarbone. That you might get you disable call a postal wondered the most painful injuries were bought call. And he broke its airport. And their being a kid and has no where and figure eight thing it was this the pad when under it's an rat pack it up the walker looked at June yet it was amazing. You. Which you and I think I'm big great man I really have been great I'm so happy you stopped by to talk about the special because it was just huge History Channel and I thought they honor it and go back. ERV you know back in the watcher per in the beginning yes. Yet literally get. It. It turned out really get on TV and it it it just. To try to assist credible and it was a hundred and that there and then on the pavement down there it was a 120 at the temperature the paper. And the yard and settle lepers so. You want an easy way to get no he made it look easy but it wasn't an easy call evil stare at. There and stand at the top of that rare but look government or sixteen but I don't care what kind of motorcycle ER at the top just a so long ago. Well I think it always looks easy if you make it you know when your dad would do it in New Mexico that is perfectly rhetoric. It. But I think you'd all the human you know. I think he would like this I think is honored and I think I think he would have got it and I think he'd thought man that's OK I think that's all right that. And and think he deserved it in anymore. What can this woman again it as. Others a lot of air they'll doctor you know but he can't put people in the stands nobody cares. And an unsung great try to put a lot of people and stand in our history it'll sure so are mature and and when you're out there risking your life. You got an extra money you know. When you were ten. A new you'd look at but you're injured but what what did you think he's good at like how did how did you view your. Out. When you're cute you know you've really perspective on on what eastern corner for air. I mean which is every data. And Mike are you might get equal communal breakfast. If it's not like he changed course honors when he came home cooked up huge storm college forty here. Who would use of public other little kids dads and you met them your like you're not at all like my dad. Outlaw might get this for him as well might. Would everyone's it. And the I mean we were a small town it's now. And walked around with. With a homeowner every week. That Orton or what we've grown out. You did today it's it was given I was really happy to seal that adds there's more to make sure we touch base and and get Johnny get your feelings about it all because I thought it was really really great in the by the way if you guys haven't seen yet they're gonna re run on history no doubt about it. Make sure you can check and all the documentaries and check out. Travis Pastrana's nitro circus act completing all three jobs because it really was great at but Knoxville that a great job I thought Goldberg and a great job. I don't know who the squarely ski I was with a weird here are like I don't like what are we really got sick likable. So the producers like Andy what would people on the air right now. Maybe we can see any more evil evil auctions it's from your collection. Are. What war. Here. Well we've got museum in particular which I understand you are collected the other day in your car greatest. 00 I think and I didn't get a little squash I mean I got a flat hammered. And I didn't wanna walk around the dripping went on everything so I just when he laboratory. I'll get up there in it that way at all. I don't know what I'm gonna do that is memorabilia it's. The right time to write our little couple longer and stronger. But it's not gonna set my closet government longer. Now you know ultimately you'll tell Johnny here on your team's web. Ultimately it's always good to your voicemail Emma I'm proud for you I thought it was a great great tribute to your dad and he told conveniently. Yeah thanks water. I'm thinking.