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Friday, May 5th


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Phillips of the call yesterday at we will deal to get it. Born October 30 in San Francisco California. He began his standout career at the age of ten starting his touring career at age twenty. It starred in numerous HBO specials before launching an acting career that has found him in such films as willow and the few good men. The usual suspects. Will be old men. House arrest. That thing you do Canadian bacon. Casino ward dunks and many more. In this weekend you can see him live on stage at the income. Please welcome the one and only Kevin Pollak. You. And some months. Felt what the hell was that. That's that's radio that let's hear your thoughts to beautiful program as ya and it did didn't have the discerning taste I was hoping it could have. Look at you name to mostly good. KJ anymore well I've been feeding off the younger gal for ten years now you yeah mark the good news is we're still together how much. That's on your business he put up. I'm a fan of the shoot she's 35 major reason the 41 little problem that that's it. I razors on my own cheese corn fed every good how did you meter. And again none of your business no I was traveling to Pittsburgh where she's from. So she's village in the business she's Sebelius she's a wonderful writer than I've now dragged into the business. To wonderfully. Lacking in ambition and caring about show business under general would make it makes me very very happy. Yes because it's it's it's I think it's impossible sometimes for a ride. So he would you know such acrylic you to date. Another person who's in the business was because it just it sometimes it feels disingenuous you know like we're must've had young people. The friend you wouldn't try to close to you because of you know try to get that orbit. Yes yes I I do I on occasions have my own gravitational pull. It's your not not to not nearly it's all relative you know so I immediately thinkable the much greater. Solar systems and that there mortgages from. But yes so so. We we start doing this thing can vote chat show eight years ago and she's the head writer of that and on top. On camera we we look a stream live. On the on the YouTube Newton and it's up available thereafter televisions podcast. Try to do it every Sunday. This Sunday Craig Ferguson on the live with us she got again go back all beyond plain first thing Sunday morning and share wish you ward because now I'll Billy Bob shortens it to outside. I love Billy Bob Hope and she was on the chat show with. Mean maybe three weeks ago isn't he. If he decides your OK yes just greatest interview and it's it's fun it's a 100% correct and then if you exaggerate yeah all right. There's going to be a bad day for you it's going to be some more whatever reason he decided he'd like this ten years ago and so. He's always been in the phoned out he's always cool and he just. I recognize is that we. He's you know that's Hot Springs, Arkansas through and through yes and yes you always initiative smelling your regular guy you're real Geiger real human being and he hits and had to on top which of course is tremendous talent but she is as a real person as they go out of the box masters or playing at that knuckle heads calm and that's exciting you how can the media just Hollywood crossing. Wouldn't diddley first made that's a damn good question and earn even remember but mostly from. I think because of his life long fan ship of these St. Louis Cardinals. And then I got involved with the then manager congress on developing a book. Into a movie. Three nights in August that. At some point Billy Bob got involved with the well I think we knew each other prior to that but I'll be damned if I remember to keep you always got something you're not you know yes. You you're one of those guys has to move costs well I I just was sort of aware early on that diversifying. Your insurer business for a talent like me is polygraph exam. I'm I I I don't know if it was self aware and certainly wasn't self deprecating and I really felt like. Well you're never going to be a master at any one things that you should learn to do is many things as possible I think that that steals away ranked Julia Castillo and seeing it can and gas at all. I can't sing or dance but all the other things you would imagine united we dance chancellor piano but no I mean I've joined a Writers Guild thirty years ago because I was on I was six lead on a short lived sitcom would you know short lived with what we were doing it but. While we were doing it. I thought of a story line and I pitched it to the guy who created the show was running he had done coach prior to that he had some street cred. And down. He liked the idea I was trying to boost my own characters. On screen time that your at all I would try it. And he liked the idea he said that's a great I differed episode you are right that and I bet that hadn't crossed my line retire quietly back moment. But that's the other show business adage which is you know like I guess the best examples where an actor goes to an audition the director says. So there's some horseback ride involved in this part he did he do right. And the actor's been trained to say I've got to settle in my trunk. Yeah of course heritage is always yes yes always so I suggested that show runner on that shortly sit com. Thirty years ago and I got to write the episode even though they re wrote it within an inch of its life of course I got the on screen credit and I joined the deal so you know I'm since then been writing screenplays on stuff and and started directing company with a million other book. I hope not that one was a lot of work with the grant but. Yeah Chris isn't here yet thanks well you know some of the store a lot of stories I'll be telling this weekend on stage of the prof its which is it your left back on him I have him. Dig into the store about you. Johnny. You know that photograph. That moment in time viewed teaching him the impression well what is the captions say underneath the photo was the most most prized possession your favorite yeah I think I also added I'm may have written the book just sort of show off that picture yes it's exactly as always got it down immediately actually wrote this book strict please let it show up this photo easily my most prized possession yet again grateful so it's me sitting next to Carson on the Tonight Show making this a fact I'm teaching had him under Shatner in that particular photos and that's why both of our arms are jetting out for three times a year. Three times you just yeah well you know I I just I studded shows a kid and I would collect the names of comedians that appear on the show like my friends are collecting baseball weaves a make or break usually on the couch yes that was that gas. And so the first time I was asked to do the show I actually. Maneuvered my way onto the couch. By single let's wait to have a movie or TV show out and then you can justify bringing in the count as an actor and I'll be top loaded for the interview with my impersonation. And I knew Johnny love Peter Falk for. Panama all time all the time I knew that as a fan of the show. So the first. Question you know there's a pre interview spoiler alert but the guy asking a what do you what do you talk about like you know Johnny shirtless figure out what what best ways you. So Johnny was told that he does impersonate. So you know that night finally come to standing behind the curtain to dock in the banner winding down with the music coming back from commercial and and you hear that voice you've seen on TV. There's so many times welcome back folks my next gift. He's an actor Jack Newman movie out called willow on they tell me he's a martial comedians shall ask them about that. Folks please welcome mr. Kevin Pollack and I came out sat next to the king. And he said now accountable talking about we're known just a moment usually only. You do voices on the right. And because again I knew he loved Peter Falk I crossed 19 because Peter Falk was famous for having a glass side Columbus and I went right into it without introduction John Travolta makes a lot. But I. I'll tell you that I do bush. And he was clutching his chest pushed himself away from the desk was laughing so hard and in fact as you said had me on after that first appearance. 23 times your beard truly retired and I'm convinced it's because I knew he loved Peter fall. You mean he may I mean that's your made that point you're yeah you're just made and yet it's true picture is you get that kind of parallel he was elegant and down and end. He it will never be that way again and that's OK you know you going to the better guys like odd oldies so much better. It's they're all new rate yet not better just different yet and that's it if there was only so many. Piece of the pie in the that was that much bigger so you would go there and you played it you know how many. Twenty million people probably. Twenty million yet you get in a single night's apparent UK it's pretty ridiculous it is and it wasn't special night it was just Tuesday and you happen to be the guest that night at the outset when it amazing kind of expect the greatest copper and I would get after appearing on the show after you know half dozen times so. Is when some would call instead of talking about. What I said on the show or particular. Routine then went over they would say man John English. And that became the best compliment future possibly get. And it really spoke to his again power that there's Obama trying to make him. Crozier you were you and we said you've got such neglect clicks like I I love collecting memorabilia moments in time to remind myself of that that was there for that one split second term and one of the great stories in the book he's the Tom Cruise and. The doctors then I brought it with an error that would mean now but I haven't onstage so I can the show folks the ridiculous business of the countries that it. I met for the first time I told that story in front of an audience. He was in the on a day the friars were honoring him wasn't it rose. The friars club in New York it was the fourth time only in their pattern. Eighty year history. When they were honoring someone. I think they'd like Cary Grant Douglas Fairbanks junior you know. That that's sort of right on mount Rushmore. Entities. So I was ass along with. Cuba Gooding junior who of course was with him and Jerry Maguire for like in May be half dozen or so speakers to come onstage and and say a few words so I brought the pan and I told the story. And I I had told threatens the story of course but I hadn't told it publicly and that was the first time. And it was a good idea I realize looking back on 22. Is teller and sort of an audience and have him being in the room. So that I could test the waters but also his reaction. He had given me this pen while we're working on the movie and it was a ridiculous. Truly ridiculous like. You know it is time. It then you optimistic for told that this December will be to Toney fifth anniversary if you Goodman can. Tony I was seventeen. The personal. That's important and it. Yes so you know I'd done a couple movies before that but that was being brought up to the majors for sure yeah absolutely. And Jack Nicholson Tom Green and did me more it was a huge movie star Kevin Bacon or show ends and it. I'm Rob Reiner the director. You know he had just come off of Harry met Sally Lee. Spinal Tap all of these great and stand by me all these amazing moves moves princess bride you know he was a director who had as much. Power and control part about making a career sure by tapping me for that part he absolutely. Began by filmmaker I mean before that I was auditioning like any other actor and then after that one movie came out. I was getting offered you rename from that one film that was as crazy if not more than than an excellent job. For me personally collected and the patent and actors and second well I'm not gonna spoil the story but you'll get it's a great story yet and that he's legendary early some really generous access. And that's you know not everybody's like that. Yeah so him via. And wherever I told the story and that. Friars honoring conquers. The next you know again I'd never toaster or so. The next morning at the hotel there was they wrapped gift from Tommy was yet another big ticket and it. Does he wouldn't use a handwritten notices a third line of juices and yeah. Yeah well at that point. It was probably twenty years. After read on the movie and he couldn't believe he couldn't believe I remembered the pan and he couldn't believe it still had the path. Which is absurd to me because you always it was the Tom Cruise you don't pay its on the mantle and I'll. I've Brian Johnson raced these hat he hated me himself backstage at the last test rehearsal yes are you kidding me yeah I would shoot somebody they try to take that for my community as well as you love so much yes. Israel meeting I had to have a pen line installed at. The ceiling that's great that shines just. Beautiful game of life now isn't it. Eternal flame I don't think it's what else do you think it's let me bring up another ship I remember it was it was a Michael dental caller. Was mad about is up for him. You know we brits feel that the dead but right he was not a generous man and he wanted to make sure his money was there. Yeah. Yeah that that's the San well. Yeah yeah it was on the whole nine yards and he had just come off of the green mine and which remember he was. John Coffee giant guy yet and that made his color me any come from that bright and ours. And down he might have had them they had Philip dreams when he arrived for on of on now whole nine yards because everyone. Green mile hadn't come out. When he came to work on all night to. While working on the green now Tom Hanks are once sang year brilliant and that's your problem he was apparently doing Academy Award. He was nominated. So you. Annie was new to the game and I think it kind of got caught up a little bit well I mean it definitely sure it mostly you pull out. That level of attention is not normal. And and most people there's an adjusting period. At Sony who yet so there was a discrepancy over who's. The envelope of redeem him. Belong to and I said well they put my name Monica so it was probably mine and he wanted to know where his hair and it became a problem. Give them money you all righty was like six foot tall as well see he was made to look much bigger in the movie degree amount but he was still. Probably 62 but may be to sixty he was a big Fella that money in fact he so I. In the book called how I slipped my who is mentally you're referring to wonderful book. It's a fun book and technically the avail. Oh right I mostly talk about a champion people who were great to me you know and unnecessarily. And but a couple people not so much in you know they're still in the book I think that's worthy stories. Like YouTube geologist and honestly K this is what happens yeah if if there were witnesses I wouldn't tell mr. Mets and he. And but when you but I read the story the first time as much caught because we always viewed that without a good thing it's difficult to share this story can people he was a lot pitcher. And he where that managed Tom Hanks groin he didn't he didn't. And I think we don't want that that we get boring. Yes so so it didn't it did not end well and I member. May be only three or four weeks before the book was going to hit the stands. Might look like and and passed away. And the publisher called me and said have you seen today's news 'cause Michael Clarke Duncan passed away. And you don't have the most flattering story about him in your book you wanna keep this. Because it happened because it was funny because it was hilarious. I took about may be a second may be too and said you know get a pass for. I think that can happen yet it happened and yeah that's that's life as if you liked and. And that he out how do you get that he you know not gotten sick and you know chances are you across pats again anywhere completely gotten over the whole thing left at what he was like yeah. Another and he may have just grab you and isn't it mutual of yes we did not see each other after the book came out he was. See you this thing I if you destroy the show the great Kevin Pollack is just. He's the in prop this weekend tonight tomorrow and I think love is due to meet you represented us an age of Hollywood pitcher. Agent but because you you really hold those values and you're an entertainer first and all of us and never stops. We were doing the big slick the first year ranked and they called your name and it and you ran the bases no audio for days he let them to bat. And he went up standing at second base and arguably let me show biz kid who. They did it. Fantastic and got an Arab government bases every year since when they introduce my name is great and it just but I never forgot to actually made him freshmen like men. When you're out there and your children it's like yeah give the people what they want there what are those bases little more commitment now -- replying in the actual ballpark from the start of a much smaller scale was incredible and they'll answer yes it's sort of temperature poker. Hi I got my escape rob wriggle I had actually show my cards and that is what got what have anything yeah I'm awfully sure sure I like to gamble. But that poker poker no sure thing I'll do a laurel I do love the game yet and World Series of poker what Adam was sixteen. Thousand people. Not quite it was just 6740. People I finished 134. It's pretty good yes it was roughly 53000 bucks wasn't it I don't know the exact number two did you thousands several hundred NATO and I will yeah. That. If it was not that. Yeah. I love that. And that your head goes all it does yes you have to you have to costly process well that's what I think I love about it. It is that it's at thinking person's game for sure they have nobody I know that Buick you have to be creating something doing something of a purpose at all times yet that mature either writing writing jokes. Working on your impressions try and learning scale as. Probably why I did I diversified. It's so young because I I enjoyed all aspects of it so I would dabble in something old this is fun writing all right more. And a cup yours yours start directing and now I'm I'm enjoying that in the process of setting up the next one and yeah I mean and to stand up comedy my first love I keep coming back to two how much enjoyment I get from that. And once you Speedo the impersonation of course have always been the cornerstone of the act and they still are. But once you have a comedic point of view. The whole world is material. For you just waiting to be written so. At two people asking how long on the radio while Colin how many hours do you work like. Every never stopped streaker cost assimilating. Information you're gonna process and some other form on the way up and die and that is the fun part slightly you do start to see things differently you have to observe people. Absolutely and I. Apple think it's and you were walking before it was cool to be walking in which to me like. It's really exploded over the last decade it's become rather pedestrian to impersonate cursor rule but I'll give you some numbers. It in and this is delaying this brag that you'll ever hear. If you search on Google you type in cat Christopher Walken impersonation. Sometimes as many as 60000. Search answers come. I'm number one. It's and that is the layman spread. I don't say I tell people that ultimate credit to each and there are five pages on YouTube dedicated to Asians doing procedural. And they are the Larry yeah. I'm amber watching Imus had a friend of mine couple almost break up because he network trunk and walk and talk. They were terrible job she Fletcher and it is his soon to be language scream shut vote to review showed up here all directions Q. Yeah and it just we wouldn't stop this well for weeks well it's a particular rabbit hole you should be careful before you enter it yeah because if you get into his thoughts that's when it gets. Weird dark in color ID. Mickey's never make Cuba aha and what this is your chance to interview Christopher Lawton now you could ask him anything. Anything at all anything maybe you wanted to know or don't care about but just know that all of his thoughts are completely disconnected. Alleged use Nikki. Christopher Walken will allow. What's nice to meet you thank you for coming in today this is so. Over the years you've met many people drool I've met many. I can't even begin to count the number of people I've met quite frankly it's too Manning. Is that anyone in particular that you liked Sonoma. The one woman may have let slip guy who wanted to be ball well again meant. The money to count also all I wouldn't wanna offend the ones I didn't mention you know who might think there on the hit list. Saddling two mining to invest but maybe Margaret Thatcher comes to mind that at. You're romantically linked with Margaret Thatcher she. Can. How to shield which agreements that while it's just listen see I'm she kept things nice I'll tell you. What a gentleman Collins. Along that particular day so gentleman caller we be most. Are yes who she could dance. We you always attracted to powerful women I think so there's. Is that a gravitational pull. That they have. In certain regions in particular but for me it's all the package. They've got to run really don't know. A good enough level like tonight will be such good shows is you talk about Hollywood talk about the career you. He Judy impressions if you've got to grace in the back but it's a really personable fund moment it's. It's a lot. A lot more human that I think most comedians get you yeah I was never joke teller so I would I would always tell stories because the guys I I'm sort of came up studying you know hurt Carlin Richard Pryor and those guys they they were great storytellers and the more personal those stories I think the audience is surprise your sharing this and then also grateful that you're sharing it and an inside look. So. Who are the reasons that I think the book came to be was I ultimately had a lot of these stories. From. From you know of childhood fantasy Israel. And someone some publishers. So I'll might stand back and said this is a book and so they they sort of fed each other you know that in the book I know there's well every time I think about. A particular story or someone remind me of something else who I think I don't think I put that in the book. He's an incredible to have that kind of that other. Life that you know you've forgotten some incredible moments for other people would be the one main focus it would always remember yeah I have to be reminded of most things. But at this point you know the emperor of Joe's going to be great I don't know how we're doing on time how would years ago. Let me you can put twenty. For Alfred that limited the break take a breath labels come back and acts automation that we actually. Or talk about everything went about that slick you come back we'll talk about movies you've got coming up. The improper shows tonight to show tonight you chose tomorrow correct and then you're out here sending you back your podcast. That's right Craig Ferguson and realize in the studio to. Do you do the booking me for the ID for your folio it's self we. We've done 305. Of these long form interviews. Over eight years and I've. I'm. I've talked every one of them practically. I'd say 98%. And you've usual though an hour two hours. Yet Tom Hanks like two hours 42 minutes. So it ends up being the longer our oft and it ends up being the longest on camera interview most of these people will. You who it is it pictures and radio you've you know you get stuck if you only spent eight minutes. You sure sound to take the first four minutes trying to make sure they believe you're not the thing in all show. So stupid you yet so it takes awhile to get comparable when you do it when you come in the studio and it's easily as you can see either yes you know you know there are your pace temperate and it makes friendships. There can talk to some fair and that's to me that's the joys of this job like. We're an actual conversation yeah yeah yeah and I go home Michael capital. And these great stories and just. If you start from a fan's point of view right and then it becomes normal so that's why I start doing the show 'cause I was such a fan of how many people Iowa's red. Autobiography they do as a kid you know what you can tell again Elton is not taking it never write one but thinking. You could take from people's. Own experiences and and the path that they chose. If that's the weird thing at some point you realize not only about showbiz but about life there there is no correct path there's just a minute. Two days ago the navy seal who killed Osama bin Laden. We spent ten minutes speaking with him how to get from Butte Montana and he starts on those stories now and your destruction huge banners are becoming friends Richard marsh cinco in the first that commander seal teams sicker. Was it 66. And red cell. And over the years you know. Drinking whiskey with until 4 o'clock in the morning at Sturgis, South Dakota motorcycle rally crazy and he's used to have those moments of again like one he's hitting. Yes yes I do. I'm done the same way you know we we we are responsible for making those momentum. In if you. And career wise it is it's for a long time now been if you're not creating your waiting. As as an actor or comedian you wait for the foundering. With the work on the other line. And so I realized maybe ten years ago that you need to be a little more proactive. Yeah yeah making life happened and I think I've finally really well that's not to showbiz that's actual law yeah exactly yeah this is not a dress rehearsal. Kevin Pollack passed it was you guys we did a quick break we'll come right back. Kansas City this weekend in. It could be the big click here. Just. Looking through the book again Kelly yes my way to the middle still available finer bookstores everywhere. I forgot about the 100000 dollar Bruce Willis role. 100000 dollar is that right was much money on the table. Some only a lot of money said Roy I was thinking and acting role there with the other guy it was a craps table okay yeah. What kind crazy bastard has honored and I've actually seen it but just what the funny thing about the gambling as you well know is it's all relative. So you have to bet an amount where you feel a pinch to win or lose where otherwise the joys otherwise it's a waste of time. For me anyways. It that's how I've I've felt my whole life you gotta feel little pinch a member. Being and a different occasions in Vegas. Remember who I was with. But I found myself in the indeed sort of VIP private gambling salons for the whales while this yet whales but also famous people ranked so low and protect them whatever. I was with a famous person that's why I was there. And Dem ticket. Aren't qualifying kick it well and Tiger Woods this has gotta be fifteen years ago Tiger Woods had just won some big tournament and he was playing blackjack he'd won may be earlier that day. And used playing tennis table by himself. I mean there's people at another table all around. And this is sort of in a private areas I said so there may be only three galactic temple's knows a smaller. But he was playing three hands at the same time and adding 151000. So. Again it's all wrong he's probably just 15 million dollars at this golf term. You got bad and amount either feels so in the case of Bruce Willis. This particular evening first of all that was 25 years ago it was while working on a few good men. And he was measured to me more time. And while we were shooting a few good men and Culver studios on the sound stage next to us Bruce Willis was shooting death becomes her. Should Robert Zemeckis film with goalie on a Merrill's. So Bruce because he was married to Demi more time was loitering on our set yes everyday capture all day. So the point where the eighty's this is directors would be sent from there. Sound stage over to ours go to get Bruce. So. Consequently there are a lot of these social gatherings. And one to remember coming into work and Ron Brown the drinkers. Greeted me with them. Did you hear about next weekend is going to be Vegas. They Easter as a nice guy and we talked. He's a well we're gonna Vegas night we're flying on palm's jet. Factors. Begin yet understand I'm I'm I'm like a kid in the candy store Mike fly on the wall. I expected when I heard about Vegas night. We're gonna fly and comes at that Mellon private jet at that point. And and they said yeah you'll slice it hasn't worked so well you you valley park your car on the tarmac. Coach yet so I immediately envisioned I would arrive and they would throw me read that some say we needed help and I. That's where my head to detect it honestly. And then we said and then will will will be flown to Vegas and the 37 minute flight mentally it's not even Latin to enjoy. And end of the cars waiting for their they'll take us of the MGM grand they'll walk us through this back thing in the Melinda panera on the gambling area. Where will gamble for awhile then we'll take a break. I have dinner and then we'll go back and gamble some more. And then we'll fly help close on the Ryder so I said we're not even spend the night now knows you so so is Tom Cruise and and then his wife Nicole Kidman and it was Bruce Willis and Demi Moore married. It was Kevin Bacon his life. Care Cedric. It will as Rob Reiner has like show. Myself and my then wife and then. Girlfriend of many many years became life. And down. I think. Rob sport has producing. Some partners so so yet so I'm looking around everyone's or knowingly famous. And down. Everyone on the plane is now talking to I think Bruce and Demi mentioned that they got married and so now everyone's telling their marriage story and it comes around to myself and my girlfriend makes AM. You guys should get married now and I would AD and Vegas while we're there. And you know again I just been brought up to the major leagues on this movie. And here ram that's on the crypt sprite that. All things insane. So that I realized. Yes yes we should get married in Vegas this could be the greatest marriage story you bit me right in my schmuck friends will ever happen. Yeah I know that's true Tom Cruise this idea so soul I am I gonna make a face like. It's not a horrible idea but I over the opportunity so now everyone on the plane and and then my then. Grow from now X well. Is. Is looking around like me and know my mom would kill the you know yes she's from the south raise very proper and she was right. But in the moment she was wrong. And now all these famous people are chanting her and I know. I. Agenda to a piano continent and not many saying yes and you're saying. This is not how this is gonna happen or would it be better is you've got a giant like she said no can't stop it. Yeah but we never smoke again yet I would be a great start so so he had that and so during that trip re we go to the private gambling room. I'm playing. I think blackjack with a few others. And then at some point I hear. Some commotion behind me nine turnaround and then there's Bruce who's he's on one playing craps. Again there's what it. Twelve of us fifteen of us wherever. It we're the only ones in this area so it's our group it's our little. And so I I. I wanna go see I'm one of experts looks like drafts you know that your so I go over and cases they hate any hands in the Dyson says throw the bones. And I said oh yeah cool okay and I look at on the table my seal on it chips. And he's on plane so I say to the the the guy who's running. The craps table for workers I forget the official term. And how much does he have on the table this beach for rove dies so I don't know what I could potentially lose for mr. Bruce Willis John McClain. Let's just beat yet. Then you get that and you feel the patriot if you thought he says. Again looks around and he knows he knows exactly how much cruises bedding and he's now feigning like he's not sure. And his is going around the table counting mentioned in his mind he's he's well aware of the amount because he's he's enjoying the moment yet. Any is did it to about a how to grant. I said. I handed dies back to Bruce I say yeah I'm I'm not doing that. Is what I'm talking about as it can lose you a 100000 dollars and and everything that happens afterwards is horrible for me and a bit idiot why losing you lose it's always gonna lose that can throw the damn bones. So we argue for a little bit 'cause I I I know if he wins it's going to be great. But. The opposite it still feels it falls on even if it's good everybody knows well is money yes insisting that I do it yet and I'm arguing. And it doesn't really cross my mind that I've got nothing to lose your right. All I'm feeling is I will be forever responsible yet know if he'll always think about this so quick meet with he's a dog with a bone while ago. So why say all right give me the damn does. And I drove the bones as they're called. I do not crap out. He he wins he just got 75 different bets on the state he wins a couple of them you know wasn't the kind of rolling that he went all the bats and that's the whole thing about crap you want just keep it don't you just don't Democrats want to just keep Golan total mystery yet so you wanna run you wanna you wanna lengthy run. So my objective was not to blend. In a big way but just to not lose. That's all that matters I spent half my life like you kidding me yeah yeah course. So I in fact am victorious. In a small way more importantly I cannot lose. And I do not stopped the roll. And there's not much of a celebration. Except for me I'm losing my mind and happiness and I've rarely been that happy and it just because I didn't lose. 100000 dollars for drama. And then I gave him back to Dyson said we're done here. I'm not even gonna watch you and recruit out of the crews at that point and up. As you know that recently alpha males in the right I mean when you have to rouge does pretty to both pretty chill in their own environment you know remained. And and Bruce in particular. Is. Is come PE ease Xenia oh. We've got a text and from Robert this just in I had to let him know where commercial break and I was with you on your show. And I said I was about to. Talk some smack about Hampton on your show and he used wrote back oh crap this thing could. I embarrass myself in front of by him speaking of Vegas yup I'm leaving Vegas I've. And most importantly alcohol it's not getting it. And I turn around and insecurity here robbery crew did Johnny. The picture race at that beautiful wife share. And I I know what I look like like. Sweating like it drop. And am now worker every that we cross each other in that security let's go slow. You have another conversation that you don't know how many times it's not weird. You have a conversation every diabetic you don't talk a good day to each other ladies and comfortable in the Walter obviously. Come to throw up like one remotely can you smell me and Paula can you know it's brilliant when we got to secure that thank god. Would pass over not that he's he's lovely he's a wonderful guy but look you look like hell froze and I get to my gate. One seat right next to them I don't know I can't. I was just like and I just I went to the bathroom. As we went about him like it bounced off completely ten minutes. When Everest is going to be stupid it's not gonna sound great to be you played that well that you guys weird when you. You chose wisely and I'm always. So again he wrote back oh crap they're saying good and then I just wrote back. I just read that on there would auction got the Catholic that I. I'm hoping you because this momentary what do you like musically what do you took you're always out doing so. Why directed a movie last year currently available on Netflix called the late bloomer so I had to choose a lot of music. But I I reached out. Two Jack White who way. I know a little bit. Domino's manager really well one of his managers really well and who introduced us and then we hung out for a minute. Backstage when the ratios. So I reached out to him and got a song off of blunder buses as nice morning's. Albums yeah. And it was in remake actually if he did a good hold on great song called I'm shaken. So I huge fan his thumb. I saw. You know I guess it's a form of indie rock may be Kings of Leon but early albums when they were. Not world famous. I still like them of course but that's a long time. I enjoyed them so I'd say the movement for the most part it's in Iraq because Iraq as well. You don't want to beat southern and took that as this group for a couple years now as a band black smoke. Whose amazing Mike Skinner will take a maverick Ricky medlock loves them all out anything about Billy Gibbons be within a record he would take them out for your time. Because he loved watching them every a brilliant yet you have to find a Blackberry smoke it's very southern sounding great lyrics really Smart stuff. It is and what may be asked a question of what you had Billy Bob Horton and the box masters because they're playing Sunday night your knuckle heads. But I wish you'd have to leave the podcast major damage badger how much he'd love to see you walk in the door. How they would freak him out yeah. That's come in so another text America this. Again the start with me saying I was on your show if you talk it's not about to talk smack about him and he wrote oh crap this thing could. And I wrote back I just read that on there well she got and here's what else he's got. Quote. Why don't you guys just focus on all your problems. I'm very long list of problems that. Start with a penis size and go from there. That's unnecessary and really that's the first shot. Why even warm up to you. Ole completely unnecessary it's really it's it's hateful and I know that. I didn't neither by the way I I don't know for certain I've not done a a visual. Test. But I've heard that he's hung like a kitten. You know live with that sets a terrible thing hate him but you know he's from Kansas their girls will discuss. Social force issue that's exactly I don't like because he's so full of spirit. He's a guy that he is he walks into a room and everybody's happy here in the moment he Enders that. He was out again on the on the chat show I do it checked out on the on the YouTube. Made a couple of months ago he came back. And now. Dammit every time he just missed influence there will because he's a man's man you know his military service how he goes about his life now. How he considers himself he doesn't think himself overly seriously on any I'd like to talk to his kids I think this year big slick amen amen to find a couple of them and I'm gonna grow you should India and carry political world order if he's just a bastard problem is he beat you disagree with cigarette yeah you know I want uncle Kevin. Because there's no way to keep that up Tony for seventh Lester 365 whose as I ain't buying it Rego a bad bad interview week now. No reaction yet when you know I'm just trying to argue this you're not gonna give up there are some people who. Com. Are just not comfortable. Now you know most people from show business. Crave the attention you so much but the a lot of them. That I had on her actors where you get to hide behind another personality. And and so they're not as comfortable talking as themselves. Consequently so yeah there's there's there's been a couple of its last. Good friends over like. There's it's announcing your most lucrative there's been a love hate out of Los Angeles and infringes April that singer. Or motor since 1991. He lived at me for a short time writing and problem. He's the single worst interview I'll ever do some virtually every four years to do it again and they get mad like. Socket this back and he's just one or to word and he goes LA goes super cynical rock star LA. And in real life he's written five books he's funny he's mean he's a brilliant writer like a really witty clever human yeah. Love the writer thing is a personality that doesn't translate to the microphone maybe UF Dubuque for a while. Is gonna help me in it he gets like that so yeah now I feel the pain. You can be very difficult you're gonna giveaways and tickets and it's to my shows I'm excited about because the and prob is hosting Kevin Pollak tonight and tomorrow night in the heat which the way to go back and do this legendary podcast I'm gonna give away some tickets do people follow me on the two or given away a couple of tickets myself. To add Kevin ball Kevin Pollak. If you want NP OLLAK. I tried to put it seemed like a lot of people do that's if they don't do it that's a that's a group B that's a different kind of Pollack. You'll you know Tom Bergeron. We met. I'm I'm I'm not gonna brag that we know each other more than casually met we'd be doing Dancing With The Stars items viewed as at all I don't know I noticed and you didn't find it to be horrifying experience via. Yeah I can now relax and enjoy myself at a wedding. That's about it. I'm under terms of dancing I would slow dance with an aging group to would you chair or Childs the limping but I won't let dance with adult woman it's it's it's tough terrible and it's tough. Though the only again inspection she was horrified she loves her husband who years ago in the business actually a hall of Famer programmers and you saw him dance when you were sober one night and he was not. Good like 1012 years they are married to change your perception of him forever. Yeah we'll have that many years and you don't see it common. Right you know me he's usually in an event to get him you both drinking with him on him I got that I can't it's burning the the sound. Quality this that you're on the morning. Listen. Let's look at him he's ready. To sail the Cuban. It not good morning where are you. But Lawrence all of you and listen to come down to the city tonight. Well you've been incredible college you major and. And I was we're gonna have a so. After we give us the Tom Bergeron and host of Dancing With The Stars for America's Funniest Home Videos. He's on hold and he wanted to see if he could talk with a just recited before Kevin asked to leave it he would like to speak with William Shatner peek at let's make that happen. Tom Burt wrote either. Are easy yet yes I have an end if this is Kevin there. Kevin Kevin's left but William Shatner is here. Shatner there are good because that's really. But that's really what a lot of doctors are because it both the last time. We we had lunch. He's stuck with the bill. Bill exclusive. I own. The CEO of more money than me. You know. Are. I refuse to dance. With stars or otherwise but bug you. You have all the money. I. Time giving you guys who've crossed paths before but to ease in town about. It's like sitting right next to us Tom where are you know. I think it right out in California actually. You're good man to get up at 6:40 in the morning. Yes yes that is exported but I've got a 88 massive Starbucks iced coffee experience as and the opportunity to talk to. You know shudders double Decker so there you ago. We are treating Kevin Pollak to incredibly mediocre for cannibal lukewarm coffee. And and where to run them off a few minutes even news journal. Thank god I appreciate Kevin your bureau you're doing those two overshadow I think you next to build you do a lot of the pressure after. It's very kind didn't say that he. He insists that at times I do it him better than him. He's mentioned that and one of his books few fascinating weird and I keep my favorite all time god god and what's wrong due to Edward he's one of the he's the reason I I've made they've finally made a Broadway debut he was doing he did it and toured with a one man show. And it started with a two week run on Broadway. And I happen to be in your good time and called in for tickets and he said. I'll have a OK so the salute totally show. Used to the audience and at some point towards the end. Some will come and get to you bring back stay if you stand on the wings all finished the show. I'll walk off and then will walk back out together. For the uncle and that's what happened and I walked out and strutting like him gesturing. Like him. Or like a lunatic. The audience what not sure for just that. And then I think I might have said two or three boards and blocked off that was the only time I've been on a broadly as to what I. Ought to. He's this is my hope springs eternal could you started in radio rectum. Oh absolutely got my vote salvia. Now you know one of the greatest TV shows a huge ratings. Everywhere you go I mean truly dancing with the stars and and I've minister before when I first heard about it is this is there's no chance it's gonna work. Yeah it's unbelievable it really is. It's just get it period. Isn't it it and then and chapter and his wife are big fans of the show and we've become friends over the years but I can't get it can't get it there you can consider it. He'll still riding horses he's told shooting movies and great reality shows and all buddies off I think with every quick word with you and other. Season the better late than never took over in Europe but do it and I can't get a little possible place. And I will tell you Henry wing color in my estimation is the sweetest man Hollywood it probably. I think that the greatest Julie I've ever had in the business is is. Having had recovered the studio after this huge misunderstanding between him and I know he was coming for world wheels appearance. Let the car shows and I thought he was asking me to go to dinner. And he wasn't asking me to go to dinner he was asking me for good restaurant if he never heard what a plate and the like beat number. It's very short but you guys you got to hear this as most awkward thing ever. Going to be jumped Friday games coming out well Friday or Saturday Friday thank. All right let me ask you questions Saturday night dinner. Yeah that's restaurant Kansas City. I've got to set what ever except. But an entire CD did so when he came down everybody who spoke with him was reversing this and he didn't know what happened no did nothing wrong he did nothing wrong. Sounds very much like invited you to dinner. Only I've never been humiliated as as well. Sure of that because they're Asia. It should issue a global whole sentences. Well this is our Henry gets you he. He he has a reputation for being in the nicest. Group yeah yeah yeah he has heard did you read the nicest sweetest person in Ireland. He is we worked together for three years and Hollywood Squares where it was learned that its producer that's true peace. It's completely. Not the law. A known and unknown he's never even ridden a motorcycle but he will call. On occasion to radio show and humiliate the bench Pete. At that I've seen him actually. Started cue ball with his best. We you know he did is he finally became this this thing and so he shows up we cater. We sit down and away from which is where Mike's over and eat breakfast together on the finally had a meal that's nice that's centering. He's he's a wonderful guy I'm telling it like if there's a guy eleven like feel if I would ever disappoint him iPad truly feel broken inside now I have to ask Tom. Because I refused to assume you called in to like here William Shatner impersonation of what's on your mind body. Are we gonna promote my show but this is fun to. They'll whatsoever I have lunch if you look back with every after bay to. That's shop the first season but better late than never and that I that was every walk everyday it shatter oppression that stuff. Yanks this in what do. And up all Extenders but it was. It was pretty good but I cargo we have got to promote debt that was the start were we got we're coming up tourist season finale and a few weeks ya gotta but anyway. You don't. You'd even be broke if they do almost a personal favorite I wanna ask you but but I eat your heart you have that one on every season I want this this is what. The other is there's one person on the cast right now who I hope whip. You an answer B anybody think you want this person's kind of twice. And I I really hope they don't. The sure. I and that there's usually one person we think that. Look at that distinction as well. Yet yet. You what it's it's again and if you destroy the show Kevin Pollak Tom Bergeron from. I assume you're in Los Angeles that dancing with the scheduled to start this money 7 o'clock Kansas City telling ABC. And how many is how close with the finale. We're coming up only gate we wrapped our own page twenty search so we're we're. Couple weeks away. It's in its it has been a lot of relationships made on the show people let wives and girlfriends boyfriends and and can come together haven't. There yeah they've come together they've they've cut before you get hurt get page. Other than that numerous I think they're better actually more engagements. On Dancing With The Stars then all of a bachelor. I would I wouldn't find a wife or girlfriend it was getting ready to actually not there's no way am I what you do because it's it's too. People form of a movie sets yes you but this is physical. There's a lot of semi naked grind it that we yeah. Again slower to. Cry. So a time you felt that the show needed does a little ratings boost in the Kansas City greater area. There's no question I think that would punish. We look at these been mapped. Out there with our Achilles heel. Chair fixed now you're welcome say set the alarm. That you are quite fit gut get beyond that bubble are mourning the public's dogs. I listen I'd I'd do Levittown and it is always great your voice to huge news story is as another one of FAA urged radio and you just work hard and you you really do enjoy this is well. I kind of do I think you know I have no other marketable skills so that's. It dumps and so thankful that struck. You and I'm hosting as fast thinking and your book's fantastic. Thank you thank you were holding up all the finest windows and America. Listen it is always good to hear your voice they told me the rap for everybody apparently everybody a step off at this point you need to go to the next one Kevin's got to go. I'll be left alone right. Good talking huge I talked to Kevin that whatever. An added treat thanks so much. Good luck on the next call and you do it's not gonna pay this fine. It's great comfort. Yeah I know they're people were yelling and I know he's improbably eighties having a heart attack took a toll the other ten minutes ago I gotta go and over and there seems to always tell you what would you what. Ever. And averages had never make a specific request of a personal but I have watched this kind of you see him. And I love. Kevin Pollack on the YouTube stuff I watched the game that you play where you do one word impressions of celebrities. Oh yeah and celebrities yeah celebrity editor and deputy you can only use one lord that's exactly and I guess I never this. It would you would you please just quickly do William knees and saying the word banana. Now. Than a billion. Yeah. He said yeah. Great yeah. He's that are so huge there was only one way or to be fun or some. And that way it was not mean to go and honors. I read this again. And throughout tonight tomorrow night two shows each night not mrs. it will.