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Tuesday, September 11th


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Sorry about yesterday. What we will be far. Sorry this show of that screwed up you're supposed to be on the show yesterday. Yeah and I'll start my among certain dollar amount market technology don't always or the sons and actually I know they didn't want us to be together and it scares him. I can upload more than one record and it's always wanting. Don't even know man I don't we get mad skills we can not as good as you hear you let clutching shows coming up you guys are kicking ass on that farm house. Omar got absolutely something we just ought to be art which you are like jump street volcanic. Before talk fuel reed campus form cracked it was clear. Yeah that's actually why don't we all lab did delay you know rap what he'll get some bail him. I noted over on campus although that's what he would be excited about reading they're looking at Rand Paul wall everything you've met regularly eat it well. If it. I'll tell you people LT is redneck is any of my seat so there's this great house and I sadly grandpa passed endowed. You guys have gone in there and in and really just it looks incredible and there's a couple projects Doug we're gonna we're gonna together. It's that the couple grain silos out there and some of the smoke a couple of small metal one and the lenders a concrete one as well I think that's going to be the one that gets really weird inside. You don't really try to really cool to see sleeping quarters of a man of all I ask you a man grandma brown what this ought to be enough. GT national Lisovicz incredible when indicate something that I've never experienced four of all what does it cease to made the but the league of extraordinary brand which you have that you followed brought it to a world incredible. First of their Carlyle shall go out. Hell yeah from the and it doesn't come to new and to move the whole how. And can an accurate down and ordered him or would it look. Great in an Arctic a day or so later people came and I got a couple but he did it come out when Rudy country knocked out. And then going well so little with Hewitt he gave mr. Daly should guide the mayor's joke. And man let me tell you what could be hot and how does not not just kept the DiMarco what what what do we do each dessert. Got some really cool people coming to our blood and armor walk budget and the and so transport well. Thank you put it to be sweet little beautiful people big and I got it straight right here so yup yesterday. Slow cooker for John Deere lawn on the net I've just been around so many people are that make you feel like every night. I know we've really do that throughout two guys are now. Listen but we're not done yet they can get weird on the I'm excited about he had that outdoor stuff that they'll decide look like that's. I just for whatever reason I keep focusing on that going man what what shall we really do how we build the Florian. How many levels are really go up how I mean I think I think we need motivation tower any easy if this is structurally enough that we knew only the tops we have some work cool and. Get caught up there will be climbed up and we got hundred year over a hundred year old. Oh because look at them straight. It's all broke down we've looked at parliament that we should just use this wooed and stuff like that you know for the ball are so it's going to be beautiful. A lot of people usually got. The bottom of the train for a car a train car these are for a bridge if you need like if you got a creek that he's going to be you know it was on the went over they sell those 222 and go over the top home. Allow you gotta get down a little go particular we were doing so well either held or distorted periods so their I would say we had once dubbed it delivered a god Olympian on the became hooked it. A walk out comfy spot you know and no word you form kind of stop and look at me like porno here. I don't think you think about it like get up don't you guys go out and one guy if you get so caught broad eight summer well although I don't. Neglect and if you ask for people seeking moderate or help us. There's a lot of people didn't think you're gonna see what John was just put this here and just walk out of the farm elsewhere. Look at what they got a cracked up all my cameraman adult Cody Barbara Barbara ballplayers don't particular pool rich. You're right I'm sure you're on the witness protection program. OK well I'll throw Montgomery village had probably thumping like bad apple. A new. Where you're we will regret Cary Grant and. I'm going to be fun and it's fun money and you know. I I can't wait I'm coming you know be on the road by the way. Oh look good W out era and I we go do some notes will be up what do you feel. The foam on forgiving with those singles. I'm coming out now. There's little person is sort of feel perfect but we'll follow six weeks or so you don't we apply hopefuls debate and you know come back. And everything else yeah I'm on the support from clutch what a great band gets you prepared to play and I. We'll perfect club though from the fifties which. It's great towards the bar pretty history that goes behind that fans they're both going to be great you know go home ordered dual 45 minutes certain and be able to hang out you know. Heard before to give back hitter or pretend that they're not complain about BA were remote lovely wife met fifteen years ago what. Not crazy is crazy mentioned she didn't even wanna go to the show she pass in the end that you saw her from the stage. And he was Smith. Bloomberg plumber that he was correct as well there are Mario back Giguere got a solid security guards on the have a week. If you can go to the blood you don't want to give her taxes can repair. Are you looking to go at his summer and I'll have to shake her head they I'm not at all. Yeah I look I don't know I don't know if you favorite we look at what I wanna be here we that was right there when they also. He chipped elbow. Even today Elliott responsible Coke is and then you know ever since then they're not that that lady. They kick. You chased her kids and two other breaker. Article along summit took over a year over some of which are looked at the show what. Probably around 8 o'clock I'm afraid about 730 cents or Bob Murray market models sold door. In no beef farmers look to take Matt the other room while it's the you won't. This by the time he didn't read for some serious Bible study yet here he later he didn't worry him. All right that's not hungry later created a pretty girl that was. A you got so so they're not afraid to ask you Kingston choose fireworks. Oh bad no yet we have to get away overweight girls take announced the bar which you know it. Or come into article he around here on our fortunately you know. Oh we did shoot a couple of upon a book report McPherson. Now we get you some other backpack loop popular and so we love that stuff Maggie tells everybody. About it is. Fireworks you important thing about Don which Bruce talked over very good bit you know a little while to you dictate most forward chew walker vehicles look it's Leo. Cher or Madonna gave me my artwork that he went right to Wear your seat and mortality Noble's former Los. He's a Smart man accuse it was fantastic and so this jade she's wonderful. Shia. Cleared up yesterday today you can look them up pretty radio who would take its Leo. It would background last night and for some reason I still don't understand what they're much of modern technology we have in this world today. Wobbles background that they give to kids they still look like it's 1970 to eighty to go around it like. She had to beat back over there. Hmmm I got my man got those and did you hit those ones like we had. There was one family photo I don't know why my parents decided to do it just the boys. So just for we're all really young it's a terrible Kmart like like plaid pants like big colors like on my Brothers missed that tooth brush and and that's all I. We never did really great. Corporate and it's okay that you left so to see that patient who got those. Oh my god so I've still I'm still mad my parents aren't around let thousands a look at all the pictures and back baby yoga blows my bet what like Jackson who liked to. Corey because who but I do remember that one German art cool circled certainly look cute stuff and. My hair ball and we thought we got to take the picture Cowell thought it because my apple was cookie. They hope. Land and that it's your best and we particular field do you remember all the big like he couldn't get back to be the key you know MacPhail. Has so where he had been unpredictable work wrote you broke picked it. Oh yes and you break your do we talk on the phone I got yesterday through some friends regiment tenth grade. And and see between Lebanese twin sisters. And I was like oh look at that feathered hair I mean I would magical it was amazing bit I like it naturally came out that way yeah yeah. Well a little. Reflect a weird unicorn. You let this you guys went on the road you've got this and I hope but what do we Q that would that would clash is in the short run her long red brick. Now to another 200 it will work like 67 week mark or Maxi you're out there and run you're not you're not gonna make your actions. I'm debt matter be able make LP which all if you period and wish and Aldrin and she got sick and our producer Richard what's Cuomo for sure road. I hate that man but I'm I'm I'm happy for you know I think it clutch will be a great great run six Lisa that will be sold out shows the uptown theater is going to be great that's. Wednesday September 19 that a few tickets for that world and of course go see that show. And and I'm excited to see the video for for unforgiven in a misconduct are still land that that song the truth the last song on the album. Is it it's one currently that's at stake my favorite now for awhile and I can't feel my love it more than the others but it's just. That one has been stuck in in my eyes in the oral Rotella. Look at that they had Kirk decent. History on it I'll tell you what man I'm with the ordinance clutched to open up. It's definitely gonna be a long one and I checked like such that I can't what you're bacteria that we won the first show enough. Will be told you to go to move that would be taught not look at America. After awhile you know did you to the clutch to announce he's important you know I threw everything but a look like there's other if there's that song. I can easily be that you local Applebee's and chili's and whatever. All that. It's how big nerds we are like they they honestly right. It's just do it there's nothing cool about definitely it's all cool and nobody would look at blackmail and rock star Miley. When you would you I don't know Mae and guess what I found hand cranked liberated it in just initially just oh by the way check this out. Oh god what I saw discrete mast completely and I got an Iron Maiden number of the beast that we are looking devil on the front. A mask that it's incredible. Amazing. Oh what. Is that America's future vulnerable. No that was the dragon mess that was just kind of thrown out there and Alice Cooper head Alice Cooper is coming today. So a bit that followed the guys that made the mold of browse Cooper's guillotine head distortions. Have now made them available said ball once it's it's an exact copy of the one. When they cut his head off on stage of falls in the basket it's that one. I still cannot wait to see that well please in your kitchen condit's seat for a leak trial. Well you know let's bring them and we need your show. Outside well I know. I realized I guess so much time to catch up but you've got to get short of the house when when you when you leave Monday when does the bus pull out. Out loud. And several days to get old council matadors didn't do this video first Baird and I'll be going out the book belief from a landmark started up it will come back toward the port and accomplish over six. We're all project I love you got man Nicki are you guys great everybody take off on this its feet they got everything about. I love you and always would compete when I'm Bono android mobile radio dot com I'm always brought you got yeah thank you for all the support not look or defeat does. Stay there man Hossa OCC Madrid hello. Aren't noted that.