Thursday, January 11th


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Hey man. And what that don't quit. I usually get you back on a document that was as a really really had you on the show and we face time each other over Christmas but had we been outspoken Hartley and also you've been so busy door in the album. Although they have in studio or. Months you know with certainly a cable maybe once it's what it. It's great you what you what. If you're along the street the night you bring in the big east race. Asked how would coolest thing ever. In cruel to those guys work for you that you didn't. Let me get their numbers they look like they know exactly where to go. Rumsfeld and let these guys we sit in their right so it's it's it's it's kind of a club affiliated Butler. Promoters and club called Excalibur so you know. The go in I've known them the bartender a couple years ago and a walk and got him it wasn't him and he immediately recognized please sit and we start talking rejection of a little bit. And then. He introduces you to the got a metal bar these kids were from Istanbul. And that it and name mum look and more of a boorish. And they were metal nerds who we're showing each other albums on our phones and AC seven best record and they both lose their minds and I was like. Hope well. Hold on a moments that I. But you know what recouping about a lot. These remote got came into the game and abuse they look like a few cool it down or they can take some people well. I can't get it at the end of the agreement. We're just really it's wonderful guys when they were right you think we FaceBook use them like that I guess you group Islamic courts. Well who would like you have so much like man next I'm actually look at it all the allowable what particularly pleased. If I have the trauma looked straight garbage and you man it looks like incredible. Man I'm telling you you live in that there were now both good Christian kids the you know there was there I'm gonna warn you there were some marijuana there. Oh little English you buy and hold it we don't want my book was. The lost many health and let that old wood to fifteen. Mark Albers granola. People back at all. What. After he never idea yet you knew he had a he had neglected it's crazy old Strom Thurmond. Yeah you're so Mary it would work out what he. Ought to be. Oh billion elderly. That's what the best experience ever had an area. Well vocalist to work with mr. held debt which is Bentley. A brother from another mother best bet we can be your target. He was incredible war would not planned today. When an apple boot and it'll type the type O or where you'd want anyone else in there will be it will. Scare. The retreat would I'd be. Mindful. But here did nine saw the fourteen day on outlook cheekbones and Andre. That's that's fast that's really managed. W we knew we couldn't read it yet so much substance. Or well ready people will say that you record. I'll radiate some days due to zone today and you know oh well. It aren't operating in the mix is right now fighting about the new year. Get back on the road and all that accessible to keep that that would look toward cornerback Randall marriage like that got stocks. These people don't know. Like you know you look at the producers who legendary producers and you obviously have an incredible voice but there's so many stories and legends out there about producers like just. Beating on a singer and just. Make it in 2008. It becomes a really. Agree just kind of angry relationship between a band and a producer and that that's their technique and they think its image of an angry they. And get him out of there other comfort zone that a look at something better. And maybe it works sometimes but you know it's. Probably about yeah we could doubt we got a comparable. Because over so meticulous suddenly and I'm nervous you know. Producer warp weighted even paperwork he'd worked imports which really cool. A large. I'll listen to consulting. To people. So the unlucky with blood and torture and portrait fixing and playback will be maybe it was you know but also watching more and no history. With all the Bayer agreed these strict you know over the ball and is really cool your story. To see that Al would be forced to you know to hear the story about working its flagship. Guys rat. And all the band and where it's so so cool. Hello love the fact that you are still such a fan of your own moment like that. You know did you know and so many there's so many musicians I know dread going into the studio or after a few. Time Zito they've done you know 810 records they did they don't feel the same way would you walk in and anger it's like the first time you like to walk into a Stew you'll get. All of this great man and you've also a lot like being. In the morning what we'll have much at all electrical work I felt it and it's a great. A lower court. Well like to get up you know in start today do you have been in and sort it legitimately injured the studio twelve. And we work from twelve million to twelve midnight so that's. So elect do. Listen to beat duke itself what it is seven this is such a heavy bay and and you are such an intimidating figure when you when you you know visually wouldn't look. And then anybody who notion of a friendly guy you or accuse KG take care of yourself. You know they if they may know that you're still wrestling champion jujitsu champion in LA. Regularly that you are indeed true legally and a nice hard working good human being but it's funny because I see people at first when they urged me to you know they're like. The muscles that dreads it it's just it's crazy. IRP. Or. Not. Well what about Oklahoma that. I would say that I was in those bridges of any drug to look in Amsterdam. Yes there better be important. You can I got hold three times I pulled in London. On the at the gate I got pulled again tonight I didn't do security. I'd been through customs and I was at the gate to leave landed in the house and they are like. Well you've been randomly some lecture I. What are. They pulled the bag people they pulled him like they got a full white. It was a it was magical. Would you know what Mallard velvet pictures coolest that it took you got on the list. When you know commit dude let. It that the Bible between. It was it was it was funny YouTube is seven dust have you played infinitely Japan. It you know where your. But at last the mosier you know who walked in was all the remains the entire band walked. You know are really drove. It if you would sort of that's right it's been. I'll be an extra markers and we took some of the gods and the first summit of the auto beat and so we were in. Afghanistan in Belgium and in Tibet and answered yeah. And our members and it realistic outlook quick. They will go to street you know you've gotten some cutlery we'll see ya later and I'm going to be in big wall in that we've been that we're in pretty. Cold beer subject. About. What that particulate blues Brothers or something mean and I'm looking at people's Edie as what it didn't look as well. In the glass wool over our whole crew. Failed the American. Oh like god at all they say it for like two hours that he's like I'm on call what. I mean Reagan's cried and looking at that they most of the bet they model. You. Beat over beat her. In that league opener will bear in the gap and all you at all. I don't know why you see all the time I like it you gotta learn to get really. And we've always been careful that was just it was eaten all the mushrooms and then. A definite spaced cake before you gotta be careful with that and I've tried just did you get it but if MCI I I didn't smoke at all but I mean it was like the lake. Smallest. Full hit out again and no major old and then I was still like I've six hours. Oh if if if if like because like that the world crop of Tibet. In the universe. That wrecked and elite that be you'd you'd have. Even guys who smoke all the time I'm John could make region but he's joined to look like little funnels and their you know become a low too but you could probably make that thing last few days. All of that they're not the goddamn it I wanna bring it back so bad the saw its shares might have been you know I get. It's not legal so it makes you returned for a bit against legal. I regret it was. Mike. I'm sorry this is Morgan's back. Like we about it would agree. Agree but all that went back dark. Utah is so funny it's does that you know golden Colorado the first and buying. We'd I was just I had to do because I never in my lifetime I never thought it would be illegal page never even occurred when it. You're younger limerick you were. But is it scary kind of the first time because you shall include initiating drug deal in life like you land. It's a friend of a friend you do it's very short and over with you going there at all. White lights bright it's all being recorded because they don't ever want if somebody gets called weed out like miners they wanna make sure that they can prove they never sold it to. Did you know I find myself the same way that I do them and it is they'll be in the mystery like eagle Colorado. Series. Shop with us well we'll let that in America. I agree with are myself yelling the walls equals fat but also. The I don't doubt that we'll look. At. It that Orton probably art. Let's we could spend some time and it's I mean for real and I know that it's just been a busy time do you treated fairly by the way I know king's birthday just went my. Oh my goodness it people about the mass manner great great group. Just one another company say hi gold down Arabic and independent or third pole dancing and everybody good mommy's policy will moderate Muslims. The area goat it would hurt retreat to with better courage and the store and people should settle the Nextel. Look for sure. You don't give me that she's selling old heartfelt and actually witnessed and so deputy excited CD it got back from California she got called bell for. Old fired as she can select market that's so yeah. Yet it's been great era and that would mean that security we will be what he called the entry. Next week you law. I'm actually not do an old brand and it is inviting me all about cheese salt salt. For the first time actually it's advocates alike but you know those trees don't sour in the small. I yeah there are typical chip won't let you beat Oprah. Gets. In the local ought involved we. In the patent out a lot of them probably do use stocks so do you wrap up. Nassau police say they and we'll do the five. Go to parliament and we get back and take a little break in the seventh up to Portugal on the course in the mark so. Get ready you'll be acceptable in all about what two or more own it it may be someone or parts of big league all world. Man I can't wait too wide to see it today managed it would catch back up again but you know I love you and that best all the failing give everybody a hug when you when we when you leave of the crews were believed to do a shot. That got next week is we got Cellini proper thing was yeah. Let's let's and let's crucial English really like I know we were both. Running in circles but for real let's let's grab dinner next week okay. They're able to let everyone know I want you all and all multi studio I would get up and you got every morning at about soldiers Likud after all be geared Orlando. Do a map process maybe like tropical. I'm so proud of everything it's got to do and everything that's what we'll do reject the bank so much from Bradley back home. Absolutely everything you get to and when. Actually set another view that we should plan. Hey. Run run about what really jump that will go somewhere won't get we'll get weird man who really will go somewhere where our way. Good or cart path. Governor South Africa. Hey you know we have a passport and I still got some money left on the credit cards and it. It. Are a lot about wouldn't go to bear. That is not even that's not even. It's a hard for me to visualize like the village of course you would do that that sounds about right. We don't need to take in case out of it with a little Rick Hague. Reader walked out it was good. A and that's not the real I'm talking very humid eleven men they let go but you're. So funny. Until I go anywhere with them I'd prevalent he's always like we'll just look what he's with a level. He's already traveled the world in Iraq he's seen everything weird everything heavy everything. You know look good bad and if he's seen adult here and now he he just approaches life with a big smile like he sings his ass off and he's happy he just he's not afraid. He's jumped I think we you know you've with a gentle it's just he's got. He's the greatest Q and you won it I mean you wanna hate him because he's so good looking and so talented Andy but he's just he is the greatest area like I told you that day. Then placed aggregate uniforms for the baseball team and no Brothers appeared he would stop in there to pick out some stuff for Jada for volleyball and whenever. And like I'd stop to that later that day and the guys like man he walks and Hanley lights the place out. No he's got that type a star quality and like you know he doesn't ever Rigas and I take it one of things he does and that. I don't know if I could pull off the edge as sincerely as he does academic mark creepy but he like if you sit on the bar or restaurant. He'll only access the servers name. And then refer to her by her bit her name always like it just very respectfully where violent which your name again you know I. Yeah we just in case it is created he. 91 human finish arrested and.