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Thursday, September 13th


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Born February 17 in the only city Nebraska from. Like most of its. Start touring relentlessly building new name for himself with his commentaries. Unlike most comedians keep grew to become a comedy juggernaut. From the college comedy tour to numerous comedy specials from hosting its own history series. His voice to one of the most successful animated movie franchise. Time for the Pixar cars movie some. Now he's giving you the chance to win tickets to Nebraska vs Michigan State football game and benefits he skippered young foundation. Please welcome. Longtime friend of the show Larry the Cable Guy. I had a whole Wiki Wiki hands off sneaky. What do you do. Looked very electric over here very. No no but you're doing such could still feel like the one people and nobody. We'll do. New show very revolutionary. Well what we celebrate. Broke her her whole loans going and. Got murdered little. So no carrier bill he. You can read an 840 yard so he can learn a lot. I couldn't believe we hear me but I murdered not are looking for Chandler. Yeah. Here's your finger or. You trainer who really know Larry Bird. Yeah. The united feed word earlier that day is the third. He'll forever they're probably little cultural spirit he's. We Duchscherer and true. It is they're there and they physically I actually eight from the creek Eric. Because they look pretty kerik. Didn't know the green. Will that bring them peace for our fair period. I mean seriously I would they would freak Eric. So we're real great catch you booty. Fingers and further didn't get there. Got a little. My individual business over. To a corner of the word and I'm sorry you. Are. But the air station that. In the early. Prove it they pre K could. Go to work cool. We'll. Brochure straight. And it really good got a further. We used strictly instructed the further. Yeah. Right there in due course and you. We weren't senior there. See your day. You look at look popularize those senior days. What is the most popular man senior day. And real trouble within the. I. You literally two minutes. Good mood pretty good Phillips senior day but I'm not bad though. Us from 330 to further. But if you're pretty little thing he ever had dual front Lipitor. He couldn't let let it. I haven't I haven't had. If I was glued machine says that the court okay it could very. Enormous. Oh lord. You know the only country in their base but those people want it to rodeo horse come up going to guess. At. Big hair color of bighorn. You feel. Bill Cowher go. They're over it Darryl. Very good value for. She. What you don't affiliate because activities but I don't go there because that would have come out and make your current. But if if if if if. First period and never too. Yes. Motivate say that it bit. Very theories that Port Authority is there a little just little. I heard you that you think that they get their blood very good European is that what you eat eat eat. It has had a bad at that number. You know he should because of the good it looked like a war he has gold. I could. It. Johansson. And AM. I'm they're very important qualities I was able to eat goat and number BA. My dad Brad Pitt group Dexia. In their goods are awful awful. Air pretty dirty. I care. Bode burglary honeymoon here PP. 65 here will you look at desired career earnings news. If you can gain a particular. He. Keeps. I expect a. EU EU over inflated. Center of America that our ability to merge with. You can view that's how I want to talk about. And here real quick yes in Europe. You can eat eat eat eat and thirty coat. You do here in America. Edgar. Nobody knows he's going to be reported that Vodafone export. Yeah. You look at me. Coakley noses don't. See if they it would appear that. He does he could do pro Bono work. It's colder it do you think before. Young hero funny. I'd say that they lose are there. The group group before he could do and say oh okay joke the creature killed there and be here. Leave leave the church. Game. Is that Iowa trip raises alarm will go well character as bar. He picked you think connector you'll bill could we be if they're good. Is he goes you'd think so look at actually. You know. You know if he does reflect a view view. That your blog. He looked little appeared. Third tour canola in this state and mandate champions for these new. And my girlfriend fit negatively he large pieces pieces pieces that he's their game. He's in the red feels that security. What a few feet from the they consider. In their blood fit nick Carter's United States marine who come spectrum at the end. Phillip Dillard blonde joke. You hear so little herb Pope further global preclude. I. Hate this and I was just I just guy. Was on went to Milwaukee for the 150 get a version Harley-Davidson. In that on that and the harm it's got the satellite radio so it's it's got serious so I I was listening to your show on series except that it is the dude that I really enjoyed it man. Let's face serious thing you know he. You know Ernie has returned there are currently. If you announced the guy and I'll see you you've got common sense. I'm entertaining from time to look. Very entertaining I really and I'm not kidding at all Larry like I mean there's very few guys that did you know everybody thinks will be easy to fill that that. That those hours but you've you do it like incredibly well I hope those guys are really pleased you could your I thought it was kicking ass. Well frankly you're near wreck it's not easy to feel you're there I'd you know that I only do. I Polonia hours a year per patient as I got to do it I like so much regularly go beyond our Gary started going to put distribute. Now it beat you know little Friday at thirty series. You can't really give me an Indian and also I want to talk about this at least the people. I can't tell you that they I don't think. They always understanding you never publicize. All that you do for charity and a picture. Getter done foundation does you know if you are gonna win every seafood in the stores maybe she Larry's face anything that all that goes to all the profit everything goes to a and also now if your beat Nebraska fan you know me I'm not a big sports guy but I do understand how big the cornhuskers fit. Yeah it's better than barrier you actively collecting you know we. Don't shouldn't started back. All the concerned about ten years ago telling people he. Low light and I put this thing together. Prevent and include. I think he's here he's. It's sort of relevant golf tournament for the turned it villager who convert color leader in the we started can it. Goes like this great from callers. Older. Two. I have to bring forward. Among Drupal Robert Redford's that has no rhetoric these yet I wouldn't. Murderer. Paul Newman called him. Who he is different it felt that I go to Norwood agree that we get bitter they have to cast party and I'm picnic. Ball movement. Pretty definitively it can't content. Go to would go to Dakota would be the real football move and he cut because they kind of gave different give credit to who confessed that. Good play you know that if you could get swept communicate Hamburg helpers. They don't go for the period politically you have and document we're told he's got sick because it says the firm like it. But they were up I think we both served eight million million it's gone is that it appears that. Here we're looking at me if you look nobody is computer doesn't foundation double figures out about it. Chrysler at a level that it makes me even more proud to be your friend who's just. So many people in this world they talk a good game it you know celebrity will. But you're the guy who quietly does stuff nonstop you are always open and always helping I see it again and again just I'm proud to call you friend. There are gonna appreciate negativity you know. The road goes well we give contributed. It is is that I could be but without saying it is appreciate my fans you know it. It is very active people who can laugh there's still people can pick up is if you limit like electricity who has failed. So that I could have done it here this without a good fan base I vote fed off from Spain and I appreciate it he has. So little creepy because he was a little wheel wells bloggers. That foundation dog and that's what we showed this single price deals. My assistant director way to get to raise money for your foundation. Aired. I think it has dollar that goes can't go are you popular name is Ken Buck donation. And there's. But it does lead before that Michigan State game in Lincoln Nebraska so we go out take it. Here is those few people cope with the games and lately is being sure of there and look we are confident and you bring to. I head out of our pressure our company. If you are. It wouldn't go that gave their life that we did last year with a lot of great game it. Here and there would be looking at really enjoyed it he had gotten comfortable. I love you look like a we used to it and prevented the lord as we knew that was out right motorcycle just inevitable western Missouri is we pulled in the town. There's like five this writing I look over and it's Richard's side and it certainly made me laugh but I just had two things you need to know. There is a god in your net him. Truly relished yeah. If you listen Cooper journey into a little closer to look. The particular the other day. It services fit in the club know with 30% load pieces. Third group. We get some rest man. And I'll keep them people and go to led the Gator dub foundation ten bucks you get you in the box hanging out with Larry I promise you. It is the fly by like it's it's you're one of the great host of all hosts in the be a great time especially program. Yeah whom can. You know and lord and it looked at all compliment you electoral what are called Potomac FaceBook but it tutored at a Larry if they have looked FaceBook or skill guys they're college. I would be particularly in golf left. Allen could calculate how do you now that's what I'm still pissed off David Cross for taking a shot at him in general stone article well. As you know he's name is David processor is super intellectual hasn't won yet you know it a little area that the best response ever confused you. I'm not a comedy that Iran. Well so sorry. That it would lyrics of some semi dead at a work at a get up at 6 AM and get to work until you get it done. Yeah well they've grown she's worth ten times that you eat a big bag there and yeah yeah where people get when Larry Walker and the smile not cringe at the we're about how you can get it and forty minutes yet yet. Dell and layers there before actually walked in the room dozens and counter to relive it and again nice image until really we know Larry since the beginning OK and eat. Clock there's no bigger movie that I mean they're just not that he's made. I mean it's a big you go to Disney I'm gonna go to Disney World every year there's nothing bigger they've built arrived in California you know how many eggs just blue lakes and and the phone. And he'll literally called little cute as later on eight of them might blow. Forget it. Imagine your kid in major cause you know. But he's cool enough to do it. Time attack that's telling access. That's right later they're haters tell us a Larry needle helping you culprit and clutter and stick and enlightenment clearly left an indelible.