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Tuesday, February 20th


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There are friendly KK is on the line right now from how people live the new record is out now poppy which is fantastic and they are liable if he had the Truman on March 31 well and it's it's going to be a great show these guys become genuine friends over the years. And lives is without a doubt where they shine I think it's finally caught themselves on album not like. This big Jerry Recco waiting lines is it's not like everything else these guys are growing all the time like. You don't detection machine is really good like the written colors bleed really good. Our wars of course all this the school's all. Yes you know if there's a lot of great music on this. A big man. It was good man feature however is that kind of got married you're good but you were you that right now where are you a utility. Oh mom around oh lucky you good all. You would you guys played you played last night alone. You know we played the National Mall so he could and you know I think formed Cucamonga. I felt like you keep track of commanders in terms. How is everything we go that by the congratulations on the new record it's it's great and I'm going to really glad you guys pushing even farther. Eric and and really fighting him and his it again it's this is not like any other pop evil record. Well I think before Montreal a little extra on the golden. You know people can could grow and you want to trouble could be more confident he's the way they're. Finished his car conclude that Amanda go OK real quick effect here. When she got to be fun Vegas it's it's I think it's terrifying for artists a lot of times in you know you've got your whole career wrecked at first record and then. In Alabama they want another another another another and you know. Eat some people are not. Prolific writers like you guys are I have a sneaking suspicion that there's a lot of songs they can't they just don't get used. They're definitely are you know and it's just it's just. You can wait to have more on the would never happen. You know I ask. I think every album get better he can go look Smart very good larger. You know go to Cologne excited about Iraq you know look into the future as well there's. Go along with the hello more phone or. We haven't used love what direction you wanna try I would try to panic or wanted to kill you know we don't want to get our fan that same problem. You know have success here just try to fiscal caption that religion yeah so you know we're country trying to experiment eat. You know think about our short list to make them actually get better and we want songs they can initial concerns peaks and valleys that are you know related vocalist. Well you have a lot of great creative people living you know. Even think about this this husband came about in it's it's it's. You know if you really are still gently you know I think on the concrete to still setting you know it's it has been a long time but that. I get the impression that you guys are still. Finding out who each other are even today even after all the Jews of touring you know what I see that they should do nicely materials motorcycle in the god damn how she does for a living in. He did he did it's that's crazy workout when the ball or when you don't feel like if Islam you know kind of a coming unique coming of age for the garments why have we been top titles such as school like. Trash beginning to end. Militia like socialist album and somebody's always in with the club and the ball I have. You know forward shortcut feature and you know we're very excited about you know plans to music after assurance stage and you know. What is actually natural form. Well you gotta eat you know headlining tour and then you're going who are you going out with the who should who hit and then went out with this year. Cheap Trick and going to yeah. Yeah yeah actually it's true to ourselves Manilow shows become excited and I don't you know. We're going to need. That is going to be a think about or talking about right now. You're gonna go out and tore Cheap Trick now I don't know where your musical past lies completely but. It might look like until I drive anywhere at any night to see Cheap Trick because to this day they still. Kill it every night Zander voice is perfect like I mean it it's really just one of the quintessential rock and roll bands. Hey it's incredible you know political word on the back in the eighties a detour which he trick conclusion I want us aren't so insist. As always it's always an honor whenever you can get a true church legendary band people aren't there because here's. And in their hands are are very important to have a nuisance of bringing their kids search engine in pretty nurture it is just. Its its its interest in wanna be able to play not first tourist you know you can transcript. Coco machismo for life it's not expansion. In front of the creative and create more opportunities for the band to be exposed to music can. You know to be able to all the resources and that you know money that comes its other. We'll listen and no matter what it used kind of guy who urge an end it still is learning and so. There's no matter how anybody feels like poison that to be learned. There is and how to do an incredible show with fans like those guys are some of the absolute best live performers whoever she doesn't matter. If it's your picture flavor not like Cheap Trick is world's best so much integrity there's always something we learn from these guys. I'm concerned you know we're we're still grows so once a panel that other. Instead you are Iran could thirty foresight he truly felt we don't want other people learn my picture is constantly and you know tick removal tool except he might get they're going back territory experience and it's in the record in the pool would be like eyes opened like she didn't change. Shtick on the ballot list everything you can trucking and and it's sort of. If everybody in the band hasn't they'll finish it is going to be the list of all times of the credit for those those boys and shows there's a whole lot of like late thirties recently divorced Margarita that girls who are just wanna forget they had. Peddling it it's some of the journeys girls have ever seen in my life. I think they're involved Moroccan moved more about it we'll. Speaking of girls. Has looked. She's amazing. I mean obviously she's beast mode straight 100% and the new album should do it for church urban. That's foundation trust to kind of build our bench he's just given us that. That's that awesome. Our Christian perspective of being the band as well. She's street welcomed poised to have a force of reason we're told us Brothers kind of Parker yeah. Record car you know it's been an amazing. No wonder when he rejoined the band. And that charging that I was like man we're gonna work Dino because obviously you're on the same bus as no longer you know. It's all guys and not to mention the fact that anytime you introduce a girl in any situation and she's attractive girl. Thank you think Obama has some beautiful love what will happen here like how we keep business business it's it can get complicated. You know it's it's it's worked garden will never in front load Brothers and sisters it's kind of like that Barack. She's she's probably achieve employment guarantee she was young girl I'm the guy that could demonstrate to the dancer she. She's very tourist fatty and keeps to herself when need be and should very. Caroline Bogosian reason wondered will things get out of hand that things get. An Iraqi initiative we always get directions Chile perspective more like us it's a typical because so. That particular one of those things I never thought you know from the outside looking and that would work smoothly but now trick or maybe. Can imagine when what we used to get by without their support for example are. I would love to see. Though I would love to see her you know that sometimes it may be guys have been able needed a girl and bring her on the bus and there's certain kind of girls who find it especially if they're if they get sideways and her I think she saw them off at the legs that must be horrifying and awesome moment for her. Aired and since it's definitely feel welcomed inclined to think if things get out and the chiefs. She's assistant and Rick Rick column should cool and she's also given the fact restrictions from the UK as well push give a kind of more. Global view on certain issues and of course what Amaechi stuff from anarchists and great about just kind of like educating registers as guys to just. You know just be better you know ways that we may now be thinking before assists you know and I think we're doing this interview in. Our political setup another European bands and they began soccer might honor him and we're all out here it is actually true. Could probably just actually just stated day it's just. So it's incredible that the perspective we have now weaker than just beer and I'll grant you. So yeah of course with you guys been touring although it isn't then this summer you're going through Germany Sweden. Romania the Czech Republic I mean. I hope you get it just a little bit of time off on those days you'd go out and wondered because many innocent some world there are some history that if you mean. If you were luckily. Yeah I will be I was we shall become one Greek actually he's got Olympic Olympic schedule nowadays shirt it's. I just got back the Czech Republic and one other bit of a walkabout or break and just my buddy Lee went for a little while that he had to go back to the states has walked by myself for about thirteen days. Through a lot from it in and in doubt that in Amsterdam and gotten some big trouble there and it's by the way there but never take twice the recommended dose of the mushrooms walker and the red led by yourself just get round. It's just super weird when I love it. But he sat there is getting your voice and just so proud you guys fans poppy gloves on that are the song and the album it's really good. Well thank you John you know we can we can correct way and of course we all of communications were around. This expedition to earn election to maintain awesome sort of to go Google could be done treated knock in a look at shut confirms circle right. So who took a look exciting is it to get to play and that live show like think all right we made the money now it. We can think about what the station to look like we want pyro who won the Malaysian who smoked we want lights we want. Designed like what are we wanted to do and that's got to be a great. A huge amount of fun. It is nonfarm lustrous as well and I'm you know trying to get a little doubt in. Toward the sit down like he didn't get it accordingly you know trailers parked trucks semis and trying to just get packed game. All the little headaches occur morbid but you know it's definitely a lot of fun when you get hurt workers station. It's a couple thousand kitchen to you know get a lot of key members of the rule us Welch was just. Amanda you actually pick that music from the studio took the stage Merrimack now trying to find that happy medium between the the old albums and the simplest and then adding new ones are planning to list here is the fact is definitely better than I can understand. Chili cook and the challenge ourselves daily and trigger some were cut from the the sirens we had and so. It's different format that. You to have a friend here DS has productions and does all the rock fest doesn't it create you know all the stuff for NASCAR to budget touring and staging. But he just want to screen printer for a for road cases and the so the idea is that you guys it's a stash your road paces behind the stage. You guys can do these great high definition prince in his major backdrop as as part of the actual staging and instead of the fights were to stash of and to me how do you guys and pass on the number but it looks amazing and and yeah it really did you guys. I'm a member of your for Sherman efficient at any time. Please welcome back it went to a you guys the truth. Anyway thank you so much. The pigment found foreign and you know we're excited to see everyone listens.