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Thursday, January 11th


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Our next guest is a 61 year old California based limousine driver himself. Claim daredevil who has been making headlines for his plans to himself into space aboard this homemade steam powered rocket. From the rim built from an oil. All in an attempt to prove that the author of this planet. Please welcome. Only the men might use. How would you bear in mind it's. And that's. They're back Alley and goodness congratulations and I understand it's on one. Yet what the network what right now I want to package that would unlock it again. And because they could completely be out. What more could do it vertical launch if I'm sorry but for the Lance and what an ambulance property. Because I saw the arc. And that was a good core Welsh and you you Rhode that that bastard out I mean that was a real well I was like man. No we survive are as the year. I'd gotten wind that day to day. There's no one else in the world was I didn't think that it was hit the water break on top of the you know people exposed or not. It parachute reportedly 21 years already know it go to work I think I'd like to let that day. Yet you know I've seen the video and it's real and he's crazy and it's fantastic but did you like. Unaudited very great break there. On Monday woman obviously is that more balls than anybody treatments are. Did you have to make an extra space in the rocket for your balls. Well you thought this. This is you know artists like to do extraordinary things if that you have to look at and say. We're not make your body he bought them or not it is. Listen my grandma used to sit me down when I was a kid and tell me. Jesus hates a policy. Yeah yeah I have in a world full of right now your most since policy issue. Absolutely there are no and about it. Yeah he excelled while I'm that was great watching the world you know I didn't see your picture with a broad white chalkboard. Every setback because nothing more. Listen put yourself are rotten to explain to people this does rocket is skiing part. This is this basically back in the old evil and evil style rocket our idea it's gonna be it's it's it's the two water based pew right. Yes yes and yes basically now in this. As this that big article cannot associate press which make it with. A run the world. I was never content with Brett the latter is a lot of it if he used to publicity stunt your that they can rake in money to get. I have a valid player if he can involve. The people who don't know yet it's called karma lines to keep it real that you pay though. Whatever you would think that that Gardner got good 130. Out and argue that it's set at what it's not even close at number forty miles away. So while I'm accountable that there and we built the model of the block it in their ballot or any kind of explain this. And that will be hanging from the bottom of my shoulders. You're one awesome crazy bastard I love you the best kind of crazy you're the kind of crazy gets government it and tell me. And you left the inscription of limo driver slash daredevil if it doesn't say that on your business cards should. Yeah act them out didn't crisis. It was most fans from other than that the driver in a world record that's what it says. And you still holds the Guinness record for jumping limousine. I think so are they checked the Ryder Cup but got kinda broke it and I contacted probably negative it is wrong so people claim all Condit saying that there are. I bet he backed up by the increasing human being used the million metric in the back Leo you don't get that you want to rock met a record 20/20 five foot. You tell us. This this rocket that you're gonna shoot in the care how much money you have. Well yeah. You know complete without darkness without content of them that would. Include motor I'll let out and about three out of our. Is an intensely. You know caught now can be locked in a net. I vertical let me hold back at the market is deeply force. And it would make these stock market so now that I'm doing little beaten Monty. And down. We've got to get working on the air it lies constantly. You know law say they are we blocking your netbook with our block. Great and it's gonna be it gave the word Super Bowl yeah. Yeah yeah I don't know that we think that we at 4 o'clock. So the cost. Viewed as I dollar a bump for sure. Well yes it and it's not a good not pretty. Procedure in north TV network which account like Netflix it. As the group of guys got added what capturing the world saw me. And act on the mile and be a network. That's going to be so great you know good for you man accused of doing the show. I eat he is if this will happen they are going to Pia. The launch is scheduled now February the third the day before the Super Bowl and it is completely. And built rocket in by his hands. Is is gonna be in 2014 you flew quarter a mile and your first manned rocket now this one. And this when you think it's gonna go vertical and how high up is picking. I think create tomorrow. It's a test at you know you people give you guys and still it. But when you bring three to hear obviously you have to defeat gravity what we're top speed. Well I don't mean out of it I don't believe in gravity so. I don't believe in science. You know it's because not at least some lie and I what do you think it feels. I think only about three. Because outlet. Forces based in overcoming the way to go straight vs sixty degree angle in this package is realistic about all I. Brett back straight up we will not sure course over the world. The wind and heavy the gravity keeps doing it. Well I. Get overcome your way it is just what not to go relax you the factors that already. I'm not it did not factor in her picture card users over a long way like you. Think that you get out he's cracked. Because me and I don't aluminum fear that they got that the other call button and you know. People don't know about your political Tarkanian and writers and it is saying that if it paper what you call the way we went out caught but. They got. It would make that I could you make your rock. We know what could get their hands. Well it's it's it's nano tube grid paper. We know what let's cause they cost carbon nano tubes don't yet know it's it's that it's it seemed to me they talked about that they can build. A bridge to the sky like like to the atmosphere that you build a tower and the snow Dugas it's so strong and the longer it is the stronger gets the bucket Arabia and OJ talking about. Yeah so well. Access back to that thing about I'm rocky note is overcoming its own way you know certain. Was it something that you set down the water what eight point two outs per gallon so the part that I'm wade figured that out. And the way to lock it merits a lot of them saw yeah like you're lifting you're Lockheed unity here rocket. Basic is not and that. I've been. I'm such a failure of the ideal all this I've been all the way to Moscow to the Moscow's space museum which by the way. For any reason you have a chance to go you should go it's unbelievable. It's part relic and apart. Part science part part real part. Probably they've got stroke and welcome the two dogs that they shot up her stuff in the lobby of this place on Margaret yeah. Like it's no idea all the right it's great it's great. I'm a lethal yet what to expect whether they're saying when the idea what they're very of course. You know people can read what you want to but that it was 400000 people involved that project. Note that we what anybody says he didn't go deserves a punch in the face of Buzz Aldrin. Here I know I don't think we. He's got a lot better off I'll read some of the Neil Armstrong so with Michael are you need costs that it was started with. We Mason. Not see an operation that's true then how we definitely regained some rock and presto our group of people. I didn't trust him to watch my golf legislation to build a rocket that nothing like he's making. They're there they're hurt in this society that is editor degree screaming like Eric George H. W. Bush let's diligent as Al Gore. Is he works Michelle is a day ago as you have free Mason an Irish writer. So and died so. I've never noticed anything super evil about TC's dumb as a stick at times but I never thought and to be. Bad human. I do think he's back you he just only utility. Now how has it taken them to indoctrinate him late in make him a bad person as well. Mike. Who. Is I'm real fast because I don't know it. Their record 33 great great great if you can be a good. So that I think not a country acts were Renee luck Atwater brought your pre screening and we're. Or act. Me Autry all they're pretty quickly. I want it society and I have talked about it. And that we'll be back in what he's decided not good now that I like it did for. Okay thank you. I don't know. That's what I like yeah why is it you know or it is not. That angry for not an easy entry into. We get very degree you worked root for OK so he's definitely be a hole. Let me let me just. I am not saying hero and what it odd that you don't believe in gravity but you do you believe in the dabble. Oddly it is able or not they're running Ali would in music industry. And most politicians. Which you about the music industry. God is actually music really look he got. Off. Read it it started right here let me do what. My control now Mike it's not my cup he had a panel but did a good artist would he feel that basically. It it Patrick that are not happy to get. Would you like music here. Do you like music. Are you using your favorite. I'd like it would be blues I figured that was on I'd like a group of always current raiders Kosher renderings looked absolutely. Eddie Money. Brad offers I want to any money you so much Coke when that might get days Sturgis I thought he was gonna explode in front. Eyes are now that it's one thing or not we're talking about maybe three or four months ago yet. You know who are indeed it is that on the safe yet. Picture capture and that got him the push it. Well I'm OC outward. Problems were incredible. So you can be in music but not the evil but like Madonna guy. Like their evil forces in net okay and the evil forces Nat and I get. That bad because people are all that that this could go people always consumerism and everything. Out of the buying dollars. I don't know I think you're right about that I think you know that's a whole other subject but yet I couldn't agree would you on the consumerism sure. I listen I got to catch a plane. But. I always love having you like I really I genuinely do it doesn't matter if we agree on everything I just find you fascinating album. Active you know at this we are very sure Rick what is it opposite effect what congress does absolutely Mattison what. You know and that's what I asked you take out here. I think I couldn't agree more I do agree would. But we will talk to you before hopefully right before the Super Bowl before the launch well. And in because I wanted to remind people to go to watch this for five bucks watching somebody strap themselves in a moment rocket should themselves. Creates compiled a 300 miles an hour straight up IC alias. That's a five dollar. That's that's a fantastic you can even get a double boiler with and. It. I'm not god but yet has yet to be great. Think that it's time guys is not a flip side I thought oh about you know that we aren't absolutely not feasible yes. Stadiums. Yeah did you evil doers evil mastermind. See that's where I get to separate and go Ortiz is no way that's easy. Like is 33 degree able hoopla I don't know but usually do goober it's being mental dip stick. You. In the ETE. People. Who seem got a good feel for so far yeah I mean that they would it was a motivational speaker. I.