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Friday, March 2nd


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On the Holland right now our friend Matt might use something by the show he is going to attempt a third launch next Tuesday. Next guest is a 61 year old California based limousine driver himself playing daredevil who has been making headlines for his plans to. Himself into space aboard this homemade steam powered rockets from the rim built from an oil. All of them. Exactly there's this plan and this coming Tuesday. His third attempt and watch Illinois TV. Please welcome. A man of you've been. Oh lord did he ever did he take. Giving you one crazy bastard I love it I love I can't wait to dislodge my friend. You know. Yeah BP elites. As a package TV he will be on village TV courier if people want to see this being a debt. You're subscription side are the last remark you can see get a program Tibet because I got a new show that there were also yeah. Right. I'll get what it called the chronicles of Matt Markey who is wanted bad. It got about my the death of course I let out OK and that. And it monitors march and gave out. And the blocking we're trying to start he had his face on show going to be out of it by the in the month. Cortese. Well eagle I glad project is Michael actor our public officials provide steady trauma law heal people. They don't want they treat the flattered that very small part of my life I'd be the smallest. Art let's the most it's the most sensational that because it sits so well you know. Yeah idiot here let me let me let me bring your work I got good people are great speaker what people contracted armed Iran and ready at. We are taught it. That it globe if what we live wanted to round globes and the Republican Democrat that's all the rears its. Before we could even critically speak about 88. Her first H cool it show you cloak it is what you'll be able. Worse they get out the twenty miles an hour we're gore got a 67000. Miles an hour lunch time so quick topic people looking critically they. If you pay a bigger. Okay in his pocket with everything. Good luck with everything. I catch them until this case let me run through a couple of ideas your management because you know I you know I'm a fan I love to see anybody go Miller rocket launch himself and you know. In the atmosphere is fantastic that being said you know I believe near his rep. Now. Explain to me like OK we just had a big lunar eclipse when across that gold medal the United States now are you saw a shadow it's clearly round. It's clearly their curve to how do you explain the Wear flat. Like you don't actually do I don't know all the interest not only actor to be speak a couple of hundred expert doctor. You know obviously. He'll do you can you can bet you can actually net weights ever did it take fifteen yeah. If you cared this are trying to you know it would appear around OK because it it's my I think I know we're faced completely flat. There were I think it it's stationary. And if they're led by people. It's station near east motionless. Looked okay to that point eight hours earlier than how to sun dials work. What has a lot of things look me. I can relate figure this Daryn back to relieve all the way you're a big boost to recreate the outlaw Blake is not possible. He's like here's all the stats at the door to correct it merely. You really it. And other exclusive he's. I'd rather because that's your right that's a small part of it I like the army general madness of all of a mother and congratulation are always of Illinois TV. I hope that this launch happens Adam Fraser you. Is that you know they want to stop by the cops and yet a malfunction bills ahead of a breakdown on younger RV on the one. I know what a year now we got Donna can chew up we have to get that rocket up because people are what are you believe anymore. Well Ethiopians would say you know I'm gonna go out and give Mr. Bush got what you know what it's absolute shock I mean there is the way people are. It printed tactics say that we are rich you got people believe matter careful most of it slider runs solar system right now we really. Really. We believe you can hit you can get your car at all I mean it's not impossible to shoot the car that we should salads. Always second bout because we got to realize their pitch he treaty Mac are. So that featured birth to the plate Clark what you're inflating tires due to backing that the U backpack respect those pictured below article about a 120000 yeah. Beauty gave tactic on policy GI. Could they if not only build tires thing you've got ahead of time. How. And I read everything else just like what cheating you better get a look at what they ignored mark that's one you're talking about it's I go back and everybody who. Political people mark. Hold on on you know I don't I don't really go back I've got big next to it I think it looks cash captured me. At the end of it like I bet it did that before this snappy news he got a real life and character not great stick straight ticket would accept. All we get all the books describing everything here if you love America is the big welfare or under in your country how well they're more. We do everything except to dice. O.s character through the back is thousand dollar per car you know that don't you you're still losing money. Fact that 3800 employees how do you make that kind lol maybe week. Well and he's made a lot of money was a guy who brought PayPal and he's got deep pockets currently. Well I yeah. Yeah I think that the tech guy you know decide get fatal addicted and bill gates' remarks Eric Burke I'm tired of people. Well I got Jim. I got you but that doesn't mean he doesn't have the money. And I'd I'd I'd find myself I think my Zetterberg he's destroyed a plan that would FaceBook if you would go after I usually go after that let's take you to The Hague where are. I know you're married. Arnold is the capitalization and Mark. Zuckerberg. How mark barely eat cucumber at least I remember now I owed it. He guarded he contacted. Aggregate these. I would start bringing people aren't Kaloko IO. IEE. I've only got restraint and I know worn Edward buckets make I don't Cheryl there. I mean probate court right now detectives move. But when you say you own the name what does that what does that get you one not a great deal. It ain't legal entity OK we'll never occur where you are enslaved by the Catholic patient you irked me. They form a corporation. From Europe into a year stolen your split victory. You know this for us. Easy as a bird in the corporation Toledo and why we all content you know you've burned if you give your driver's wife feature packed or. Well better not use this not a big corporation export figure made responsible for one play Lou what he called corporation what what what what does that entail. Almost any time. Anything tacked a lie is big corporation. But it stayed at California if they figured ten particularly called stated Karadzic. Beck it's I Corp. It's it's got to get her Brad sweet number exactly how they get. I tell me this is the first word of every sentence Isaac corporation. What that goes record birds have now been made and pronunciation Barack secure stayed real. I wish you Butler looked into parts Genpact. Beck is the real probably my huge language and how everything works for probably only treat people and I even understand it. Part since there is sense yeah. The air force contract and your act brick is the magna Carter 1250. And back and broke it down or that it makes it. Nothing makes it. Yeah well like you are attorneys. You don't language called illegal leak which is a fictional language which tobacco leaves are turning in court at three weeks ago December he talks he could not speak at my core. Are so that Georgia my eight. I've heard that show. I got on track. You are my favorite crazy bastard might get a what you survive this item rocket. All of because there's a lot more here your oh yeah bonafide what a wonderful governor. I won't get rid of all idiots don't and I'll move it that do you play these usually get there I'm available. You know about I feel that our current president we beat we beat that. Well each truck it sold out Israel okay back upon Israel isn't true entity of this country in the world. Okay after what they're the Bible about action that is not a true it's over her Bible. That is what we give her three billion dollars a year but honestly it's funny. In the silhouette as a medic. If it's. You Bible look at what you're supposed to do when Gaza Strip. And also all the take offers everything from chairs are cork is are we also meet our ginger. JI you know at stake than can be increased package or card dropped so leaves just. Religiously. Nowhere. Okay yeah it wouldn't it make product when I believe an ugly and other to creator flat Ers brought me back to believe there's a creator. Calculate interest earlier so I just didn't get everything black and a game more factor of at least ladder to brace itself created it kills just very content OK. Okay all of those people may act CK markets and cap the night before it it tried for several mock debate Mercosur would prefer not all match. George H. W. Bush or despair. Suppose they get eight shooters. They'd get shot came from the sewer drain that the one can predict that you know picture of the policeman that same date yet but black community it namely it. They cheat they actually shoot great integrity. On that plane from Dallas to watch you check to make it look like in the rear shock it's good approach shot. Yeah okay that's blocked a bad person surging in the world for student in the country was on that plane from Dallas to watch our review of unity Christ what's great. So people think. Get picked it buried in debt great okay each Greg you teach just still alive. Guess I didn't get anything Hitler. Hitler. I don't know that is now I think he got hit by now I don't think the latest suicide people liked it he got there suicide. Do you think you're. Do you think that the world is hollow. Now I don't know that. Backstreet your piece for me and this is why I say there. That's why they make a statement. It yet secret hole would ever be drilled. Except an act miles victims are collect what appears you're rushing it we get Giricek a Katrina years active with nowhere. So all the stat that you can't school to work what hot molten ball or mentally that it's all bull crack no we suspect. Do you how do you explain volcanoes and that we we know I don't know. Eight we definitely had a ball is happening and in Hawaii right now I've been there. You know Yellowstone seemed I've seen old faithful that's in the top of I've been to a boiling we can dominate the. He urged. As he is pressure underneath it OK I don't know were bad and I meanwhile felt like it make you old oil. Okay and it makes it got blunders water trapped underneath it underneath it. Earnings that are there there is a lot yes there's. Sure serious now. You know actually I do not have all the answers yeah I don't play too. And there's no way one may label we help OK should I think the Irish are Machida are then we'll do it she'll. He never gonna duck it ever did I think. Outside in the she'll. It was created. The smartest militarily or in my opinion was that so I checked the. He was he was 88 in your right now and I think I cited some great work but Edison was I was Edison was a fraud and doesn't mean he stole everything as employees in the and that's historical nick liked I. I believe so but you know I I never dated back he can that be pragmatic replaced with Pete served up a encountered replication they're exactly kinship yeah. But let me take a back to let me go back to JFK. This is something I came out lift and I think the beat goes what body had. To help take this country. Acne cure rate for the killing at Kennedy got it was a murder. Keep the people think about stepping up their appeals limited rich countries every every day Beckett in each edit the load off our sport Eric. OK yeah now or what other by The Beatles in her one black and one that I think it was follow the plant. Interesting one well why wasn't Elvis do enough to take his the mind off via what you would probably here. Say he's sending their commitment welcome they chose The Beatles over The Rolling Stones that. I don't know they. I I go to market that question yeah yeah. I don't expect you have all the answers might just you know I'm not asking you are just like to hear your opinions because I think they're in their interest. This but it still is creep me out the old half yummy the attic daddy that'll cause go to that you gotta bounce our sympathy for the get well sure you go figured out literally just slice. Well tonight it's nice and Satan service in India we've lost your sacred Herbert. Without it queasy is the most evil satanic rock band to date. I know I hate that I don't know you're saying that from your eyes on their blood yeah Interscope Records. They run the churches say I don't know I can't answer that but I know to Interscope Records check lady caca when it won there are machines are up. Well above Marilyn Mason in my thought he was evil and now he's playing much smaller holes you know he's playing dieters just a marina so. I gotta say feels like Satan lost his power. You know well I think he's looted the politics. I think yeah did you. You know all these people closet trying to Ers are cycle packed you'll understand you'll. I would even argue that I think if you wanna be in charge of the whole country there's probably a bit of psychopath or sociopath and you for short. Now do you believe we can control the weather and would that big ray gun up in Alaska. I ain't no lack of steady diet of hairspray character change your weather backyard or else it. Shields junior who had a backyard trust and also there's the guy and he gave you cheat you who I contacted. Who is about two blocks from Harvard university and also you back art work are shy away from them. That's where well all the Harvard or courage we want to get Obama confirmed it proves Hillary Clinton. I Charlotte bought it back here from parts are. Evil organization. It will yet so. Let me anyway. Look ahead on collider. You believe they're trying to open a stargate or awakened and Egyptian god I've read both of those online day on blood. You're talking about sort of like it's sort of order form it's a shortage of what you talk or eighty. The only we see back in Britain. Aren't we great Big Bang out of that it will report do it on our way to walk on it honestly. This site that it. Right in and so how. How do you feel they're gonna steal money was that. While I can't say it cost this much money to borrow it cost that much okay. You're ever get here they make those in the state agency. All 46 documentaries gadget this big key to be a dark waters are Great Neck and edit it very well waters they're great. What I'm talk about as the hadron collider is back in its that there would there was a lot of discussion about. On the it being awaiting the oh Egyptian god Osiris. Walt didn't swallow it which side it is those other dogs are black or black which one or all of. Audit of our vote at all black holes in the morning actually is not for their book sex without fought if off what even if it. Social what do you think it is social workers hadron collider by the way I thought it was I didn't. It was I had no idea. Artery keep Apple's I'm on Mondays and dedicated my life. Yeah when I militants European what's a bunt single machine that was in Switzerland is that we're accent. I'm spreading. Okay it actually act because all the step that is what you want that's what you and I XP it's what did they get old to heed his call the U universal poster he did. Which they had a bad record jurisdiction units or. He kind of be reggae you cannot be recognized as a country unless they recognize you. They also get bank of international settlements this switchboard which you all the money. What are your neck your brackets which are also legally or born August which went from what I understand. In him. I got you listen I can do this all day I gotta move but. Let me recap mad my cues when this he is a course. It's that he's he's got many hats many titles but he's only got so much room must business arduous as limo driver daredevil now he's going to be billed as a rocket you'll be taking off and you can check it all out can go to -- my cues that come and I make she gets that you can see that the launch on noise. I marched sixty say next Tuesday. Yeah we're keeping current that they get there will be one that talked. I think Arab networks. Anywhere this year. I listen you know me I'm a fan and I hope you make it oh this huge I'll be watching what we'll get back with you and I'm and we start reading questions for our next going to be. That's good care very precise vision. Purity on your. I'm glad it's OK okay. And a fantastic black hidden lake. I don't ever I know they allowed a lottery labels what would debate into a winner or loser. Tell me. I just want ask the questions and listen to the crazy it's just interesting to hear what falls economists had yo what's your next answer was what's common neck he's so good and he's clearly not done. He just couldn't. Yeah I mean as not to make her crazy like when you hit him in the real question or whatever I don't. I'll have all the answers I may wonder whose kids yeah. Yes I know I hate it how high is up one of may also give data is dollar moved. Most crazies will dig a hole and they got more crazy and he's an I don't know. And that's that I know gophers don't Wear boots yeah.