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Tuesday, June 19th


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Mature a social detect it and we researched last week and the week before. A girlie man you Horvath beautiful girl. I she goes out to Colorado he's strictly a barn couple shots couple Beers. Wakes up in an ambulance was your legs. What happens she believes she was rupee and you know I tend to believe him the guy. Even even when you're beginning drinking of your word you know. Two shots two Beers ergonomic sleep around now. You why. She ended up out there I mean that's that's led to stroller really has made me think about that. It's tough on every level not just physically challenging but mentally challenging but every every bit of your life changed forever. Absolutely. Some people just core you know liberal portable and give up other people get angry some people just use it to. Push further she's still yes she's okay capsule if you've ever been to mad too inclined in Colorado today. Don't to a port twenty. There's a lot of weeks and really elevated himself up at the she actually climbed this is now understand that. In institute. 1004 I believe that it runs as 2000 feet within a mile correct yeah it's a 45 degree angle that Iraq I look I've I've there's a rocket you can take up yeah she walked up and our audience. At its amazing feat just the whole stores in arresting and the fact she's now getting a lot of attention because she's on Tinder and a lot of appraised of animals and you know. Our next guest is a 24 year old Smith feel Missouri native who tragically lost both legs in 2014. But recently made headlines for being the first female double amputee to claim the men into incline in Colorado. Please welcome. Many horse out. May Hillary. And we got our. You're originally from Smith though. Yes I guess I have you in and ultimately live there full time going to school. I'm out here and get your act without at sixteen and chemical and dignity the act. And I'm not a plaid jacket but it. And a beautiful friendship that's what you do for a living besides going to school and what are you studying biology. You slowdown I mean this is amazing story. Really of Chile person but what happened that night. I'm in 2014. Total in Steel City Nebraska. In nineteen in York city added to our current software. Our yen pretax you can. By the way that this happened. It happened Nebraska. Out of it slightly at the Colorado and I'm hearing should patent in case you Nebraska and. If you're in a bar drinking what some some difference. Yeah and I am I have seen your cheap shots and start out for a have a mount in the world. Woke up in the ambulance. Is that who would you would you welcome to understand what you've lost. Now rule out a bit and I. Time. Of shock when I was actually like fighting. The U Latin Rite Aid. But the ignorance. And that's when he twentieth I have lost my leg and it. Little hit there and pregnant meant you. Matt and I Nick Cannon said in a hot. How did you not know how do you not believe out there that's that's what is stunning to me first of all so did not the guys that drive the train conductor must of the engineer must've seen you on the track at the last. Yet he. Came round and about forty we're on our end that he had a romantic one. Correctly after hitting me I let the man can slam the brakes too much rain in great need. So. First of all win. I mean some many people would just. Crawled up inside themselves and just just died basically most. And and just ended up somewhere dark angry for the rest they'll let you know you're young you're at the beginning of everything. You're beautiful area and there's this wonderful young life and it suddenly everything changed it. What's the choice like it at some point you must have to look in the mirror and decided where you wanted to go witness. You know the current and it and other revolutionary moment beaten by I didn't have let grandma flight. Trailing at an apology. Back for a lot Allen. Let me getting any. He leaned my rate and that was watching TV in my bag and ruining it. And that he and at the end of eat this yeah. I agree and I'm sorry I am. You need to get in front and right in act and I am out when he banked it and there. That can handle everything in the mansion and ever since management command. Gotten back into the mindset as I can be any pain and I did not am I not only had been manic and climb back. Wouldn't say I'd get some and it takes heat actually hit the entire channel at the summit. It's you bastard you listen and yeah I've spent some time in Colorado and in the hunt to Britain and and been through a lot of losers. It's most people couldn't do it period just period it could make that trail. The average person I don't believe to make it willow and on your opinions and indeed you know and people going to think about the idea of it's would you make that these trails there's a lot of wildlife there's there's it's everything from you know I think it was close jointly rattlesnakes there any other. Think about the balance if you think about getting tired think about falling off a cliff you know I mean there's. Besides the obvious strength issue and how hard it is for somebody with fiscal house to make them. Which by the way what what drove you to this what major do the incline major U pikes peak. I just never wanted to get I had it playing with him again it. People probably hidden and but cannot let you pick me up slightly. That we both would meet the person that tells you did you like a kind of a Dick OK if you told me you're gonna learn to flag again. You I wouldn't have the ball McNabb you're definitely not that that's what she wants him off again and then you've shown we can do you think about it. Quite like who would possibly ever discourage anybody. From from trying to get over such a trash such hardship. You seem to be good that now amended its and in the trivial thing. I found and as so you have a Tinder account to your. And as far as I enter basically for hooking. We don't know maybe is that we've been doing. Well Bob you know. That would let it's fat around my and I am there like coming Iran should get great template when they're quite cute. You know that you're hitting a low level online because of it because it's. I don't think you've got a friend that I don't have any legs but don't we have taken in stride just roll that your people lol lol. So. Have you have you hooked up with any money contender and I know you've had guys who were interest. Well Brian Gay not relate but that weapon in an innate. Was looking okay so the last few months. Richard 24 your your beautiful like you know you're obviously a cool girl you're looking to do is no difference and we're all human. You need to make some bad decisions and the ketchup. To meet people on Kurt and not like. Okay your cap saying this. Crazy people out there that. I know yeah yet but what I'm glad that I'm even. Amid more about the crazies. I'm just I'm so no I know what would happen I would get on tender care and nobody would slightly. And it would hurt my feelings I'm too big apology for that kind of business. Law I I play. You're gonna need it I reckon can't say yet and yet I am I went at some every game. Yeah I've got. There and Gary pot in the great thank you for having time. Ali can I love the story you know obviously not that this sad part about losing your legs but. The you know the triumph and anybody who can get over a hurdle to me is is it just. You know that's the best part of his life that we live in a world of FaceBook and social media and people are gates and everybody's a bully and crude kooky president went in the space force so when I see something good is he somebody. You know really effort to overcome something and I love you no stores on a personal. While I really appreciate it as an opening talking to you can bet this would be when you grow up. Let my going to be wearing gorilla. I'm except now and I prefer to you that eventually. Graham nonprofit and basically. I put pressure on the nonprofit air. They're disabled black NTT or better and long term go. I got my first. Skillet two years. That's pretty well. That's true. My friend we did to me my very first cooking and I've used the few times that you can get to be pretty good at warming heats in the steel. What are you which which what you specially. Odd. I really like competitive initiatives are in the cable around. Great evening Margaret Lyons I really like you land where quiet local ingredients and fur and a senator a lot because you're continued in saying and then turn it like. Top he threw me out. USC she's out of control and giving you really you slowed down oh man and it. And I mean no jokes will mean you really do you think you do more now because you're more aware of how fragile we are. And the slices do you think that you packing more into it and you didn't. When you had. Full use of arms and legs. Well I'd I'd I'd kind of let my I am just under the mansion and I'm chat now under and I live. There. Are a whole bit. You're a intently at you you have them in a strange way you've already got a gift that that a lot of people don't regret for the in the forties. And that's this isn't we do not have. An infinite amount of time it's fine we Il. We only have so many times around the sun before we expired that's just the way this whole thing works and people think waste a lot of their lives they don't. To find out what they really love and they don't really follow what it really wanna do. Because they think there's always time leader and you know more than that it doesn't always work your way. Absolutely and I see people taking. Endangered you know not seeking experienced and there are opportunities that are out her plan for a terror raking it in your. It will it will come to them I mean again it comes them in the form of a midlife crisis or or whatever. But it it's managing you just learn it's crazy just announced that and of all of this feeling and indeed correct me at any time because obviously now the but the gift of understanding that we do have a very short period. And you. Do with it what you possibly can. Absolutely I mean you can Hillary got to get. Get back contract in. The really aspired to be something different. And you know how many kids whose legs and car accidents and you look at the statistics and in motorcycle accident of farm accidents you know and normally it's. Who's who can really talk to you you know you'd get some catchy it's yours cute girl your your active your living cholera you're funny you're going to college or shift all these things. Like how great would that be if these people these kids had someone to talk to you know rather than a doctor or I'm sure they singed with there as somebody who doesn't really know. Or what it's like to lose your legs you know you can to a good out there. It's been remarkable opening and that would be after a lot of people contact me. Anything from Raymond prosper while they actually been deeply in the elk. If it kept me he will. Warren now. NTT's engagements you know when I was really down on the ball and they can do this out here. I'm very good while and you. You know you can't get to meet similar. All the world the kind of pitcher he went he can't he anxiety and depression and now I'm into an overwhelming amount of support. In unity began treating people. In there were absolutely mark. I need to get you in contact our friend Todd love love is a veteran triple amputee. Come to an unbelievable. Unbelievable human being justice incredible. Just energy I have. He is that. Both legs at a hit. I have left arm are not right arm at the elbow. Just never let that stop and he still to a tough matters he still skydiving he still we actually got all got together on him. Haiti capable motorcycle so he still goes runs. At a moment and actually had worked at its infancy. Related to manufacturing plant there. I'm my topic when your mileage seventeen. I'm so sorry about that whether. And I loved Harley but what had Dick move they'll get that tax break in and still shut the plant them. Yeah yeah yeah. Is that. About. An analogy if you didn't say you were being picked up to about corporate. In my garage. But what it is was really heartbreaking thanks a lot of people. That more than. And that 88 at ten and legacy. Now. If you want it now. They'll be fine they raised you your clearly what do you deal with stuff well they'll be just fine. He Toronto opened and look at it is just futurist and opened. I haven't. You know. Let me tell you something you get a little more press and you do it kick starter need to go to open up your restaurant. You get some crowd funding going you'll make it you built it to you people in this story. They love this kind of the story you get the right pressed it a couple of TV shows he great person. You think about that you Concord couple more peaks and a couple. Then. Crowd I mean that it takes he can right. Typically intense those records and I had I donated my part states you have a body foundation and operation ward 57. And taking out here before Ireland. What kind of PE get an accurate feminine. And it's it's earlier remarkable experience being able and like you know eight money through dictionary that really is better in Lancelot knee while. You are that we need to get chewed it which shows. At another because a Cousteau. Actually and that you need to go climb much of PG. I'm actually meeting went back very bad ones but underneath Crimea until Lemond tackle. Where. Kilimanjaro I mean you can't. You know it's warmer group here I expected you should. By the way don't get your fingers cut off you pay attention beside you need some good some solid solid glove to some real protection Ottawa right. Oh my gosh and actually four or not so I've gotten my have to rethink the entire area. Here late you're. Does he get up at pine needles not a great Aaron Cook. Hole. You know what that. Become UConn and us and we just you let me know at the email object your mind. I. Think. Hi man you are it's it's really is an amazing story and that. Very proud of yourself isn't a do you think you're gonna be an inspiration for a lot of people out here a lot of goodness world. And I appreciate that can win then I've got it let's come back rough estimate for frequent moments of your drowned when you know you're gonna his mom and dad. You know reach out moment should we get tickets for in particular is as the days it's. Thank you grandma and.