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Thursday, June 15th


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Our next guest is a retired FBI undercover agent who in his three decades with the bureau 1912. Different identities are often joke. Three at a time. Boasting everyone from white collar criminals do drug cartels. Hung out with the new guys Q undercover agents. And he tells his story. Tender my life undercover for the FBI but please welcome Marc Grossman. Mark welcome the show. Very good morning thanks for inviting me that I almost eligible story waiting on your field and consumes most kind of killed some time when you run. That. They're right you good kidding yeah 27 years. 27. You know not not all of the cover but treating it and but the majority went to cover correct. Like the one you know my clan like crucified the bureau that they they're like 45 years. And then you know I never thought they'd be become a struggle prosecutor. And then lo and behold before knowing I'm like 58 U gold and that in this recording seven years so it took what by electing a flash. Well. It it's. It's such an intense book that I'm only halfway through it because. It is unlike most undercover books I've read you know I've read it to dobbs book you know guys who cops who go under into a motorcycle clubs like that. You've had to understand that intricate workings of everything from insider trading to jewelry heist from you know. In a false flags across the board and that there's hope there's a wide spectrum of criminal understand you have to have in order to be the aging York. Gil what looked. I would blow a lot of excellent on the cover agent as I know I know Geithner and doubtful undercover agents who've certainly much better on the covers and I am. The level was. What distinguishes music that you say these new group of civil righty cases war that was more freedom come core work. I became a you have poker on the commodities exchanges. I was the nephew of the Mexican. Cocaine cartel lord the buying heroin from Malaysian Chinese drug dealers. I would say you. Oil production crew and Argentina. Working with those who who who was in the intended kidnapped victim of foreign corrupt rabbis. So I I managed through. In part because of my background I'm a native French and Spanish speaker. And note board and friend that lived in South America. And it gave me the gave the year people with bill to be able to insinuate myself. In to look all type of all the different I think ethnic group and also also told different. Socioeconomic. Level. Look in the street who look to working more free. That's what people don't understand is the fact that if you don't smell legitimate if you if there's an inkling in somebody's heart in that. Any kind of six cents fires off you know and ends up with you in a river somewhere bullet here at the trunk of car you. You know we need this these are people who if if if it goes bad they're going away for very long time or worse and I you know. Well Lawton didn't go away for a long time. You went with the mob guys in the quote deliver an inaccurate portrait that they killed on the cover that we didn't think so basically anybody looks at the undercover. And we didn't think it was it was a mob guys with not really that they discovered that an undercover because it they were mostly. Didn't know better than to mess with that was effective if they if they figured out elder fed. They would do that disappeared probably the big thing too with them was that they think government informant. Conclude that the government informants like what happened to the year agent ever actress back in the late eighties. He was killed by your gut for our you have low level mob who shot ahead. It's a lot she thought he was performance and that Google's paid to those guys. Yeah. So there really viewed you have to think and act like a criminal. In order for them to believe that it really all you know what you're up you're in trouble. And and in his face it they've become a criminal that's insider trading. It is it's gonna get it Cedras the SEC is gonna these different and Dominican drug lord and you've got to. You gotta be able to walk the same way that you talked to say no the same things that you use the same slang find the same. Common grounds that you build trust and trust us how you in the treatment and how you break that apart. You know exactly you have it yet but I like it in in their head in India says it. It's such result only acting yet they have almost believe that you are real would you say you'll. You know like like if you negotiating. Fight before the pork barrel in the way that illegal drug dealer is willing to walk away from the deal. Follow those willing to walk away you know like I know we can tag up. You can go pat go don't negotiate with whom you could make the bite because that got them wrong because I go there might want to what was this guy. But it I had like ignore that and that I can buy this stuff from anybody could go on but fight some critical quote because the next guy. That's I themselves let total cripple you as. And markets and on this knowledge about lying this about creating a backstop you've got the you've got to literally get Social Security card you've got to get a driver's got to create. A college degree if that's gonna be part of your life you have to have badgers because. It's not it it's not impossible for basic criminals and how to run background checks and and really verify you are using you. Then become harder going without looking in the nineties the big danger. A that I thought was that they discovered by recording device here in the big. Literally got real real. Niagara. Isn't army and yelled god forbid anybody finds that I'd be really. In a very you melancholy state. The danger is that all about recording device can be. Embedded in in a you're you're you're you're you're coffee mod your viewers. You and anything can be recording device known in the vehicles themselves because it's also told digital. The big danger now is that someone cold front will go go type and Alex purple. Felt Morelli and that the that'll take outcome that guy didn't exist two months ago it's they're creating a yep partition. IP that fact up. It is it is very important part of it being a successful goofy and and that's what you'll see in the movies or on TV and on TV. The supervisor and you're a wallet into the OK mark you know. You know Selma relatives your wallet go through it. The reality you spent six months crafting. Tonight the sit in the people approve and that in this fit your story has to be tailor made it would have bigger story. You have to be born what you wanted to have been born yet have grown up what you want to have caught up in the place we could talk about. I've been to provide secure your wallet and physical one Kansas City. And I've never been there. Then that it's going to be pretty complicated pretty pretty typical self. That back stopping and in the book I would like I go into the I think introducing these hope for the are you go about doing that. Yet deluge only veteran drew me into this now now a couple of a bunch of questions but. The closer cute when you believed you were you were made like that it is definitely a time when when you sat there and I I slipped or or he knows order. This is this is combat will we we think the most. That frightening time that you thought man that got me on this for me now. Well I wouldn't large and try to sell vehicles and I can't as the clinical forty land travel and the subject. It removed muck mold with obtaining. Fictitious documents they're drug licenses of security cause all kind of stuff but not portrait real real stuff. Cool or kinda bad people including the kinda bad people who fly in from from the Middle East to do very bad things. And if so look good driver's license and so security caught in the big name. They can disappear into the middle of the US and then go coach trying to find them. Yeah so he has like a full court with a small back office. And I took in more and they are clients of mine took and fictitious ID. And the fight with a little undercover agent another FBI agent. And that what. I got a new prime that you fees. One guy pretending to be my hand drug lord knows the guys pretend to be yeah. Jamaican posse. Gang bought. And each time he has looked far with this I'm like the wind was and they can use the Korean. And you mrs. Good because fictitious source based for them but when the back of not more toward the floor first. And what we're feeling is that. And behind them are too young Arab guy. Very. There and based on court not looking at friendly at all. And the other agent I would feed it and mark won't turn the other agents and so failure Oca will that do for you. And the agent goes. And I'm and then went to me and he goes. What his name again. And it. But we'll turn to refuel area. He goes I can say that on the pilots say it loud and other religions that want. And the work. You bring this guy he even know what if you don't think something including a and he looked like live look at incoming it is. And I could you that you thought it was good that the other agents. I was just let it know that played in the name in actuality. The other agent that forgot electric. Home. And all different outlook moot. There is looking at this thing I think I put at this point in my mind it felt like thirty seconds of a minute. I have read into the tape later it was in a heartbeat I mean and I acted like a wave to my mind when this kind of social. And finally if that Bill Clinton and that but with no need to fear it. Got offenses and that means the middleman between Webb and worked with for years we wouldn't send anybody who was problem. About one block from mortars and Arabs who were the guys behind them and the guy goes out the door closes the Lou and learn looking offers. And I think to myself is that about most of all the guys you know shut the foreign gay look that bad in the back. That film these and in particular these two guys. So for the next like five minutes or so I was like. Trying to make small talk that in no. What was gonna happen. The six months later the year. And our vehicle type I recorded the conversations over the crippled for that should Mark Ellis so here that appeals commercial accuses. That. The Brazilian credit those that. Who. Polygamy after all. But it does unite the is this thing hesitate she got here. We keep you can get you get nervous right yeah yeah. Like a high point this. You have to work on the way back. He offered. It's what the truth I'm double that amount some pretty content with guys but the truth I'm double by temple when we I was yelling at this poor guy. You know I like everything we knew you know why should go back because I was like pretty darn good. He attended different sides he would you have done and you beefed up before. This. I didn't know that the like actors took it has assumed that like all the other guys that court over their. If you would experience that would be able to like they'll play play its role. If you have to go. To war and how I hope so it usually show mark rest in the book by the way is the pretender he's at 27 year. Veteran ex undercover FBI agent and a date the blessings call me when you watch is a shortage of coma when you make revive him getting clipped by the president after investigating everything. We will live that I that you like comic getting clipped yeah. Well I I think I think. Maybe eight almost bigger and would come that the way it was done was believed inappropriate it was very until more yet there have been eight. Is it inappropriate please do something like that you know like the president couldn't. Then go move in pretty good. What some other high level but there's aid to all who called me private. And then there explained the situation in a couple of days later than cold because of submitted a letter of resignation. And I doubt have been the appropriate way to handle it. So I think that there won't win as the president fight them publicly. It was kind of like it you know strong friend and who died in the end it was really not handled it well. But I'd let the flip side is that a lot agent. Well. At least the fruit they can put been Bjorn retired agent. Thought that the drew has become kind of politicize. Over the last you felt. And northeast to promote patient for the most important. Things about it guys that remained absolutely pristine lead. Independent and objective indeed I do if you didn't prove you're the function in their push democracy you have to function. At this totally independent and the food and creepy and politically neutral. Give me the wrap what were the give me the wrap mark commander legal waivers and I can honestly I don't I want to finish his book and it induced the if you do more press. Without giving a ten minute limitless ability for like 2030 minutes on the show and really get through this book the pretender just. I think it may be the most well written FBI undercover book ever. Well I'm very crowded I hope other people feel the same way and they would be my great pleasure to come back and talk to get a leg I would want to to close no yes it was.