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Monday, June 19th


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Our next guest is a retired FBI undercover agent who in his three decades with the bureau of 1912 different identities are often joke. Three at a time boasting everyone from white collar criminals do drug cartels. Hung out with the guys Q undercover agents. And he tells his story. Good to tender my life undercover for the F behind. Please welcome Marc Grossman. Mark welcome back. They it was thanks for inviting me back much appreciated. Actual passage by real life we we're so conditioned to do tune in of the Jason boards will these incredible movies abouts espionage and spying an undercover work. That we I think we can get so desensitized to it that we forget there's real life is that they're really taking those wrist in the really performing at that level. What is it thank you were. Real life guys in big the people I work with my colleague my comment from the bureau and other agencies. That everyone you know of can sleep well at night. Could. Of the people that kicked in the risk and they can make this place they prefer the you know. You 27 years of service and we were we started this conversation before they. You know guys like who we interviewed Joseph stone. The really done a brass that he would want that to remember and it destroyed his world it really did it consumed him. You how many different identity over the years did you portray. First as the with the growth so it's own I had dealt with it and do the work with him a little bit as long time ago in the northern. You one of the people who has written as or commented verbal possible. If you read my book. And I was very I'm very proud of the fact that you endorse that gave the thumbs up because for all of us although undercover agent. You'd like he icon you know when you look up the as the massive undercover operation when I started and you were there with those something that they were the application program. Little on the job training Beckett back in the in this day and one of the X. I used to the world to a become a world with what you've done it grass so if I read this effect of and the loss of the much appreciate. What I learned from him but. I started off they'll be more Renault won't work on the commodities exchange it would go from more of the first it the and then as you leader you have Slater a roll over into one of the which is on. When you beat the rap group. As Alex Torres and so important as self literally. And concurrently as. Rarely let me go back let me go back is second with Clinton should run DMC now Darrell Mack and appearing yeah ODs been friends for for years got close friend and so what what did you do DMC. Though this group did the name of the cases one him. Oh Wendy and be okay that's I was like I was like what's a Baghdad that's. And and will continue on Abbott upsets and holy hell man did with aids and got in trouble at one point don't know if it was a pardon scooter bigotry hatred or is about what. CCU but my question earlier was how many different personalities and did you have to adopt how many duties did you become. I would sometimes struggled your force simultaneously. At one point and by my desk guys have like before Wallace and that was they cut it open wallet. That he hoped the meeting. I mean over the course of 47 years ago. A of the change say okay died he Q1 Q1 that you would get burned nearly doubled their case. As a threat as Alex resolute they. Of course with members viewed as a bunch of people got arrested. That name the people. You know all but dead Saddam become Daniel what he's become. Other until Moore owned the a good look well we'll. And one of the things you would always do is when you've been. You would go ahead and bring the guy down you would get arrested as well in the middle of the moment but not until the handcuffs were on the part. This that I wouldn't know it was September of rules that I would set up you know we've we've had the pre US. Recently there has been meeting between myself and US teams. And instantly. You know and how would this be done that I owed would tell them that bad. It is when you the rest the U the certificate of real and sometimes it was necessary operational purposes of this subject to think I was. The bad guys while. 020 also the board of the and so everybody but the real bad guys it's tough to provide more of the situation. Were all the sudden shooting breaks and someone who what the chicken. We know that there a hands on behind your back. Duck and run my handcuffed behind my back so they were told me on the Elizabeth are the child there and you know it all kinds obscenities at me. But they were in the B fumbling with the cubs but in reality what is that we often go on the until until everybody else is self and safely secure. Mark I took this when you. When you get all these different identity and through the courts this 27 did you ever run across. Criminals in different scenarios. From case to case what we all that has got to recognize that guy's got a note that I'm not to access did you ever run across. People that you deal is that would be the big fear right that's it it was because we think this plan that is the criminal worlds not nearly big enough to it to idle. I was young group known as him being a walk in the law before the before sculptor would be the case was involved in the case involved. Yep production afford you the documents imply there's like this is both accurate because. No cause for the genuine article but this was fictitious name you can be every bite off the terrorists than in Q did you. And I had infiltrated the group of people who middlemen who did the same document. For this fewer than in the lobby their. Wasn't in walk the subject come quote from the white collar case that World Cup would just fire. Eyesore and walked in the door. And you didn't see the I almost like and the panic attack when I went for the more than deflected have been. That is made from them about what quality the moved you seem to recognize. Yet to be kind of a bad day out. I try to go to the back there was no there's backdoor at the Wal-Mart that it would push to open it with us all. So I had to be as good have to go back out the front bright side this guy. New media and as you age more Bernard and you don't even with the view that Alex Perez. So a mobile would get it back to me. So what does the subject from the current case and they look at me it was going to be terrible judge did I get control. And I love what he's doing quite well I think a but it we'll listen to the hospital and just ran out and I didn't seem that god. And that he generic or what caused him to cardiologists that what do you look at what does it is a defined in that they would of achievements on the it's open to all the that you had the kids themselves with it would emergency room to 3 in the morning. At the kidney stone you find that I didn't like that came in and Alex what happened yet though you wouldn't believe this. Parameter that was terrible accurate in this oh so fast food this distorted I was reading with Oakley a guy has a job or he's got. Access to. These radioactive rods these these these. Energy as he puts it after he was sets up for a couple 100000 dollars which is street trees and and but he does it but it's reviews the weird twist but he doesn't have sold to a a Middle Eastern country he'll only eat you. So what is what he's he's he's a treasonous bastard with a conscience. And how does that work out. Would you bet I know they like real less like incident that made you so it would be old old flag please. And that really fascinating case. The cases it would be and be eligible for what was on the it could be yet and you remember our. And we're full flight all the false flag because of any. Apple let it be other countries that even with the treated for 11 though. Classified. Information on. That they will but say it was it was. You'd like materials. And this guy would I guess I'd like if you like why would. Not that this surgeon. We did them both sides have problems so disorderly did little like range. But it won't be dealing with terrorists that you might. A country. It's crazy. He wants a couple of autograph these fuel rods and you have to become John Mark was at your identity then. Yeah I would really like it in these cases the first like I expected there will be people have been looking for someone. You didn't have something for someone to sell this stuff. In this case he's reached when informant. Do you believe. Had contact with foreign governments in the form that dealt with. People with a friend contractor. Actually it was more important as friends yes ya do if they assault. So that so old he was trying to sell that but the French like the ten different intelligence officer and find that the world. And when I first contacted him by phone or at all fun. And it was a very. It was a major. Operation because we didn't know what he was far Selby you know we will read your active group in Pacific with or risk to the local population. At least he's if you were so when you go in for the final by a fast forged a little bit when as Michael your arrangement you decide on the money total in the together you've gotten. Everything liking your bag looks a hair dryer but it's really Geiger counter you've got tied things you've got stuff that read radiation how much is going to be emitted from this you've also got the guys at the plastic bag you can see through. You know what you're looking. You realize and this guy other guys are hit a 380 has pocket the whole time right. So. Do you. The baby born were the main issue with the iPad with his case you know without improved and food down old route. And move. It was a lot of preparation know what done in the week but it wouldn't be detected by a formal available after that it was a swat team surveillance being. Do you preparation team that all kinds of engineered. Equipment justice headquarters with a little other I looked at that. And it is what the concern by at work I board heroin in the past said four or because. A vote for the contraband. That the report contraband which I was worried if you can year and you blatantly. That would be that they've they've really had to convince me that I was in in the complex was something from Hammond. And what of this that's going to be the final deal. When I force is off on the move on the rocks possibly large. Outside the airport there was sort of an open area. It pure and simple floor. At the far. With. That the equipment that is sent to the with a with people by they would be doing damn race. Emanating from his car and in the cork with the swat team weren't as bad this fall some. So that if you drove by and with radioactive. He would never have made it. At the top of the rule weight can be intercepted and taken down but before he. And you so don't put that this is important because I feel your pain on this. You've done all the work you've got this guy he's ready to make them the cell you're to make the body got the money got the cash you've got everything in place and some you. It back. At the department decides he's got one more thing which is you want that on tape saying. Selling it to he wanted to do something with Arabs we wanted to use it says Sudan. And if for no other reason than just for the I want his fingerprint and somehow he he had one it's the kind of thing that you can absolutely destroyed entire case. Exactly and with a true the lawyers in the Justice Department. And which he wanted with that when the deal with included I did purchase you did who. Nuclear. Who from the guys and they've been in this hundreds of dollars. Outlook and so he wanted me to the lower ones say that this stuff wouldn't be sent from dead that they can use it. And the purpose of that is the other over the a lot site all the food they against the old. So all of that this would have done what yup award that he wanted to be able to add another chore but I get decent dead on the list. Well sort of terrorist nation with something. That is the guy who's been go there. Because at the exit toward or it would have done I think is that sort of long capability at the difference or they'll argue leads the fight to. Traffic idiotic idea of. And fortunately knows very adamant about not saying that and the new special agent in charge. And the other yeah I'm mad at the people. Or on my behalf. Get that they can we spoke with those other guys would react if you know. Morton who marshaled the movies that you keep it with god or not he was it. So with the bases this recent you know mechanical lift its. A refund you're you're the guy in the field waiting you're trying not to get shot trying to turn radioactive and then some lawyer Yahoo! deal assumed. What's that tell you what to do. That's that's a point where can be hard to not lose his. Clinton's patients sometimes youth and quote more because we're going to have good read them. Find so young to cover. They hugged you shouldn't be taping would be asking I have situations. In other cases. Were you an assistant US it's very lucid and be more excited because the subject. Asked him where he got The Herald we're asking which he gets because. When asking to shoot two nothing. Yet what impact it's like but what a cruel that Bill Clinton would. I'm flying there on the front event or like you're about to fight right now is due to quality good as it's quite quite. And I have I have to act like I couldn't care less what you get but of course that. I was Wimbledon guided when you live one EU budget for me Monday. I'm Mike particularly the raptors I'd I'd know him over. The book is so good the pretender hopefully you'll go on a book too we got the Kansas City will get spent more time. Love that that be great really good Marcus a great book. Respected some apartment.