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Monday, May 21st


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Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan they have proven time and again that they are one of the most electrifying night fans on the road today. They are. Come here come the. They're new self titled album is out now. And this Friday night they're back in Casey is the openers for poison and he tripped at the sprint center. Please welcome. Hope people bases and friend of the show. We lead fair read different lives there. If usage and your picture of this incredible Bagger it's you guys build awesome. Customs stretched out anger and my response was I thought by means that it changes the war. Oh I recommend that video I sent you yesterday. That's so different that's a different our lives are you send me video of your kickass new Alter the rat rod. Strict banker and I only had to send you a bunny gives cashier because those were the two days. You know it could've been because we can have switched roles aren't any game he could get up like picture packets if the and alike illiterate but juggle or optic. Re how to written to help. How great this tournament and how great is this it's. I get there you were only gave it put everyone's like everyone for production. You know the skater to go at Oak Creek ill for Michael. EU like every law. Is that. Every single person it sure is right. I'll. Genuine genuine interest that our date gone that picture they do better without it I like what they say. But it it's on to her they'd like I grew up you are up. Every time you're exactly right CC DeVille is always gonna laugh going. Always up for the moment he's a sweet sweet man I incredible performer of the bands always fun he who does Rick Nielsen you talk about that night. And Jesus Christ I mean who's created in Cheap Trick and you know we. Jesse never jets start you know Jesse James Dupree and they asked and get on stage at a festival and either I just get over here in Saint Louis. And he'd he'd call me afterwards and I'm telling you he was he was bloated. You could probably help yeah how loud that. It have been here shall. Rick you'll see you come over check out our our our. Iraq's elite are there are or eighty I had to do that slugger out tech Eleanor. And it eat eat so he's like yeah you know by charger either. Thought the blame you why all rivers by jurors. Accused all out. And I think there are terribly easily get easily either. The CE. You're looking at Berkeley appear to aren't. Getting out there for they're meant to be played. Jack yeah that's quake without hurt people who don't know Rick Nielsen collects guitars and they're all custom and they are all beautiful girl famous you know that the double that Rick Nielsen stuff. You know and and and Robin Sanders voice I mean is he still as a perfect clear beautiful voice. He had bat just soccer like her personal to each other at least they're sure that she go. Here. So it out or eat. Your basic. What are they telling you present to we're talking about early two things you've got renamed good time Jesus. Explain that. And then I was wondering if if that it will Lee is if they've put any restrictions on you guys like. It because you to the crowd want them thinking man you know pop people can genuinely challenge the both those bands of the situation. And are they gonna illegally chill out relax or will you know will it freak out if he comes off the stage. You know I'll. We didn't. With that movement it didn't Stewart that they have any restriction either unite and now the electrical parts archer manager. Your first day piano like arts so too late. No we're lead what's what can actually act he Ottawa all shook out and I are. I'd ever. You don't eat all were you to also. Argued it is. That's. Legal or you know basically a peek in now. They're really excited as ego a Grand Prix of so tired he. Is able to. Oh we're respectful at low so lock up. Oh atlas it is those girls to see it's always female at the audience were with acute poisoning Cheap Trick it's always and it's in the about that. Dirty. Forty year old just divorce chick who looks like daughter and she's out with a gaggle of other divorced ladies like. The beauty peeling them off you got referred to this morning just as rocket world uses. And because you devastatingly good looks. And we we determined after that that you were more of the good time Jesus not the judge. The more. It came and his party that's Jesus were prudent and here's the fish. That. Quote Dick Bennett each well Ehrlich peer Bakalar for. You're going to be peeling them off you guys can you imagine those those hungry horny dirty late cougars are going to be all right guys. You did. Yet it's. In other to relate you know that are out curb now or restrict a lot. We usually accepts or indoor court the end. You know like they are they lack of order. Absolutely. You know including the first show. And it's their. Looking each square there. Into a lot street people Opel might. So it's like I had second. We go up early and routers don't teach you much of it that are standard greets a great show a chick but yeah. It will be gone by the guys and tell you you pop evil mantra about the evil Cheap Trick in poisoned this Friday desperate that are darts and tickets available I'll be America's. I'm delivery three point favorite bands like. You know. It poisons not big think and music you know I mean like it's it's it's just fun and they always have a great bunch of Cheap Trick. Is just another level of songwriting that you you just love because they're great. You know and you guys again you wanna bring in the heat it'll be fun and be fun to see the whole thing plays an awful lot for her one ticket in one night. It's very cool back. I can't bode well. Grateful we are out to her technical Eagle County is Kansas City. Friday and it says he'll like it just sign it did he get retreat at. Truman show sold out it was fair to ask you guys sold out against the final four which I'd alluded I told. I tell I don't know amen I'm sorry hustled out it's a final portion tonight ago this yeah you know and and I mean. Main deck on it was wrong but I was told I would bet any amount of money because it just such a huge thing to go against the Kansas City. A lot cheaper amendment. Get it back there. Okay certainly we're like we're between a lot bigger Korea are now. So I'll go through computer about better a little bit you guys can stop at Carson City Hall. I know each other than Ruano whose. Weight like that we've been. At that. They wait up on you you're not a deeply we've player he played Reno tonight. Well you know what I'm that would jump that whole old idea reject pick up if you would talk to him yet I'm trying to see with a tour dates. As. Often. But it's over but the they would love it they would lose their minds they're playing Reno tonight it cargo. Oh. Him into. That may have those been to an end up half the members at the bunny ranch tonight. Move them year in TNT. And it I mean that's that's for sure I see those guys does it ought to be in that the beaten Utah which is not that far when the next night. When it's absolutely must calling stomach West Valley City, Utah that's not that hard. Get in am. You can mess here you know in politics he's back armor he said if you let char one more time if you look at him and Mets are brother and again earlier in the deserts I appreciate you getting up making a phone call anybody else is asleep and I know at 6 o'clock in the morning where. Oh you don't totally cool that it's peaceful out of or like there's no one else. Obama books great. You guys are playing Reno tonight and that means half of each one of those bands is gonna end up with a buddy rich. Well. So early compared basically read a lot actually do like the site so I don't know. What that add to that the way that it is for their excellent eighths where were outlook those guys. Were acting Merrill thing that's good. There are we there yet. Brett listen I know off I don't know if there's a guest list or not tonight but I would not be surprised if he said the text later but I'll wants to bring five or six tricks over. It. I mean I know you're good Christian you don't partake in the sort of shenanigans featured on a dirty center but those are the guys I think there's a questionable a couple of guys. Yeah I don't know you I'd I would partly piano with notes that core watch. That's pretty much my thing. It's. It's act. It's going to be so good we'll look at American he'd met him I know the two that you guys are traveling. But this Friday at the spreads and a role and let me know when you get down. And then will come out if if you will grab some dinner before the show but apparently he is clearly well grabs afterwards. Our you don't put out a book or two but he. I'd rather listen to. He's very very soon if there's anything you need to fly here in town for the go ahead of time or it. Appreciate it there it goes create. Art yes it.