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Thursday, February 22nd


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They have on the hotline are different now Heisman is on the you know continue to stand up comic former doctor. He is got American ninja warrior ninja vs an engine debuts march 1. Born January 22 in Denver Colorado. Graduate from Princeton university in the Columbia college of physicians and insurgents. Listen to them before choosing your career in stand up comedy working with the thing for instance. Numerous US boat to worse he won season fifteen Celebrity Apprentice. He's set to start filming the new season of American ninja warrior for NBC on March 6. But first you can see him on the USA network starting march 1 with the all new Americans to warrior ninja vs ninja. Please welcome friend of the show management. If you do limit can destroy you were in Vegas doing a corporate game. Yeah and don't send money. We'll defer to the show but I heard you have your business. And your special friend that you can meandered to actually know. Hole I was in a hotel below freezing Carson City I was in Vegas. I'm just guys that are you know my friend but there. Although I'm your biggest and I'm I'm speaking to a corporate group this morning that I slide back to new York and we've been doing mr. racial for the person who filed for my. Steven Olympic updates since tomorrow is our final day and we also the barricade didn't you or your day with latent social ordered out. Putter through work out we're not she she got those double we're gonna have. Najib Richards in the flying Felix is coming out there is all we've got this flat bed for her it's been fantastic. It's all in preparation for the new season of major border that could. The American did you where did your first digit which is what he did you order now he's morphed into. It's on the USA network it's one of march 1 so for those. Who don't know Mickey Saudi it were you kicking to three and they go ahead it's so. Two people on the course simultaneously. These beaches could say it's actually may have been is where. Eighties that the recent already saying you know I obviously they needed it exhaustion for BOK if you introduce you only the entire are brought. I don't know why did your Blackberry yeah. Yeah thresholds. We've got a late report on the backstretch at the Kentucky Derby the entire time. Yeah it's well it's it's it's amazing that the way the show is gone because we talked about this so it was basically he was canceled. And diet and then they gave him one more shot and backhand big shift of course is an incredible shall always was an incredible show but it is just goes to show that. A lot of times that people run networks are not the same people who watch these TV show so there's such a different I guess I was yeah yeah. That's exactly that in you know with the the funny he used. Look I'd have to say I knew was gonna be hit it could figure there's something that you just wiping of the bottle and they showed that started off. 83 Japanese game show on the network has no longer exists that. Eight and now has become one of NBC's biggest server shows we've got to spend a show coming out march 1. I need it need it it's been crazy to see you cheer didn't. Every. These states in America including the last good we've got new engines from all over. It's been cool seeing people from now this year we truck page could nineteenth so we'll be from nineteen might actually guy. Seventeen years old completing obstacles. Virtual hosting this it's cool. Because he gimmick you know I always talk about it old being there are far above you Google has so all what a guy's 66262. With a six election means a piece. Like I completely NFL when a bullet you know I hate to achieve global Broncos they have portable that bogey or so and it's good news. You know you watch out you looked as forceful what's cool about being Jews. If all of their people like Custer everything people who have jobs to a string of who's who do this extraordinary. Well they'd go just do it through dedication and passion and hard work they're a bit you'll find a way to train that motivate and and I just a more than tricky Olympics. I realize I stayed up late at night watching these US women win golden double overtime but I thought the whole foods for Beverly national professional. Hot cute and for these words for people remembered for most of this has since moved their moment and and I won't kill Egyptian people out. Oh absolutely I love this I'm not even a big sports guy and I love to see people get their moment that bet that. Slice of glory that's gonna sustain them for the rest of their lives that that more in touch that that did brass ring and. Who rebel held over for years and years from its actions. You know that's great. I think that's a major such a great host Matt you act but you can always tell you really enjoy. That they're bid to try and you enjoy seeing who wins and I and that's what it takes like your your great comedian but. It does take somebody who really does love seeing other people do well to be great host an event like American ninja were in their. I remember. You know. For him until what I'm enthusiastic and positive unloved. All of few people do well Lohse yeah no. They're one person's success doesn't come someone else's. And I and I kind of feel like. That's important for me I just cheer for every did you know our our views mister Blake Joe Buck talk about call in the Super Bowl or the World Series and how. Both cities schools say you're fired against the other thing I'm did you or your. You know or poem for every future we're not machines to a bit of we wanted to do well we. We cheer for them and our coach briefly they fall football what's cool truly you know all league isn't really on the show that we feed. They've shown talking so much more about. About kind of weird when you when you think that your dreams you know it's not a recent you have to beat the broad changes that you should be. You know warm spots where two billion dollars sometimes you don't. Obama he's actually just getting on the course. Is particularly. And it's really cool to see these people who you take Amanda didn't go to supported this felt more like romance I got to be out here. I proved to myself I could give myself. It is shape I can apply I did this for every belliard got to a obstacle and I feel like you chaired it and it's one of those. That's for me it's been so cool to see people get political bickering to and so would be just a waste too I feel like take out there a moment. There's so many are just so many great tricks you guys can take this in the future do I mean unless can toddler ninja baby ninja. Would be fantastic and. Peoria different they're passengers cooped. Or working on a kid did you sure you do not official but it's not official yet but we're trying to get it done later this year and it would be like. Probably aged eight to thirteen because we see won't we feel their college. Actually watch. You know these kids trading around the country could you can because they're more popular vote FaceBook somebody's thirteen year old. Actually beating up a double majors. There's really you correct. Little boost kid could hurt their brutal spider monkeys which you are. Yeah yeah bones don't even break this bad and it'll be Turkey legs aren't in order. Under the not. AIG terrible birthday and an order chill factor clock instead envy thirteen again and they're young and flexible put in the meantime I'll just curable on. You print that and I guess is that there's a lot of good fun to do that this man inside hey you know there's no option so it's like. You have to have offsets like you can dig a little side trip during your ninja. Drive to pick up money cars like prizes in the sudden you can connect twelve seconds to try to make one more event will be on the right and then get back in the racing and it cost. Craig Campbell we know one of the things that were actually trying to do is. He's trying to do particularly the presidential physical fitness challenge you know that has a certain age and grew up with fat and I'm try to create. The American did you worse physical fitness challenge them to kind of get. Sure it's going to be NTSB and we motivated you can get certificates on the next level as T shirts and explodes. You compound you physically show the next level was. You come out hopefully compete on Q did you warrior. And use the idea accused in the show. And do something good because again you know. I can get you didn't say the Cold War is a lot there's a lot of negative he special social media. It's HBO or show that parents. Celebrate people who celebrates her effort rather than just sort of style blog number terror data which are accused. Games you know this. She's like it's. Bunch of different states we'll what we'll remember bits are here for two hours we watch it fair to ninja warrior only gonna celebrate these people America. Yeah listen. In my mind and everything in the world made the news is so awful everything is going on as terrible as its home maniacal ridiculous and social media is just stupid and that. So you don't yet know you'll need to I was watching people win and that's what I need I do I need somebody get a win. And what that's a perfectly good two hours of watching people women that's the lesson I've learned I learned to use 350000. To. Didn't even fathom what we're raspberry Union Station. We saw you know Michael center there's guys like I was down close to where I tickled your natural chip it came through either involved. This young man with autism Gupta and also got a spirited ovation from the crowd. A few more obstacles. If you give a little while the book which you won the Super Bowl oh like that's for a while there was this kid walked. He didn't hit a buzzer but he warned that if it was a lesson of this question the right place. It's probably about speed of the bachelor competing against someone else you're competing against yourself you saw bearden to a better did you get the day before. Didn't wait you know just just keep play. I think you're more of the failure of the show now that even the first season I think you're obviously glad to have a job and you're good at it and you're like man this is really cool thing. But overtime and develop some incredibly. Structured feelings and views about this TV show and I end. That's the testament to the whole idea is that you can you go and let them more now than even the B black. I grew up a board because he knows exactly. And and I seen this. We'll figure out what to take credit for it but fish. Show not take credit for Mandela has not yet able to things. It was all you Matt Heisman official because. Leads that's like they see these athletes have it's it's it's a failed. And what's so cool days. You know if you could do which give. You know Daniel gill flipped Rodriguez or through trash roller Jessie grabbed suggestion about what was dubbed the Jesus there. Because what you targeted inspirations finisher first started. Well it's teaching let me show you but B if they remember their first started and and it's it's this community where they get better together. And again they don't see it is fun competing against you you could truly be curious we all get better together. We continue hopes being that I feel good and it's. It really is it's camaraderie this state of you know where I feel like. I'm so lucky to be a part of these these people what's what's incredible to lose when you can eat. How much help move that we're involved in charity to get back and so we get away. Against these are good people still beat these injured fire mobs they're they're doing more in their communities and threw it at and so it's. Still we're proud to do wherever I go around it. Whatever we everybody who gave up probably our motor for corporate Jaeger on a book about Arnold Schwarzenegger suddenly couldn't Arnold sports exposed. Columbus which is general bodybuilding classic good knowledge. Kurdish ordered. We show work he's pretty average about it was some other dangers are much. Probably just calls her and she's like. Yeah. The also the you have always. Students and outlets or break his. This is very inventory can do. You hate the motivation of these people. And parachuted it's infectious and again which greater. My hat goes back to work out during a mine in bed now. And they give it. Hey go get the money for those corporate boards and who by the way I can get have to joked I'm sorry that I'm. It's actually. Zach baggage on a museum didn't make whatever call you have to you have to wait in line and go see that it was super kick ass when I went there it was really fun. What about the other question do you guys when you're in the money lynch. Highly recommend. Arguably rebuild it would tell you her name is our. I would ask friends there today Mercedes. We're prepared to hey look be prepared for that joke you've got a good people you get down there you let me know all called Dennis up you think you left it with a limousine and then Marino. My mom I'm mom what fly out and shoot or you're out. Yeah. That would put it nicely my mama was going to prison soon. Perry's. The best they can't they do about it. We're not going to be can't do fifty this year but you know I still think kids these the best city reverberate through. And I saw you would in studio visit could you'll meet some barbecue what about. Anytime you gentlemen and then we'll see what comedy tour. Felt good about.