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Wednesday, December 6th


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Enticements on the guys opened the show just to Kansas City with the American ninja warrior. Born January 22 in Denver Colorado. But graduate of Princeton university in the Columbia college of physicians insurgents. Before. So licensed them to you before choosing your career in stand up comedy working with the thinking ground. It's important group and performed on numerous US boat to worse he went season fifteen of Celebrity Apprentice. We'll be back on NBC next year on American ninja warrior. You can see him this victory on the USA network on American ninja warrior ninja verses into. And you can see him on the hallmark daytime show home and family. Please welcome Heisman. You. I got to advertise the Israel gets better I've got a while back to when I'm at home with my experience what I wake up a couple bad. Plays so my parents are out of respect for their side well when we get a bit well. We'll think about it though you went all the way through medical school and in turn gradually banks know I'm gonna go make the funny. Why you idiot it's. How fast paced who's your dad and mom about that when it really. I know I would say it would be my dad that doctors put faster at University of Colorado where else do it since what I deceptively. And the first word that the now world life is short to make sure. I don't know that there are probably a bad word but they've been supportive just. I'll do it content source close to follow just. All I would stay with my hair and advocating that every show they couldn't be more supported Schwab a lot. About girl. My girlfriend that I've achieved out she wasn't at the real important but. You go there. Everybody says that sense of humor what you're much earlier would you open and be. I but at. It's true and you know now she must see that actually you were here again this and you hit this destroy notes. She's married quickly kids who lives next wanna let it spread like your theory. Well I think the bulk of us are glad it didn't. There's no way she's behind you meant did you lawyer yours to lose. And which looked like. Idea I think. About it Atlanta Georgia. Does. 88 eat it heals the hard to see the escrow. Exactly like the small person. But what about. It's smaller than her anyway. Well our he's bigger than mine it's not considered. A sport you can afford. And now. Home and saying she's covering all the base like you let you know toured the. One begins to tell people all mark channel I think you're going to be one vote. It is the morning show called all the Hallmark Channel back so we issue and shot it actually on today you can check out. But doctors and so on Google. Talk about. You're asleep remedies in the late street and in cancer. But but yesterday I was talking about earlier owned a bunny and then I'm playing and head job we can't court ordered that ship. Cooking it grabbed and someone else that they can decay it would and it was ridiculous job. Ago on Universal Studios on the ground zero entertainment and add. And played in and day. Of the week that they let news. Well you're great host and look at the world that make you you know mostly through American agents and an apprentice and yeah but you know that's a key when he's going to be good post there really is not to keep the train moving to keep everything pacing I did you know just keep divide good at it looks more that went on. The good ones it would make it feel easier it make you feel all like every dog yeah you'd oh great. Even if it's one of the Warwick DeWitt age or your union agent and sincerity. And by the way also bears we leave you guys a little sparkly right we have to shut down or tied in Kansas City after you've had a bit of a break. Well I like it you know. It is amazing to see Americans enjoy warrior we've got to spent much all Americans endured major there's danger. We've got a wide experience ordered be touring around the country what it called her the American ninja warrior spirits where every every person you've gone. It can have the option flying obstacles from the course that you do well. You can actually and compete on a professional American Manger where Corsican doubled our bet and as there's going to be body it's going to be some odd the it's ridiculous if he does well it's because of aids action of that and you know who built the back yard course is now open Jim. But you really because that means. And it it means a lot that you get to be a part of the show that people actually enjoys my mom bought out another bare shelves match. It's a gently as we always appreciate your beard and he loves to see you stand up act which is you know. Oh. Yeah you're not afraid to talk about what you well talk about. Outlook either they would fly out to the big topic about them. It let them out might turn out and pulmonary and every joke. And there are a couple jokes I think. My mom and actually locked the doors on me now I would look. For byte at the old bitter sweet mother about. But how proud they must be because there is an that would every every father wants to see their son and mother for the senate success and happiness and do what you really wanna dealing in. You know but but but that lack upbeat but there all the credit. It is like a big. Out of what the doctor who'll united parent you must have felt like we did our jobs. And then to quit you go out to do comedy act that does support they are now actually I think that. I have soul happy. Everytime I'm on stage to host the danger war I'd do it all mark show I loved. Work and I feel so lucky that. It might parents supported quickly delete and that worked out. Oh you know my the bite my dad gave it was slightly short. Dual nature happy I think. A lot of people a lot happier that alt. It's a two different. Bringing a moment that I'm making a little bit so I got a high school they're pissed off a UGD that it is a paramedic. I quit that go to radio I tell my dad adequate barometer 34. To make nothing. And he Tillman told me how stupid Iowa as any kid I always knew you were in eighty. Not life is short you took that she and the well you're. A particular beef from a wrecked and they're they're killing me wonder about this as cool thing that didn't just pay your house I just major. House off of a bit about it should you the yet they chase their true. Do you let go says that at least you can say they figure out well and that that kind of argument Edgar. And I tried to flip it in a way this so what if I had made through night school and college. Who was going to be that you didn't save any money and I'm English used to. I'm an early age we need human college material. A witness that's true. Well yeah apparently motivated differently. I think you know yeah it and I talked blogger not at all we want. It's bird you guys are very important. They always want if you ever advocate just do the same you know you just you just try your best to raise them and give them some values that bad. Hope that they find out. And you know you've found that you love these. I'd sure you on the table that you attack Israel like I can't believe I'm getting aged. At Bristol it's. Still in the bat. And and you know I'm get going this year and Antonio like out on the comedy to a billion years and the energy field like like. I mean get paid to do what they said the people on. So it's it's great that we're live in the. So listen you guys AA needs givers is named Jay got to watch that yes it. It happened and we've got. And that's going to be in February now that at the moment family now is on the Hallmark Channel weekdays at night. Clapped on Edgar it's on every day I'm on usually want sweets so it just so happens on the morning. I'd agree people air tomorrow what you guys say that you don't get enough that I could. Tagged. The big season the American enjoys she and will be premiering June but. Life experience I'm not sure we're doing in this includes up to bounce every stating. The market. Honestly Kansas City and Indianapolis. You know we've got nine seasons. You know probably forty or fifty city Kansas City and Indianapolis have been our way the bet support we devilishly. I'm the best turn out the best crowds it's just been made himself. You know we've all we we we just back there this year. I would love caustic about the standard view in my experience. I just realized what we gotta do what we have to do Sturgis motorcycle rally the biggest one in the world. And yeah I would imagine American ninja warrior the biker addition would net them well. My god I love you I would love. Chatter about yeah. That elevated owns all of that that big very full throttle slid and nothing else. I'm sure we get into a couple bar brawl and knowing me I'd lose. The record straight. Look at it but you as the biggest motorcycle boy in the world the fall asleep and I mean it's a 600 acres and now we go up there to broadcast every year. Being in each of you know those are my friends and oh my god that's incredible so you you work with the guys surrendered. Yet yes absolutely Richard. Those guys have been. Yeah another. What a world war gathers guy's basement where we're fantastic where I mean we get five good years so I mean it was it was a pitcher Jesse in my. That's good bad yeah. I. I. I would like yep they're a lot watch this show I just bought it be like dictate where I want get the door. You hear it in Beatles grabbed everyone's turned oh yeah. Get a house. They would line up I'm telling everybody fancies himself a tough guy where you know you do American all lawyers Sturgis addition it would be insane. Now that's an idea I'm like about. Who's there now that. We'll catch up to each other cement. Well wolf the key chains and he had an elder at my butt but it could studio net book or right. Bring some barbecue red. 6 in the morning really have a good guy we'll take care of everything and yeah joked about what. I'm medalist and have a great deal great shows this week at liberty Ciurciu we days McLaughlin wants them hallmark moment and we look for new drivers as an engine and of course season and about American. Ninja warrior on NBC anytime he'd always look. Well I can't think you went out there you've you've you've supported him when nobody news show I really appreciate it. It's nice to dot did not appreciate it.