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Friday, May 19th


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Born march 22 in Loma Linda California and raised in Utah. He started acting as a young age taking acting classes at Brigham Young University before moving to New York to continue his studies. He made this film debut in the movie baby it's you. But it was roles in such films as vision quest and the classic full metal jacket that made him a star. He has gone on to such films as Memphis built ferry to the mob. Pacific heights at any given Sunday. Transported to. In the Dark Knight rises you saw him as the evil doctor brand rich in season one of its series of stranger things. And now he's celebrating the remastered it's of this break through 1985. Film from vision quest. Please welcome. We'll team. Mr. Matthew movie I want you read. That as Johnny and thanks thanks. I haven't traveled and opens a second inning so thank you very much what. They keep their yes that's so good to hear your voice you've been a part of my life for a lifetime I L I thought that that I actually will then play. But I think you're gonna bring stranger things back but they what you guys did you. I don't know. You know. You know what happens is saying is like a noble. That it turns into an avalanche that did that but it's. I'm happy to say that because wouldn't you like he indicated the biggest show in the world. It Netflix is and a 190 territories around the world. And that. Phenomenon that is strangest thing is like nothing ever participated in its crazy. It's a new world business and you know at first but he was so nervous that you know what to think about that idea but Netflix or Hulu Vudu whatever. But it's it is the biggest in the world and it's real and it's wide open you can have these incredible shows an arc. You know restricted it really is it at a wonderful time to be in ramat. It is all the things is that about it is that it's a buyout and you know Netflix owns that show fraternity. And you don't get any participation. Via. Its you know I mean what. I think everybody that played songs on your radio. Never getting a little piece of I. That is the case in addition. To. Publishing feature now. It's real bad do you shoot an actor should the people who create to show should always get something back to mean. You know that that's for the money is in syndication. You in and it is an eagle from this on Netflix do you think back to 85% of the just released vision quest. Remastered them Blu-ray but you. She's hunts that take me back posting about the Golan because it was associate youthful peppered about vision quest and how huge movie. Yet they equipped is the big. Like changing moment for me it was anybody's ever put wrestling thing boxing gloves. Those. How typical those those sports are there are mixed martial arts today. That that you really learned a lot about your personal strengths and weaknesses. When you to pay for like that. And and laugh out loud and then all of his optimism. Has. Is a bridal. Excitement about trying to achieve something. Is something that. Resonated then and is in some places is even more powerful today because the world has changed so much I think that there's. A correlation between. It's accept that strangest thing that you but that. Both at the stories take place. Pre Columbine pretty eleven. Before before cell phones for computers is that this week people communicated with each other. Let's say. You know jump in other bicycles and writing is different out there and Laden's case you know. Letting down the street and happiness job working. And papers. Saying we need him. That very different world. Yes and you know it's. In time marches on and it's in a you know everybody the old guys like it's not as good as it was but. I do miss that that the lack of communication and because it just now we all standard telephones mr. That whenever we are we we disconnect. In a time we should be more connected we are less connected than we've ever been. I agree with you yet you faced down generation in New York is what. Used to what so few people look at each other now everybody is that the fate of their phone. Yet now it's not until awful and take the thing I learned. For movies like vision quest and then tailored the hardware is an adult is. Never never get lippi with a guy with a cauliflower ear a flat nose. Do you that is as I learned that when the Hardwicke won't start Bart about 1993. I remembered that lesson ever since. Yeah you eight it's it's it's funny make his last it was a New York we were laughing about that as visiting a friend and it is everybody. And I just in the subway were people are trying to not get involved and others put you right walking down a city street. In New York City and not looking up it seems that it the most ridiculous idea you could ever possibly mean it's it's at its pockets does a lot going on Manhattan. Yeah endanger the dancing a couple of people get hit by cart it is it just stop paying attention. Industry. It is why would you go to the city. Why would you be a city like that if you wanna stare at your own it's got more. Incredible characters and buildings in life and art and music and in any city in America. Listen Matthew and I. City's other candidate cities not at that point and my I might not have had my career if they had been for Robert Altman who's. Was born in racing and city. We were just discussing the movie Kansas City today about the 1930s and and that the pander fest you know era of just. You know all the grifters and everything was happening again no people I know it's got a great past. It's three projects and Robert Altman. It streamers which is again about the Vietnam War. Like metal jacket and shortcut. Should. Ethnic movie we. So many wonderful actors and what the Golden Globe was the first half that gave it ensemble award for a the Catholic. Screen actors guild awards and four strangest thing. And to give me the rat I wish I wish we had more time because I wanted to talk to you but I went to Vietnam a couple of years ago and spent fourteen days. It was amazing like favorite place of have been in the world and a what is a political issue but. I'd expect private Joker is is monologue when he says so I wanted to put it it exotic Vietnam the jewel of southeast Asia. That it is it is the big kindest most gentle peace. It really is it really is an aid it's it's I wish. How well you know what I don't you do more press to talk about vision quest or stranger things because I really wanted to discuss what you saw when ice opposite. You really did become a spokesperson do that character. Board that entire ear that war everything that was happening that it full metal jacket which is is a legendary movie that Lipper. Any time the great Matthew movie I.