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Tuesday, March 20th


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Our next guest is an Arizona woman who has made headlines due to a rare condition she's a good. Called foreign accent syndrome where she goes to sleep with severe headache in the weeks with a different accent from a country she's never visited. The show my. Michelle how are you. And more being gay. It is so this is such an interesting thing this foreign accent syndrome because my mum. Is English. And she had a stroke when she woke up and that she has lost her English accent but we never heard that we diagnosed in this for an accent syndrome because she. This speech the English acts and not English but American accent now. We'll say like yeah about what happened. A movie. Yeah yeah I take because that nobody we just went well I guess it has a stroke you can she she gave you any urge to smoke after smoke into that today for 4050 years. And she lost her English accent when she woke up it was gore. And now tobacco a little bit more like you can hear it now but it. It's but knows completely gone when you walk out but nobody nobody called it one accent syndrome because she was here in the states and so does it didn't seem. On anybody who was near for the first time and medical care. What I think blocked and that you authority he would allow. Architect and it's exactly that thankful for an area so that they haven't seen that the big light greens. Amy Nixon camp yet and the patient alt well I think but no Brady. But that's exactly what happened. And you've got about half of an English accent and I can tell you that you're you're this you're fighting a little bit when it's not a. Exactly. What she didn't know about it that it's like a speech impediment as well. They'll eat it pretty you gave it all. Hectic and how they actually accompanied it today nonsense that got. But like I did hook up in the morning not much going on it's not. And you let this happen before the Irish and Australian. Yeah I was actually creepy. How can say they need to get this stopped and I think stock had a headache and my dog so what if your comments in a big deal. But then there laughter and I woke up with the Iowa and I think for any parent I think genocide ended it was like a consultant Jenny Lola. So that's that's an interesting question do you does your inner monologue have an accent or is still under normal voice. I'm all people I think I don't think I did pretty silly I can't feel this platform for people can me. I think I only because all he had something called off because something. And I want it got me I obstacles like eight and when I it think sometimes but I don't know why that happened. I think. I did or do you think I think it does. Since so. You are you made that right. You have my new yeah. Great. For me up like a let's put it it would I feel look I know are you married and not miss. You can count how much going to be a beer. It's going to be like us like a whole new things to our I hope I. I you have a guy fat (%expletive) kidding into that they let it would be really neat because I think they want to exit wake up and EP. Russia and up Irish. Doesn't have to cheat on me like I was maybe. You know I'm awful what I an Alley and we go whatever we need you say he's not had a little bit from within but it. Did they that wicket when the headaches that go back I'm actually hospitalized three point eight or actually stop beating. There might think I'm not. The lack in math facts behind the board thinking. Now you've got to Indian yeah you're right you but you have to have. Yet innocent humor about everything is put the accent because otherwise it's just it's too hard to live this life. The end there I thought I was not I think I'll probably depressed about it about three months but that wouldn't get away. And yeah yeah like changes it if we gave it to a lot more to identity. As a city. Sure. That we know nothing about how how crazy B if I get hit in the head and then come back with a Chinese accent and then they threw me there aren't. The big races that. Oh. Me and they need to wake up the next day I get they need immediate Helen thought Vicki right foot he is again on the eighteenth I think our news. People calling me today saying. I was kind of shocked. Ended in the Internet such a mean creepy place like I mean I can imagine how many times did people like. Lives scam you know. Yeah they can't let them not that I'm actually I'm actually quite shocked it very very sick very sick kids got people fail to integrate it. It is I get called law that name actually is tasteless. He has actually been able to common they got there about on this site. Like some would say they like you you really you really are British and you just try to endanger American. I. You agreeing prod. Well you know at that point there's just no way to get mad about that his show and sorry and I really wish your paired with a bit more of you know pro choice. Yeah I think actually. Now looking at it it's fine you what I think that the human I think like educate people that just how bad. I do you know other people like me at some people who actually at all because it illegal speaking you never know what they're not great. Yeah yeah no no thank you since that and they just hit it it would make this company left for about five days and this fire and until imaginary bow up if if if you get hit in the head you come back in nearly full in my six. I can't I can't you know. I act if people say like yeah. I think that it gents let's have a retention it would be trying to act. People call you coal advocates I mean it's nothing about like ground attention this thing. Ace you say absolutely. Under you mean they don't know why it happens but it is actually accepted by the Mayo Clinic I neurological studies they know this is this is a very real thing. It's rare but real. And feel for it to die and in fact finding just agony that bunch of gobble or his. We look we just all of us in just a bunch of garbled weirdness are doing. In the end they always. You know they connect people for sale I tried to get you to educate others as well let. I apparently a stranger that social. Do don't they its greatest telling mrs. doubtfire. I she can't move the time that you didn't like a UI propane. That may popping like I'm ready that would try to kick in and fly around the comment. Yeah and if you got mad. That's fantastic. Yeah you're selling pigs in Arizona. Yet. I gave it not creepy I ran off if it gets a break itself for my mosaic and I I do a bit bit. It one foot Oak Creek what elderly now let. Best seat so really it your view Mort was a sporty spice than anything else now. You both got our. Look it five years old and why is it a chance. And a no nonsense I said you were sporty spice not 45. Despite. I won. The sport. Right but all right what are we looking at what I was the blacks like I was married scary sounds racist to grow your own problem not married. Not married Mel B we now know that it could. And the Victorian I don't. I'm not I cannot fight and it I thought that people call it a mental thing a colony own meaning you now they can or something people like. Yet I had a at the doctor at some of that entity that's written. One million. So how tag me out injured and edit or not fit in just. Funny I think your name. And that is pretty well that's something I'm scramble back. I hope that and most of all hope that they gave you the right medication and somehow they get these migraines and the control so that time. There's some breakthroughs isn't this is such a debilitating if it's. Come applies here if your mom staying well you have felt about it that I thought I. I will I will look just for instance I. Oh yeah and the fact I know leak it I never considered until that. Until we have more interviews but that's thank you so much to get a beautiful sentiment I didn't think they.