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Thursday, October 12th


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Born July 17 and Abington Township Pennsylvania and he began his career as a model before switching to acting appearing on the series grounded for life. He's gone on to such films as the Texas chainsaw massacre. Cloverfield. She's out of my league. Can they help and on such series as under the dome. And Bates motel. You can see him every Monday night on the NBC series the brave. And on October 22 you can see right here in Kansas City as the official starter for the Hollywood casino. 400 at Kansas Speedway. Please welcome back to Mike Vogel. This is my friend TV shows and she year old at the Kansas Speedway on the 22 that I didn't know you're into racing. Haq Abdul like you do an activity oh in the old ban. And become there in the the great city and cute article. It's fun it's really fun and you got a guy you like all of. I'll dogleg to the blog I'd really like Carl Edwards that we know all of you this I really admired both pilot. Great charity. That we do cycling right church so there's from back Iraq and an adult link up with. The NASCAR racing which finish our finish our rise where the race was part nine it talks civil pot it would be years so a lot of it he common. But yet there's there's some exciting guys out there aren't true Kyle Busch got upset at the. Admits he's and you write about call one of the nicest and it's something about him he was just better and he's genuinely a bit human. Economic class act guy absolutely and walked away with. Everything intact and you know no big crashed and CT later in life you know money in his pocket lived and farmed out fairly. They have announced as the front about. The fact he would fly himself in and out. Others are right in my heart when there's new mustang came out Mike he can by the studio and at the new bodies years ago it took me that got him to run through the streets of Westwood. Way before the Jeff Gordon Pepsi commercial. Way before. All he was fair and I mean it takes a lot to get me that nervous I'm like Jesus credentialed sideways through an intersection at sixty miles an hour drifting through parts of rural and suburban neighborhood like Randall. Better to do it let nobody predict until it. Deal with that guy. Flawless flawless I mean he was he's that good he really is that good so he's we always do every Kansas City bullet and that is as well as clear as usual Boyer. Right right right now we're not we're. It's as to which corporate. Who gonna do all these movies. TV shows in Europe I mean you find time for all of the stuff that's that's hard you know boost those licensed don't follow it you know what the trees. It's as a big built. If it were actors in a blunt about work. And I didn't you know I've been fortunate. Fortunately they did the you're out my career in. Growing up in Philadelphia. Outside of so yeah I grew up outside look at her date every Saturday at all outside. The chain sent out to watch. Light up every Saturday and now all the airplane before it got involved and act I was at the air force academy. Albeit far well able to do. Acting took off really really quick I fool and so it was kinda that dream that never died and I had the opportunity. In my late twenties you get my pilot's license in. That that's kind of my it's my second load it. It's cheap it's got my look for the passing on the much hit the sun. Sun at the same. Enjoyment in that session an airplane that I had a boy it's beautiful the kids got. Yeah it is a diet. In in your right. We have a friend that does stunt shows little by planes and he's trying to keep the thing alive because he loves so much and you know we have we forgotten that that golden age of aviation of just. They were we were so in love with it you know that barnstorm hours and then a military ally in the and everything becomes habit. And this'll nerd out on your formula I at the Kansas Speedway a couple races until the honor of meeting general brigadier general Tippett whose grandfather who deal again. And Andy I mean those stories here are priceless I mean that you know you'd touch history with the. And that generation. That generation that is is is quickly in that league meeting in. You know who it was my my grandfather's who instilled. A sense of patriotism. A lot military in those observed. And and so my great memory is sitting at their feet listening to their stories. During world war two and so you know the show should operate that that we're doing now and BC it was a bit long in. A bucket list item for me in my career to be part of. Bet dozens the military members and it's so much family. We have given so much to do it and just it's an honor. And you try to cure what they are sure. And in Yemen that migrant parents instilled in me trapped up in that. And that the special ops guys of always been something we're fascinated with I. It's lucky enough to call Richard marching to a friend and we met you can few years and he has the home if you met Richard. I've not met Richard but I. Well well well there. Year's. So so fantastic if you get a chance to run across him and he 75 now and we can with a Muppet Sturgis Rica to Kansas City and spend a couple days but you ever get the chance me and make it happen you'll be so glad you did. I believe. Probably the you know what you bring him on his especially as a writer and special advisor for the Braves keep in key Bennett's got. Eric. Hello we have we have. Job openings of Mika thank you. We've it looked over number 188. Does nurture. Is an hour into our visor and he's that he's an incredible guy. Well decorated. But also. Come out of the acting at a big itself so you bring the only the technical and tactical with him. She knows how to blend it with the creative would choose. Which part of line below par and you know. It inevitably you do want these shows and you'll get the girl our court tactic I thought we we. Know you wouldn't. The way you would normally do it does not translate on camera so you're finding. You're trying to find that blend mobile world works that's what we're so fortunate to have each leg. Well look you know I know the real operator wouldn't take the time to keyboard warrior. Yeah it's just they don't think that's not in their world because they are the real deal it's the guys where it went too many you know magazines of of you know special forces you know whatever I wanna go be a Merck. And it yeah that kind of an add those guys those they're boring they bore me to tears like. The guys who get mad to so it calls the clip it's a magazine you like watching real action grown sugar boom boom roads rails. Right wreck that the guys the guys that don't talk to guidance saying nothing at once need to worry about one there's probable with a mouse that there. You know probably read it somewhere but it never dot. That's it that I assure you I've never seen Richard angry my single but I bet he can get that way pretty quick. You know. It's something that could tell that he can he got to eat that. What's that will let them I don't see that. How is it if you issuing a show Michael you guys know from everything from she's out of my league effort and help from under the dome. From grind from Texas jets amassed and now the Braves on NBC Monday Seneca Kansas beat him. You come out so well adjusted like it a good human in Hollywood and that's you know you travels circles that you're you're guide him camouflage unicorn. It is that it it is going to be quite honestly be the its operating but it also my much spam. An amazing woman or white and she can eat. Slaps you around an atomic humbled that in that I'm a little bit some sense. Edge you know she she turned like it let me it's okay I'm a ball duty it worked and that's when the work begins. So I think I do I got married really young and and I had the privilege of blowing up. Live my life and you know gone from being achieved in battle and now adults and parents. And that just keep your head screwed on straight you realize. Why you do what you do in that I am you know all the all the choices that I made the rules that late in the now my oldest daughter is getting old enough to figure out the Internet in shaker Al. All those things you realize how important it is they keep your nose clean and to provide an example because that stuff is there. For. You know or shall forever. She'll be able to pull that up in the one can also wish all the as. A memory daddy outlook. But it also the responsibility on need to make sure that I'm leaving it like. I was you know what let's let's try to catch up and grab a beer when you get into the Kansas speed on the 22. Our loved deeply grabbed the. Obviously it. Absolutely supposition and you're welcome to stop the show before the tortoise and get that morning political talk racing to have guns duct. Military talk anything to a flying anything. Don't quite do it.