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Wednesday, April 11th


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Born march 26 and 24 again but she studied dance we're over thirteen years and was a self described tomboy in high school she was. Regularly bullied which sparked your interest in martial arts and eventually moving to Nevada. Family and train the legendary Ken Shamrock is Jim. She made her professional mixed martial arts debut in 2012. And since then has built a record of seven wins four losses. And now she tells her story her new book runners. Please welcome. Depends and it. You know you've. Hey am OK. And you get you back to ensure we spoke when you learn when you did dancing. So. We. See you now until I saw it get him in this book yesterday in that. And I think you know I assume this is going to be a book about. What in the put a pretty girl who's pretty petite into it in such a tough sport. And that will be the story that's you know when you look at this and then I opened up and I started to read it in and by the you know an hour into that my face is red and I just what they'll kill people from your child. While you so much now that a lot I think it is but he. There aren't I he I'd be good at both the. Well and the more halfway so. Let's talk about that because you know people are gonna assume that when you see a pretty girl a cheerleader. You think her life must be perfect everybody must lover there must be the easiest life. Now infecting maybe that would aren't getting the letters that list that I I think you know I'm. You know I think actually gain air and I mean he didn't it went on the right foot. That Barack. Marty Allan back on I did Levy a little bit more and and here is in the right where I like it dot. And that means that look at somebody will eat out what are you should be well but. Not actually that they are English lit pretty hard look at where it. Listen I get it in your view. Your ostracized by these other girls whatever reason they don't accept you you'll never it never except they do stuff like this cool. Childish awful stuff like saying hey we're bleacher. All the little part only the sparkle to the game and your moms drive you over there and you sit for thirty minutes in this dark park once we realized it. They just did to be holes. And then you know they did at a popular boy shows interest in you and in that of course. Yeah I think well maybe this would fix it invites you to a party you show up. And you're the only girl. And Aybar got the we've been drinking and that's part of being exposed and but it goes dark it was really dark. It's. These guys take turns and then when you walked back into school at this awful situation. They've already told people somebody that your average went slandered becomes letter. And they just it just becomes absolutely failed to report witnessed a teacher centered. Yours your classroom and it says you can't screw up my. My ride scholarship. You're not in the same thing I've video what you did what we did you. And you know and it would play out. You know they are well and our planet and act like you this story is something happened art people it. Is wary at eighth and I don't really leaning ending in. They like don't like this in the right well yeah they did and then back and Robert and Mary Howell and looking back you know I am excited and that the book outlet I think now. In the yep and it it was wire but at least in the act of love it here at orient the outlet in the. I'm telling you pay to never miss another fight ever widget did you pledge because once you wanna see wind and I and I think to myself I don't think everything every time she gets in the octagon. It's got to be that Linda. Or that I think that that that's the face Yu who you know none of it tells you know I admire him ethnic and it's gotta be what's driving that anger. From from that humiliation and in that awful just yes it's. Which by the way because they haven't got wasted any of those guys ever get brought to justice any was there any retribution at all. Know what it. You know rule certainly I knew he lit everything and had a daughter are giving it. A wildcard didn't. Let me elaborate. And it is there could well look like right now about. How. But those guys from high school did nothing that just it's it's just Dave they just went on to college to be the same creeps and rapists that they did package and at. It scares me for every girl that you see growing up today. You. And so biting save your life there's no doubt fighting to save your life. Well we'll. Leave it and I'd ever really quite like actually I eat well I got a little bit something he electorate is. Not. Eric for Atlanta and error every night at Baylor is the people like terrorists if you. They didn't underweight. I'm not in India at the end it really that we have here and it did you. What's the weight what wins straw weight while it was at 115116. Dijjer you're petite but it's. Listen I wouldn't go to utility that's a fact that it's. It's amazing you learned I. What was your first your first I knew you got punched in the face like I mean really like. You've got the ring here in the gym we which shamrock and you just clocked hole where. Aren't out. Yet how it fifteen and you either gonna walk away. And never do it again or you're really you're gonna get past that moment and realized it wasn't that bad let's do. Yeah I wouldn't let me back here let me get let it be antagonistic let Eric if he can't. So what let. But what made you good what what what drove you that it did was childhood was it natural physical building was on all the above. You know openings in an act and he liked what we that was involved in. And ethnic ethnic quickly turning it. We got all the other day that. All week and that I quickly. You know I will be. In England I am but. And act without it now and it you know where not right here. Yeah you listen. You've had an amazing career. I wonder what's next for you could hold you know. Changed. I laugh because of my all this this is and now 24 AM and you've got so much road all week. There's going to be great war. You will be great. And I hope at some point you know you I hope one of these. One of these bastards who looked you in the island hope that for whatever reason you get a chance to face them and Albert goes I hope did you get it. Thank you to come back now right yeah. I'm doing my leg is now diet but all our. The book's great but the finish today so give you more book two hours and what I would like to hear more about. How that that might treatment now Seth was involved in your life and everything that went we prepared if at all about it so it's. Did it well and I had a clue what the listeners that figure that part as well for you do more to order let's get together again let's finish up this book. Could you voice. And.