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Thursday, November 9th


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What are my favorites Pam Grier is on the hotline right now. Tons of great movies coffee and foxy brown and scream like you screamed at tons of good stuff. For me 26 in Winston-Salem. North Carolina. She made a name for herself starring in such seventies blaxploitation. Films as foxy brown and and Friday Foster but she's gone to such films as Mars attacks from the original gangsters. She's back in theaters in the new film but great. Hollywood legend. Pam Grier. Thank you very invitation. Was the unfortunately at the journey to work lit. No wait for the defense. She was such she. And and black and brown. We hope grandma got it usually killing people in the community the last. So hard and didn't get movement work with its. But with forethought we did work done another. Hallmark movie together. And what little we get this opportunity to do it because it's very timely a lot of seniors are losing their homes and their. There retirement your developers and we go after them. And I. Well. You. You laugh and I've grades Florence Henderson memory about when I first got the business she was in the show. And we are doing an interview and so to him about drugs and I was a kid that was honest and about taking disagree with some budget times. And I. After we hit a beautiful time shoes everything you wanted to be and then in the mail a week later again it might and it says Johnny lay off the gas towards the. Why won't he let. We would do it if you're quiet you deeply afterward we created a hotel. Let strategist shared Hillary event and how we juggle our true leaders of our personal lives that. And that we weren't really beard being able to me it's great to work immediately got to let you judge why halted. He lobbyist trapped it's that this film. It really helped as you know the real killers so it would. I'm hoping it will look like they're grandma ultimately lies in the pop flies out to the movies get we get it on capitol law. It ended it there and you ignore that don't show a lot of characters with great year. Like the British do you like it gives you know there and yeah a lot of characters that you know maybe they think it would be here. People who aren't aren't seniors tour very competent and Newton has the chance certainly can do you want to share that yet. I no longer it took me up and I am I grandma. And I can tell you my friend that you get out of my hands. I look I'm not only kidding I'd love you have no idea that Jake you're talking about how much we worship stuff like coffee. You know and in foxy brown and women in cages and called great movie. Acted so I think although we don't you can't keep under the same but even more intense actor didn't let me be cheating top economic data. You know why do we do laughing about how great it was the right. I'll that you didn't do about it that they picked up at can't come out the Taliban. Look at. You get to be friends and he's good Kansas City guy well at least he was here for a moment was. Fred that the hammer Williamson. Yeah and look at least a couple did not count together and it was denouncing it. And I know he's maybe I'll be able to do that knack for many back out. I am a lot available. We do have a theory that. So. Yeah he he would eat it dear friend absolutely love it in Indy I think we have again our comic yet. To get him to do you know comedy and where weird you know right didn't he what he that he likes. Looking serious with a cigar he's absolutely hilarious. Spierkel he didn't mention of that fight not a lot of people could do it. One day he was late on the phone doing an interview with a us and we finally got him in all honesty and truth somebody was breaking into his neighbor's house and older lady. And he went out and beat the guy down with a gun and go hook up could come. Yeah yeah. You wouldn't bet. I would all over here I live on a farming Colorado and then the big thing. I'm good at buffalo got out of my neighbor's ranch edition above my property and everyone that they can't deal buffalo fans. They know. Police using jet then that go with this property. Straight and I think every time we have you on the show you were just such an. Genuine legend anywhere so beautifully and I can't wait to see bad grandmas out it's going to be great. Only I am I wrote oh I'm sure Lou I've taken my mom I'm bundling her about the walker the whole thing is it. We've got to go see it tomorrow and she didn't feel ourselves. Out there and all your free is good bad good analyzed. You can black people make kids of the I didn't have a good car. It. You are beautiful and it gave him. Yeah.