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Wednesday, March 21st


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Your friend Pat O'Brien is a mile line right now. Born February 14 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He worked as a reporter in Chicago and Los Angeles before joining the CBS sports Premier League to take. He's covered numerous Olympic Games co host of Access Hollywood and I'm here he told the story in the book I'll be right thank goodness and continues to be helping voice in addiction recovery. Please welcome longtime friend of the show. Pat O'Brien. Appeal will be reviewed me. Update here longtime friend of the show you want to. You how is everything has your health everything good. I'm great. Earlier yeah who has. My mom is great you you know we coordinate. And I can't standards and compatibility center pussy because. You know I know. Everybody in the world loves this basketball tournament is right here in Kansas City and all I think is it ruins all of my hard time because nobody let me run the jukebox and everybody has to watch television. It's ridiculous. How. And Navarro won Canada airport bar. You what Michael Jordan and the TV without sound. Like really great baseball game so I call you old won't slow going pitches you'll. Jordan each other changes to a golf tourniquet. I believe. It or what you can. But part but luckily no way stories. Ever start without isn't above Michael Jordan never met anyone of them and you on the other hand comes back to your book the other day. Well and it. It was just astounded by how many stars that are friends and in your Rolodex yours your cell phone contact list is amazing. I'm ready to change it Rolodex. Appalled at what's your right now a lot of don't want me Janet. People like me won't you aren't doing it. You're lovable but you know what you're lovable whether you are we party would them or you're sober that's that's an interesting thing because I think. Sometimes people find their sobriety and it's such an incredible change their personality which. This is somewhat striking. Well they do and that's the total diet drinking but. Yeah it change your life around the united changed life much shall drink. I think I'm one of alcoholic to go to a bar actually watch other people drink yet incorporated. As friends and hey who are old political. But some don't play any good friends and alcoholics or on school. Should the bar and the fact slightly. Yes I mean yeah again it's it's you know I the same thing with that without a smoked three packs a day in quick. And and I don't care if you smoke Grammy doesn't have any effect on me it was a harnessing ever did quitting but it doesn't bother me to be a Barbara cigarettes or anywhere else that it's just it is what it is. Let's nicotine addiction is a bitch talent in the days it's all. And it's down. But we're don't let fate like Natalie. Who you look. Well oh Blair. I don't like about my brackets. Deciding what do you look at the middle of any single out women at least gave you talk about yeah would you well. I don't know losing you to do forming. Well and so boring to really breath once a year your dirt road. You know. It's fascinating to watch and I. Ration predicting. Who listens to all of those. I you know I hate sports. Let's play hard facts that you because you you know what's going on like I hope we win I would achieved when the royals who went alleged our local colleges do wind. Beyond that I just there's nothing inside it I don't know what it is I'm missing. And and they grew up. Three Brothers. Normal and every other way they like sports you watch him every weekend for whatever reason I had no interest and and and I can't explain why and I know I'm the weirdo. Little. We would be dropped it but. Hi I grew up in South Dakota and the only sport we are at what Harlem Globetrotters picture what year. And that followed Minnesota Twins. But. That it is fortunate to like this called well Dave got the job. Yes I know shared by the shared view my Harlem Globetrotters childhood trauma. What Darrell and I swear to god I watch it sorted by watching or. We'd go. Two for a living Hays Kansas my father for once takes me somewhere which is unbelievable because you never guess anyway I was thinking that went. It's like oh my dad he and I we go to the game watching the Harlem Globetrotters are told the original guys met elect lemon and curly and everybody. And then I'm in I'm in love when they're playing the Washington generals and that get picked to come out and do the little shuttle. Usually come out they've bounced the ball than throwing the ball you bounce it back to draw back it goes back and forth he tells you put your hands up which has did you do in that we put your hands up. He pulls my pants down in front of the entire crowd. I'm standing there as a seven year old luckily I mean I'm wearing underwear but still for seven year old like. I'm not kidding I am distinctly remember. The entire place going into slow motion like. Those contorted like happy faces and I'm just trying to pull my adds up it's like the nightmare did you go to school that your payments on. And after it and they did pull myself out of where and try a world that pulled in on it you know the sheet. Contributor creature a lot of news about. It is not a 110. Pounds every polish it off. Make it work for. Sure you know Loescher. And you look at me and I got little or. Our guys glare. Tori and relate to their two little kids. Yeah yeah anybody you rate. I Jose's Leland. Is that I can remember that's probably my most vivid childhood memory I should probably be laying on the couch or paying you to listen to retell the story that. Do you let it anymore now I don't you understand Angela did you pollutants pants down. Now whether basketball seeing who is likable charter rates well they have a unique and critical part. Yeah. Speaking of wacky did you see the football player the Brothers. I just love hearing on. IE well it was a Buffalo Bills player and the vikings player in the one guy was naked and Zain. All my job. Aren't there it is actor will you back here. It's like yeah yes they really completely beat. If you tell you wanted to jump out of a thirty story window can JaJuan award for Jesus why your naked you've done the wrong drugs. Oh and but couldn't you do run into a lot of cocaine. On that it's what the bad habits it's only toilet it's. Also find it hasn't thrown a pick that car. As soon no matter what it that was. It said PCP a convincing. I did I know you you know you measured you know issues as I have. And but I never did PCP I did everything else but I never there was nothing inside and it went you know what I've seen people try to run through you know cars. On PCP. And if nothing about it seemed like a good idea. I introduced. Children like I did the first story PPG in LA. That when eject into the truck. Called PCP but like in the community and actually could be sorted out it would have pioneered the coverage of these people and. These court granted a little bit jarrah would never pick let but bill hair. Let's give it back to you guys the same guy who. But he good but this is the story. We ought to shake your pocket don't think the quote. Always always there's greens PCB video of their skin was the one with the guys running through the parking garage at full speed. He tries to jump to the back in the minivan naked and he makes a good sized dent in this back in the span. Gets back out and he runs like that terminator speed it. And then jumps on another caller and that's a point she careens off what in slings him. Off the side and he must fly fifteen feet native land on the asphalt and get up and take off at 25 miles an hour running amazing. Let's help you see these stories. Hey I think I know you're sober and I'm you know I have great great respect that you've you've you've you've been amazing it in turning around. But I'm bringing this up quickly. All these terrible people we see in the news now the Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey is like in the list goes on and on and on and on. You know and you got crucified. Because you were party one night and left a dirty voicemail. That's me I. And I initially thought that the way you got treated in the press it's literally like. Point 001. Of what these animals are doing. All I was the first person who won't make history. The first person to be good news for being drunk and charity Adelaide that in New York. We'll we'll look at them and. The guys who isn't absurd and just what everybody was an adult and nobody was forced to do anything. It's it's amazing how truly dark Hollywood ending media industry is it would you can part of being normal human being like you are. Arm around a novel but who will gradually let me. He. Allowed coverage on drugs. And expand it do everything. There are mean and then they go look for. Sure well and I don't think the drug thing was even you know what this new line of talking we're talking about you know that then. You know the sexual assault from the movie that you know moguls and what's happened is telling people are making a poor decision because their record up. We're talking about completely sober middle of the date sexual assaults. And and it drives me crazy that you get you to some pretty hard hit somebody you shouldn't have taken. And now it's just it's part of our everyday life. All I took him and that it I made money off this beautiful. Trees yeah. And yet wrote a book about it and I read notebook you'll love the title. Over the course of my own life. Have you thought about just calling it PCP tales from my childhood. Your corporate director person now and I'm glad. Now these are very now are you were two hours ago last may you youth from South Dakota to where you know you're entire journey. It was it it's gotta be hard look back and any regret because he did some things do not know this too much fun right. But background up this early crash at my coffee. Plus easy things or address. Actually I think. You know I descended on us tonight. And glad our weekends are tied themselves and battle. It's always hitting your voicemail I'm glad you do well. And I wish I can speak to sports better than I do but it's well. I don't know unknown and I looked up to be because you don't do it all exports. As a human being that's me that's what makes you fascinating. Who did the people you would you you were friends when did you defended like you couldn't sleep terrible stories like. You didn't use an honor and character Maggie Gallagher flawed guy like. Super famous it's one of those and just find it the whole story fascinating again I'm looking forward to your next book. It's created right this that they don't know that I know what they did. Really dredged up by a man and they got a lot going. And don't forget go check I'll be right back after this and wait for the next book is that. That's going to be great and really important thing. I look forward to our union troops at camp basically OK because. Listen about a bright kids don't stay off the PCP.