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Wednesday, July 12th


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They polish or maholm right now but the good friend over the years to this you know I'm missing I'm really do is Paul and a team of forever and while last time he was here he was. Open looks and tender that was pretty fantastic and it's ridiculous. Eats it really mean he would be the funniest thing. Because knowing it always been so intrastate and truly like I'm amazed at a low level. Yes I mean just he's a good looking guy and he's clearly a movie star a great comedian and he's had a huge career but just it is astounding when you see. Decade after decade to decade of the most ridiculous amount of sex and and women. It never ended for. I never I mean. We haven't I haven't diet but thanks to transmit the and HIV by an operator. I was half sexism if he pitches. Is this here hero of the hour. After both bids beyond. None of I look like that I'm the last week and it's sad way to beat that at least in name only and tonight yet. I've been negative. We are you know I realize they don't have eighth because I am hey. And barriers. And I can't catch him. I mean look at any given moment in Africa didn't keep the weeds and Hollywood. Born February 1 in Hollywood California. This son of the woman who founded world famous comedy store on Sunset Boulevard he grew up around some of the green to stand jokes and comedy history. Few launched his own career. His own show on MTV and becoming a pop culture icon. To the big screen starring in such films as Encino man. And the army. Juries giving them as well as some documentaries. Adopted. Pauly Shore is dead and now he's hosting his own pod cast it's dot com. Please welcome and long time friend of the show are Pauly Shore. I. Look at the top has that level that some equipment Barbara Walters in an area. The area in China. And actually OK. Jeremy malaria and adapt our. So are you. Crazy career you've had. Just it's from from growing up in the colleagues clubs to MTV to the movies that have just. You're you know checking your own documentaries. Like that and we just really at its amazing and now the podcast there's just there's going to be fantastic. Yet the iPad down but I can't think that it's fun I was I was he knows or cordless probably. Record gas from the mid cited an abnormal mob slipped on the mall and then I edited it and chopped it up then. And each person out there on the documentary it's pretty clear that he could go to crackle. Dot com that could happen between now and apparently it's it's dramatic Sony. Like others supplement typically can you might that's. It didn't happen in this that would put them on there and that we can actually. The exit from the opposite during the day and I'll. Tell him and he is all of them in noodle soup. And it sit down commitment rocks and intent that. In and I have a valid then yeah. So when you see how that happened out what that was an amicable conversation you guessed it sideways. Bully talk about a lot of things that people probably wouldn't expect great Britain and make I go to the Russians out in LA it's that (%expletive) you know. Then Dexter is there all the time we talk about meeting him at a Russian backed out I don't think you'd expect Dexter Holland from the altering the direction that out. We are living and I don't think it's so weird that. In would you look at in this draft went. When they first started and how you know product I think on The Jay Leno Show years ago and and it said the new built it and I think that way these guys realize that you were famously says when we value on. Jay leno's show group he separated. Here illegally against the idea that. On the U and Russia and it grabbed a little bit but the that we've put that in the arsenal. I. Agreed have you ever run if you're clear capitals beat for anything on the show that it was interesting thing on the it's almost always you know he said whatever it's never the truth the beeps are almost never have any real fan. Had a guy down there and tell I don't know really is that it make it's pretty proud obviously that Ratner. And that it interactivity directly at like all the talent films and I don't hold much other than now it's like it's. Had a Warner Bros. and he's a friend of mine and look at some comic now. In them. In legal problem pretty hard about how. When he first started you know we want them directly and he's well. In the kind of partly on might do it like united actor like you know I can't do that it's simply need and then externally motivated him to every time it you know instead of yelling at me. I think he's done OK I just to the quick Google Hercules xmas list and rush hour to our eyes and he's evil he's gonna he's going to be all right. Egypt that you could sort of lots of odd that didn't have an idea within the areas we can and typically. Don't you love that though because look we all ebb and flow and and and where we are our life like I've seen you Wear. You weren't easy to talk to because you viewed as we're happy with yourself aware you were you world wasn't it and I watched you. You know. Roland and more for the vault and who you're gonna be accomplished director. A guy who's above the free them and we knew what you do is you work because you enjoy working your creativity and you're good. And they are not happy again until it's going to be hard to talk to me. You can put your get a good to sunglasses on to your feet up on the on the desk again. It's not a good. Selma and we don't know you know we are both literally doesn't mean. You know sometimes. You know when you're on the road you know and and you're going to stop it and you know you're flying in and out at around that he you know actually it's very important interests and concerns. They come in India do radio and you know I don't you know that's just you know and then go out you know I don't know in the United States. Who look. Did there was a time when to when. You don't eat as much as you do maybe the world had only seen one facet of of what you had to offer and that's a frustrating thing for a guy who's got real talent who wants to be a writer director who can see much much more you get stuck in the MTV thing and it becomes unpleasant tried to totally get that. But I mean. You know yeah. Well you know that's it's they can you know everyone's kind of known for movies a little doubt that Williams packet that hey it's done all these tournaments. Polluted and obviously an absolutely not I'm not sure. Q&A lot of them out allowed play you know. I'm particularly. Busy you know candidate. To you know I mean I don't really loved. Kind of complaining stop and I love doing things and scratch and an important about the things that I put out particularly. Well that's great documentary it's some of my comedy especially in the there's that's when crowds of people feel that things will be pleasantly surprised. I'm actually pretty good interview. Will leave and I think you are the guys you grew up in that world you are you go through and through. Pure entertainment I mean you know you you mama Mitzi in that. You think you but only you've seen all you've been through every facet of entertainment that you've lived here. Of course it's great the polish tour podcast show on crackle dot com. Did you get at today's matter of fact and let me back on we'll talk about no we caught up on everything for short. He and I'm glad you guys are still out there in the you know keep killing it out there that's awesome go to groups he belongs. Good everything's good man militants. Eggs every time they re signed a contract and it's again. It's ridiculous it's got to end soon you know I mean if it has to. Somebody here has been coming here and get out there it's written better. 25. This year 25 of the same radius. Wow whew. Whew. Yeah. And it's it's great yeah. Like that are. And truly miss him but you know all kidding aside and just genuinely proud of our relationship but there French over the years has just watched you know for. You know more than two decades to you know work Q what happened to be really great director and writer. And in just in and show the world which are capable it's it's it's been genuinely enjoyable to watch. The L thank you thank you for around ten having anything you for the support. Maybe I reprimand. And that's that's yeah. Hey you eight of all it's. Either wind objectively it's glaring we are Likud at a right. I could before you used to run around hinder you saw the with a girl right now. No nothing there that was. That's a good that a little bit later I was just checking it out. That kind of like doing my own thing yeah. You night. Then let's get jobs who hope you'll come to gamble we'll talk more about via the Pauly Shore podcast shale on crackled coming I'll keep pushing another. I would do it.