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Monday, May 21st


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Born march 23 in Miami Florida. For graduate from NYU he worked as an actor before turning to the Internet where he became one of the most. And outspoken celebrity gossip columnists and bloggers in the business. Celebrities and courting controversy along the way its web site Perez Hilton. It's one of the more popular sites on the Internet. And you can download this podcast. At peace scheme on iTunes and other digital outlets it. Welcome to one can only raise Hilton. I. Great high. You know I've always happy to talk about ecstatic that the more things to talk about today. It out here. Enclave. That they were not into the royal wedding but so people or lie. Over eight million people think you let alone actually. Or people in America. Lots of British oil buddies that people in Britain. I grant it a lot more people live here. Oh yeah a lot pressure. Brought billion people watched it can't. I was not one of them. I think I want to on the news I watch the clips afterwards. I think it it felt happy at 4:30 in the morning at I had a particular equipment called yeah. Hey I'd be very well rested but I can enjoy the show as much as possible. Yes yes it will but you learn about this he's that crazy Americans definitely everybody's got that thing that some. And there's some section there and that like hope. And this there's some whiskey tango business going on in mega marvels at the so. Her brother of the crappy letter so tell the guy because he was mad he didn't get invited Tom Prince Harry hey man you should pull out she's a terrible human being. Then he he backtracked on that would still try to get invited and his son and ex wife and other son I think all all of that in London and he gets. In some kind of a nice situation you've got you have that in both the the knife through. I'd love to try to prepare my it band. And then they sit up. Let them believe made up that incident back lowered now the paparazzi were allegedly. Chasing her but oh lead. That they had no record of anything like that getting put academic issues like the emergency room and all that stuff and of course the status of heart problems but. That being. All that but nothing that they at the ready it will put more powerful and awesome for me it's seat was vacant Markel author a black woman. The it and say here it is that topple it would be very thoughtful. And just looking at her feet history beat me that I got me. Almost that hated ever came before it. These data it is still at the awful family effort that it they'll be into the media public as a shutout yeah. You're getting paid to beat the media every if that's something is getting at eight track. I of course well listen. In the end it would I thought I would look at prince airing them they can. You know what you can use a little color you almost see through you or ginger ball ginger is meant that family was definite need of an infusion of of some new blood. Is he here in America when they when you keep wearing your own family it's called hillbillies. I'll look back at me about the families that occurred but it is just that that that doubt that the fact if you got up. Right leg may make it part of that and have that money to help them Powell Powell. Well. I actually had thought they'd be with Prince Harry. The activist that light. Paul Abbott an apartment Kensington Palace I wanna be there a lot of help well she she would have been like OK I'll look at the policy could put your vote for it look at our. Yeah well you know they got is now they've got pictures on the wall that say this the insult is her family if there ever seen anywhere put them in jail immediately. It does it's it's all that was it the bullet with a one brother shall not gotten the bar handed over the night to the bouncer but then I do say. He brought a because Donald Trump said London was a war zone and I needed for protection. Oh. Yeah that's just awesome that's just awesome and every way isn't it. But thankfully about the wedding is over feel like we're gonna ignore those people now I hope for the. But you know who knows you know it was nice to meet. Look I like it as much and say look like they really love each other he seems like a a good guy he edit them pretty hard beginning of those moments. Ripped away from him and his brother very young agent. And that's tough I mean it's hard anybody whether or not you are royalty or not I mean that's his brother always been good cats and they think they stick together and and it seems like they're paying them. I get mad at tonight's. I agree yeah there and it fossil bed he got that. It's different kind of foil as evidenced by the kind of a woman he chose to marry an act stress the of merit gave it lose all three different things that are not very confident that area to what you're British royal. And she is hot as hell I mean proving that that's the whole match racing it's the best way. It's the best everybody looks better it just every time you Siegelman. Every time use every single mixed race couple known academic that's a better looking in and you would have bet that's and troop. Yeah I keep I think about it it I would visit that I could do it that I could do that wherever. I've got three kids now I think I'm good. There. I listen president give me the wrap it's been do you voice I'm always thank you for stopping by and whatever happens man would this follow along it you know yup you're always welcome. If so much appreciate you guys haven't got what do you run to your.