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Wednesday, December 20th


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I misspoke on the long time Perez Hilton could of course. The most famous online gossip columnist by far too reality intern in the TV personality the website like everything he turned and stuff. Born march 23 in Miami Florida. For graduate from NYU he worked as an actor before turning to these Internet where he became one of the most. And outspoken celebrity gossip columnists and bloggers in the business. Celebrities and courting controversy along the way it's his website Perez Hilton. It's one of the more popular sites on the Internet. And you can download this podcast. At peace scheme on iTunes but today he's here. To us about the top stories of 2008 to seventeen. Please welcome raise children. You can move. Handsome bastard. I. Well I just want to I hadn't checked out a photograph that you and they and I look I was like I didn't look at him. Handsome devil trapped inside the other guy. They get you know it's hard work. Maintaining any sort of fitness with the retail trade. But I'd do it a lot it seems to me now I'm. Singled out of Korea. Differ perhaps he had loudly and clearly Egypt has three kids loved being a parent so I do little but. I also love my stop them built so happy that fourteen years later that around and appreciative to be to keep the guys this morning and and doing what I'd do. And you only you could without a doubt the ailment I mean. When we nobody even knew what and of the longer. Online gossip purporting wasn't announced that more it will give you an entertainment that. It you were without about the first one out there and he made friends you made enemies you you have friends that turned and enemies it it ran again. Its search they I started before. There even wild eight social media and the media has definitely changed things so much I mean. What are the other. Well we'll get that stop sort of figure that one of the big stories of the years ago. It Donald Trump that you know he credits Twitter was getting him elected its. And Twitter and mr. grant and YouTube is also responsible for a bunch says. Young people being scary and very sick although most of whom you guys had no idea if you're already aide says. 22. The girl so that there. Celebrities like. If you cuper that in the grammar are they that pot or others with whom I thought we are really obnoxious. Culture that I was my buddy Jesse's daughter paid. There was some crazy manic to exit at the mall to go leaps and you tuber and he's. There are seeing these you know for a two hour show these kids are walking in making fifty grand and it's crazy money and and they've never done anything and YouTube. Yeah and that's not going away anytime I just wish I hope that it hit that they're being Smart with their money do you. Mark that you have short light cycles it for the most are not at these. Youngsters ever really last long time. That despite that does the way to YouTube and all the other platforms look so hot for two and three or three years men about. Really you know we we all hope they're Smart there money but we all know there's no chance that's actually being a semi. It's because it's ridiculous it's money for nothing. And and and you do and you're young you're like this will work you know it's like being eighteen I was pretty sure I was going to be eighteen forever. Well I you know not that great hit some might. That they get hurt if person on the planet. Netflix your city that we go to Howard Stern or last that it Howard Stern and a little myself coached and that the Teixeira lit into the city. You yeah I heard that by the way fantastic job on the prostate karaoke. Did you lose a relationship over the. Right you know over that the last time I was Howard Stern but we can't really talk about what happened last. I'm all morning ray. And now whether it was it was a finger push to say there was a finger. I think three years you know doing the lord's work in just did not work out offered for the guy. Yeah about I don't regret it at all I would love being on Howard then we have the fact that you you. My appearances. Here than at the very loyal passionate fan base in and I am happy to be a part of it's history and hot pavement. Journalism at its into those things like he's the best interviewer I've ever ever. And just and so now I'm of course I'm afraid that he anybody in reduced as an option that got him I mean that is just yet. That are here because you know what people buy an aptitude Howard stern show you you agree to like the game yeah. They get some idea that showed them the blame not the answer questions. He better be honest Alastair well it and that's what you know you were you come into I think you have to add a bit of that in yourself as well like you're you're going to be. You'd like I said before you're so honest with your reporting on the celebrity scandals of the presidency with everything in social media. That you've you've had some some legendary feuds. I mean I definitely. Try to be a more positive. Over the last few years. But I am still afraid to share my opinions and just by sharing my opinion would that affect these. Sure. Who who who still will not talk to is used to talk to you who's been with the top three either like and now we're done. Lady Gaga that's yeah that's not fair either. I was big Brit it's given me the rap Olympics and go to the next but Merry Christmas to you industry. And I over it's beautiful and the better your points and you'll look great my friend. All say you appreciate it happy holidays everybody merry grip that equipment. Yeah.