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Monday, August 27th


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This next guest is it when it came up because of tees. Odd foray into the swing your world where he took his wife who's on her menstrual cycle. Who swingers party although there was no chance she could participate or wanted to despite that she wasn't feel sure. Right but yet he still choker they went anyway these would have made a lot easier. This would have been this would if you had paintings that see shark week at the right from. Its. It says everything you need to put out. There it's it makes it perfect and listen I don't have time to two memorized when you are going right now knowing that if you Freddy Krueger and your pennies and some background bed sheets or all of our auto talks. Or should you rank of master of the uterus which it's yeah the little happy little look a little kid Freddie Krueger nightmare a bed sheets. He rainbows is likely you know if that's the period that the group report is delicately there. Still sees bleeding reign in big trouble in little China. That's one of the all about that. You know we're here fingertips information technology. He's got the best classic videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen that one tells it like today I was second bleach my breath when we hear the Johnny air morning Joseph understands them better. Just like your job. The lines are. Yelling yeah or laying the button down there now and as always your memory technology here there are still a Johnny did a morning show right now. Today is there brain designed to come here HA RE isn't the brain that designed dot com. You can do away. Little malice and under tell us please. Chart we red round rainbow first blocked a Kremlin and. It. Okay sorry. For the similarly today thanks for doing the show just been like genius idea when a genius. Genius idea nobody wants to have the discussion what you want in no way you were closed for business refute. Without it being grossed like green is the perfect answer burger. You know majority it was as a ladies. I know that was. My idea how about living with a girl and she had a pair of like. Perverts and appeared in which Rolex stained and grit and you know the occupying an actor. And down. Note that tying teacher took that much product mix. The multilateral find. Out what other. I think every girl that would tie my favored by four is cool. Out. Yeah want to really popular. That is one of the best. And clearly you're from an old school because and that the buttons and ones like an old black flag logo which of the advantage in the gamblers is that big red and actually just an. Yeah it made me in which your favorite. I'm are at it that oblong or on the you know it's at all kidding aside wouldn't it be easier. For her mom and daughter discussion about the whole thing if you like it my way here. Let's not take you seriously I know you're gonna freak her little girl right as of now it's just keeps you had that you have to have the discussion. You'll ever Ali dictate that you know terror and evil things I think that you know you're younger wrote it's bodies change all that business it's got to. The pretty weird like I mean security insecure and and you have this coming out you never know what's going on and you wonder wired to this lawyer like you make out yet. These peonies hey bring it on Bradford for. Mother daughter you know in these two easier set this is where you never knows that the it would creep into. It's a matter of fact it's better than that nasty old you know. Like the doors that you're talking about discussion with your memories that it figures I had it figured out your mom didn't like your wow this is what's gonna happen. Look at the I actually had to look into remember how to and definitely cool good parenting that that is for an interview kids. And partner the UST with the congress should. Or. Is it that I'm so. Much not at it to do you have kids. Neither. Leave a note that with the rules are about this business because I have all Brothers. And I assume that moms talk to their kids about tampons. And periods and in all business. Oh yeah I've got notes that since with a bunch of brother so I mean right critic you couple that I. Really had no idea critics. You hear that coming up with like that part of them. On. I do you have any bad reaction as a band any girls that didn't think this was great. Little sir remotely like it actually leave the teenager. It's always a development like period starter kit it on the parent are doer. Let them then you puppet. You know kid these like. Teenager on your ordered that answer. They have what they haven't that the that would make you laugh and yet they're still terrified. Man with a good attitude towards mysteries which is why I did today the greatest when you have really is the nobody beach agrees period days it's. It's unfair it's you do when these are says it's the blessing. We referred the metal in my in my world as the blessing the blessings arrived them you do who are so good. Mean you took all your birth control let's go with shoppers and choose clothes go tonight to celebrate that and remember take. Every single. Immediate pain but you want your period you pass rush and me for me no small party wants him like it's. Party canceled it red velvet cake and it may take some maintenance for us girls that you wanted to show you when his late note that. You've got it. Even among burden the money part one it's just a flesh wound up. He asked. And so good it is so good he thought about branching out to some of the other issues and women like users yeast infection one. I amber isn't I migrate you want you know what you should do the east Eagles. Are up when you're up they had just if you get a childish you know gentle joke equipment and the pipe weed your future. You're right you please do I want to give a few. Absolutely free of charge you some of the ones we worked out here in the other room we worked on goth girl on the front this is my vagina as a cutter. I. It got into sports he did a horrible it could have the Los Angeles this chargers. Who. Like guests that electric cowgirl this is right in the component elements. That's a great in the earlier voting that to you Brandon Allen had this. I. It's a how much yet it goes and goes and goes my friend and these people want these. Then all the it is just jump on the web's easiest ways is good here bring designers here shorter URL. They're branded line. On the hard bounce one. The white people can go to cued up here you can attack on. At that keep your clear remembered. You know what somebody just a great one. 372. It's it's a strip club when he's called on an obstacle that when a group in their Packard called the wrangles. Didn't like. Dragging it out over a refugee. Org are egging it would. It is this is because our rating Welker. Should I look I wanna see them. These nobody knows where I. It be. Earned. It's really funny and the website doesn't stop there this is that the color eyes but you go to the website guy at every design company covers all kinds of underwear for dudes period gays women and these men's undies ones he's stuff for little kids. Would you have an maneuvers guys were listing them. All loan. Just. And then of course our vertical rock that that got the one of the ghost busters and bust that makes me feel good pitching and the ones user fantastic as well. I'm drinking prior art and he always hungry those are those who got some friends of little kids ought to send those to use them back but it's all on the guys to check for yourself. You've captured spins everything cleared stuff even add to that the period excellent color hair brained design dot com. And we'll throw link up on a pace that year. Are thicker and listen I once he put those together. Are among that you hear. Is all human and you locked on him burning the network and every time. Yeah thanks for coming by the let me know who they're not anymore.