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Friday, January 27th


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It looks columns on the water you know he's one crazy bastard team really. It's leopard and important paper over a hundred million records on the one of the biggest. I can tell you. There's certain albums in this life I can tell you where. You know analyst. I first heard leopard. His new idea in aid because it was it was picture. Never forget opening up. Is. So good. Oh. Born December 8 in hackney London. In 1982. He joined in already multi cylinder. Filled into the. The biggest. It is this what. They have sold over 100 million records worldwide. They continue to sell out shows the world. Wednesday June 21. You can see them line for the sprint center. Please welcome. Yeah. Thank you appeared there. Kansas City agree really. Oh yeah. We reminiscing 1983. My buddy's house Jeremy can put it on we just stood there. It steered the record audience is listening assault on immediately went and dries you can you can listen. On the night all of it just me. Well thank you again article if you do political class. I you know what I Reebok and so it could play all the old vinyl. It's just what did you think about Def leopard and end of the matured success came eighty's and ninety's that. Ego there's bigger ideas I never hear like the three fact that the Def Leppard sound was stolen and used by other artists in my leg. The very soundly and edition twinge here you go that's the it's undeniable. What got you the model and felt that you could you know he's yet to release these and as you know it could political at a social that's why they're. It Turkey some crooked he's the comedy it was just I feel so left yeah on the that we get beat cops but he's he's very cold related. Sure but the board should the first band that he that he pioneered that sound glib. Why are probably you know you'd you'll be done Bakke that we have a keeping GL. Like Phil black it was thought the law but I don't think. Successfully you know put it what you picture it like you know. That actually get through life like it that we should not like people that country to thirty cents per. Little sudden you know that they figured it had to fight such what active in Japan and it. Sergio pinkie was your IQ that successful example of blended rock it all together. Yeah I get the first article really. Enough with the humility you'll accept the compliment Colin. Or could. You guys and it's I think one testament to hear genuine ability. In that time of the title of the music was pretty just dispensable. But you guys aren't we still go to huge nose in all the adverse to the but most importantly we want to steal a test you performed and everybody's a is good as they've ever been. Yeah I think even that you know we've we tried coached all think you know. That does that big testament to its surprise lost you we will sort. Every wrestler ever heard it said that yeah you'd better that I said that he would feature so that's what it's with. You know it was cold it actually it could dvd set the cup and now in in a couple of we actually. You know we Google can showed its oil and yeah yup it. It got better about them that we're you know we don't like it tribal. Beat Clinton was able to get that thing. In fact say hey how's that it was Vivian do it. What a pretty good Ian Ogilvy and looked up to insult me Bob except. This bit saga that kind of kept all the canceled by ABC you didn't really good place taught absolutely nothing to cost them yet almost about what's. I was glad to see him when he joined the band years ago. Quick side stories when he was the deal I was a little kid deal was playing your kids sandstone amphitheater and headlining sister opening you know walking there's a backstage pass puzzle sticky set once more at fifteen or sixteen years old and I knew it was forced error and back stage but he's nowhere to go once you're there in a really little kid. So I wander through these trailers until I see DO that I approached him and Vivian around and he couldn't have been. Kinder to and obviously goofy little kid that wasn't supposed to be back I mean he was jet to his dad pulled out of that autograph you gave it. Yes absolutely yeah you that the little kids as Patrice yeah yeah. But he's a nice guy and yet that's what the thing I took away from all of that is a she's a great guitar player Richard good human being. Absolutely. If you get past that you know certainly created. That the that's a by. Could you guys there's not been you know people leaving I mean you've obviously a tragic people passed but you guys it's a this doesn't happen often you guys stick together. Yeah I guess so revolving bill Belichick's it's more about the personality. You're supposed personally like you to get to the apple left of the it's been together because they you know they are ready and I each and I think it's a double. The personality I could look I've actually got a call that creates these because blow. Sure absolutely it does at the end of the day would you if I mean you really feeling Hartley it's still a family and Def Leppard you guys the bad it's. Above all it's about you guys being friends and. I doubt without doubt on the list essentially pole so yeah we actually spent or conscious effort that we did you know have blocked well. It would when you consider you got Haley Barbour might succeed certainly I teach me whatever. But we'd like you said 34 years. Which one you know. Because. A bit about this together you beat him you know you BO or look lost together. So it is to putting this belong on what you think about it and at school but I did not you know there's a the other guys your agility and it would get it through years before that I was. Yes forty people you what you boy that I could I do oh those kinda together. Wonderful life really. A lot of people there and you be back making people happy the sprint center June 20 hours without always going to be fun to see you guys will be there for short. Absolutely important. That everybody especially if Campbell that was huge if you. Absolutely thank you ticket.