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Wednesday, August 29th


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You're breaking nowhere on here fingertips information technology dollars that's classic videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen now and I'd also like today I was I get bleach my breath when we hear the Johnny air morning Joseph understand that some better. Just like your job. New thing on the Internet. The lines are. The button down there now and as always turn it brings technology here Thursday that Johnny ceremony show Brad that looks great. That's the day agent was with some positive signals that. And now. How are you so my anger and more I eat it well how are you and while I am you know one well with a clean bill of health but I appreciate what you're doing for people. Along wonderful we used toward clean anymore however I can't. Get it out what we list. And that you need that in on guys you and we get air we got the bag of her acting I recently like the treatment and that you're not for negative you can keep it at that for everything anyway. I don't complicated more accurate on assisting like I'm playing well I don't have any. I you don't. Now I germ phobia canal is in I don't look at it like. Like good people bad people I just have a germ phobic world of instant. If you think did that with the girl and currently dating I didn't maker shall we heard little blood test and actually undermined if that level of like. Let angle. Cool because people arguing that the bat on a normal conversation. Happening early that charming conversation on I'd love to have it be more normal to more regular. Not weird topic and awkward you know lecture. He liked people at that question and in immediately like ordered that independent met here worry that with everybody. Else you know and just actually being actually helping responsible and I care about my health and your callers speak like not look cool conversation. Yet just you know right out of the gate who we are an adult themes addressed abuse are sacred I don't I don't think anything I just I think we're all adults here in everything that's consensual is finding good ago. And you gotta be you know Smart not get popped up and make a bad decision in a horny no I mean it's we've all done it. But you know in case he did and you end up with you know in the with the hot freckles as we like to call in the herpes. You don't. I've never heard that it's you know I have heard everything I ever heard that it's sweeter version you at least she's hot freckles. I. And that it be looking happens. And and so we have to what do you what do you do you know so you you can get online and then is Weatherly in maybe Yuma has some of them went neurologist but. If you if like say let's say the guy has served as a girl has herpes game they they start to. You know go out there dating each other they both whatever have a break out does. It doesn't create a different kind right into it doesn't doesn't mutate does it does not bad because I know they're worried about HIV like. Yet there are different strains that that I should China over complicate it is he can ask each of you wonder agency Q. You have either one. That make electric that the bulk of the opposite version don't like it in and then people know the agent speaking there are actually get her strains of the virus. And we can potentially. Early in fact somebody here air act and it was a new strain what you're. Bartlett likely do so in and that's just not talked about regularly go over that simplistic way to say it is yes it you know that you have eight at BP kept it odd that the black cat and it was strange because Egypt are restrained and and then he gave somebody else to pad that is wild weather and neck and he or or capital by the first agent you want an all of the armed and on the term coming out how to candidly. But then you're less likely that contract either the other. And attraction to you whether you are different. Yes he's like get the vehicles as though it which by the way. It's it came to him much fun it is to go to the pharmacy and pick up especially in the summertime when motorcycle trip I always a model that would mean. And in select group what does it it's it's there. Ball out yet so I pick it up and you have that moment we're trying to explain to the super hot former C girl that's not it's your. If I sign Burnett it's enough. And all you know she's pitching is like a cartoon penis has read boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. They care less than you do. You know most the medical practitioner in the medical field and let oddly the all the time and giant paranoia and the fear and like oh my that would even think about me kind of saying the majority of people get cold storage which is typically HE SP one or early. And then so many other people also have it just it is generally have to eat that Egypt you know more cabinet you even realize and there's nobody it talking about like weird how magical. I got a buddy you got on his nose I was like someone's been somewhat been down. And when he. Kept a irk you a colts from that there was like literally it is like you are getting the. I. I think you'll never get Internet hit it. Out. I doubt if they don't nobody knows that that actually. It merely needed contracted that he got somebody in yet. But that might have happened because in and transmit it to condoms don't protect everything like a lot of people have aura back and I. Yes and that contracting it cannot even protection that either. Listen it's simple and everybody needs to pay. Have nobody needs to be known and loved it and you know just eased me into it works and I think people that rate of this conflict looked pretty addicts are out there no pun intended. That they don't tell you hey man at our. At his or shamed and addiction but they're so desperate for some kind of companionship that they just don't value and and then what happens if you follow them then you've got to make a decision likely get rid of them because I don't want I don't wanna get you know. So this is a much more honest adult way to do and I don't this its its positive singles. I actually have a friend that has has herpes in for a bit tight that they were dating like they didn't want a date they were so scared because they don't wanna put something on someone else like that. And their fear was like we should they actually Butler had mortified somebody like me should it was a that's weird sense that she and what are what is it like the HPV stuff that did it which by the way this is our most uncomfortable. Like if your guy who go down a girl but that HPV beverage into the with us through cancer and it's an amateur. That's not cool but that's not cool little. They're related but are you can't be tested for the cancer strain that cancer during the reached Pierre high risk strains. The only thing you can get it right now at the board to keep it genital warts which nobody wants general or. War economic thinkers are challenged right by. It was actually the lower strain that don't cut cancer. So they're not non problematic and let your you know compromise that tickle encapsulate. The rare what they're population. And how we act and most people majority of people each beauty and most people want people don't know at her age as you want or. Is this some what's this what's been a number of people as a percentage of a male female have the that HPV. Eight maybe 80% by the age of sixty look at each he'd be at some point. Think about it like a lot of people know if someone's patent abnormal pap smear like Mickey probably not let me at abnormal pap smears did the doctor but you ask them. You are norm because they're so common abnormal. You are caught by the HPV I felt you had an abnormal pap married at age 89 point 9% of all abnormal pap smear as you did you had a sixteen times. I'm. Yeah its advancement they're important appointment and it is his. I just never enjoyed the term smear just isn't not that you may like your should be another in terms of the same as the hot for you just so it's like. Thankfully shall we renamed that mouth hugs. Get a bit gad has this much not conceding that big NATO Eddy type I love but I appreciate it. Would you would you appreciate a lot more if you boyfriends like you know I love amount. From human. That sounds like ice. And we leg press and or and not much. And nobody will be mapped to come up with something good for pat. Listen as a guy we're just yet you were just trying to come up with certain things just so we can get. Past the ugly part generally mean asking parts that the terms produce. Like you know. Nobody talked about it of that weird there's like the dating you know and you don't have the daily act against cute at all. I think quite a peep partners in my like I'm I'm 36. Our contracted herpes when I was sixteen that was twenty years ago. And I have transmitted it to like to partner volatile. In that twenty year like my husband doesn't happen at my ex husband didn't have it. And they are not really that Harriet really I mean there and many partners to look like we broken out and then they acted did you see in the picture. Because he could have repeat and not have to dump that got a lot chat afterwards to know whether there's just something productive start to disclose. Element outboard boat like. You could actually date. Without transmitting net and I get that spear like having to disclose the people that where like at this single content to people are still worried are on the intelligence partner and that's it for here is India rejection. Carried into the conversation I don't Kubrick and I mean people just don't talk about the regular infect that class you get these pictures. I'm lies and mean genitalia and what the worst possible scenario it in the Third World country and that he would admit that occurred on experience. Yeah yeah. To tell me this sixteen years old to happens do you. How terrified human need did you got did you parents know he did you tell them or was it we've just on your own with the knowledge. Well apart and I was with my mother because I've had my current outbreak I typical outbreak that he would see here like they talk about we need to limit talk about an art is. And yeah I'd had in the first outbreak that we worked so Ian most of the most painful and most collectors and whatever so. At the time I don't doubt that Turkey day it and it just not getting any battered I'm sure owed by my mom and I were closed at the accent pocket things like that our game is pretty open. I was blessed that way but. My mom had had an idea but didn't wanna tell me and tell me she suspected it like you're just hoping maybe from I think that that was put and that being licked the doctor's office. I got diagnose the experience itself the Portland look at me. Yeah look at. My private parts walked groom came back and that the herpes it's the worst case that ever seen in your perception about you know information now. It's really come and they'll be OK he'll be time. Or because I don't think about what that and girl well little sixteen a brilliant articulate and ball and share your life so her right. Nobody can ever love you and nobody you can never be intimately than anybody can your ear marked dirty or for the rest of your. Exactly what I expect I don't remember them and I repeat. Story but that's all right that all the way home nobody ever walking again and nobody look at one affects each and Iowa aggregate Mary Catholic kid and and all those things who rushed to write out. It would do the app I would amassed along and I really believe that because that's all I've heard about people that I think people who contract that all the big ties language and information. So in my mind I thought well I'm being punished by god for having effects of before marriage and the church current thing now I would not acre island but it's my punishment and now I'm damned forever and he's just all of these things which are apparently because it's just I can't I mean we're. Body they're amazing recently ample and and fallible acceptable to all manner of things in the kitchen product a product of being human in an adopt and sexually active and on April 4 but not the end of the world are at it and I thought life. And listen I gonna do side of the positives Eagles back out of the supplies view if not you've got me. The problem like you know nobody can forget that there was no discussion weird it's like he's talking about the other image appeared to mom never talked about wouldn't talk about it you had to do what have you been to my great you'd have to ask other girlfriends another prison girlie did the same age are going to together bash. I'm I'm just told me don't and that any girl that would sleep Whitney would sleep with anybody because I wasn't special. I. She did. She knew she was gonna go to hell she knew that much machine and anything else about being you know pot as the Internet is a word about that because I was art master reading costly which being Catholic I was already all right let's let. And it's it's just it is there was no way for me that you get past I'll let Leah I skated through those years. And didn't have anything bad about taking this move definitely when I was eighteen Hollywood. And of course I did all kinds of really Smart things ended up a couple guys in the apartment complex. We knew we were all with the same group of strippers and one of the guys came up with something we all had to go to Hollywood frequently and that the first time I ever had your first one. Let me tell you. And they are doing problem back then Kenya and Leo right. Important people felt like she bounced Lothian sentiment Blatter nothing has ever looked smaller than my penis and that ladies and. Back comic act and and that's why people were getting to act then because they were doing is archaic. Horrible ways in which to go out and even experience itself the question they asked and thinking they'll intrusive than. They don't do or eureka talked. And if they do appear at a clinic at and walk out and got simply out because you do not have to get that done to get an act she iChat just don't ever know it. Think that it anyplace is still doing that currently go someplace else you have that option. You so it positive singles that come all the you do sign up and then I just a cost a little money how does that work. Yet that that I don't hurry and then there are additional features and the like almost every traditional dating site like you wanna act and the messages and talking to people on things I think you are not registry. But and the war he kind of dealt in that support that chat there's a lot of like help trying to expand their that story an acceptable. I'm but it worked and start looking happen. I'm looking at your back with somebody ever do in the tradition dating and that is number them like 45 bucks a month. Like all the other dating site I I didn't that I applied its jets the technically could say which are asking ID happily tested positive work. And and but the night we can see again I think you know I don't really think we all have to get date. Somebody who had this thing and actually they're not I certainly don't think actually but I think it greatly if your stupor petrified. About having that disclosure conversations and it's a great start it yet in my upper case not eat. Here's another eagle and Janelle here's here's the other angle let's say your guy he can't you just have terrible which it. But you know you always get a little hotter girl she's got a couple of yours is an element of what I always I can get a seven if you singled and when Nokia's ended an eight if you know she's got a huge drag around and think about what kind of odd to you gives you could remembered which condom on watch for there is that. But if you will jump in the pool of like that didn't make it simple. Like to think about if your guy you can only get before you get an eight in this category to do it with. I ask low hanging fruit ray. Well no no I guess I'm just glad to tell you like. You know everybody needs of ever look at it have you ever seen a growing selling. Have you ever seen a girl so hot the guys without any as the Ireland now I'll try I'll give it ago. Did you keep I'm an incompetent like yeah I'm at a time and it don't care and amendment. And I think they have that confidence that. Our current administration didn't yeah. It's been a while speaking that there's one lady you talk about like. She really makes it tough she's like. I like current top forty merely that she's 56 and that's not a problem but I just I was getting hurt I'm looking at because I pulled up though the website we put in our area. She went up forty music to there's a point against yet. I've trumps support to keep looking so there's at least part of the society just went out the door she's 56 part of more societies at the door if she doesn't know what type of herpes she. And of consciousness and really. This whole. I'll bet. And usual condition was stagnant visually which a lot of people are I'd first like I didn't know the agency chief that strange until it started doing that work and I want the SPD projects like and I. Doing trying all that I'm contracting an app and then made different blood that would normally it sometimes it just as a culture lob and then look under record at that appeared the buyer at. And you don't actually know which strange cause leather would be just wondered jail I would I felt yet that it did not comment however people are welcome in the bell. So if they you know outback can be transmitted in that there's a risk of contracting in different type. Backtracked thanks so you have that conversation an app I think people look like once I get tested positive or something I can and our partners in and now I don't have to have a kicker. Conversation because I know what they have and they know what I thought that they could still has put up with somebody contracted committee and the name. You're a different kind of impact. But all that stuff is all cure chlamydia syphilis gonorrhea and all that stuff is terrible I mean even hepatitis is is they've got a good grip on. Yeah the appetite that he kept being diagnosed most people are and that they're gonna now that they haven't action might have noticed. But I'm and I'm from the majority of people I've never have a clue. He don't know and he passed and then the neat I had. It's not getting treated it can be are being here terrible damage lecturer at docked specially for women infertility issues and things like 15%. Of all and fertility is as a result of an untreated ST. It Ingrid are infertility cases that crede and that the treatable. Like curable issue. That's a sign of ST hi some. Movies but I. Haven't had children without like I'd buy an 800. You know about that a majority of our life they want to be able that the English. I listened to my expert action. Very cool I honestly like. Again the reason we left this is I think he if you give if you make seventy series that people can't deal with that's why do you think you got a real the last pitcher weird situation and this is the way the world is made it's tricky it's tricky world but today. I totally agree I like I have Turkey I've had the eighties I've also had each been beat up at react TD to talk about it. East I hope you haven't I hope what we mostly that would be Gretzky AB's. That without my ex husband actually say he'd cheated on me at the time normally Alan Geithner earner result of cheating like herpes poverty that that was just me. I think back but yeah. That was actually achieving situation and and he didn't try to grow in and of itself because most people are freedom but some heated tiny little might view on yours and and like that might themselves clock when that epic skate park when they re at all under your get all of that irritate your skin and dark ages and make and they make like that like a little red trail. And it is also curable speed to remind wash your sheet and go away but of course nobody wants nobody wants any tract infection. Hit him with a bat for obvious already out Allen hit him with a bit back a cortisone and intuition Willie Nelson style and beat him with a back for a half an hour for skate. I mean that they're dead but wrapped came out at structure and it wouldn't remember and that but I remember just like you have a body like whatever you don't have her freckles. I've tackled by little that I am back I wrote it down tight credit and can they use that he would back. Ali war's been a community need to make T finishing birdies and I Apple's hot freckles. Cash jackpot freckles you have fear. For you this anybody else sees this man. Listen this is what you your world is meant to the plaza singles common meet somebody you don't have to be alone so any time Janelle would have we got colonial is welcome here all right. Why I appreciate it happened yet but I take care. There are. The condoms don't cues from you know wanted to hurt would he hasn't. You want some kind of public inflammatory disease the very phrase pelvic inflammatory disease. It is not a welcoming news. Is TV this word a discharge. At some fun yeah it doesn't always go into windows losing by the way. Don't be that guy who's got the condom on his penis injured guys face buried a bit. Making choices here man don't count me. I know you've aspect now. He wears a condom. But still jump on my game. What's been in one of those guys like in two we're being the end of the American you know about that part. You see it. But I think yeah I.