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Tuesday, November 14th


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Tuesday and Rachel Jones is going to be Willis now and I'm sure you don't recognize the name but. You may recognize the story her father was cult leader for lack of better treatment that terrible person. She's written a book called breaking free escape polygamy the FL BS told. And my father and a new Warren Jeffs was. So polygamous child molesters just an unforgivable. Unforgivable currently improves currently serving life post want. In Europe. And I can't. This book is in him. And it was hard didn't write this book breaking free escape polygamy the F odious ultimate comes out today right. Yes that's what makes you write this book. A lot of especially. I mean first day I start pregnant because I learned the people in the church virtues to the England kept and that can mean Victorian land grant. And so I just felt like people need to retreat about lines and my father and so they can choose that they really want. I learn that and I felt like it was helpers people who aren't bad situation. Because they made of course we're treated as he was being. Persecuted for religious beliefs and polygamy but me and he was just a mile an awful human who has hit the western and you know and that's the tip of that. Yet again he is a master deceiver and they and so many people they're still believe he. Infant but they don't know what you really have done. It will and he knew what they don't want to believe do that because it shakes the faith. Right right upstairs and make their salvation yeah and he when you were eight years old Europe you know father with a huge. Yes yes he started his abuse and and it and an inability. Appalling to me because it was against him is very on eighteen you know he he has going against his county teams. Since that very seek and so the people there don't believe he really didn't. Well I mean. That's that's unforgivable that you would never that you would ever side with somebody adult over a child is uncomfortable thing. Yes and I. And then they they. They put to an arrangement that you were eighteen years old. Yes yes and then the third leg to. American eventually got slightly. And so you're in the middle of this. This world that's had so you're right it's a cult you have you how many how many mothers and women were in. Warren Jeff's life when you were growing up how many wives with. I'm there's only about it and fifteen and then at the right not married he had about thirty. And later on he got up to eighty some seventy. They had to know there's no way they didn't know what he was doing. No and they didn't heed either of them really. He was that got over his apparently he was he came act differently down. Underneath him he didn't let them feel like they had any right to militancy. And Adam. So now did you get pawned off on this other guy and that was TT. He you sweat much kinder than my father and much to seniors and in general he was night but. Polygamy is just so hardly can live off it for the kids because Chile Switzerland. The women are killed or any children. And it it there's no peace that answer because it's not NC we're just not in that world I mean game. You love somebody you want to be them and they wanted to be you and and no matter what it just it just isn't gonna work. Right because. Is that lag county Florida hasn't it changed. Fair and so now you're in the situation eighteen your beautiful girl and your what what do you think you give me do you wanna leave you wanna see the rest of the world he wanted to escape this this this insanity. Not the Hawaiian island I was just glad completely from father mostly he earned I thought I was happy I thought I was in and it was mostly later island. When investment finalist and so many of these jet funerals. About the end we can be sentences they can sense. We can project is certainly can Nike carried densely offensive line and it just got worst winners then. And mainly from the kids to Munich and it is true meaning of sir. Seven and ending nearly Indian I didn't want my kids to be made an excellent. Now what what would it why would a husband or wife or mother not feel that hug your kids what was the reasoning behind. He just said that god would he says similar purely to love her that we can it not even that each other at all the firm handshake and shorten it. But what about. That sent to your husband. Oh we didn't get an asset. By 2000 and he doesn't set they have not meant to. Because he was such creed and so screwed up inside these were. You know that this. This all. In yet felt like we didn't want anyone to have what he can. Yeah it's it will share and they just it's it's all pretty clear whether with a monster is so did you ever. Did you have a chance to confront your father. And I did ethnic Pineiro and the rest until then Hummer so hated him serve as a piece of me. And then yeah actually you know said he's sorry but then later it felt like to. He's punishing me trying to take me down I mean we feel like I was worse than he'd. And it. At and then when you try to leave the church of by the they would be just like Scientologist they say that you must cut off all ties and your family. Yeah I can't talk teacher ever again and he tried to hard to get it to vaccine sentences that we there. They connect to flee their salvation nonsense that can't get them. What I mean at at what point you realize that hit their lives what he's been telling you are are all lives. At stake out more marble bar I new outlook on line and and even further because of the child he sets that you need. And you he had done during Alec is so. I knew it did it just didn't feel right I knew things weren't right. Sure and even even the way he would use. Your belief and in a higher power was it was all I was also made it to be control. And it is all about fear and scare her to do you want and I hated. And so you know you always left in or got cleared in 2015. That you have your kids would you yet I did it for you you. I can't imagine what must have taken them to finally do that you think about being brainwashed in hammered from the time we were bored by this world. And and in the back you might even if you figure at the guy's a liar and a terrible terrible human being. You still have to have that feeling in my album right because what if I am wrong and one of my blood that's against god and use your faith against you them. I see it deep into the and then after get out of and I am happy iron. It's built up since so many scenes in this cycle I'm so glad that I left. Yet you never know how bad it it really is do you till till of sudden it's gone anyway hopefully gods and the sun's out finally yeah exact thing. You. Do you have a relationship with a man delegate if we appealed the far left to deliver a healthy relationship. I do I have made I am I I have sun or the reader made it and bring I'm happy and it started my her first Albany. Has me. My best friends as you get you evolution and. I feel as though I am a Christian I don't I don't. We. Find your way just find and defeat the what the book breaking free however escaped polygamy the FLG this caught my father's comes out today. How about the beating and we'll have you back on what graduation to break free and that ended may be brave update to put this around the world.