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Tuesday, August 28th


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Ramon Sosa is on the line right now famous Texas boxing coached but if you've seen the story if you've seen the ESPN Dead Man Walking and you can still go to espn.com and catch it. But. Had to go. Detectives faked his own death to get out of the a murder for hire plot through this life it's it's a crazy story we're talking about this that. We don't give him an American credit to reestablish a sound when they hear his words. Our next guest is a successful Texas boxing trainer who made headlines when you belong with the help from the police that he faked his own execution. Why expense to have been killed. Any tells his story in the ESP NE sixty special Dead Man Walking. Available for the espn.com. Please welcome remove Sosa. I'm never getting married remote. Yeah people wanted to I remind you show me what a crazy story this is still a oh I'm sorry friends have been married that divorce I seem to get ugly but I never see again this something you guys are you're married to Germany idea that it was it was going that bad with her. No definitely not you'll be like as. He's cute it was sort of it reduces the benefits and open our doors to Ford Field they do work out for us and we're trying to. And working out he went to counseling wounds but all kind of slow from an we do we'll just watch a little accounting principles municipal course. But you know of course she decided. Two have we killed for the benefit of in returners so basically. Did you take you to take your your your your boxing a money you guys headed yeah you correct. We get we have been as good this together and I was little in the boxing business and and we're doing pretty well with a reasonable real world and you know she decided that it didn't. She was with the doors was not going our way basically since he's gonna get say if I'm homeowners are gonna make this thing at this sudden. She's much clearer when she knows she is hot girl I mean like again it it wasn't always. The crazy ones are always the most photo marijuana and you're like god and that's too crazy with. Series then you know you've when he hears you but here's her. Talking about wishing she could have you killed so he. Fakes and out and goes I can get that done to to get her to tell him what she's got going on. So what some crazy in bed this young man that says she approached was losing young man. I'm mentor and help get out of the year you'll he had a little Dicey by background but I feel you can you gangs and. He was tough through some tough go until background. They end CD you happen to walk into a conversation if you have been and people look inside a restaurant. And there was only because of you guys today is because I don't think we will support him. I don't know one location with a gun away with the rule of relief had we killed. Yeah social. He says I can get a throwaway for a hundred bucks and that's he thinks it will be enough prints she gives him a hundred he comes do you have what does he tell you. So we believe what I wouldn't do personally when he called me after having a conversation with Pete Coleman and Al strive and Putin decided that it almost all the trick. If the federal drug could you don't like to joke around it and a close look moving through this is not original Cooper source and owls don't look so it. Facing nominee and obviously that is equally possible policy and law. I see your obsession is looking in people's faces were killed somebody she's she's for real. And silky you guys go to the cops. And go hey this is this is what's happening in and and would seem like that would be enough evidence that she gave him the money but it wasn't dead beat you guys had to go farther. Who bill police department and what little bitty kid did an excellent job they can only really got the FBI involved in north Texas Rangers and and this state troopers are all came and even started working on it soon as possible. Could you wish you wanted to go quickly as possible because their divorce was able to beat. Can do it about a month it is so she knew that she say they do have problems. Business before do my kids shouldn't have to control person as you get everything in that you would not you know get any glossy. So loud they did bridge their do their job investigation and blueberries they're granola. There are a little undercover cops consider anything to meet you meet people that are in the offer mobile. And then had their old bill Gordon didn't directly and have a better look at inflation but. They they can look at this look when you know we got to do something else. What should choose a beautiful lady should move to neutral with the law. She's a mother and deal with just want this to deal slam dunk case soul will lose boom boom lake keeper to detonate a little can pay tribute in the makeshift. Well in the ground and look great great great side would bullet pulled so your head that's what I'm talking woman you have this little with the flexibility to do it. Crazy you must have been like get up here so this is here. So now you you think OK this will we gotta get done good digs the hole when you get out the middle of what little enticing things together middle of the desert somewhere. And we knew that it does that little is that possibly losing their pregnant looking that far from Britain there will be another Arizona missile wooded area not too far from prisoners. Then they they already had a chance you don't want what this city would almost be up all that we targeted the city you know that whether or didn't get a call for both. Police department in this particular bid for the ball Holden came made it look at. Let integrate. Yeah it would work its of them and then the makeup artist Jose we're gonna put that this this fake bullet hole and I love haunted house is all that stuff tonight but in the heart so. I know like these prosthetics existent and they do a good job I mean yeah you made an entrance wound. And and it didn't do and eggs like it was blown out on the back which would uninteresting but Q did you win over complicated I guess. Yeah yeah you're also Craig but that mandate they have brought so mom. The bigger picture of social league pitchers so far actual dead people would cool his wounds should get ahead. And they want to go table in the integration were windy we recruited to help what took invincible only used where you're hooked. You know and and what conclusion can only play. You know like oh my goodness this so really really to be unpredictable election would with all the whole slew of head or not. And you've got the ball they were for real you'll think they got that from YouTube what do YouTube video. And they. It's and they get all this stuff for you can put a big love. You know my ex wife. She's good with you know photography she's really what you see you don't want to. What was stuff moves so well and she won't go through this well is we have to work. So they see they get you their your shirtless. I think we and then which which which by the way why shirtless was there a reason why is it just seems more gruesome. They'd been particularly good thing that I was I was joke because today after doing it before that you can if they just want. Well the Caracas during the masters in Libya wants to he'd beat him up. And then she's been known to they're only they're awarding a bit. And they did blow your nose your mouth is bloody in the picture your nose is bleeding that if the bullet wounds bleeding down your neck on your chest. And your your hands are caused by Rangers your your back in this whole. When you're laying down there like that you like man this is a little much. Yeah I'll only use whose global. He's not literally he would remove Cambridge basically you know my daughter who's not on my uncle who's a camera clicking start the third five millimeter disk that came months stuff. That's compared to going to the polls leave little doubt. They're related in any significant exact targets if you look at single from the movie. Did you let me. So your eyes open like the bad guys stare. And I did I didn't get that you've that you've rooted polluted do that no sir I guess we will lose I think he's been looked at the time of the years where react. And we'll let you know little we can you can living forever. They didn't know what it's possible that this particular award gonna hate and we have to go through the ministry to a large pieces they look like this in just a simple divorce. Right so now now. You have to disappeared and they've got to take the picture over to your church your ex wife. Actually did the they that you need blow a hole killed not talking about me pretty close in eastern. Same starting you probably notice when nobody was telling my friends and all morning nobody there nobody business community and those hoping bit. They wanna make it seemed like cold dead in the women's world settings and make your favorite bit different than 2000. The undercover officer whitbeck is sort of a picture of her almost all of whom. Historical. In addition was little the gutter. Forget the pictures they have the evidence. I'm single person blackened militia with a picture of me didn't use. She even after officer of the Ku were the first ones that give us pretty busy he's yeah he's gonna. You know. Yeah so she's she's laughing and aimed at what point does till there's at least a place. Where you get to walk in there and go so yeah I thought I was did. Detonate. When they when they arrested her they've been extremely wanted to rested her PMI operations in my business. And it's been losing their arrests that are full of customers in front of her mother daughter there were on there and they were director that did a missing person report. Is she kind of hold that thought what was going on I'm looking forward into leadership committee will be homosexuals were about me. They've they've they've pulled this you know wrestle an issue global award special emotional for the team it's because the first Greek capital murder. She goes to use. And let folks who initiated a million dollar bond. Whose symbol of the first commercial or one of the first hearing. And of course our biggest ovation you you know when I walked into the courtroom as she moves into horrific thing you know seeing there. She heard calling Cheney though I didn't Hernandez. Jumps and in the first thing that I notice what solutions could easily be she'd love to where expenses fell through which this is very very crucial issues. If you she was single word moves foreign policy issues and. OK you're right yet wherein the slippers here here you are not gay man it's just didn't have any idea how much. She was pal Jimmy because Haiti didn't get some money off and you've got to pay some money I mean really like I mean did you have any idea it was that bad. There's always knew we had a difficult that rely we we will approach and other we'll look good about the kids you know. They do you know as a person the most religiously about a bit. Patients fuselage calls pretty she came here for the American dream. She married me because an American citizen she got all the papers and other kids papers and mother buildup it was because that is legally in this country believe. She got the American dream real quick you can figure out you know on Monday a business. And then after she got out she needed it seemed like what you normally do anymore and the truth you know or go away knowing that sit on them and you'll see now. Selfless select group all of the money. She got there where the consumer confusion so efficient. Let's say you know I'm don't feel you know continue to believe reduced more endorsing that fit. But most she wanted to money she wanted to position 1001 and everything. If she got she wanted to. How much how much time did you get. Who completed down to a poor me I was due to a certain degree from the station a couple of loner because we have resources mountaineering the mountain of evidence against her. Any Academy Award lived she probably got life because she was didn't you should try to go to law. Okay would have gone through during trial. And she's just too much it is during this period hurt after a bloody years insecurity in the kind of person. She put it down to a certain degree and she got forty years finish constructing a permanent state of attention to what was gonna take confusing context. 2035 she'll get out. You know the names recession this year she's she can get relationship before then go for. Could be any real esta okay you know. Then if the content on countries that produce personal fortune do it still. Yeah it's crazy man. Yeah we hear it. It's not like you're soft dollar a year you know you're well known boxing coach you understand being physical not be afraid to somebody you've gone through your own journey you know and into think. Manning but that's genuinely frightening like somebody would just plot to have you killed behind your back and look you in the eyes the whole time. Exactly and mostly elderly we've issued people who didn't have a lot. Literally flew more fairly then once I open up every night. But it was the best sex ever in the beginning. Oh yeah. Oh yeah he's always there isn't ready. Wonderful boy you know him and everybody has their own tell you do what I'm certain there's a settlers burn he had just doesn't restore thus far. For my views seemed like for the GQ when do the right thing. Where you where kids. Oh yeah god and man that says so what you are you worried when she gets out she may go over for another round did you think it did die. She's at least learned that lesson she wouldn't screw the U. Well I won't he'll play cameras almost prepared for it. Normal little guy and actually rooted in particular occasion. Indeed do what I do what Obama. You know so stakes. You can go to you're gonna like that I I don't could go. So you think about it too much because reduce have been so it has been so crazy as always it's the beginning I was crazy engines. Ultimately we'll bring it would be controlled instructor and had 45 local are more than welcome and I really don't get me knows. They need me that can be run a lot of people took unilateral people's lives who live. Dual boot from government can play and beat them to do people go crazy with the exclusion from what kind of story that. They feel sorry for her book you know those who played issues. She's you know she's usually she didn't dressing wounds and. In order. Yeah issues that would wolf in sheep's clothing to kids do you have another girlfriend since it can you can fall in love with Somali. You know I'm actually did blow issues and one person. Who do. We didn't see those who would have committed GOP better word about me like he will be what you can do a little bit. What can do it completely crazy news. You had to do. Turkoglu led money. You had money and she won't let me tell a cure this first multi if you ever do get ready and maybe you gotta clean up. Oh are definitely on to use to build from there have now would not been without. And we talked about if you just look for association Merkel as she moved well of course so but I don't do not collect I want. You can do to further give me anything it is it is it you know we thank you oil producers couldn't doorway just in case. What happens and enjoy and now I do here in the ring agencies she was a good shooting. A hook up or you're. Just as. Is created. I'm doing now I consider. It didn't happen can we. I'm working on a book for those who become viewed here. The reason I'm doing good because old couples or people to let this group even think about all the political. Well Eric Close were killed. I was a little life into this it just food system to read my story agency that is where award that is an award to instill little mirror abusive person ever. Finishing will of course be emotionally abusive person doing this a lose lose situation normal but I can live and feel very very good since the strange. Sure I'm sure I can't wait to read the book mad because it is really can't you come out the other side you make it joke isn't table loss team that Andy and that's what the whole. Horrifying things at one point you love this woman enough to bring your family here to love her to marry her bring her into your world she was she would you work. You're out there and and and I think that's such a short time it can go to the point where she would laugh at a picture of your dead body in a shallow grave. Well exactly and certainly. It is is how do you have missed so many open Belgian historian on life you know they mutilate hue and cry to make you laugh from Little League GB anger at the same time reduce. Man I can't wait Jerry. I can't wait to read it and you and I appreciate you coming by remote attack. Because it is such a crazy story. And look at when the book comes out promised me that we'll take some time and they'll read the book cover to cover and then I'll have you got. You appreciate you're going to be great inventions consumers so much more that give us an immediate the low life friends and and that's as well above there's no people don't spin it you know people site. Be safe be well my friend and up and now I'll talk to you tonight. Heard it before we wish you.