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Tuesday, August 21st


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Remember it's. When you see of course there has been the most in a great friend and true brother over the last few years man. These guys and Russell paid 230 million records sold worldwide you Netflix queues all about the Washington streaming now. Ever stop it from where these guys started. In Brooklyn the Bronx and just Cameron's true it is amazing. You know the great show was great and they always finding new reinvention always finally that the audience and that that's one thing to make threats important. For November 14 in Hollis queens New York but we first met him as part of multi platinum hip hop legends run DMC. Being the first went back to have a number one album but here on the cover of Rolling Stone. Appear on MTV and performing major Arenas led the group to their induction into the rock and roll hall event. He's gone on to have his own MTV reality series. Goes to show on the Food Network and now he is the star of the Netflix serious but only about Washington's. Please welcome music legend Joseph Simmons otherwise known as river on. Read how you did it. What. Good to have you back on the and you you never slowed them every second every day you're always doing something new. You have that is shall Netflix. I'm so excited to be a part of this. Great competent believe that flexes its new hottest place so honored that they let me bring brought forward that there. It really is it Netflix is the place to be it's it's free of the FCC censorship it's. Genuine creativity it's available to everybody it is without a doubt if it's a network destroyer and and I'm excited about that. Yeah that's the main thing you know we just make our show and that is that the verdict for the lead done OK we'll put jobs next week is so quick it's. Noted though that can he thought the worry about. Not that just put up stream with that kind of puzzled push a button below them right away unbelievable. It's it's the neat it's this thing happen with a record company says it he'll back in that you guys had to fight. For a good contract a good deal good publishing who I would get released to get to Greece to took what. How the money goes on out comes back. You know and thankfully that that old guard is now gone it's all been burned to the ground and that the digital world game and I feel like this is an extension of that. Now it's freedom again now you can do something great and did the world. Yeah if itself right now all of Netflix and he pressed the but trying to watch what episode before he turned. With that second episode of fuel stop. Unbelievable people telling me you don't look at my comments that are sensitive elect our bullpen that the sort of let. So hopefully I can check this because I just now finally I've been on the road for a few weeks and in that. It's it's not a biographical it's scripted series about you kind of the basis for that you've been in in in the summer. It rep brought about and see shall be. Don't be like every phase. Obama is Jolie Washington Vatican and it. And retired hip hop star raises the kids and keeps the house or what was the wipes out pursuing her dream. Yes she's she's it's not like Ricky and Lucy. You know she's probably crazy. I'll tell you this you know display. Yeah Lucy you got some Spillane and the two. Yeah definitely it's do what I what oracle moment. You double the turbine fuel system such as. Thought for a local call yes it he'd rather be crazy travel the laxity trouble ticket to a local level. Live till the comedy clubs that in the he truly the stories that we have called it and worked it would Michelle Obama. She's. And to the sides and let that they would jaw and shocked that it we look at it but he didn't fit what. And she starts pitching I think it'll the world it's Hollywood Bob some of their initial thought brought. She likes it the next thing you know we made it. Telling them that she's got to be critical but crucial. That you expect surely she's probably got. You what would Michelle Obama. But we are we would if we keep that in effect that it will grow old musicals. She was doing that held though. You know options preaching about the help of everything we would just. Or to work it out and talking with the kids at school at Google David shot was there. And she's just Cordoba would start at its regular chalked it. Let's pull little bit in multiple almost all of next thing you know if that's a good idea. That's a good week artery created the first typical vintage that's all that the full. No it would like that but he agreed to crucial vote they needed. Great that's great what is the funny the way the world take human edges it's such a long time ago from. You know breaking through back in the day with what was it was and sugar hill gang. It you know you think about all this the beginning of all this back in New York City and I'll tell you I met. Risk is. It's was I think his name was smoky if I forget the name but he runs towed home now in SoHo but he was managing a bunch of bands back in but to rapids back. One of the first tour's I think you guys want there's a bunch you guys. Even came in played Kemper arena and he. At first I couldn't tell he was real and I and I called dear all right text them and I'm sick but this guy just all aliens and who that is. But it's it's on him and he just that the people you meet along the way. It looked over Iran to limit their true it's amazing could be. It'll all the Hitler it and still. Recognize for the music at the television that. Four of its its amazing of these a day. Smoke you edged degree in smoking was the manager of the fat boys. We. Were ordered. After. And he was tell me these incredible stories and said that it was it was all our look at this guy in the he's little older now and he's told these two hours. And I'm just like. You mean just to walk into that some huge music players like I loved the back stores and or people came from and it put it all together you've already love the music so. The chancellor of the the the back story makes even better and that's one of the reasons it's not like this on Netflix with all of Washington's does. It has to have a lot of you realize that. It wouldn't call it incredible that check out this show because you'll really enjoy especially in true. The first eagle the first that the full. His bugle to trust me. So how will you indeed you guys get some more shows that it. So. I. I never thought I would be friends with them the way we are. You now he sobered and worked his ass off and just always pushing forward tees and such a good place. I I'm really proud to call him a fan and I love him an awful lot. They destroy all. What very very compassionate. You know he's very personable that felt if you became different means that the people. Well they are not legal. He's the lead is still very. It's compress the granite. Yet again I like him an awful lot and so glad you guys do and shows. And I can't wait to catch me because it is it changed music for everybody and I know we have a short time here. In I mean it is it's never lost on me the barriers broken down and industry. That was wrong that try to keep everything so musically segregated they give Mike more money. And it was the beginning of the change and it looked. You. Know you've got a lot. Press this morning but to come back in the red with blood on hand and Jewish owned Kansas City let's that you guys here. Great focus Darryl a little island season. Or. It.