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Tuesday, September 12th


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Yeah real quick Richie growing trend that you wanted to compliment and he's got a new episode about garage rehab tomorrow night undiscovered. So you know if we don't guess monkey rash in. Pinched always thinking god put that. This garage rehab who knew I mean it's it's kind of fun because you know I know what you guys who register over the years custom guys fabricated or spinners especially. That they need a guy like relics every prayer I have ever known worth anything who is incredible. They told two weeks Osce in two months. The way it was yet artist now business guys every single great I mean the guys who really do that the magical custom paint especially by guys like if they tell you two weeks I laugh when to it's owns a two week. Well well well Casey and spraying truck without the I don't regret is we get there it's going to be magical but I graduating at the flowers will be available at that. You've. And from Fort Worth, Texas our next guest is a veteran of the things cannon ball. Gumbel and bull run road rallies came to fame as the star the discovery series constant low. His guess monkey garage now boasts a bar and grill and live music venue. He's recently released his own brand of energy for its own brand of tequila and now not only can you see him on fast and I. Which you can see every week on this new discovery series garage rehab. Please welcome friend additional Richard Rowling's. It. The goal. Here was. Did you run that Campbell. It. Just seems. If you guys don't gamble. And left you. So much fun. Please ads did a good it. Are honored to be an announcement way to get arrested go way leisure license and all the above. Yeah you like scale back room down the bomb holy down to cobble back after Sturgis jump on the bikes in the let's Ritson Ireland to rosary and the positive back up again crossed the tires and Colorado back indicates that he meant it was great like. Yeah people think I've got a good. Good stuff like that. That you got today man it really it's it is amazing it really is and I'm sure you've done that whole run on the highway in the book that you. I have. I've worked my whole lot I thought I'd ever get a good. I wouldn't sale work its radio if I can package rather silly and that both on god and it's it was a lot of fun though it really is what you you know as you think it's a great road trips during Campbell's like to remind you this is you know. It's it is always find it a certain distance in a certain amount of time. Not really I mean this diplomatic wall at all. You know it's part of it. So what Intel does not grudge we have do another ratings everything's good. Everything real well as an idea about that three years ago it although it takes that you're you're getting anything done Hollywood so. We finally got up there and yet here it does and that's tomorrow not a the third. He garage is gone. It's it's really interesting he's he's gotten out as. It's really cool that we are actually really help him out and turn them around but they've still got to put in the work in and and keep themselves you know about water they don't. Well not going to be good. I mean he and we both know those guys like. So much talent as fabricated or painters or ranches. And they've that's where there countless they may not be the best at business he'd focus it in the end it's a business you've got to get stuff and get out. Elders of overhead to pay their employees the paid if you're gonna have a real legitimate. You know shot at the garage. Yet millions and if you run it right here right you can make it it would its neutrality like if you. If a couple of things. So the problem. Noted that we've all known them you know that is incredible caters to ego and two weeks is two months is just it is going to and you know what's gonna have you dome and your incredible. I mean you know it's the best ones I've ever known that the work on bikes or always running 23 months behind. Yeah the three months and years I mean I think the wonder would do it mark. Period 23 dump truck full of trash that displaced at junket that you eat there a reason and we got to shop you know what you're automotive motorcycle where. So I think that's the sellers are in place. You know your hands turn riches is by the hour and if you go to vehicle and you beat are not going to shop. You know the equivalent of ten days if you work and they'll work it one of them bull crap never. 23 dump trucks full scrap. War eatery darker. And now. What's his building was added I mean it's ridiculous that it's almost seems impossible. 23 don't trucks. And everything I mean you don't. They you know in in theory you're right you might eat the back door handle four or 74 no one's. But the. Everybody's gonna eBay something in your like no you're not listening to hire someone to come eBay stuff or it's time to yet throw a drop in and take it out. We turn anything around and be proud a lot of it just goes out. We recycle we don't have our himself he's definitely closed for weeks. Have you run across the league that are regarded around seven. Have you been looking at the find anything interesting in in those that knows that eats and scrap piles. We have but we sell Foreman put some export it. You know everybody's got that one thing in the back they're gonna work are that are set or that you know four point seven drop carved into acre whatever. And you know we we chat on the that he himself put the money back into the. Well that's the other things and yet that stuff like that and Barnes will stop me or somebody that knows what's up and really there's just no way in there and union no good. The. Exactly you and and then you know they have the castle and somebody like Richard free staff let out a little. He's actually yes I read TJ again the nephews accountability like. And I'm about to what I'll do and I'll go ahead and cart them off be free of charge. Right now. Alito that let you look at it that lucky anymore. But now we're we're you know we got you know our forces that are in as fast lap coming Armstrong. And it's going to be a complete different apple app now that awfully dark. And we've got. Drudgery out and it was either and then believe it or not treaty it's mister Rogers still doing here. You know what you've do you Joker about not having any time you really are an ever cavity to. Yeah I'm not an academic US supply that would last about Bardem and I hear your list. That's ten buddy Staley now from Fort Myers and the likely he didn't take it is hard as it is it wasn't that he's meant I'm Elvis if there's nobody died man you know what it's in its insured you. It out as it's it's it got always looked at them the truth and that's. Argued that you here we're we're gonna help everybody was intimately and you have a lot less urging RB Texans also and what had so. Yeah it's a little bit diplomat. Jesus Christ between Texas. And Florida got HU right now. I would part of that is what the we get dealt pretty pretty rough on he let let you know luckily no injuries and then it down and get decree got. No wonder macro here's the good news if you're insured and everything that you may be afterwards you. Done this differently now you get to do it. Well that's true but not Matt Marko we first bought back over that apple they. It's back to. LA a favorite to present value of building stuff and customize and you've got to make it back up to the new full throttle. It's what I want to know this year the guy he's got building that inside bar he will love this like it's it's so over the top and so well done and so. Individualistic. If you've got to come see what they're within doing an addict you'll really you'll enjoyment out of all the people you're gonna really get. The other big and really good job I actually wouldn't they're human and make it there. I mean yes it's like well. Yeah I don't know any time I listen ute yeah Obama rejects a garage we have Wednesday's 9 o'clock Discovery Channel. And on that just with average Burlington and took that to the moon and I hope it continues for a it certainly got there are good that.