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Wednesday, August 22nd


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Our friend is on the hotline right now mr. Roberts he's in North Carolina and doing some stuff. But you know from the hangover and stepbrother is an internship is is talking about fox NFL Sundays coming back. He's got got Kevin Hart's movie night school coming out. And then he's got a new show on Sony's crackle and let's talk about as well I've run Bruschi master academy aria yeah and odious and I was reading about George he would meet balls meets may want Sharia. Born April 21 in Louisville, Kentucky raised in Overland Park, Kansas. This is a graduate of Shawnee mission sound from the University of Kansas went on to launch a career in comedy that has found him working on Saturday Night Live. Always seems to me. Romans is in such films as the step Brothers. When one jump street. Condones such series as. And you. And modern family. You can see him on fox NFL Sunday night next month you can see him alongside Kevin Hartman. Nights when. Please welcome longtime friend of the show club. What you do it and my guess is that hey. How you doing them. Do what I would always great great barrier that's that's the first they say as to what you're doing really everything everything every day all day seven days a week. Punctual man you've only got about I told her to work. I eat what I kill like maybe outgrown the. Do everything around Rickles he master academy and so on crackle. Sony and it notes that's a brand new until we let that I haven't I this is the first I've heard of it. All bad if I'm I'm really excited about it it's you have problems you bastard Germany it's it's it's ridiculous with the drought. It's it's I'm real proud of its great comedy it's eight episodes. It's also the crackle comes out tomorrow. And it's free. It's free you can't beat a 100% off the dark Elliot didn't download the app also recently cracked or it's called Smart city authorities there. Engine and watches it go wait wait if this goes away for yet. Great. Supported it wouldn't have a whole lot of money so I had to call a lot of favors or me I reached out to. I mean you are you get started like durable voting. David archer had Jamie Lynn Sigler Chichi errant. All the all the your kid man knows. You are hall of Famer Brian Urlacher is it oh in the show they're placed my membership. Who's is across the lake for me and run they patrol Brian Brian Urlacher is commute. Plus office just got to. If it is very ridiculous show the captain unbelievable. Like a coo Paul scheer. When you see we appreciate you all will be closed little prize or prop. So this is is a scheme astronaut love that would got a mountain misses is in the water. Jet skis. All the other guys joking matter fact before the original name of the show was Robert gentry academy however. The good people at College Hockey wouldn't give us that they would let a few today gently. So if god forbid we give them some putts and if you know publicity Jesus. Well it's it's a one haven't you looked lawyers tried to work ratified it I have been able to talk for the marketing guru over there. I think would have been the problem was but lawyers start talking big at all turn your back. I can assure you that one time I still hear the score fifteen stitches between my eyes when Denny shroud shroud colors boards hit me in the head with the jet ski on the misery really knocked me out. Are you. That's true stories to get out run and as far as the Missouri rivers we could at least these big and you know we splashing each other one guy's big swell guy zags. We both big. And I lost the joust and was struck its directly and Ed. And knocked me completely unconscious thank god I was wearing my life preserver that came up a little white ball for his fling open. Looking like a tiny ugly vagina rate between the guys. Little oil and that's what they he'll learn a rubber was nurtured Japanese decent person walked photo of functional water crash safety. You road one of those to Saint Louis one time on a dare. How I double murderer here is US Kansas City, Missouri one day we had people meters of gas I got left at 8 o'clock in the morning. And wrote all the way to the arch. Oh my gosh. That's actually turn off. Well is more episodes come up maybe I can stop by indecent content that. A tutor or the mentor to somebody to scheme actor academy. Oh yeah. Or former celebrated admired he's. You let me get fox NFL Sunday having yet the new movie night school which strangely enough. I can also identify with a as I dropped out of med school. Well but I thought about what. We thought well good to the eye and you're just going and I to a movie was torture or can't imagine the actual wage war. Don't know yet it was Bruce precious I assure you only think Kansas 1986 night school. Was not the best time we've ever had. Surprising I'm shocked actual time however this guy school. Is going to be awful that you missiles also bring your shape back and actual 'cause. It got Kevin activity and it's like giggle all right there and then it's got this great ensemble cast like there was cop. Al Madrigal. Robin now Coke they're winners myself. Is just it's it's they're really. Hillary or diesel pusher is. I'm gonna go see that can't wait and you can knock it how to mean it really be a loose with the united there was a flight and one of them the one of the when the movies to come first was twelve stroke. Well yeah and I just was thinking yeah how. It's very honored to be part of our very bitter cold to the sorted out I didn't I yes it I think it's the only who may not know though it's too it's a story worth repeating. Well yes so some twelve strongly about the army. Social force he does that women and join me northern alliance bright Packard are eleven we're talking October of 2001. They're first started there and they had. You know they fought their way to Mogadishu we could in some of the most amazing battles it's ever been placed on horseback in the mountains. Are classified mission alongside so distorted about now. Cut to November of 2001. Our model racially or the characters such force you to look it didn't moderate. A young captain rental. Flies over enjoying. This particular unit inauguration re and I end up working barely these guys. And I was on the command elements. And I work for gardening lieutenant colonel mark dollars. Who I was declared an officer of the third therapist or screw. Agree he never border we've been relying you know without power insulin population bubble Bobble off. Cut through. Place a 128 feet and or quite everything that I am playing lieutenant colonel mark bowers in the movie you saw play in my whole ball in the movie. An honor I mean what it and what a crazy life to go from that very real moment. In your life in go out there in the middle of nowhere really up front against that danger and then. Fast forward and here in a full blockbuster movie. I mean it's it's it's an unbelievable jump and it isn't a great testament to how hard you work every single day when you get up around. Well thank you I've figured that if I do work hard and it's also customers sort of amazing country your liver disease you can have more little more than one drain their push through all your great. And you can be if occidental Sunday. That's right you could be a gradual move got to gumption. What do we looked like you tell us what could you tell us 10. The chase Yahoo! wherever what is suitable what prediction every yeah. A would you. The air over the air of a hole it is about to begin and I am. We're really excited about it I don't think anybody in the league and I mean that's anybody of beleaguered are a stronger period. In our view we've gotten chief for the first time in my lifetime maybe actually have a article gave. We have a midrange game we had short game as we have all about mobile Korean. I mean we we've got to we've got a powerful office. Nice to question why are you are these these terms because you know I don't know what they mean. I thought it you know hundred knew that I wanted her to play in order to. Yeah absolutely emergency yeah morning we're in a more particles as small. Talk about. You only have no idea which I couldn't be less masculine and really couldn't be messed up. No idea what Wednesday triggered. Agreement here yeah. I don't know if you're making these words up as well I agree that question he he went over the boards stricter gated. About playing at a bunker flew it yet and I know these tricks. I say what what I could vertical gave an injury at all. If the fastest man in the NFL which we have Joseph if you look at the end though and now we could throw deep we have a deep and with with my whole arm. Entry speed. They're gonna have to be because they're both players are gonna have to stretch the field make it longer than vertical well that that opens up the field. Truth trapped helped you to now come across the middle more they could do more work in the shorter range and then you keep them guessing because he got Corey Hart. Slowly it was a running. With the Clinton a smell toast and I understand what. And taking it just didn't it is our policy about don't do this. It's sad but this is it my own kid I imagine though. And that this is really something for for his Angel he had that ability to lead the way he needs to man will he really be able to do it. Well sure look I think he will I'm really I'm always optimistic what choice do I have. So I I'm always gonna be optimistic and you guys you can make mistakes sure has its its first there's the first date for the start. So you get into the learning curve still a little awkward but I think with his talent and the people around Dublin and the support probe chiefs' chance. It was ill get it done. Well listen brother I I can't wait to watch usually he's good and watched a game I want chew on fox NFL Sunday for. Do you look at fault. Might elect a quality audit program. And it looked like you were on one hellacious road trip recent I'll handed the surge is look what you're doing that out big time. When all the way to Nova Scotia did the habit trail. Did the the CN tower in Toronto did that age walk you walk around the top of that crazy thing on the outside. Oh my god protect you you do decide you don't even pretend that your your freedom that I know there's nothing that Ukraine got a map. Warrant. Oh well let that's it that's just being Smart my friend that is just knowing that what's going on what you let somebody backing Kansas you know you hear the bass lake. But you're working all the time so you get back to give us either fail. Yes our press I look I'm actually going to be hopefully finish dropped going to be getting back into quite a bit off. I'm going to compete this was self. They're taken achieve skating. Were you turn back a little bit around the Canseco entree. Or Aaron. Well to try and I also you can go back to that embodies. X may stop by to get a chance another instance in those personal terminal. But man it's always good to see your face and I love your brother and I. I didn't just again I'm just always so proud to watch everything you do man again from fox NFL Sunday to night school to be checking on and on Sony crackle. Robert eagles' scheme after academies manifest to have them pulled the trailer make sure it was back. Air worthy and that we wrap up here we'll let the whole audience to the media and the trailer. All of off inflationary I really appreciate it. I made any time and led just as Susan movie comes out. The next one and I'm sure there's many more well how many movie you have right now you're working on. Or there is one another movie that'll probably starting in January and so you can't wait for release. Very weird. War immune. To. This. You realize what this sounds like you've got this is become normal for you. It's not and I don't paper granted at all about luck on our blog called. And earlier this morning. They'll have a problem I know that. And you never get secular progressive man. I keep us updated let us know we can do for you anything and almost Brenda it. If there's not much you okay. It is so nice man he received his in his uneasy. He comes back and does that people don't even know about with. But I think I and the honesty I really didn't know in the church and no way genuinely laugh and then you get to your eyes glaze and I was. Mean screw me it's like if I agree with what he says right now is really a big laugh in the open has got to NASA is like I can trust anybody in this room. The amount well it. Don't know what's on the car oh blink your low rumbling through there and do that link yes. And followed that. BP. After student. This round we go ski academy a villain so this is it doesn't deserve to play the whole story all right. Man boy. OK we get off to a big screen actors all of the places and faster. A life threatening risks. Well I think that sums it all loved the most in more questions.