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Thursday, December 14th


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Born April 21 in Louisville, Kentucky raised in Overland Park, Kansas donuts. Guest is a graduate of Shawnee mission south and the University of Kansas went on to launch a career in comedy that has found him working on Saturday night life. Always seemed stealing performances in such films as step Brothers. 21 jump street and owns a series is. And you try that spanned modern family. You can see him this Sunday on fox NFL Sunday. And on January 19 keys to our computers in the new film twelve strong. Please welcome longtime friend of the show robbery go. All right now at it and this is how it all happens right. Both strong. Can tighten patriotic emotional movies are devastatingly handsome. This is this is where it all happens my friend. We'll get quote four is that the formula that you just before. So you're not excited. We'll think of posting about the details regulars like everything we milieu from his comedy. You know all these incredible moves like a hang over 21 jump street step Brothers and cops and dumb and number cute. It it just just so many things from the rubble little roasted drug history KFC commercials all the NFL work but it's holding company. Now this new movie not a comedy twelve strong about going in after nine elevenths and and you play of course who your character is. I would like it is my characters lieutenant colonel mark bowers. There was the commanding officer third battalion fifth special forces group and they were the guys who waited. In October 2001 right after a lot at first people to build. Start fighting the Taliban. It's sort of northern alliance now cut to. Goals over. 2001. A young captain wrinkles you know this week war. Unfortunately when it goes over Jordan. They're the Turkish those forces group in northern Afghanistan and so it's working with them. And I report directly into the technical marks followers. I lose my commanding officer told congress commando and now aren't playing into the blue. So it's small world. No it's an incredible store because it's so genuine and real. And I hope people really do you realize how close she word when they watch this movie out. You know in check in or ruled that to this few words into you know into what happened at that to me is is that. And so much even better than a movie on now is it crosses that line into autobiography. Crow about it. Well it that no other do it is part of this movie was it's Jerry Bruckheimer. Production units Chris Hemsworth. Michael Shannon and Michael can you. Cassie really have reason. And to sort. Has about separately in a dinner with the little guys shot opiates like I tried. Last week right here in California. Great guide's. Yes Milosevic seems so those guys in Afghanistan but they were. They're using your resources shouldn't story it was classify it will probably do what they did because we don't like you talked about our. Our special operations tactics and techniques and things that they do and how they operate a lot. It's Portuguese national should things changed. She states that are sixty years so some things have changed didn't. So differently because console and and there he is actually. Can't wait to see this is going to be the one movie I go see in the theaters I ate it up like a lot of people get lazy and wait for did you know TV. Or your cable system but notes you like I don't I'm telling you this is this will be the this'll be the thing don't always get bigger feelings if you run for political office after the us. Upper. End which is the reason you should. Affected you have no aspirations towards that is probably the greatest reason you guys like you should. Honorable pastor are always good human being everything you do is based in your own care. I'm not even get a business even joke. Very. You know I've been very fortunate enough forces network of this tragic news. Tropical storm basilica during the withdrawal. Comes out march called. But it's which is another dramatic result of that we're lucky this year and I've been able to do some of the dramatic work I don't get offered to quote a lot that's declaring you know to comedy do. VO well what they key US it's so. Tuesday box. I heard on the opportunity that they have so. It's not like it or hear it but Bruckheimer film this is an independent film and I mean if answering your from the ball so we can knock me off the it's I mean that's huge people who maybe don't understand it you know a black hawk down that was Bruckheimer correct. Current that a vote on the world so they're actually. You know he knows how to do it. And you mean this is a big thing really as in normally get pigeon get pigeon in two. A comedy god because they're afraid that nobody can see you in another light because you're so identified with comedy and it's a real testament. Then I'll get a few balls here was a real testament to your buildings and act of you're good man and I appreciate that where the kind words. It stretches thanks but more importantly what are you doing for Christmas. I am standing here are hunkering down. Ducks and we trust our kids in trouble out here. And so holidays and here and so decal. We're sort of we're excited about because I heard you correctly since to create their sport. Yeah you know it's it's getting into the final winner finally got here and it's it's come and strong. Yeah it was 85 here yesterday. So if it's related to the targets of southern cal and yeah. Stated the full. Take it to the ascension of other uncle if you get there. Yeah well listen you you know I run away and I'm not dumb enough I grow into the colder places I'll be. Waning in England to meet my buddy Lee and then headed towards the Czech Republic for New Year's Eve which I think it'll probably about three Google three degrees below zero. On my job that the light would picture that's good stuff as now the fun of all jealous. Shell or the world especially look at that and over the off. You can read his it's it's essential we had them and I loved if you've ever been in that timeframe in those areas they have Christmas markets that until new years. And have these giant market setup and they all have this crazy like cider it's like. Like it symmetry apple juice and liquor. And you can drink it from about 10 in the morning to you don't feel guilty to about six in the afternoon and you realize I'm so Ron I am falling. Yeah but also it. We go before it's too dangerous in any any dirt like that it's just so let's just forget that you're an outdoor setting. That's bad it. Bet there can that possibly. He'll that's why it works if your bundled up with a giant winter coat in all your houses that's when you fall it's not as bad. Well with the importantly you're doing a sort of lockers as. Yeah well and is of these sugary alcohol drinks give you like to refer to as diabetes. Yeah is only that reflects two to maybe theory today alone. Acted. It's mantle of travel and those qualities. Well I like it was almost like it's in the over Thanksgiving. So that's in the plaza lights. Individual to a beautiful which all the street we put me in the right here. So you know you know we're talking about travel around and get to witness an error on Christmas. 2000 guess it would greatly be focused. Sure she will you know I'm here all the time so to me does I don't I don't miss anything which are right if you live in another another place you wanna come back and get that feel. Like I get Christmas you know we that that hope for the holidays program from Thanksgiving on. And people are watching change the other people's lives and you know much as you guys do the slick. That that's my Christmas like that's how I get so by the time the day gets here and I've had such a great amount of them and I feel great and it's OK we've not waiting on the day to get you know. Sure. Though it is again even important what do you sending me for Christmas. It worked. Who. Knows my gift at the ride from the wriggle namely. Where it was written to check it relative. At that I just keep checking. The market. You've I was telling them. I'm a little bit there it is. Sort of eighteen years so. All these years. It was a win that match your life what you mayor she was ten. You yeah. Well certainly she you know. You that. Is it hard to buy her gift now I mean after eighteen years how I mean how hard is to get that thoughtful that one could you act like you're thoughtful. You're never gonna get a gift card for somebody. Now it's it's it's it's definitely you don't really get down and start going into. OK well whatever what whatever it. Should care about whatever hobbies what with. I actually spend time outside it's they get better although he says he has struggled major question. To find. The right yes sir potentially takes effort it's harder here. He doesn't make it easy for the rest on my god you know should be accessible he's resilient throughout the rest of the man. He does that whole city look at the radio god game that rob come on man and from what I know those of us like half. The net. And tried again if you look I'm I'm really excited about that movie accurately that predicament January 19 guys remember your TV advertisements for the trailer. Twelve strong. And it's gonna be great at what a great year 2008 he's going to be the. While that's true that's very let's. It's. Here in particular. Above everything else you got go. How is loaded by the way how's the vodka. It looked about as great we're so they can intensity so. Europe. Were reported in two to you know. Pushing and and let's talk. Judy. If they look for logic podcast actually. You don't have enough to. And though I haven't except at. Apparently. With podcast you play these comparable six. We'll look at what and so. In. Probably. I'm an article writers are right now credentials to crackle called. Robert Worcester Academy. Which you know it's going to be your ridiculous. What's its name. Robert Tools Gypsy camps. It's that attitude to us and they'll Luna and ridiculous. Which are world world put the finishing touches of scriptures you know sort of work it just constantly look at him. Love eleven run. Merry Christmas you your family everybody that and we've all couldn't be happier for you may emit more proud to know you twelve strong that's that's another new chapter. And I know items can be a monster. Those soft drink it we'll never have a great Christmas that great here too much damage.