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Tuesday, October 10th


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I get a FOIA request. Like look at Monica by the show and we do know you guys have seen season to a month all the season. We've seen all season. Thank you very good there really is very very good. This problem all right and follow up it says. Well that's got. Isn't going to be good interview he's watching kids I don't. It's it's really good it is a really good show. So Ron's guy who committed. I'm good at it a blow them on. Yeah he had a bad schedule change or something he says he's bidding cities he music there right now. Well now we have such a funny exchange yesterday any such agree he's a great guy. I think. Yeah demand and he started doing interviews and holes in the morning shows doing it all who have had no idea what those qualities TV show. Could open the show so good like you've been in it you know it's if you we have you are we read the book we've seen the show hours. We know we've watched the movie it'll always. It's really good expense. I mean well we'll get into with a Melissa scrap. Born October 31 in San Francisco California but he started the standup career just after high school. After opening for Dennis Miller in 1987. He landed a slump on HBO's the thirteenth. Special which in turn led to him landing indicate that made him a star has a cast member on Saturday night. He made the jump to the big screen in such films as good. Demolition. Deuce Bigelow male gigolo. The water boy. These animals the little Mickey. And many more and now the season to this. We'll Ron isn't available on Netflix. Please welcome. Rob Schneider. I think you have to make it. I. Have to move my wife networking so I got acute public. Who belong to could just put it went back for each was perfect. Are you I used did you film all the time for your season or is it is at certain certain times. We just go. We don't actually what we ran out of money. By the way. I don't know what it cost you should show but it looks incredible man I mean really looks incredibly editing is great the camera where straight. Thank you thank you we will car either quit the music as well like. I told Patricia waters. Nothing in front piece orchestra for like the last ten minutes. And she those crazy people. You know what we call that there. Greatest composer of the world stabilized things. On any more content and again from the because the bad you know which he defects if he's seen in his. Eighty narrowed. A term. You know he. All of this sort of thing sort of you know. Shortly and he hit it dead still so which should go for the money. He's just just beautiful scorpions. You get through the whole series. Yeah yeah absolutely bullets it's weird how. Real life bleeds over to some fear along with the kids and wife was working you're you're pretty you should go upstairs and take a five hour and out. If you are able that he still warm. I'm Mike should get a should go to Italy and Spain. And it couldn't you know I guess security cute. Chuck Cox. It's a lot of work. This should stay warm. And local planning. This guy got. I got a buddy with triplets and in his wife gets so mad when he says look it's not fun now is 23 because but I think it will be someday. I. If he means you can beat but the thing. Did you know. OK and I just come Winged Foot with just being upside but. It's beautiful kids. Good screens and so little right now so far. With the idea of this forty year old. I'd love what you do with the show because it's obviously a well written comedy. But you can tell that there's a I wonder certain places like that how clean are you on a scale of one to ten when did you shower species get ready to the mouth hug. A bike I've had this conversation like and a. They're trying to keep a really close to the old literally. And changes in world war officials that the for a couples and. Think that's how we've got a bore the initials would pursue when she was pregnant with first baby. And you need something to do together as a group work site. Fiction the breaking bad. Two months old we're. Sotomayor actually you know. To see Google Chrome. Around the house current and then it will influence advantage if you do this would drop. We did this with the comedy. It is that we get this. And our twins Eagles QB yes. To have commercial at all but what Michael just perfect. It take it with Netflix. And so. It'll get the first season all ourselves. The second season. That's what you know they didn't original. So it was total faith in just historic pick up 190. Countries you know. I get calls and Mars did England. In Australia so it's in Italy was pretty cool. You can be so proud listening because. In Hollywood people you guys listening me I know that. It will be easier if your giant star you know you you you'd things get screwed up because some edits a badly they write a badly they. If the whole package isn't as good as what you could've done and idea of being in control of writing and editing and producing and directing all of that and then and then being at having to do wells got to be that the greatest satisfaction you've ever. This was like I mean you know trying to build the show all these colors created in order a cold you know well I. How they were English Indian state he has. The world he does he likes speaking. Jinx anything Erica table and they perform. A couple schedules whatever soul. About a year ago. Following. I piece called ma call it possibly can hold the food court for how they're seen as truck. I loved it seemed to understand. What trick and that night he was just so lowly. Feel that this country Monty Python you know Erica adult children police. But I just can't complain about how he did this show that he wrote with his wife. Content boot it up and so you know. And below its GPS created twenty minutes. Forty trick show and if I estimates it will look so. Which is being sought going to be put a lot of time. In the cockpit. So we are shoulder for a little while just like Bibi Aisha. Pertinent she could do more stuff it's more interest. And there are at least. You know like BitTorrent. Looking good advice. But like should it end America it and it's all about the quick. So like it's equip you could have cut it quick. And in England about the situation. Situation as he controls the company that's exactly what I like so. You in the awkward the awkward it is what you do so well. Ngo you did you can tell your wife is such it's how did you realize by the way started a wraparound but how did it take you like that so many questions. Two for her to go look I know your Rob Schneider. But enough review I like enough of you straighten up. She grew up in chief multiple intimidated or impressed. By actual people who has written you before this actress I was looking. Were you being shamelessly you know very to a billionaire. And like I mean who want to conference occurred over work movie. It will not of the crucial does nothing to do it right this is laughing it was just you know. Because she should salute to the other Christian he's having people's future votes. And she's you know she could care less about itself so really that's what I was attracted to this first quarter was literally she literally couldn't give a crap table. We what are yeah I mean that's the what's sexy than that and you know you're already a big celebrity so girls are always gonna be available to you but when the one so you know. Brewster. And tiger is the premiere of my show the premiere form of movies and electrical. You know OK you know result emerging Asia foreign fighters mentioned Broderick I whether. Well it's. True and admit that it will just made me laugh like okay. I'm not given Russia so it anyway. More how much is real in this like figure collect you collect you overspend on und memorabilia in different historical items a realized. You screwed up war but he felt like you know but a life cycle actually achieve first that we are actual little by year. I was on the road trip there was something I think within India for a week I did like crime shows in India and India they're not allowed to advertise alcohol. You know they do feel mad dog whiskey presents Rob Schneider until they get around it. Sold over or I can actually had a garage sale achievement of the actual what was crazy stuff. Seeing destroyed under book. Did you freak out if you completely come unhinged. You know what this kind of weird thing is psychologist and you don't do that because I think we've heard about the people completely yet. Well there is never political blows shoot skittish. You know I really like her oh lose so it's way more important stuff. But yeah he's good clip pretty simple task like Beatles book in all. It's you know. Stuff that generally doesn't have as opposed. Why can't like get. You know couple of social problems like this formal letter of what he came back from my. Hamburg the first. Yeah it is insurance back. So. If somebody took a piece of paper perfectly. And political local pool. I hope municipal. Library or building. A fatal palpable. And folders my iPod as political couples thanks. Don't have all the curtain I wanted to Albuquerque leadership because you don't CDC looked so he's without. Is guitarists. And yet here you have at the school of course it was that the the organic with a healthy organic positive education school hope 20000 dollars at a. You know it's a true story they hated school. Yeah basically. If that's that's camera with a little that I wanted him to judicial. And I called this the greatest thing is you know if you English you can call get a hold these aren't common agency. And they should look. An economic all the money and I look forward all the credit for the future. All right well you know we'll probably shouldn't know or him call him it'll look is. They the hold. They get older. And there could be as he's. You know. Go to apple what I can keep aren't really was cold and it was sort of same schools are acute life here. That's how I can locate the basically you're obviously I'm gonna become friends in the episode of the conference was well try to become present Paul McCartney's guitar. They credit card is basically. At the few times over the front of seventeen nation. It's so. Number but election that you just don't president. He political occurred you can hang out all the guarding go to the shop and it could that is so not true today was completely true. It a little piece. And then I gave him and he was really excited about a quarter they had called to do it. And then if you keep you should have to call it out of work and fifteen years ago. He's he's been McCartney does this stand longer than he had with wings. Or was. Beatles you know it is just look along thank you. Rusty ownership. Generally he asked all also know that the it if I you know should will. We call it is that what did it and consider. So. And he had maybe you should ask what it is like to do babies just as vulnerable because he was. He'd like to be editor couldn't like crucial the most influential. But he just hit pirates of the Caribbean. Folks at okay. So it should listen I'll call back patriot to listen you and that's. I wanna get a hold currently. It gave me his number wherever he is or call each Christ wanna call so that definitely is Jewish group. Including Japan and backstage. Okay shall. And it's holds its real bull. Accessible from this is funny and besides I get a hold an entry gruesome whatever they. And then I hear him in the back group in Japan. Like and literally try out for right effort concert. That'd be spacious. Offices optional additional Lawrence and that he has. A comedian in Portuguese do this so he shook. And it's just a he's a comedian goes that's right here in the back of all I know Lee is. Yeah bills you know leave if you try to look you know. And I don't want to do it. It's. A little note though all the computer and doing. Oh hey you know I yell at you never know for Jack fatter car lax my friend connect better. Few this show really is great rob and I am proud of you for for getting it all the way through because it's. It just never happens is when I get can't be one other time that. The comedian and actor has ever been able to do it all themselves and really make it there's. We have to make it like you know what shall we paid for the first seasons like we just couldn't do it then you know social with the efforts after her. But as the cool fullest and a little bragging this season. But McCain named David great exploration the world Netflix it'll give this. Don't even at any given notes and it sort of way. Finally. Return and show it okay sanctions and OK we're gonna usually tells. Us. It is inevitable market expendable. I can't do and I couldn't change it and if you don't they change this flick all the crews are now just. So. You trio led to a huge fan gave trio couldn't be a bigger and and what a great scene because I hate southwest with all my heart I hate flying on the cattle car just awful awful awful airline. Welcome thing about thought they were paired off but the thing is. If they keep don't have like the trail ways field to you know a little bit this is special first class whatever book. I kinda like getting dealt tainted goods that they offer. In a business select which is fair idea. For another other critical books. He basically paid to cut credible these other. These other four vanished and then all these and they accepted and known joke among experts of course. That these people pretend to be. Think pretend. To need a wheelchair to cut product everybody's. You're big of course that you read and south west is good I I despise the system that they got that. Everything all the world sits island sea island window and there's always the middle and my god it made the. It is that it airlines great and purchases in the middle there's any airline folks. They were super nice there really liked to joke and they listen to get tendered into a joke. Question. That I easy he's worried it would have learned to do it is get on the phone trying to get all the people you know. So legislators have fossil Paul McCartney told me to. War. You know if you would like to know you know one of my heroes of life of my biggest heroes Atrix. And we sit there. I don't have to do it yeah that's. But I'll swim in the connection logo are. Thinking these people stopping him in certain point. That you wish assault which was cool dude that's like you know. We have any trouble all night meeting at. Splitting. State. Pretty cool. Listen he I think he's doing a great job and I'd season three is inevitable of this if if you anyway I don't wanna do it. Yeah I don't just. Before how much fertilizers to let you know disrupt I'm happy for her look if she's got like kill. She you know going to be able to cover their control and she's going to be like she's doing her own movies for a you know from the TV show she's sort of taken off post and helped my career I think so yeah. It's essentially ruining our marriage. But yeah she's so hot too I mean just my god if she's funny and what's. Globally and she she differ from for a beautiful woman before it goes in front. Catching lightning jerk you know. Yeah there's no defense I can see how it happened I can see exactly how you married her. Well I was title does go slither. And it slipped if you if you if you like under fire for six. And you're not you know you don't look like Brad Pitt yes forward and push it's social. It feels. That's that's. What junior and other commodities in Los Angeles before you go I should. Yeah the cure to show up to global over brittle. I heard saying oh that it is you have to use what you got joining. You've got charm for God's sake I mean you agree or. I but you humans and everybody should watch this real rub season to now a Netflix. It is it is absolutely and tell you didn't watch it just that we start with the first episode if you ever see the first season started there but until I this it's really good. Really all of the table Paul McCartney says. Well welcome to do it. Back to the kids and just keep talking mayor I wanna know what's what you've got to get back came to signal. Is it helps us probably won't do those comedy special report. Here in. I appreciate that and then we'll see if it wanted to see three I'll put my life. Well or she wasn't in the same crossover. Votes. Such a blast off and enjoy that more than anything about careers and life. They're taking care of one year old right now so that basic truth you know also. She got pregnant again which actually. But to give away the whole show without that it would have to use. And then too nice that your kid boomer and it's. So stinking cute yeah. Kushinka. She didn't global. That can slow. It's funny we get a 45 minutes to work it was as if she's below where we differ. You know until the crew and everybody shouldn't be afforded under the well it wouldn't guess that says it's got to go. Couldn't be more comfortable I don't know what the outtakes would like but she looks for all intents. Everything should get a drink which is yet to order visual a couple of that would put them there until she becomes a little. You've got to look don't know that it wasn't stressful. Thing to keep it's not special for a. Well I mean that's the Russell Crowe. It would be a crap parent and you know you would be that guy. Yeah thus. Question I can pack it up. But I get a move it was I shouldn't be a couple of kids sitting in the you know. But what they do because ticket if they're under election commercials. Are great signal for four hours day salute to get eight hours. It's always thought we shared between. The little as one cares. Was site basically after a lot of but the other kids stand in their. Twenty he'd basically be OK it is standard particularly to providing you try to okay bring the good kids. Think the people involved couldn't he couldn't do pretty much rhetoric it was. Brothers and I'm sure he won't end up on the couch later on tonight that traffickers. She's just melted down there ever religious hopeful and her detractors don't have to the other kids were paid less. You want to have lunch time we want or else we're not gonna launch we're not going to be able to eat that is what you just described. Evil attached. I'm like you're an and you know you could present it to change some water orange juice. Did you. Notice. That. English in show business radio without LP for adults are going to be helping procure it. It. Is that. Listen you are the great rod Schneider. And then we'll talk or their brother. Always appreciate you taking the time and he got a lot of with a false killer out. There.