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Wednesday, April 11th


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Formed in Jersey City, New Jersey in the late sixties they quickly rose to become one of the biggest bands in music. Releasing some of the most enduring songs of all time. The band. Who's who in the seventeen million records sold. 35 to. Bands and said. In this February they'll join the likes of Casey in the sunshine band. Throttled now are you. I think there a lot of things. Thank you man. Listen cool against a great name ever for a bad you kidding me nobody's ever be. Well. I can appreciate that Dotty dad did you. We litigate. Your brother Robert was on the show once Wellman and it really great idea but I don't wanna dig cruise ever. And and I'm a metal guy I was what is going that would go on that just to watch how the whole thing comes together. The great wanted it legendary. Bud and you know you guys just to leave that kid rock and Van Halen that would help by the way how was the Van Halen tour. Our outbreak that's what a great moment that the. Confident in them because it does you know there's two different. You know just aren't the music that came together. If you can't have a little. Yes you do have a good time medical attention you can't you you're just. You're so he may be just pure joy let's human being. Couple general. You. As is and think about this case cool again Casey in this country and the Village People which that we I worked in a radio station 25 years ago. Ronald that I had to pick the biker up at the airport he didn't show with some of these same name's Evelyn champagne king was on. In the village people and I depict the bike group that was still book practical. Man and I I didn't need me to say who. Thought to be dressed as the biker and he physically I'm like 22 because I thought the car be bigger and B this movie a fun group is meant every day is it goes up for five days. Yeah but it felt I'd say this from. The port into the nineties. Ultra open at this school Coolidge dot com 201914. Ranking it particle board loaded though. Well that's you'll. See less and there is live in Kosovo. Is the first one you guys have done. Well like this that magnet duo with this many artists I mean we've become so. Before it does is let the ultimate fiscal quote. Sure sure that's it. And blew. It's going to be fun and weird that people watching and happy and in all the above like. I don't see there being any problems on groups like this this is pretty you know good and I'd like let's get drunk and instead stuff. Yeah they have put forth by bishop. Yet you. This and I can't believe that it didn't instantly self soul sellout. There's still rooms available we're still looking to be made. Yeah I think so the gloom if go to ultimate difficult clue that comp. And oh info should be there. Excellent as an initiative to Nikki hurt Mickey out there. She she her and got me in the business radio he's the guy who made me pick up he put together that show with a legit thinking and and and Village People. There's never been a guy more ready to dance and do something with the Village People whatever cost whatever. Donation to charity we need to make we need to see if we can get monikers and do anything at all of the Village People. It was still strong net estimate. It's which of course it's ridiculous is his dream come true to have you in KC and the sunshine band and the rest of them might his love I its axle joining ago I emailed in the other day I was like we got you to get to game calendar out. We know one thing to do Valentine's Day. It's taken back off. It's February 14 tonight so this is one your way and now we're gonna make this. Who have seen the you gonna get Kansas City before that. Well I did get to Kansas City before then. Well so it depends you know. You don't folklore where there them home. It's video voice I'm a huge fan you are you just absolute legend and I. You're one of those wasn't rare bands that. If it transcends all time and in genre it's just it's one of those great fun you said you can enjoy. Cool again your joy it was human being. We appreciate it let Gloria Gainer and he's the most important. The great. You can't bring it up.