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Tuesday, February 13th


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Yeah our good friends over stem Carnahan what's Gilliam are on the line right now they are stop mothers and new episode wins tonight at 9 o'clock on any of rooster and bush these guys. It all we met them because of west Texas investor club via and now this new show Richard which. On TV it's really good and I'm a big fan of these. Our next guests are two Texas men who started working in their teens in oil fields in machine shops eventually relying on their larger than life personality. These incentive business sense to become self made multi millionaires. You've seen them. The stars of the CNBC series west Texas investors' club. You can see them as the stars of the new series on the please welcome mr. McConaughey and butch killing amp. Home what do you do know goods up you. It's no good bet that. Where is everybody rooster where you right now. Oh it really example treadmill about now but at them are. Agreed to Arctic you'd better be all right Andy predict and that the show for the middle of and music. Here. I. I have the bigger and bigger ones I'm all of them many black did not make would you at all be treadmill and you know what we have right now but they're built. They're blind race sure yeah. My pay it and you're on the partner admitted damn thing. Yeah. You speaking of that Valentine's Day we have a gorilla today that it had something called Teddy loved. It's a vibrating Teddy bear issue was selling for about dole couples. Or Laura and I guess it. He he lived under the cover. UPS and apparently she's selling. Thousands of these things. Rarely that part of the truck buyer. The correct. It's its commitment isn't anybody approached you guys about in advice and backing up any kind of an adult toy. All of that and other date someone called registered partly. I'll root out. In the agency gaggle Erica I don't like it. Go to the right thing what it is that fair to a quick quick quick we're Ludwick will work. Out on the page in. And it killed a particular part of her body. So so I'll note out of there. You know we got pregnant Richie got an object that think they're injured people. In this column that. There it is that it thank page yet still. Initially our. With the mayor on so adamant in shape and do it you know I don't know how you know. It. And and Indian man and a man can check for tick and stuff. At the investment and let the other oh it'll. You know what I don't know that actually about I'm let them protect. I didn't let my feet and bit any element to have a dollar they bend over the object you don't think you're now that they would not. You know little beauty you know the good probably great idea. Hey that's my go to move the girl I'm like maybe we're out the woods all day you need me to check you for to fix the yep you read it here's the other thing let me tell you about this crazy so somebody brings up this idea and I'd never heard this. They said when they were a kid they'd they'd there they couldn't Fletcher twit back in ups and was called up who night anywhere they would they would stay in there. And execute it chop them up and thought man let's create. And I saw that number slap chop the guys with a bunch of you put that onions and joined at the top of it. Tell me we can't make a plunger with a blade and it. To be a little jumper and a crappy job. Scholar and a the paragraph he. You hit it up everything in oh and then that Broward although there or were you know. Yet or shall you. This a rooster butch let's all three put this together if you could sell a couple of tees. Political hoping economic and they're like they're. Who worried about. Yeah me either. I kind of felt like I said I'd missed out would do is I'm not yet. Our debt commitment to give ravine just a terror. Yeah. And and. This crap. I know. But we had thirty phone calls from people who at different items in their house from sticks to one when Lee has an old shoe worn. That was a mistake that they would use to push it over round. Out the you warned that. Every are that it be attacked in what we could then that lady did Bo got very sweet people and got a. It is. I've got two guys did Kansas City just wouldn't go drink. Oh yeah I wouldn't let. Well what was elm corner there. You went to Jimmy's Jimmy I know we talk about New York extra. I'll have you bought and go what to do at least is about a lot about we drop withdraw the deck of the deputy. You know who got Alex they're pretty yeah. We put we got were draw in there. And you know over and artwork we came back in there. It looked like Marty drop or no. Pain at that that they oh look. That and don't play like gaga you have helped. Bring art to barely anything about a lot of around the New York menu electric bill look good. Greatest bar in all of New York City. Bigger yeah well this is what you would walk in that. Market tree. Yes yes. And I've got to meet Jimmie and sit within a couple times and asking. Questions and just he's just a fascinating guy man I mean you we talk about a walk through boxing history legend I mean he he has a story for every fighter. Our landing on the wall. They're not going to opting. You read music. Yeah yeah now it's it'll it'll be a sad day when Jimmy does his wife passed a few years ago and he's getting up there and in every chemical back it went to New York a couple times a year and I always had that feeling when a walking like please like let everything be okay because he's such a I mean he's good he's a legend and he's just one of those great people you very rarely ever meet that just have. Something truly special about them. When it ran out of variability in group eight. Haul off. So this I don't know about. It can stop him and I've got to admit it danger picked up a partner at radar huh. A so let's tell me what we got Wednesday. I JW some kind of a ghost hunter kit. Not right that that we're. Yeah yeah yeah exactly Eric Baldwin. And yeah. Right that we ought. He got and it did you know making it copy outer well off. It looks. Pocket play a lot eloped John Deere tractors in an accurate but at the end of true or it should be saying that in well. Yeah we hit it look at it okay. There. It in the real world. And it will begin to believe that the pucker I'm you know oh outfield on the go. Language now. You doubt one of the greatest. Again it happened goat already. Here I think I got a buddy who believes that what all he loves that stuff like you'll go on the ghost tour is a bundles EE impede the things that little detectors. And he believes and he's a mentally. Six foot five giant country redneck I had this as a pumpkin. And he's a march from a guy and if he thinks there's a guilt he he Libby staying on as tiptoe squealing like an eight year old girl. Leo. Hold equity. You know. But he is related and I'll let him wait we're gonna get it I'll get support every dollar of you know music you'd. Only now lead you to go quiet pretty independent and meet. Needed into the AD in which you cannot navigate kick that curb aggregate own it they're pretty chaotic you know. No real idea pwn to own it and it's been reluctant government. Thought about that deal will result in. Particular. Literate people coattails. And analyze huge tree over a hundred years old and luckily weird things happen that. Would director. Leo yeah Lotta we're. Yeah that was in roosters room. But one Ruben. Let me know you know word should in my remaining. And you grew up in. A weird. You so what would you guys go next what's that what's next on your. On your ventures. Well. We're still we're running around get ownership of your video that you're going to be getting an electorate that don't like an innovative and great run and and I ended last weekend and their oil actually had a growth I applaud the economy pop up on whatever and a golf clubs. Yeah but they are huge. That's huge it's a good one. Yeah that back yet that the bank open you know reality you know we can't forgive and forget athletic. You know where you build. He's injured workers that they. I don't know but it I don't know what it is okay. That's our I can wait but you know what he was happy to have you back on next week. I'm not I'll back the other way and it got a little owners. Every meaning you don't always act that may help you. I look you know I love you guys is that we smell our own you can hear you like every. If every good friend. Every different under me and I'm with were guys like you just. It was just like him you watch because you see. Hardworking guys who weren't afraid to take a loss in order to get a win in the long in the long and that's what it really thinks I'm Tanya I told you before I've got to connect to my friend Jesse James Dupree. And I'm telling it. If you didn't know his mom at some point obviously. There's there's some there's a DNA erected in the recognized. Well we know what you know Obama. But the it's. I'm telling you again rip my did you Jesse's dad went and he really might have known Yuma Heath I'm telling. Hazel Mae is the craziest hillbilly I've ever met mallet he wants stole an airplane and didn't land. Lou. That's a good idea alienated if you'd be ready. Yet Kennesaw Georgia Jesse gets yanked out of school my best friend Eddie eagle come on your dad probably gonna die they take into an air field and give us a Georgia with a got a radio on the would have a caller. And in his dad had been sky diving after those old dome shoes they recognized him rip you pretty. He went into a room and air plane took off and then didn't know how to land it took about seven times touching down in ticking back up again and when they tried to arrest him. He yelled at the place because they knew god damn good well he didn't like this we'll put him I. I didn't go to our opera. But. We used. The it. The picture. Don't want to or your grill why you think it well we went back on it and a great. Absolutely and this is no dress rehearsal man. Israel in the terminal illness. That's animate movement. Movement in a law. I fugitive I publicly. I love love you guys initial menu welcome here anytime and we'll we'll talk really suit me and I hope everybody checked out Wednesday Kansas City time 9 o'clock on eighty rooster butch. And then then get your as the Kansas City welcomes you gotta catch up at some. That web site got.