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Tuesday, January 16th


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Our next guests are two Texas men who started working in their teens in oil fields in machine shops eventually relying on their larger than life person now. Now these incentive business sense to become self made multi millionaires. You've seen him. The stars of the CNBC series west Texas investors' club. Tomorrow night you can see them as the stars of the new series on do you need Brewster and bush. Please welcome Brewster McConaughey and butch Gilliam. Ruth your lunch how you guys today. Hey gotta admit I bought it this morning. You guys back from New York he's still there. Who. Look listen let it. I do it bad girls room strategy in the corner that's. We regret that we cannot relate directly. It. Maybe we're you've learned that in unity and good brain that might have caught saying go out of my output and it will only committee. They're taught at a bitter 7:30 in the morning and we'll root for the work. That in the partnership we got ahead of the it to you here. It's only get there and and would think that he didn't think about it later. We've we've that you lose but I'm the salary in the. I they built Gandhi and how much debate and early are not that good. Got an okay. New York dictate that gave it good or be it appeared that Mac daddy knows what he's done as it would see bright a little bit of a lot and it they didn't agree that you can't go up. You have a beer. Yeah a big role in all. There. Thank you well right now our own luck bargain in good stock hit deputy geek you know quality yet. Let off he had a lead art can give LE one. You know he broke India you got me about the O'Connell didn't do not. That Burton did it stop it all of them. As good but not to get to meet Jamie what damage Jimmy's coached and been trained. At almost every major fighter only through the eighties and and I've been so lucky have to sit with the emperor for the thirty minutes at a time and ask him questions he's. He's incredible man and if he he does not suffer fool but he is a very sweet. We've got pregnant but man what don't yet. Do you with a great experience in the bank to prevent it but you're right on that had a partner in there and I didn't date. What a true story I was injury is brings a lot don't I was in eureka springs Arkansas and a motorcycle trip. One time and that there was a girl who kept playing with a teacher finally as to what the hell's going on if she said my teeth are coming out. And so have I I feel you can meet and wants to pull the tooth that was her own hand and that's a bullish on grain alcohol and I'll offer a hundred bucks for it. And then she got real weeded out by that and she asked me if I was who do. It. Faster as it won't it put net what do Bullard. Epic. A she told me she got those who remain to it in a while one that I said look I wanna show my friends and now we district. That was it oh yeah listen what the will truly guys are getting into on the shelf until it was going on Iranian under mr. butch. Lillie you know we had her entire they'd premier. Court regarding and output Leo Burnett got well below lock order it. He had pretty yeah and a eluded metric that it at a later dad ya know big league they're gonna get it. You know whether it was real and out of it then don't hat back I had been shot or are real. We got game ended. It can't downhill and I. Nightline. May I think you can do well it could be a lot of fun and I look that kind of stuff. The underdog so far it's it's. Is not likely to target itself Lackey got these electronic thing on your head and you can be generated it. The record when he got yet morning. When you created it likely disciples are gone for that matter seconds at. That we coordinate you know everybody got to let the end of the day yeah you know really idea. Leander and all I made it pretty good getting an order that they want the dirt they. Let those who aren't and you've got to monitor the young hungry. And had to head screwed all that they're a little bit to let the the government wished but doubt you know I'd get get like that that blood they make it work ethic ethic and we really enjoyed them. You know money is important but if I think I always find that. If that's the reason you're doing something you may not be as successful as if you did something purely because you love it you believe it or just the true joy of creating. That's exactly what I think. You know we believe we're not opening bit if you indeed at that party has become a grade did you out there is nothing but the government won't. You couldn't get that also only thing thank you yeah thinking we. You know of interjected that cheap yet. We'll go much but let because of that obsession with money. This year but it won't know I good at. All or. You would look at you give up to see people in low was something don't give up people who go OK my returns network and back you know. My hundred users and over edges in you start being a penny picture that you no longer creators can no longer not renew your district chasing money and that. And nobody of you know what I don't believe anybody in this world is going to be a bit happier that way. Absolutely not you know indeed yeah so many people park the what I called is that that the nation and you don't want them of the rich and we'll have a bit out in the level of both the big car all I felt. And in new subtract without a meanwhile your commitment that there. That he stated today you wanted to do that job. The ability to pull me he would be at eleven you know what you're doing whatever it is sad that we have your art. It up there as you mentioned that did that you know the detonation that that part of it there at the end. Really when you look back. That is that the journey. When you know. They're brought happy people and happy writ big of that kind of build out their moral Obama Girl soccer but it is still. That's a fact and it's it's a listen nobody wants to go hungry lose your house but there yet there's a middle somewhere of their happiness resides in. You're happy this is about gratitude mantle of the conversation that. To be happy were you or and again if you can invent something create something that you're not you don't want him you know beyond the length of the crap management you don't wanna deal with that you wanna be real boss to a call your shots is a lot of there's a lot of that joy that there's a lot of hardship to. Where you don't back out embodied it in you meet you know what it hurt. Let well and that was that the damage is Clarke were one broke back immediately goes second plateau where route. Would say look our full time designated driver overtook but he did that mandate. That's the fact that the little there's been designated I'm a little below the designated driver and I. Think that now. And you until you need is honesty do I need impotence in the 92 and a breathalyzer for PayPal. It. I don't. You know everybody it would have ended and rather pick. Oh yeah and he. Yeah. It. He did that. That you accurately that any group. You guys don't you have to watch shall return butch Wednesday's 9 o'clock kids is money any. And it'll be an all new only episode in the morning in it just you guys are gonna love you really it's. It's yeah everybody has an idea we all think we have billion dollar idea that you don't total rock bounced around my head OC products nothing and I think you can improve it if you just did this. And until it's fondly for the joy of creating something for me that's that's like that's what I love doing show to let me guys like you richest. You know again Tony I got in addition it and Jesse James Dupree. He is you guys somehow you've got lineage I'm telling you you can do the DNA test in its through all of it. He is in Kennesaw Georgia written grew up poor his old man I mean there's so many stores. And I watched it start liquor company become successful once and build that proprietary software started TV show learn how did not to mention started out as a as a rock star. So I mean it's and I'm telling you guys. Don't delivered a little like that yeah I'm very now. Well when he met again Jesse James outlaw with yet and what it tastes like any tips include knowing it was a dumb as you. Whiskey. Here it I'm. But it's. It is if it's there's a a kind of of a man like you as a humorous which I mean it's like there might make critical Paul my good friend Jesse at. Just give up in the morning and they go to work because their parents taught them that they're. You know it's not easy it's not fair but if you really get after some new level and you really want that it is attainable really is attainable. Yeah it is merger or you're not impact well you re going back and do resilient you know it's going to be scared that we get. That point yet energy you know completely put it into opera that's really energy gluttony young people coming around. We don't want to feel what burial. Well there deal. Yes and down it feel to be happy for others made. Listen to give me the reference privilege to tell that would go along but it's and you you guys are welcome here every week anytime you want and I just like doc and yeah eleven beside you guys Tuesday night. It.