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Monday, April 16th


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A lot of shots knocking on the show meg trying to talk teeter on the break and getting a plume slayer to add to Democrats is a stomach but he's at and T just told me that he is claims that area. May away wouldn't close before. But he's got a he was on the side of the stomach what is it. It right here that he wrote president squared comes as it is the only software without a skull and it ended Austin Stanton skulls at the we're right now royal arch minimum you know. And then on the other side who have messed matching an instance that the saints at these huge perhaps yet as it did only get eight that's the shrine want. And so the Egyptian head it's it came from the floor and eighties the different power play. He's at least got players got plans maybe get each of your testicles maybe like a bingo ball people who think who think that would be fantastic. The program. Yeah you know is true I wouldn't hurt that bad old policies bullet thing flat you know need to extend the ball's yeah kind of grace and. Ninety. 01 number 10. And vegetables vegetables. And he's mingle master tonight's big right now. He's the legal master out if you go to your bingo and Donald trying to work and if I lost sorry all of the dollar shrine. I'm one dollar loan once I am. Oh yeah. God's gonna be fantastic guys like I'd love to talk you more about bingo. But. I need to get Michael back on save my ink that's had to. It's unique it's a pretty intriguing idea you know we do identified our loved ones are certain things about them you know. You know your dad mustache and ever. Luke's is certainly what do we look you know what Lego. Or all the people who do that we've had over the years you do earns if they should remain they do. But gas tanks on motorcycles. Or something special after the apparent home and I talk to Lee is there are now whose husband was gone. And he's still ashes in the room. Like in your beta mode she's whom we I'm looking like. You check gastric yeah he's not there. People are remembering that. That would that you want right break what do you could actually have a pieces and that you really visually remembered what if you can take their tattoos like. You know if my doubt had a big Ankara forearm that's would be. Forever imprinted on you because it's just what you remember from the date your beard get here. Dad's a good cause I'm a cool military excitement that you yeah you liked it instantly identify and that and so what if you were able to take that. And that he'd say that how that hand and kept as a piece of art on the wall. Hey fantastic. You know. Conversation Allison and that sort morbid but became cats. Here fingertips. Yeah that's true. Haven't seen now and I'd also like his I was able to buy Berman yeah. Johnny airman whose owners. Your job. Bun yeah. As les turner brings technology here cars Johnny ceremony show right now. Yeah. Save my indexer. Some of this site I sometimes. Think to myself. How can you. How can you actually legalese desecrated court. Well wolf we do. It took a stitch actually don't want tiger to share this so we had a goal totals are legal channels. We have. Look orders aren't stash it and it didn't matter research it's it's been screwy math. Desecrating of course. We were we do. It is a first llama function director interim Ballmer OK yeah so we we wish you a lot of close. Our couches come in recent lack of organ donations. So as far as that goes camcorder most process suspicious because this is absolutely. Well the least you could have done which he had. Did her search we got hurt her church together week or. Released just to get heard he had to. What we do it is if we called some funeral home and species they had the Stanley they're at once stir connect to remote. Wish him all the documentation over so they can basically. So our approach your movie and once fixed. So about where did you go as far as yet she's section of the debt to. It's amazing so there's a whim of a window that you can take that skin and that it's not very hard to do that ecosystem work and we must have been a lot of more trees over the years. And that you know it's it's actually pretty quick process you just separating that. I mean you do particularly down the mustn't take all the scandal if there is it just edged peeled back right. Well what we do and we shall we actually have a video merit to that funeral homes. Then we use smear pervert providers throughout the country you know under. Awesome industrial we will ghost Berkeley directional because nascent years there's approval for where they want disservice done. You know what we do as we we sent a month after an actual film I didn't and searched. Well on the tech Q. And so mixed. You know and it's our web site and they get to there so it's a tutorial playing. Takes about three minutes to watch it and the cedar that we got from the air funeral homes bishop whatever that was and especially talk. What and then you tended oak if you go to the Museum of London they've got the tattoo London segment in the museum where they've got tattoos that they've been bombed and they've got two different ways of a contract ending process they've gotten one that looks more moist. Worked hard to you're actually barker we're getting enormous amount of calls from the UK. It's it's which I guess he kept to. A removal situation there's no one out there would anyone want to the contrary here and it states that do this cash and as far as being removal of so we do is we we DoubleTree and we are look you know which soccer funeral director and lead. Our video. We have checked to what we have to do is we taker I'm a marker of Sumter and usually American worker and gold bar inch out from that catch you. And what we do. Once these. Tattoos removed. I knew immediately send them a check which direction with kicked. There has to Arch Chemicals in nets are chipped in and we never return address so once we get rich and chew. Are rabbits. We have different processes depend America to salute solely in school it and you know it's it's it's demoralization for the Shanley but it depending on where Dirk. It's an older cat two or even what we call ledger poster to a big ink is not very good track between general. We generally usable. Liquid or a wash process threatened and no one's we used. Eight our car process for. And you actually I imagine because look tattoos almost always by the end your life look pretty blurry pretty faded into the blown out so it happens now you flat at that point. You just going to be careful not to blow my anymore and does all that ink. Correct what it is and it wheat British British or one commercial model. The grandfather a special way that for. Granddaughter car carjackers cash and he had a check to come ashore from Vietnam which it was pretty shaded and had just a couple colors and after we were done. The congress actually came back a little more and it in the type to actually looked better than what we got into the granddaughter which charged. Stat or that. How social actually did what when you when you moistened did admit. There and it's like putting like lotion on your dad do. Pretty close you know but I think everybody's luck. Seen the channel so who and what they try to put lotion understands. It's so much content and over the topic today is the day that not everybody's had you know you want grandma's you know. Live laugh love brands vamp you do you have to take it off her back when she's gone. Forty million people out there to get to isn't. Of those people 50% have two or more so there are enormous amount should stick to we've actually had dark. We had a gentleman whose whose maturity each that's sort has always wondered some restrictions we actually and an uptick in infections are out of this may have. And dark. She actually our website it's issued a one or what you say. And Chichi Bernard she's she gives us a real real good. OK that had been suspicious burden of letter that this. Now what does it cost like totally saying I've got tattoos the same one the size of the dollar bill. What would that cost to get that taken off preserves and sent back to me. Okay woke up I need a little an idea located at the concert at the church about the size of eight dollar bill. We're we're around 17100. Dollars and work. They're 17100 hours are pretty sure include cherished so we said the funeral home church. We got them excited to get to completion in our. I'll preservatives. We'd see each funeral home 500 dollars per taken that two loss and it's a buyout. The ten minute procedure. And the funeral to actually look this there are losing a lot of revenue with torque relationship and cream nations and this shot just open car collection money formed in there. Barton but they're there are a lot of that once they take it at two laps we had repackage fleet feet put him back. I think that our station that to us. We take over core lab you know these these processed each almost two months. Trick trick too to be preserved. Once it's preserved we have Cramer we we have. I doubt she's really true or cute she she's almost an actual look look at 3-D. Didn't catch who's monitored up. Intentions each arranged it didn't catch what she screams and she also uses a use illegal acts which protects steep. Catch you from any lunch. Any street just as a as a fire and try and piece of work. Really mean that you also really getting them. The entire bodies every dime you know people do that entire back of the entire front be done an entire spinning a human being. We. Hack or did you learn how to eat captains. Removed ducks. It was a process he had someone has backed he had so much forearm heartache of most difficult one I personally took us. We love this gentleman's. He had it was on the Packers and you know it's. And actually anger. She didn't rural church for that and we actually have a picture that our web site and when you see your single kid that stood pat overheated or gender important soaps and we have pledged the only thing we do not do. And we won't take what the usual area or religion reporters are stressed the once secret mission we care. You Sheila genital that it. You see many genital tech news. We'd be surprised what you shoot and Ballmer. Armed and it yelled yeah yeah we reached Yorkers are your what we should more women are we doing man actually. Yet none of it is a lot of that going on around there but dive. Most guys won't put up with getting your bag your penis statute is just a little much it's a little strong for most guys. Welch which I wish I want to read but you know what he's. It could echelons I've wondered our screenplay and nausea or restore for. My buddy Al east tattoo artist was like non touch he's fifty there's a thousand dollar handling charge. I are. So yeah most of Tunisian tattoos don't wanna do it either. Listen Michael clearly doing the lord's work even Graham must that is safe sane might not that you. Lou Helling minimum her children. You're 35 years of the first time I was I walked into a mortuary. And you know power to name a senate pick up dead bodies was part of the upper I've. And money this guy would get so this guide their Huckabee. So I'm pretty young and going there and the first time I've bump a table at the top of their head off. What's changed its core it's you are never prepared for that I mean I would do the classes I see a lot of dead people Sheila Jackson isn't entrails. But I never seen the clean inside the brain cavity where they sawn off and then sit back on top super cleanly. Why are you at the end you know that they may clean that thing into clean as a whistle and there. Well today and what if you can eat it eat most people won't know what to expect it as far as that goes. Yeah it's dark it's it's not the the specially the look at what I talk sampled shame when you're not match against a front runner but beat out policy urge you agreed to work and a mortuary lynching alleged it dude it's that's the safest job there at church or miracle. And in one of my clients shall be assured you get more of the Libyan people. Anyone has never seen burglars. No I was a break up to a mortuary last answer I won't clearly that's not take my list to get and we can lead to doors unlocked went. I'm telling you read today of them trick was when you root cause or Ricky paramedic. They would get you in the air and you kept it especially if you're picking a good deal way to grab in the sheet somebody had to go across the body. And pull inevitably grab this weekend the Gurney and when you would they pushed down on person's chest. And here's a little air skate this Summers ago all I. Which did substantial bit of it too good there are. Yeah analogy yeah in England and types. We'll hear yelling and when you reach across to your ears like rape either so yeah. Now don't make you jump a little bit. I don't know I entered the political stage people here actually. Hey I picked the guy one time and you know what is eagle and you call you've become. Not desensitized to the humanity ever but you have to compartmentalize things otherwise it becomes too much. And. Your stay cool. What direction weren't active work cash in on in the same respect. I'm second generation my son works with these been to wonderful party years Berkshire. He'll look at that eat it eat you know what you eat. When people start somewhere but battleship English you know you're Anderson. Joker or impression you have to do have to because if you don't eat you will crease teach stand. Eat it in a final note on our enforcer are working 35 years in this business. Our position let's foreigners Paris commonly seen me now it's. Unfortunately sort of somewhat firms that we educator. Is. What role ruled bounce false. Yeah yeah well. And a full senate would say is this we picked a good deal way and is hospice healing the paramedics had been air show the guy who's actually off the bandit. Completely nude. However all went down. Illegal in the room of course everybody's very upset the front rim would they be expecting it we've got to take him out now. It's the you know inner city it's it's it's a big family and people are very very very demonstrative an upset. And what we can in this room and for whatever reason to children's room and there's a god remember sit and spins you know it's directly between this that you guys Lebanese. And and this are known for his feet and all I can think of as he was you know it looks very much like he was just sitting on the second span speaking naked and going in circles and I start to laugh. And I get that point where you can't stop laughing and then Barton first laughing. And now I'm just it's all bad we've got to get this guy out here because now I've been there for ten minutes I would not been able to get it under control and give him covered up and get everything you raced up and get out that door and we got to navigate through the living room furniture and all the people at which point I'm Mike I'm first among 100 dollar first like. Head down and out so I get up I start pulling it out. And just as I've got it under control and everybody hopes some very emotional lady leads directly across the body lands on top of the Gurney. Asia screaming and I'm like are well off and I'm about half a second from full bore Astaire expect. It's not I'll never forget not our. It's put it. I'll never. Never forget because it's it's an unfortunate thing when you can't control the laughter not laughing at somebody span. Are you are. And particularly as. It really is sourcing your son's funeral but I think we usually go Jesus Christ is due this went crazy on me like if anybody try to jump in the coffin. Oh yeah yup I heard that one of their products and they kind of crawl in when Graham all. Well I think it would with the Easter do our sheer continued Washington Cleveland Ohio just outside of Cleveland you know he drew cheers from Cleveland good natured but from loans jokes so. We one used to have it. Such as sound retarded blowing the casket into a ball to get senators. And then much there after you know look this is Larry that it wouldn't it jumped should not approach the ball sixty quit doing that it is keep indeed the casket up above the great search titles. In power but wouldn't sushi at all time. Yeah they just jump right on Tommy Smith who legacy. If it's. They put streaks they put little trick word shall we beat Greenberg a one time I wish. I'll let her stern I was looking up they're they're a priest and he was likely understands what cute or tragic off social waitress and I elected to politicians but it won't find out what's going on shall we need to look out of great she looked down and are. It'll Mastiff dog inside the bowl X he didn't actually got a close look at tiger track anymore topic. When you want to know. We had a little little. That's amazing this is a strange dog loves more after falling into Holden being picked up by somebody they've never met. Oh yeah definitely increase Christine when you don't darker reverser you know just. It sucks died and millions of hard to the truth is coming for all of us live in so yeah nicely indeed you've got to laugh a little bit. This might even have. Having your Grandpa's her fathers or Brothers are buddies tattoo thing on your wall. Like I would have no problem having one of my buddies tattoos and analog that would make me laugh and they give them every single time. That's what our action that's part of it you know energy you know all the Turkish you get pressure on our he's a drunken binge. You think it means something very much to attempt to support your life much sums probably gets thirty elements you know everyone mobile has sucks. To meet the other side he's got my dad told occurred actually inscribed on the shattered any issues such. Everyone's. A mutual and you know repeat it it is it is something that there you have your levels there to. It's frustrating it's a piece are working and it actually some reworking you're polish and then looked at that they wouldn't even change once it actually starts in Turkey Qatar it's being into your column which are kept to roots there are just going to achieve DR EU. You'll see it's it's become more Moore Parker wouldn't read a lot more inquiries. Each in turn. We don't about two years now. He had it's we hit we didn't core result I have more calls and if it is certain to pick up and people are getting used to the idea. Listen. We have the means we have the money. My mom or dad or grandpa didn't want visit to Asia. We wanted to have them directly between beta which is most cases when the bodies strictly creamy English woman who didn't community and and look closely at Democrat is of course yeah march. Down the road. After about 23 months they get this gift back we know as you call I mean we've we've we've actually really. Two really great ones when I can tell you about it she got a mixture of guys should ship channel all introduction. He was. I western art she Gary. Merchandise as far as clothing what much to see Michael assured he looks like someone to Denver and what I eighteen. And these home gym and betrayal and it was ten days later. He says sort of changed. We can ticket get to a gesture especially well assistant to engage with the chair was warmer represented astronomy in. It got Colorado there being that he's waiting to meet at a picture of several were pushed into that experiment it's it's going to be. A little bit dark and everybody get editors are cheers he says I would love and Eagles it's the worst trip to in the world. It's the most meaningful community OC you're backing your election issues like it's so he had me to make so a couple of things that you probably were Kiki books are we had taken off. It'll certainly than. It is later called her after dinner Greg she might keep you post position was the most humble believable change. You get strip on torso in the week we can't take him up so they should feel good. Know exist macabre as it does sound I get it like I really do get it again nobody wants to think of their friend sick or damaged or hurt. You know when tragedy strikes it's not it's not nice looking it's not know the nose dive pretty. And that the that. Is a part that's on damaged and part of them and you remember him based on that in looks the same so you remember them this and that that makes absolute sense to me. One was a legitimate. Big catch you interview well. Coalition closet where it would lose the phrase. What was what was the British who can you therefore this is a phrase or what was it that you dirty one is talking parrot could educate you when he's quite. Corner at a. That's an important person he sees dad what's legal is just you know if that's him he should just distance. I want to get to meet their budget Dershowitz you could probably watch the launch. Currently the national murdered. Are much too you know and our house ER VE certainly got a huge lead more importantly it. Using its interest to save my ink dot tech to save my introduction to Michael sure would if you. Chris it's got to him in the first went 72 hours is ideal. And and if you know somebody this happened just remember this it may be something that you'll later unless I appreciate my I'm sure glad you came I guess. Are you know what's that you troops were blatant as we we are quick trigger immune. I do which. Edict on what your are old music but wish options you can put it back on hold slack.