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Tuesday, December 12th


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Born December 31 in Queens New York. In 1981. The bandits would become known alongside Metallica and make its slayer is one of the big four founding fathers of thrash metal. That fan is the legendary. With over fifteen million albums sold worldwide they also made there are. Mixing it up and meddle with their cover of public enemies bring the noise you read his story in his books and a man. And now he's back was an all. Access only news stories from hard rock climbs please welcome. They're legends and friends of the show us. Scott he. Mr. Scott. How you've been voted. You. You're Los Angeles after the catch up doing this at 530. I'm actually in New York are a good. Much better. You buy the book is really good there's some great stories and really happy. You won the first one thought so good you know I'm the man I didn't know how many more he had been. You know we're gonna get a couple of those you'll have time it's with the person that struck me was a big always knew you reject his plan. But you're the consummate and I remember the same feeling freaking out because I was in the same arena is Ozzy Osbourne. I was in the same building like a walking up to the building thinking he's in that building. I'm going to be in that building and it being that the coolest thing you could ever possibly imagine. Yes. Well it's those moments like that meeting. This is me much you know and he describes it being in the moment it's it's kind of like and even mean more importantly after the fact you know because. BP can integrity seven. It still means that much to meet the days from forty years later almost exactly forty years later December 14 at. From 77 when I saw them at the garden and you know like actually in the book I pretty much let me on my cabinet members straight firms. And of course the whole story league leading up to that moment as well. We had just meet meet me meander as freely. And you know that the record store and he'd go by now he steered the album its your record barbs are one year. And you stare at it and flip it over and look at the back. And but it was you'd never knew what the liner notes are going to be with a record sleep would look like and you're gonna spend a lot of time poring over whose name's Brenda thank you can imagine what it was all going to be. It really was. An incredible thing an. I worries you were that. Anthrax all the success you've had will someday take away from here that an inside view you don't mean it becomes you get jaded. I'm. An. Mean I know and out of something I have to worry about because it's been the problem. You go. That's fueling. The feeling of being effects there's never gone away and it I don't ever around. Mean since we're talking about you know octopus on that subject could. Any time around I'm around cheap he even after all the issues and telling him. I just try and we may make independent and on the thirty years and even getting email from him like a make make at least start to let it come thirteen is all the it is that that feeling never changes site. And that it aren't you glad to focus and see guys in this business but I know at some point were real fans. And at some point they I don't know if they think that grew it or it's not cool because now they're star. But without that meant a rock girl just loses it the luster that the excitement the fantasy of it all mean that I mean that's that's the best part of it. Of course. That that excitement like what the CE. That girls as I last week slipping reform and LA and at the excitement of walking in we walked into the arena. Polite to just come out and there is cheerfully started playing it. It's super loud and excellent excellent cricket he walked intimacy is it instantly. Like all the years just. Just a weight and and it procedure can you just can't seem fuel that's in emotion and excitement. To. It up that were changed from ever. Now and he'll let you write about you know I was worried about it and I should debate because sound spot on and look great they killed all the way through there set. I mean it's it's a 100% and it's funny because his book that's a touching it great eagle identified big rock fan interest in the show print ads show Scotty and for me anthrax and but I think it was great to fruit loops that Jim Rose circus college though and the Nine Inch Nails tour where it's an omen night backstage. Yeah well you know. Have some. I certainly don't have. Think that's the story Motley Crue you know. You know in my life but you know there's I had my share of our involvement slipped from the apple. And yes that that's the reform lucas' is one problem here I. I started off with sane sort of oh what the course what's the question right here that the most basically I think pretty much. It would get what's the craziest thing you've seen on Torre you know that's not the question you get ethical part in the tour has questioned that. For some reason it feel like it it's like that thing and then on the flashed that light in people's eyes. To make them forget everything. Is at its dismissal would ask me. What's the craziest things can go up my mind goes it's one of those things like and an added nothing's safe pretend. I'm so. At at some point I remembered. I craziest thing that you can sort and I finally rooted out they knew it would ignite it actually cited belt Greg Norton. And I I get to witness I don't want to double it too much obviously but if I can I get to witness. What can only be described in the animal contact. It. Yeah yeah. Some people might be able practice no big deal you know I XE. Yes speak read and read the. Finally it took craziest thing I've I didn't receive them to. Like to identify it was so much in this book just the BofA as well like. When you meet David Lee Roth I we were lucky enough to meet Dave when he was on the radio rodeo tour sends Taylor and before what Ellison he committed to two hours in the studio with you that would debut interviewed him by going hello date and that date usually go to commercial. And but the beauty of this idea when you were out on tour and you see looked at and you see a little tense in a little remedy of a campfire. And he relies David Lee Roth this is ahead of the festival's waiting for the festival to come to him that's his thing. And and that that when you look at the weirdo and that fantastic human being that you always want him to be. Is I mean EE lives up everything you you've ever believed in him. So amazing. But it's like. It is different and then when he let that countries that he. We were honest monsters of rock. Typical tour in Europe are back in the middle to mediate was made in it just didn't. David Robinson if you look at them and them. And the children pretty much more on the weekend. And these. People stage walking around in this fueled that is sort of trousers and whatnot for the job here and that. It there could be a tent and ticking along Jack Reed chair reading comic book you know and that and. And so and I tricked up the nerve to ask a couple story was. Yeah that's what he told me how he just kind of travel to camp out and just plea for the first couple competitive. Like of course he does. Pressured to Iraq were. We're all. Those guys like it did you do like adult care. You know how many years go by how long he'd let you have to work in this business have such a huge and you know. A look at dreams to grammar earlier and and I saw that beautiful one of the current estimates he'll autograph but all the guys in the black Stewart. The AC/DC tour and that. That last dress rehearsal. And Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. Brian Johnson gave me hat from the stiff upper lip tore backstage. It's a case in my house and I can tell you much. It. It really is you know he's you've bright he is he's the sweetest most gregarious most January generous human being and he's greats I don't know if you notices but the greats have always been great to me like they never. It's never disappointing the greats were always great. Yeah I I take 3000. Yeah I mean you know I or radio show called better meet your heroes in the title this effect in just because. It's only ever been a great thing for me it meeting my heroes all these years. I'm in that it deserves some character and story in the book. Even match even that one story because people's says he never met somebody that. You know maybe well and cool and and I talked about that and that's where that story about seeing as it's called what we would have. That's that's where that story comes from because it is seemingly. It seems like I had a bad experience of meeting him but. Are effective but is it really wasn't bad at all it was definitely thing. It was piercing and innocent air America was at the book but Allison you gotta have you back on and we'll get ten but I mean we're gonna talk about Sebastian mother trucker. We gonna talk about you know it's so many. So many things die because I didn't realize how deep into the poker man I just. Kirk Hammett story and him breaking up with a girl you guys breaking into his house and it's my breaking up front door like that some fantastic rock general stores. Yeah I felt guilt that you did not obviously you can't forget that well god I'd totally guilty of that. So greens. He was feeling was of feelings of this of probation I believe. They give me the got that and please let let's make sure we carve out some time and where we're not you know ten minutes in and the scope of the booklet that I love this stuff I'm a fan. You WW. I'm always around you got to have my number I'm always available these guys always. Best view in all your family and congratulations again and it's really good. Great great sum up.