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Scotty and his on the hotline right now from anthrax of course more than ten million records sold and tons of great bands like storm troopers adapt to the damn things in motor sister I wish they'd do another bad game things record really good that that was really an underrated now but I still is that. Come out and over the years he's become a good friend and I I wished I remember watching these guys. I would metal church you know I believe the first match on. Is it a Metallica camera which was at the uptown theater back in eighty whom. Four or five under incredible. I mean just a member the first time. I war among the living out I mean I'd murdered that vital to the point where I do my second copy was so blown out from from the Neil. Born December 31 in Queens New York. In 1981. The band that would become known alongside Metallica. And slayer is one of the big four founding fathers of thrash metal. That fan is the legendary. With over fifteen million albums sold worldwide they also made there are mixing it up and met with their cover of public enemies bring the noise. The band released a new album for all came us earlier this year. The story in the book and demands from. He's currently the host of his own radio show never meet your heroes fund satellite radio. You don't April 10 alongside kill switch engaged and drinks rolls into the Midland theatre. Is welcome friend Michelle. Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. And then get Larry. The guy I was broke out on the man the story that got from anthrax this weekend just to kind of really visible we got to the showed an event for got a much I love that book. A couple thank you good deputies say it was six degrees there right now seeks. So it's. Been you know and I don't mind being up their early years where in California knowing that a. Should be bigger is there. Oh yeah now eager you look on the East Coast of you do you. Were you that you bailed out that you like and I haven't won this. It took a 27 years ago which is amazing consider had been in California now more than half my life great. Yeah you know it's funny though you still to me and I really do believe I can tell us a band went to second and medium like an interview I don't know if that's a California band or to new York and it is that may sound ridiculous but I tell you any bench in the south where the south east. Works on a different level and a lot harder it's a lot more blue collar than West Coast faster purely west. Yeah I mean there's. I would agree there's definitely a difference. You know being from. So from New York. Well on the East Coast. Even just being in New Yorkers lived out here for so long. It it rained used the other day alien with a range. In Los Angeles people it's like people instantly trigger there Agilent fourteen in the first and hit your car. Up I'm not joking iris that accident a year ago. 570%. It was if it's raining for fifteen minutes and that is you know I'd circles around people normally anyway a child. Actor so when the training is more fun. Culture as a family but he did. Hey. We meet on the show the other day. And he is a quote one of the greatest abuse cases given his busted. His opinion clear he doesn't hold anything back of having bush because his views music actually get. Yeah yeah he's you know people actually if I get asked that question quite of their order. You know Larry what's it like to have meat lovers your father lock in except that. It's fair yeah I mean it's different now it's been a long time put out certainly in the beginning of the that that's what kept him echoes of for the fiscal. Yeah I think it'll act what can only imagine because you I don't believe he gives anybody is there's no quarter as world it's just eases its its. You. Now he is there's a very very hard line in the sand and the album year. You either within or you're against him. Get that all of that mentality do you think you choose side in this world. Yeah. You know and the but at look I wouldn't. And I received a certain being pearl and I are neck and dignity is now the first time I was there is itself because. I would defer and it did yeah I saw him play in the eighth and I very much what it building will occur in Portland he felt like he I'm the guy and I got a metal and call their correct but. He's a giant crock stuck it to the big you know big difference. Culture no no it's his legend as is is a I'm unbelievable but let's button here we'll get back to how to get this. Joe's which engage you guys rolled indicate the city April 10 the Midland theatre which will be. A ridiculously good show I'm so glad you guys are are still hammering away I didn't know how long Chile would stay and and if it would stick together and you know you never know what these so I'm really glad to see that. Yeah. I think it's going to be great court you know we've been working. Really ripple all these really hard forever but in the last. Going on seven years generating now that Jolie's compact it and. It's long been thought things were in two records in nonstop touring pretty much for seven years and that. The point now where you know we've come through budget science around the world. You randomly headlining but mostly you know supporting it looks as well to rally voters and slayer. Outline made him. But working working working the dog whistles back to the point where now we should. Well you know in this fiscal headlight thing we'll ask two questions and get to the point where it like it is our responsibility and we're not just the opening. It feels good to be practical place. Sure sure well you know hope it's more big four shows I mean who knows if if her that'll ever happen. But those were great I mean think about you guys out mega death adds layers just don't you go for some pretty legendary moments man. We don't believe could. We talks are suited me you know RX. Robert you Leo mentioned something obviously out with a lot of promotion for their record great talent and Roberts it's something in the British press about how he hopes after their initial scored two minutes and gotten that they didn't do more. Beat force shows and then I actually just into peak Kirk. From my radio show. Which will air till next month but that he straight up said he thinks we're gonna do it again but we'll take that through you know what we're sick. And the firing of course that. I'll tell you what he I don't know. What transpired that bad what happened but that I. Like it too happy about the court shall sound like. Like to meet it in in in this is about disparaging previous albums and I'm tired that's what's good for me personally that I Ellen leveled in the beginning. And it it's an incredibly good record. Yeah. You know I mean. And if it worked really really guard but sure it's tough. To do that it can make it make a record. You know that. That there happiness you know first and foremost there. You know the record as a record that that they were capitalists and then and that's the only reason why it get any record to people like today's is that there. With the end product and now from the fact that people really connecting what it is it's just from them. Our I'm sure that the world. Well you know you guys again. We don't make you enjoy the classic anthrax at that so many people do bush is a bad as singer no doubt about some my favorite epic records were bush. But there's something about the the the one you fell love with that it rings and resonates so genuinely. And you know we don't nobody there we lost let me last year. And you never know how many were Summers ago and it got good stuff behind you and do great records and glided toward your ass off and wring every bit of life. I mean if you still enjoying doing this and yeah well well. Why. Why would you ever stop and all of us certainly in in their tracks. We wouldn't be working this hard in the wouldn't be up to six it was good that it would still on you know it's never fun leave your home and leave your recent. And good but you get out there on tort claims shows every night and street member why. And then and that. And there's there's no it'll get better action you know. I'm feeling anywhere else in the world other than being on stage in front of a wide audience and specifically. You know a metal audience because it's obviously. There's more energy is more aggression his more recent you know in that light situation and you don't get that hasn't ordered chopped. It gives you feeling that emotion and that powers that energy. Well as. People who live here are broadly but what effect that's a different crowd than the Melanie could. Absolutely and into well and you you mean Yankee Stadium how we years since the first inception of the anthrax was which the Yankee Stadium before many many years. All the children in September of 2011 and so and the band started in July of 81 yeah. Thirty years. So we are in you you hit the the guitar chords you know for anti social. You know I've ever. Evil little lesson or or mad house or got the time that that dividends and that it and you see I mean how that must feel to see. Yankee Stadium light up because they know what they're ready for. Oh you know he. You pick I know that's the thing that. I mean you know for me if anyone has. You know I'm sure there's a lot of people that it looks in New York show a pattern you know well and she stands and. And and the idea that it thinks are bad and they never got to play you know it's sacred ground of their. Beloved teens you know stadium. That's what the western media growing up in New York City and being alive and. The fact that my band was playing opposite field it's something that I still have a hard time wrapping my head around actually. Ullman isn't it isn't a great life it really is and thank I feel like you know you it is this you have to stay in the game you know. Would you go to the book you know everything that you went through in the span of anthrax just getting. The brilliant scientist. Is becoming part of just touring and working everything out and marriages or relationships and and everything it takes to become. And stay relevant. You know you've you've you have to stay in the game the book. You know TV shows you know getting out front of people you'd just have to stay relevant it takes a lot of work a lot of creativity. You know what all we're the outside things that I do. You know that obviously able stems from the fact because I'm in an opportunity to occupy wasn't in the stands. Are full of the green. But you know because I've been in the stands for so long and and that. I guess I became recognizable. Actors yes and also bringing you outside. Stuff and I know there's only a basic one thing is it by giving up fun doing this because. I don't I don't know we should. When I'm home. If that's it you know if the quote unquote work let's say I agree it's all work but if you can at least something right to Chile. Do you know and and that's how vital it hurt. Judged and need these things different yes sir Knoll on either book fed noted doing a book for. Probably close to seven years I was getting every few months I get the call or email. We've got to publishers to adjust it and I would just say no no no no now. On its terms like. A lot a lot a lot of work in and you know. Obviously it is felt like if somebody's money to make the book and then you have to do the work and I think this week. Never thought I would get it would take BP and used to write I was just work. But when I started doing most talking push where Osama torches myself how stories. I ended up writing the book without even knowing it and actually realize hey this is actually and as luck and I called up on the exit. I vertigo like the book together a maker so. It just all kind of worked out. I think you gotta be a the rock star that you are in the sense that you cannot be afraid of the funny stuff. You know self deprecating stuff and not the high and the low and all the truth and that's what makes people love. And a figure like you know. This. You just the simple fact that. It's McQueen you almost die is it just it made me laugh because I can't smoke Wheaties. And I had this private jets for its. Who tells that story in just based on that eating the mushrooms are jumping out of the limousine that makes me laugh because that's. That's just that human bizarre behavior that it just comes along with the lifestyle. All I mean both fortunately our. I think anyone can identify with I think anyone who is being done. Anyone all the raptors remember that stupid things they did you know between the ages of like fifteen and 25. Which is pretty much everywhere on the planet you know who lived through those years. Everyone got a story hell that's probably equally as ridiculous as. You know meet thinking I was in a zombie limit so there's been so it's obvious. That much. You know everyone's got one of those stories that you know I just Polycom is going to be honest. If if you get that if you you know write a book he needs to just be honest about things and and that and people looked at the highway has united. No matter what you do it like though. Most of us all can identify a little scene hikes. Could really crappy situations we've been in sometimes. A minute. When I was talking the interview about that we talked about the limo after the remind me of the store and share in the year. About I was at my house Christmas to the few friends somebody. But over a big mushrooms that we decide Ito's. Then it's all bulls fired in the fire place there's an Andy Kaufman. The movies would you carry on television but we've got the sound turned out and murdered Dole's first record at all blast. I can't find enough stuff to burn in my house and catch me downstairs trying to plug power's and to cut departures. Can throw the higher. He met just. Yet. All of you know and can hopefully learn election and he realized that. Something that just not my friend and I am not connecting that. It is. Yeah I would never I I. I love the idea. Questions I would never and never never. Ever put that in my body. You know she will could duplicate names it was a good race heats it really good place it's it's really lightly. Feel. LA yeah I can't hike I have such as I have such vivid memories of what happened to me if you're in the mid nineties comments that you know I'm I'm actually just. Straight up I'm pretty good now you know like I'm afraid I don't know what. I would do and what would happen I'm very much person who needs to be controlled is a good thing that the court. I just say. Bribery needs to be in control and you know when you're on much and you are not and I read me again it I'm not taking me away from it. People who enjoyed apartheid but. I mean it just doesn't work for me in the meanwhile would do acid. I'm afraid to think that allegedly as a kid that I'm afraid compartmentalize too many things that probably don't want to revisit it until they. He had never done it I was the same regular kid itself from a friend who who are you know getting into that and like fifteen years old minority like burn out no I'm an. Effort to explain away. So far left people that health black and it's funny we talk about you leaving to go on the road outcome of the Kansas City with the kill switch to April but. Be it in your book you don't you know not every relationship was fantastic I love the fact that you know now with pearl. You you hate leading home construed it's that happy it's a good place and I'm looking at Demeter. When you guys came in the studio she really is like you can see this and she walked in the door like Purcell is good. You know she's not LA she's she's something she's a real human like a genuinely nice cat. Roxy she's not Jews Jews born in New York he's he's he's constitution moved in the later in that. As she get them into the record on she still working on that. Yeah yeah they're not effective route and you know who we work with Amtrak and currently gonna start on our record and armed yet he's mixing her record right now. And it's little rock and commandeered you basically she should discourage added all down back in. 2011 when when she gave birth to our side than it's been five years now that she's slowly been. Working nonstop and calling back to you know being able and B singer again and. I'm so yes there's or record is recorded it that's being mixed right now and and managers and figure out you know what via. In this in this new realm that we live in the we will be living in the 2017. Your record that was pretty much changes every week these days. Just gonna figure out OK like how we get people is this record for outlook the unit you'll wonder just cleared out there and had disappeared. People leave because its record and. And they got their job is to figure out how to do people here. You know it. He already had college kids some for the goods have for the bad there's part of me that's really glad they burned on the old forest because I think there was just a lot of you skim agree if you will that that really hurt bands but we've also lost the the direct Kate the distribution used to have you know at least you knew you read it out there so it's. It's six and what does the other I suppose man but there's. Yeah I mean that you're from lead bottom partner obviously considered it elected. In the actually it affects my wallet in the fact that people people don't buy records the way the student you know. Step bums me out and now not just on that level of all black money in my pocket the dominant there just to be the whole. The whole experience of buying records and. Believe it does for whoever is not buying it anymore it's just. You know because everybody streaming or or whatever the case may be that. You know it out for me that's just a bomber aren't I was at amoeba records just two days ago and giant. You know it is July walked two days the second. I've been there a thousand times and every time I walk into its overwhelming and I likes stop myself from certain pride grant them. Yeah it's it's it's like you know at the top record stores and. And that experience to lead like especially since I went out and bought a turntable and now going in and buying vinyl and all of these all these records are dirty old on vinyl now buying them you. Have originals from the seventies. They don't shall looted. So like yeah I loved that experience a while going in them like all of God's the first record you know I spotlight. Back in black in Allman Brothers and furthermore he did you know just final thought from vinyl again. I obligated in the store so I just wish more people would have that experience that I think is very full go and. And really it was it was the best know you would go. And I'm that's I got clippers mega record was you went if for us it was record bar and a normal. There's a couple of guys and they were eager they were your guides consumers that you like about which he tries to dozens. It was Ian Malcolm do you still a still French the guy. From that that last fifteen years old and he would he would give me records at or he'd seen eluded him gotten. He'd take it away for. And just I mean but then we're gonna record store for a couple of years and Greg on the show here before the skateboard shop and adjust. And I love those days because I loved the idea of you know you knew everybody that came in. They were in the music that matters your music it was still cool that it was it was it was a certain. And you know. Camaraderie that you knew was always going to be there in those record stores. Sure you know on the other hand no analyst Sally Graham Paul battles. Either and I am most whose prime. Well. I I love streaming as well because right. You know I listened to more music now than it ever listened to in my life because art at the proximate fingertips. Do like Spotify in my house and I have some also allows them I can secure the in the anything at any given moment all looked like all they law. He's got like the think being on the jets and struck me. Like it's so it. It's. Oh advantage at my age is. That I totally without us. I love streaming through. What kind of reminds me of man's effort to have a home run across that Albie. Of this video over the time you lose records and CDs you can just forget. That day the one thing I do now is what I really love a bad I don't even take the promo copy from the radio station anymore I'm making a point. To at least on line but if I don't go by the final at least buy it because I you know it's a tough time for artists it's important if you really leveled any through got a by the by everything there. I totally get. Well I've had to judge lets it what you atomic took up. Always good to talk to him and I really of such a fan and I can't wait to see an April definitely the show would kill switch and I'll address it now. Merry Christmas that hope you're always five this year this has got to be you've got to be ridiculous when you gotta be crazy. He's actually he's actually five and a half today who were having and the heat celebration. It at that you have a friend used to do that because it was so close to Christmas based do you have the birthdays. Are so it would losing the birthday to you so and be. Will be fun. Big hero you've. If you look. Wait you're happy holidays and happy holidays everyone. It.